My Indian Mother Ch. 03

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Next morning I woke up to my mom entering my room in a see through yellow babydoll negligee, with a slit in the middle just below her breast, exposing her flat stomach and matching thong panties.

As she laid down next to me with her arm around my bare chest whispering in my ear, “I’m in a super naughty mood today baby,” then slipping her hands into my boxers and grabbing my hardening cock she said, “get ready quick I have a surprise for you.” I thought after yesterday’s hand job I might be getting lucky again, so I grabbed her ass pulled her towards me and started kissing her but she pushed me saying, “get ready now! You have 20 minutes.” And she left the room.

Ready to leave in no time, I came out to see my mom in a light pink sleeveless salwar kameez (a suit worn by Asian women) it had a deep neck showing her ample cleavage, tight and see through enough to show of her lacy bra clad breasts and bikini styled panty clad ass.

Her hair was done in a ponytail, she never wore makeup thanks to her perfect skin, but had a dark lipstick on accentuating her beautiful pouty lips.

God she looked good!

As we left she handed me a back pack asking me to carry it. I didn’t give it a second thought and the next thing I know is we are hailing a cab. Being a hot sweaty summer day sitting in a non air conditioned cab the the thin material of her kurta (top) was sticking to her body making the lacy bra even more visible, I just couldn’t keep by eyes of her bulging breasts. Only when we got of the cab I realised we had reached some busy market area.

“Where are we going mom?” I asked inquisitively.

“Oh nothing son, I just wanted to meet up with Raju’s boss again.” She answered casually.

“Raju as in Suresh’s cousin and why?” I inquired as flashes of them fucking crowded my mind.

“Yes my dear you know Raju,” she said with a smile, “I came here last week to meet Raju as his boss wasn’t giving him leave and ended up getting my fucked out of my brains by both of them.”

What the fuck! I didn’t know what to say, every time I thought nothing could shock me my mom would prove me wrong.

Walking down the crowded market we finally entered a small clothes shop with cheap clothes and cheaper lingerie . Entering I noticed Raju standing behind the counter with a huge smile on his face seeing mom. Without saying a word mom walked past him and entered the door leading to what I presumed was a back room. Raju and I followed after Raju locked the main door to the shop and put a closed sign on it.

The inside room was musky due to lack of ventilation, it was an empty space with a few stacks of clothes in one corner. In front of us was a cemented raised platform with a mattress on it. It was definitely a few degrees hotter here than outside and it was a bloody hot day. On the raised platform sat Raju’s boss, a fat balding man who looked like in his late 50’s . He wore a vest and loose boxer shorts.

This old man fucked mom’s brains out! No way I thought.

He welcomed mom back, with a huge grin and already had one hand in his boxers playing with his cock.

Mom wasting no time walked towards Raju and they both started kissing each other passionately. She was stroking his big cock which was already out of his trousers as he kept mauling her ass and tits. In the mean time the old man got naked and stood behind mom pulling at at her kameez(top) while she was still kissing Raju and tearing it completely off . Next he did the same with her salwar(bottom) yanking it off with one swift move. If it wasn’t for Raju holding her she would have definitely fallen.

Mom then turned around and facing The old man and started stroking his cock with one hand while still stroking Raju’s cock with the other who was standing right behind her now. She looked really hot sandwiched between the two of them wearing sexy lingerie.

Mom started moaning as the old man put his hands in her panties görükle escort bayan and started fingering her pussy hard and fast and sucking on her round boobs as Raju took of her bra. He then literally made mom walk to the mattress while fingering her nonstop as she kept stroking both their cocks.

As she reached the raised platform, she climbed the mattress on all fours. It was quite a sight watching mom crawling slowly towards the centre of the mattress with her pert sculptured ass pointing towards the ceiling in those tight panties. Mom then pulled out a condom packet from under a cushion turned around still on all fours and put the base of the condom on the old mans cock head and unrolled it on the entire length of his shaft with her lips and mouth as he stood at the edge of the raised platform. That was the first time I’d seen anyone do that and from the looks of it, it was apparent that it was a first for the old man too.

He froze for a moment, but regaining his senses he pulled moms face up to his own and started kissing, more like he was slobbering her face. His hands too were all over her, he couldn’t stop squeezing her ass, tits, thighs, back , stomach just about wherever his hands could reach. He then pushed moms head back towards his condom covered cock and she started sucking on it immediately as Raju climbed the mattress pealing her panties off penetrating her pussy and started pounding her hard and fast. Her head started bobbing up and down the old mans cock in rhythm with Raju’s every stroke.

Soon though the rhythm was lost as the old man standing at the corner of the mattress held moms head and started face fucking her hard, while Raju humped away relentlessly. There was streams of spit running down her chin as she kept gagging on his hairy cock.

The old man suddenly pulled mom’s face upwards to kiss her again, with a jerk, making Raju’s cock slip out of her. Raju trying to grab her again was told by the old man to sit back and watch as he climbed on top of the mattress.

Sitting on the mattress he grabbed mom face again (which looked a little disappointed without Raju’s big cock in her) and frantically started face fucking her. She started gagging instantly with spit pouring out of her mouth onto his hairy cock and balls. After a good five minutes of face fucking her when he eventually let go of her face, her lipstick was smudged, her eyes were watery, her mouth had a stream of spit coming out of it and her hair was completely messed up.

He then made mom lie down on her back and went down on her, lapping up all her juices while again fingering her hard and fast. She held on to his head screaming and panting loud as he kept eating her out and fingering her simultaneously.

Next he laid on top of her penetrating her and without wasting any time started humping her, all the while holding her hands above her head with one hand and squeezing her ass with his other hand. His humping just got more and vigorously as he started licking her arm pits and squeezing her ass harder. Mom kept moaning softly and biting her lower lips while he kept grunting loud with every push. Ten minutes of this and he suddenly stopped, got off her turned her around lifted her ass towards his face and started licking her ass, giving her a proper rim job.

He wanted to fuck her ass and I could see horror and excitement on mom’s face.

I couldn’t believe the stamina this old man had!

Lining himself behind her, with her in doggie style he proceeded to penetrate her round soft ass slowly, I could see the agony on her face with her biting her lower lips harder and her eyes tearing up again. Suddenly she was screaming in pain but that didn’t stop him he carried on till he hadn’t penetrated her ass fully. She was still screaming her head off, but that just seemed to encourage him.

He started humping her slowly while her screams turned into bursa otele gelen escort loud moans and soon she was fingering her clit with one hand as the old man kept butt fucking her. Her face was on the mattress facing me and ass in the air, her eyes were shut as she kept moaning louder and louder, with the old man now fucking her ass harder and faster, she too had started fingering herself more frantically. Soon the old man started spanking her ass really hard with one hand and grunting really loud as he started to cum with mom shaking and screaming uncontrollably under him.

As the old man sat back you could see the condom was still stuck to his rapidly shrinking cock, now full of cum and mom just laid there flat on her stomach with her legs spread and her hands on either side of her face, eyes still shut trying to get her breath back.

Raju immediately laid on top of her shoving his monster cock up her pussy from the back as she still laid there flat on her stomach breathing heavily. Before she got a chance to get her breath back she was moaning again with Raju’s big cock going in and out of her like a jack hammer.

I thought she’d ask him to slow down but instead in between her loud moaning and heavy breathing she kept pleading for him to fuck her harder and faster with her eyes still shut. But unfortunately for her Raju while waiting his turn had been playing with his hard cock for too long and ended up ejaculating all over her ass and lower back pretty quickly.

Raju too sat down next to the old man breathing heavily, who was still sweating and trying to get his breath back.

Mom too was drenched from head to toe in sweat and breathless, but that didn’t stop her, she was up in a second walking naked towards me asking me to take out fresh clothes from the backpack which I had been holding all this while without even realising.

As she washed her face and tied her hair in a ponytail, I asked her, “mom you want me to pick up your dirty clothes?”

She answered back saying “leaving it as a souvenir for them, but please wipe the cum of me back babes.” I used her discarded panties to wipe the cum and through them on the ground.

She wore a white thong and fitted linen trousers with a button down thin white shirt with the top two buttons open and no bra. With her faced washed and clean clothes she was glowing looking absolutely beautiful there was no way one could tell what she’d been up to the past 40 minutes.

As we were leaving I said, “mom that was absolutely wild I’ve never seen anything like that in porn!”

Laughing she said, “your mom my dear is sluttier than most porn stars you shag on, the last time I was here baby they tore most my clothes and I had to wear the shit they sell in this store which I actually paid for.”

“You are really wild mom, and I love it.” Is all I could say.

We both walked out side by side holding each other by the waist. Soon my hands had slipped down to her ass as I kept squeezing and playing with her ass cheeks while looking for a cab. Once in the cab I was all over mom kissing her lips with my left hand under her ass and my right hand in her shirt groping her bra less round boobs. She had a hand on my trousers stroking my hard dick when she suddenly said laughing, “baby we should stop before we have an accident, the driver hasn’t taken his eyes of the rear view mirror since we got in.” We stopped kissing and I took my hand out of her shirt but I still had one hand under her ass squeezing as she kept stroking my cock through my trousers.

Reaching home I was all over her again, I just couldn’t keep my hands of her only this time she freed herself to get a bottle of water from the refrigerator, sipping her water she said, “babes why don’t you get yourself in the shower I’ll join you in a minute.”

I didn’t need to be told again, I was standing under the shower butt bursa escort bayan naked soaping myself before mom could complete her sentence.

Entering the shower a few minutes later she moved me aside from under the water and now was standing at my place with her back towards me. I immediately started applying soap on her back as she started to shampoo her hair. By the time my soapy hands were on her ass I had a ragging hard on again and while I was caressing her perfect ass with soap my cock head was rubbing against her back.

As mom was rinsing off her shampoo with both her hands on her head, I started messaging her round boobs with my soapy hands while rubbing my cock up and down her ass crack. She was moaning softly as she held my cock turning around looking straight into my eyes she said, “let mommy take care of this baby.”

She came closer cupping my balls with one hand and started stroking my cock with the other. Her thumb would caress the base of my cock head with every stroke and her index finger was in my butt crack as she messaged my balls with her other hand. I leaned forward too kiss her and she kissed me back, but this time sticking her whole tongue in my mouth. I passionately started sucking on her tongue while she kept stroking me.

Breaking the kiss suddenly “Do I smell and taste disgusting baby?”

“No mom why do you ask?” I asked groping her ass with both my hands.

“After having my face covered by that old stinky hairy mans pubes as he face fucked me, I just thought.” She said looking up at me with those beautiful eyes.

“You taste yum mom.” And I went back to kissing her.

Mom then broke of the kiss and was necking me as I felt her breasts rubbing against my chest with her still jerking me off faster and faster. Suddenly she stopped and I felt her going down on me all the while kissing my body. I couldn’t believe this was happening as I shut my eyes and felt her lips wrap around my cock, soon I could feel her tongue swirling around the head of my cock as she kept sucking .

Opening my eyes to see my beautiful mother on her knees getting wet under the shower, looking straight up at me with her lips wrapped around cock sucking on it vigorously. I was in heaven it almost felt surreal.

She was squeezing my ass with both hands as she kept sucking my cock. I held onto her head softly although I wanted to jam my cock down her throat and face fuck the shit out of her, instead I played it gentle and let her do all the work while a slowly rocked my hips back and forth in rhythm to her sucking. She really knew what she was doing every time her mouth went up and down my shaft I could feel her lips tighten with her tongue doing magic around my cock head.

Mom started squeezing my balls with one hand and stroking the base of my cock harder with the other again, while still suck my cock and not leaving eye contact once. It was all I could take and suddenly felt a flood of cum starting to flow out of my cock straight into her waiting mouth, as she started swallowing not wasting a drop of cum all the while squeezing my balls and stroking my cock till she had swallowed the last drop of cum I had to offer, sucking my cock clean.

As she stood up still holding me, I kissed her and she shoved her tongue in my mouth. I could taste my own cum but didn’t care I kept on kissing her sucking on her tongue and holding her tight.

“Mom that was amazing, I still can’t believe what just happened,” I whispered still holding and kissing her.

“That was for loving me unconditionally and being the most understanding son to a slutty mom.” Stopping to give me a kiss she continued saying . “The next time you have the urge to face fuck me please go ahead I wouldn’t mind”. As she squeezed my ass and gave me a wink.

“God you are truly amazing, I really love you mom.” Is all I could say.

Getting out of the shower mom in a happy voice and a bounce in her step said “Get ready big boy, despite that big load I just swallowed I’m still starving, Let’s go somewhere nice for lunch.”

As we were leaving the house she put her hand around my waist, “Have you made any friends here babes?”

“Off course mom.” I answered.

“Don’t you want them to meet your hot mom?” She said with a smile and a wink.

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