My Lover’s Feelings Ch. 01

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“You missed the turn…again!” Dara fumed.

“The damn sign is halfway behind a tree,” Zane argued, “how is anyone supposed to see it?”

“We’ve been driving here for years, Zane!”

Zane could only sink his head and prepare for a U-turn. He hated driving to his in-laws. The streets in their neighborhood were confusing, and the mailboxes weren’t allowed to have numbers. What’s more, they lived in a private neighborhood. The houses were all being painted, so there were no numbers on them either.

Zane and Dara were your average couple. Just average in every way. They lived in suburbia; a boring, middle class hell for humans. Nothing ever happened. Everyday was the same…birds chirping, sun sets into the hillside, and morning papers land on the steps right outside their door.

‘Painfully bland’ was the phrase Dara used to describe their life to her best friend, Christie. You see, Christie had the life. She married her high school boyfriend, who just retired from a 14 year career in the NFL. They wiped their asses with money, and lived near other sickly rich people.

Christie and Dara spoke weekly and compared each others lives, usually ending with Dara admiring Christie’s. Christie had all the plastic surgery done. Huge double D fake tits, botox in the lips, liposuction, you name it. Dara was 5 foot 4, barely filling out to 34B, starting to develop a tummy, and just good looking enough to get a compliment or two.

Zane was 6 feet tall; gaining weight, losing stamina and leagues away from his former high school track runner past. Layoffs at work meant more for those who remained to do. He had detached himself from his friends over time, lightly keeping in contact with 1 or 2 of them. He suffered from growing up.

As average as life could get, these two were barely holding on. Stress was taking its toll, arguing was routinely heard inside the walls of their home.

“When are we going to stop coming here every holiday, Dara?” Zane grumbled.

“What’s wrong with coming here?” Dara became defensive.

“It’s Columbus Day for crying out loud! We are wasting gas driving 40 plus miles to sit on the couch and entertain them.”

“They’re my parents, Zane!”

“I’m just saying, we need to do something worthwhile!” Zane mused, “Life has gotten so stale, I’m afraid if I move out of turn that my skin might crust and break off.”

“Like what Zane,” Dara snarled. “Another one of your golfing or hunting excursions? Speaking of wasting money…”

“Very funny,” Zane mocked. “Instead of making fun of me, why don’t you put that creative energy to use and look up something online.”

“Maybe I will,” Dara concluded as they pulled in the driveway.

The couple sighed…armed with fake smiles, they left the car and proceeded with their visit. As cookie cutter as it could get, Zane was stuck listening to stories from World War II, and Dara taking cooking lessons she’d heard 10 times over. Somewhere about the 3 hour mark, Dara walked in the living room and tapped Zane on the shoulder…motioning for him to follow.

“What is it, Dara?” he asked as she closed the door of her old room.

She closed in fast, planting a surprise kiss on him. The surprise was actually hers, as Zane barely gave any effort back. She withdrew slowly…gazing into his eyes, she realized exactly how stale their love had gotten.

“Want to try that again?” Zane attempted to act into the moment.

“We definitely need that vacation,” Dara said as she turned away, opening the door trying to hold in her tears.

Zane just stared at the floor as a whirlwind of emotion came and went. He taught himself to bottle his feelings up, as he thought it did no good to start a war.

The drive home was quiet, even though both of their minds raced feverishly. Dara fought back the sadness she felt from her husband’s lack of passion. Zane tossed around a million things to say, yet not one worthy to voice.

With a sigh, Zane reached up and pressed the garage opener. Back to the grind…he thought. Another day, just like all the others.

“I’m gonna take a shower,” Dara voiced as she unbuckled her seat belt and pulled the handle on the door.

Zane exited the car as well, watching her enter the house. He couldn’t have spoke to her if he wanted to, as the closing garage door’s sound filled the room. In a flash, she was gone. He stood next to the car feeling horrible. Had his lack of passion ruined his marriage?

Later that night, he saw Dara clicking away at the computer. With a beer in his hand, he took a swig as he listened to her mumble.

“Too expensive,” she clicked. “Too far,” she clicked. “Screw that!” she clicked again. “Change your life?” she said aloud.

This caught Zane’s curiosity as he walked over and looked over her shoulder.

“It says guaranteed to change your life,” Dara said with an inquisitive tone. “Not to expensive either.”

“Really?” Zane asked as he sipped his beer.

“Golden Island Getaway,” she read, “be it 3 days, 7 days or more…you Sakarya Escort will return a changed person.”

“How much is the 3 day?” Zane sarcastically asked.

“Its a trip to save our marriage and you are asking how much…”

Zane stood up offended and glared at Dara for a second, “…ok fine. How much for the 7 day?”

“Not bad at all,” she said with a half smile. “600 dollars, all inclusive.”

Zane leaned in surprised, “That’s less than 100 dollars a day…what’s the catch?”

Dara continued reading, “Enjoy a mini slice of paradise on your own single cabin, acre sized island. Every island has power, running water, daily food service and magic that will renew and empower your love like the day you met.”

Silence took the room as they shared a desperate look into each others eyes.

“Let’s do it,” Zane leaned up taking another swig of his brew.

“Really?” Dara clapped her hands together, looking at him with watery eyes in excitement.

“Yeah, why not!” Zane smiled, seeing her full of life made him happy.

She quickly returned to the computer, clicking away as he took a seat in his recliner in the next room. It was Saturday night, time to watch the tube!

The next morning, Zane woke to the sound of the shower. He sat on the toilet as she greeted him. He looked through the shower doors at her body. He examined her frame in his mind. Her small boobs were less than flattering, and stomach was starting to stick out more. Hardly the sexy frame she had years ago.

With a flush, he entered the shower. Dara began to do the same in her mind. His balding head, arms that barely showed the toned muscles he once owned. Two pathetic inches of penis showed tucked into his growing pubic pad, hell it only got to 5 inches on a good day. Thickness? Lets just say she got good at faking it. She began to really hope this ‘magic’ made a difference in their lives.

“If you’ll start packing, I’ll go see Jeff and make arrangements for him to watch the dog,” Zane spoke through the stream of water.

Dara agreed and left after a quick rinse. She dressed and pulled the suitcases down from the closet. Laying them on the bed, she opened them up and started thinking of how she’d pack. She stacked shirts, socks, underwear, and shorts. Her train of thought was broken by Zane as he neared.

“I’ll be back shortly,” he spoke as he walked past her, dragging his hand across her butt.

That light tingle he caused made her excited. She was starting to think the magic was already taking effect. She finished packing and dropped the suitcases to the floor. Rolling them into the garage, she pressed the button on her key’s remote popping the trunk. In they went with a heave. They were ready to go as soon as he returned.

After a semi-quiet car ride, they found themselves on the plane…waiting to take off. Dara reached over and grabbed Zane’s hand.

“You ok?” Zane looked at his nervous wife.

“Yeah,” she whispered, “I hate takeoffs and landings…”

Her hand squeezed tight and her eyes tightly shut as the plane left the ground. Short flight, good movie, here we go!

Blue. Sand, blue and a big Tiki Bar was what greeted them as the cab pulled away. Zane approached the desk and handled the check in. Dara had never been to any islands. There were extremely sexy men and women everywhere she looked, she felt a little over-dressed. Before long, Zane returned to her with a basket.

“Lets go,” he pulled her by the hand as the mounted a floating pedal car.

“Cabeen numba?” the driver spoke up.

“Umm, twenty one fifteen!” Zane answered back.

Upon hearing, the driver pedaled forward. Off the sand and onto the water. Dara and Zane both smiled as they floated, amazed they didn’t sink. A 10 minute slow trip landed them back on to sand, facing a beautiful cabin. It was a good quarter mile of water between themselves and the next island. Judging by the distance, the acre-sized island had well more than enough privacy than they would need.

Zane handed Dara the basket, and removed their bags from the ride. He tipped the driver and shook his hand. The driver pedaled back into the water and at last they were alone. No work, no cell phones, no distractions.

They wheeled their suitcases into the cabin, the door closing behind them. Dara sat on the bouncy bed, eagerly looking into the basket.

“Oh a DVD,” she mentioned, handing it to Zane.

Zane put it in the player and sat down beside her as it began to play. A tall, handsome gentleman appeared on the screen after a short intro:

“Good day mon, and welcome to the Golden Islands! Thank you for coming to visit us. Your stay will be unlike any vacation you have ever had, and you WILL leave refreshed, renewed and full of the life you had thought you’d lost!”

“Sounds nice!” Dara giggled.

“Let us handle the work, as you handle the pleasure!” the voice continued, “Look inside your welcome basket for a small bottle, and enjoy your first drink on us. We Sakarya Escort Bayan look forward to seeing the new you!” the voice concluded as the screen went blank.

Zane shuffled the contents of the basket and produced a small 20 ounce glowing blue bottle.

“Cool!” Dara exclaimed with big eyes.

“Yeah neat effects,” Zane replied pulling two shot glasses from the basket. He placed the basket on the breakfast table and poured their shots. The liquid filled the glasses with a gentle glowing smoke causing Dara to get more excited.

Zane smiled seeing his 40 year old wife glisten with happiness she hasn’t shown in years. He loved her, but it seemed he wasn’t as in love with her as he should be.

They clacked their glasses together and bottoms up! The drink tasted faintly like raspberry and cherry, it was good and brought a smile to their faces. It was approaching 4pm island time…thanks to jet lag, it felt more like 9pm to their bodies.

Dara yawned and Zane agreed. He poured another shot and handed it to her, “this will help us sleep.”

With another toast, they changed into island attire and went to sleep.

The next morning, rays of sunlight peeked through Zane’s eyelids. He sat up, stretched and noticed a new DVD leaning against the TV. Spooked, he scanned the room: suitcases, wallet, camera, its all here. The door was still locked and chained, how did this get in here so neatly?

“Wake up,” he shook Dara.

“Hmm?” she stretched in place.

“There is another DVD. Look!” he shook her more.

“What are you talking…” Dara’s eyes became wide noticing the new addition. She scanned the room as Zane did and looked bewildered.

Zane stood and inserted the movie. The same man spoke again:

“We hope you enjoyed your rest. You should find yourselves feeling fully rested as you begin your journey with us. Today, we bring your dreams to life. If you can wish it, the magic can make it!”

“They sure are high on this magic thing,” Zane mumbled.

“Shh!” Dara interrupts him as the movie continues.

“…don’t hold back! It’s your vacation! While you are here, we will make it pleasurable. Enjoy your day!”

Dara removes the DVD from the player as there is a soft knock at the door.

“Good morning, breakfast!” a female voice called from beyond the door.

Dara opens the door to reveal a curvy, barely covered beauty pushing a cart smelling of eggs, sausage, pancakes and more.

“Wow,” Zane was amazed.

“This is the magic,” she said holding up another small bottle of the blue drink. “Make sure you start every day with it! Just leave the cart outside when you are done. Have a great day!” the vixen cheerfully left the meal with them.

“The magic is just alcohol?” Dara said disappointedly.

“No, the magic is supposed to be what happens after,” Zane said with a smirk.

During the meal, they both drank their helpings of ‘magic’, then refilled the cart and set it outside.

“I’m going in the shower,” Zane told her. “I’m a little groggy.”

“So am I, I think I’ll join you.” Dara followed.

Steam filled the bathroom as the water was instantly hot to their surprise. Whether it was the alcohol or soaping himself up, Zane’s dick was hard. He smiled and turned to face her.

“Hey,” he poked her, “how about a hand job?”

She looked up at him puzzled, but then thought ‘what the hell’.

“Alright,” she finished rinsing herself as he put his back to the wall.

She had always been somewhat disappointed with his size, and even more with his ability. She wrapped her hand around it, almost completely covering it. She closed her eyes, hoping to get it over with ASAP. Thoughts of him having a bigger dick flooded her mind. ‘Why can’t he be 8 inches instead?’ – she wondered.

Seconds into his tug job, he moaned with pleasure. Her eyes still closed, she noticed a different feeling in her hand. It seemed like her yanking hand didn’t feel his penis head anymore. Then it felt like he was thicker than normal. Unsure of why it was, she opened her eyes…

“Oh my god!” she yelled.

Zane’s moans ended abruptly as he looked her way, “what?”

“Look at your…look…your dick!”

Zane’s eyes went south to investigate. Now sticking out from him was 8 inches of man meat, almost twice as thick as he usually is.

“What the f…” Zane muttered.

Dara just stared in wonder. She’d only seen penises this big in porn movies, and now one was attached to her husband.

Their eyes met, Dara’s jaw was on the ground.

Zane was equally as enthralled at his new stature.

Ten seconds of silence passed, until Dara felt her nether regions tingle. She quickly kissed his lips, this time Zane reacted right and met her. Her hand wandered back down, taking hold of him. Still liplocked, she squealed at the fact she couldn’t close her hand around his thick erection. Her other hand joined in the fun. For the first time ever, she had both hands wrapped around her Escort Sakarya husbands dick.

Feeling the warm drip between her legs, she hurried to turn the water off. He grabbed a towel, wrapped her in it and kissed her passionately again. Her hands again wrapped themselves around his member. He backed her step by step into the bedroom until she fell onto the mattress. Without hesitation, her legs sprang open.

“I want to…feel that thing…” she mouthed in-between frantic kisses.

Zane barely hesitated plunging more than halfway in.

“Oh FUCK that’s big!” she cried out.

Zane started pumping his manhood in and out of her. She answered every thrust with a moan or twitch. He felt superhuman fucking his wife with his new giant dick. Faster and deeper he rammed, her pussy barely able to contain him. He pushed as deep as he could, feeling a great strain inside her to take it. She bellowed in pain and he slowed.

“Are you ok?” he asked.

“Shit! Don’t stop!” she yelled.

He picked back up his rhythm fucking her hard and deep until she tensed up, releasing years of sexual frustration in 10 seconds of orgasmic bliss. In less than five minutes, Zane had made his wife orgasm…loudly at that. Rarely was he able to satisfy her in the past, but now he was doing it.

Her moaning never stopped under the thrusting of his new found size; and in another 3 minutes, she came again.

“Jesus Christ, holy shit!” she screamed as he just kept pounding away at her. Usually by now, he’d blown his load…but he just kept thrusting. Over the next ten minutes, he fucked two more orgasms out of his now sex crazed woman.

“Enough…” she panted, “I can’t take anymore…”

He threw a pillow over her head and started slamming her hard again. She cried out and bit into the pillow, barely able to breath out her moans. She closed her legs together in an attempt to stop him, but he pushed them apart. She gave in to his dick yet again, howling out in pleasure.

He withdrew and stared at his new member. The last time they had sex, he was staring down in anger because he came too soon as usual. This time, he was just taken with the fact that he made her cum 4 times in 15 minutes. Three more times than he did in the last 4 months!

She whipped the pillow away from her face, looking frazzled and determined…she stood and kissed him. Turning him around, she pushed him down on his back in the bed. His new superhero stood like a skyscraper, an ivory tower of pleasure to her. She grabbed his shaft and started jacking it furiously; amazed that she used to engulf it with one hand before, and now is barely covering half of it.

His head turned sideways in reaction to her aggression. She bent over and took his head in her mouth. It stretched her lips wide, just as it did to her pussy. She sucked and beat it as fast as she could as he spasmed and twisted to her assault. He tensed up, she leaned up, and streams of cum whipped every which direction as she jerked. Seeing it fly drove her into a frenzy, she leaned back in catching another two shots right in the mouth which she promptly swallowed.

She continued to suck and pump his dick until she felt him soften up. She released it, it wasn’t shrinking or going back into hiding like usual.

He looked up to see his orgasm crazed woman staring down at him lustfully. He hasn’t seen that look for as long as he could remember. Standing over him, still breathing hard…she threw back her long hair covering her face.

“That was incredible,” Dara said in a very sexy voice.

“You’re telling me,” he panted. “You are quite the sex hound when you orgasm…and you swallowed! Just as I came, I thought how nice it would feel for you to suck me, and then you did!”

“Yeah,” she chuckled, “…wait, what?”

“What what?” he asked confused.

“Say that again…you thought about how nice it would be for me to suck it.”


“After you asked me for a handjob in the shower, I thought about how nice it would be for you to be 8 inches long.”

“Really,” Zane’s eyes narrowed.

Ten seconds of silence and thinking were broken by Dara’s finger snap.

“So we thought it, and it became reality? She pondered. “That’s weird!”

“Well right now, I’m thinking of a million dollars…and I don’t see that.” Zane replied.

Dara sat in thought, “…so what’s. The explanation behind such a sudden growth? I mean, I’m not complaining!”

“Neither am I,” Zane stood and shook his waist; watching his new manhood swing back and forth.

Just then, a voice came over the in house radio:

“Attention couples! We are having couples games at the main island in 30 minutes! If you are interested, please press the transport button by your front door, and a caddy will be along to bring you in.”

“Ha!” Zane laughed, “If its the 3 legged race, I can run it solo!”

Dara rolled her eyes and chuckled a little, “lets go do that, its beautiful out here.”

“Yeah good idea.”

He pulled their suitcases from below the bed. Each dove in, grabbing bathing suits. She still tingled a little from the thrashing he gave her, and found it difficult to conceal her smile. In his mind, images of her face during her orgasms raced. It was only their first day there, and already they felt closer.

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