My Krista’s Dad

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I left our bedroom wearing only my satin pink patterned robe and went into the study where my love was sitting at his computer desk. His back was to me and I saw that he was wearing his white terrycloth robe. I silently glided up to him and placed my hands on his broad shoulders and kissed his cheek. He gave a startled yip as he didn’t hear me come up behind him. I glanced down to his lap and saw his hardened cock sticking up in the air through his parted robe. I knew that his mind had obviously been elsewhere.

“Were you missing me, sweetie?” I joked. Then I glanced up and saw the chat box on the computer screen and saw that he’d been talking to our friend, Gail. “How’s Gail or should I ask? Is she the reason you have this lovely hard-on?”

He replied nonchalantly, “Well, the answer to your first question is, she’s fine and I believe she just came. The answer to your second question should be obvious,” he chuckled. Gail was an online bi-sexual friend who is happily married to a very understanding man and she has become the online fantasy lover to Anthony, his daughter and to me. She did have an opportunity to meet Anthony and his daughter for a one time meeting, but hasn’t met with them since that time. In the meantime, I was cured of my anterograde amnesia and because of my love for Krista and now her father I left my home in Canada and moved in with the two of them.

I decided to send her a message and sat on Anthony’s knees. “If you don’t mind, I’m going to send her a message”. He smiled and nodded. I typed the following:

“Hi Gail, it’s Allie. Did Anthony give you a good time?”

“Hi Allie…oh yes, he was his usual sexy self. You’re such a lucky girl having him for real. I came twice thanks to him.”

“lol…you’re a horny bitch, aren’t you? Well, he’d be yours if you weren’t in love with your hubby. He’s got a magnificent hard-on thanks to you, so I’m going to make use of it.”

“Me? A horny bitch?…lol. Glad I could get him warmed up for you. When are you and I going to play?”

” How about tonight around 10.”

“Okay…see you then…love you Allie…tell Anthony thanks and I love him too.”

“Will do Gail. Love you too. See you later, sweetie”

I closed the chat window, stood up and knelt down, turning Anthony’s computer chair around Beylikdüzü Grup Escort so I could get comfortable without the desk in my back. I placed my left hand around Anthony’s cock and fondled it and looking up at him said, “Gail says thank you and that she loves you. I thanked her for getting you nice and hard.”

“I love her too,” he replied, “and never thought there’d be anyone but her until you came along. I thank Krista every day for being a part of this and getting us together.”

“Mmmmmm, I thank Kris every day too, my love.” I continued stroking his long hard shaft and placed a kiss on the tip of it. I looked up and said, “I just chatted with her on my laptop. She said to say hi and that she misses us. I really miss her, Anthony,” I sighed. “She and her Aunt Ginny are having fun in France and she deserves the vacation time with her, but I really hope Ginny doesn’t talk her into staying.” I gave his thickening cock a long lick and took him deep into my mouth. I moved my mouth up and down his cock for a few minutes and then took his cock out of my mouth leaned back and continued stroking him. “Ginny was fondling Kris’ tits while she was trying to type. I think she’s really making a play for her.”

Anthony looked down at me, stroked the side of my head and said, “Allie, if you weren’t here, she would probably stay in France. But since you’ve joined us here and we’ve become a family, she won’t stay. I know it. She loves you very much and she told me in confidence that you’re a better lover than Ginny. But I’m not supposed to let Ginny know and she didn’t want your head to swell with the compliment.”

“Thanks for letting me know. I was worried that we’d lose her,” I said. Krista is nine years younger than I am and I fell madly in love with her online when we met on a girls-only website. I became aware that her and her father had an incestuous relationship and became intrigued enough to want to know him. I looked into his eyes and cooed, “And speaking of a swelled head, let me do something about yours.” I giggled at my joke, stood up and placed my knees next to his legs, straddling him and lowered my pussy onto his cock with it sliding easily inside me.

“Mmmmm, that was easy. Were you wet before you came in here?” Anthony asked.

“You Beylikdüzü İranlı Escort weren’t the only one having sex on the computer,” I replied. “Kris and I played for a while, and as she always does, she got me very wet.” The way we were situated, Anthony was at the right height to easily kiss and nibble on my hardening nipples. While I talked to him, I let my vaginal muscles work on his cock. The contractions of those muscles drove him nuts as he didn’t have to move and I know I could make him come. “Kris got the best of it though. While I was sex chatting, Ginny was fondling, licking and sucking her breasts and then Kris told me Ginny got under the desk and had her face buried in your daughter’s pussy. When I heard that I rubbed my clit harder and came myself.”

Anthony moved his lips off my nipples, leaned back and groaned, “God Allie, you’re going to have me cum if you keep doing that.”

“I thought that was the idea, my love.”

“I want to taste you first,” he managed to say. My muscles were going in over-drive and I was purposely teasing him. However, after my session with Kris and her aunt, I was thinking about a tongue in my own pussy. So, I slowed the contractions to a stop and then slid up and off his cock. It was glistening with my juices and I could resist taking his cock in my mouth again and licking off my juices.

“Do you want to go back to the bedroom and get comfy in our bed?” he asked.

“Sure honey. Whatever you want.” And with that he pulled me up off the floor and led me into the bedroom. Before lying down on the bed we faced each other and removed our robes so that we were completely naked. I saw our reflections in the mirror. He was a good looking man and kept his 50 year old body in great shape. I was 20 years his junior and looked pretty good myself with my long raven hair, 34C — 26 — 36 body. We both kept in shape with lots of sex, working out in the gym and lots of sex (I know I said that already, but it’s true).We hugged and kissed passionately, our tongues swirling with abandon inside each other’s mouths. I loved the feel of his hard cock against my pubic mound as it stood straight up like a good soldier. He laid me on the bed and then with his lips, he kissed, licked and sucked my breasts and nipples; Beylikdüzü Manken Escort and with his right hand, he spread my legs so he could use his fingers to tease my clit and pussy.

He was a master at stimulating me. I have never met a man who tended to his woman’s needs before his own. My breathing and heart rate sped up and I knew I was going to come. My hips began to buck as his fingers fucked my pussy hard. He moved them in and out of my pussy and then rubbed my clit which became rock hard and stood out from its hood. I came in convulsions and while doing this, he eased his way down and moved between my legs. His fingers didn’t lose stride as he continued to thrust and move around inside me. As got himself comfortable between my legs, he placed my legs over his shoulders, removed his fingers and substituted his tongue. I managed to look down and watched as he applied his whole mouth over my pussy. He eagerly licked, sucked and swallowed. I shuddered and came again, this time squirting and drenching him. His hands were under my ass cheeks and he pulled my bottom tighter to his face. It seemed he couldn’t get enough of my nectar. I always thought women were the best pussy eaters, but Krista’s dad and lover is as every bit as good as the women I’ve been with.

As my orgasmic shudders subsided, he moved his mouth off my pussy and gently kissed my thighs and moved down one leg and up the other. He moved up my body trailing hot kisses all over my tummy, my ribs, my breasts, and my neck finally reaching my lips and kissed me with the passion of a hungry lion. I reached around his back and hugged him tightly. I didn’t want to let my Anthony go. The love I feel for him is monumental.

“Sweetie,” I whispered, “fuck me now.” I felt his throbbing cock lying on my pubic mound and he moved back and easily slid inside me. After a few minutes of thrusting his cock in and out of me, he came as he held me tighter and I could feel his shaft twitching and pulsing inside me. His orgasm produced another climax in me and I came again as he collapsed on my chest. He was about to move off me, but I held on to him tighter and told him to stay where he was. I wanted to revel in the feel of his body on mine and I loved the feel of his cock shrinking and popping out of my pussy, dribbling his sperm over me and on the sheets.

His head was laying next to mine and he whispered, “My god, Allie that was something else.”

“Mmmmm…,” I murmured. “It was wonderful. I can’t believe how lucky I am, Anthony. I have a fantastic lover, who happens to be the father of my other beautiful lover and we’re now one big happy and horny family.”

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