My Husband’s Class Reunion

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The class of 2001 20 year reunion was actually my husband Michael’s event. I didn’t even come into his life until 08 and was actually 2 years behind him, class of 03.

An adult education art class had convened at 7 p.m. on a Monday night at Sayville high school. My eyes held his eyes for a few seconds. My God he IS gorgeous. Is he single? He’s every gay boy’s dream.

Anyway we both had started to paint and paid little attention to one another until the break at 8 o’clock. My piece of work would turn out to be a cottage amid the trees. His was a seascape.

On our way out at 9 o’clock he engaged me in a conversation that lasted until he reached his car.

A recent Saturday morning in May finds me coming to the breakfast table to find Michael at the stove preparing eggs.

“My 20 year reunion is coming up. Are you interested in going?”

I don’t know anyone from the class of 01. Besides, it’s not even my school.

I asked, “when is the event.”

“Second Saturday in September,” he replied. “You can be my plus one.”

“Were you out back then?”

“Not back then,” he replied.

“What about now?”

“I’m out to a lot of people now, some of whom were friend’s back in the day.”

“In that case, I’d be happy to go.”

Hubby set the breakfast plates on the table just like a waiter would do. Wearing just briefs, we sat down to eat. Meanwhile he gave me some details about the function.

“That’s 4 months away.”

“That’s right,” he replied.

“They’re giving us a long time to think about it.”

“They want my response by the end of June with money.”

“We’ll split the bursa sınırsız escort cost.”

“Stevie I’ll pay all of it. It’s not even your class. Treat it like a date.”

“Date night, That’s something we haven’t done in quite a while.”

The second Saturday in September dawned bright and sunny. I rolled to my right giving Michael a nudge making him roll onto his back.

I asked, “are you psyched.”

“I’m looking forward to it.”

Mike had played sports back in the day. He would almost certainly gravitate to the former baseball and football jocks.

“My buddy Carl played O line on the football team. The last time we ran into each other I was a year and a half out of high school. I was on semester break. We were in the mall.”

“What does he look like?”

“He’s beefy, brown-eyes and black hair. I’ll introduce you if he’s there this afternoon.”

Mike and I stood toe to toe in bathtub. As he lathered his body under the warm shower I took his penis with a loose grip. A few strokes made the organ go erect.

By 8 o’clock several minutes of hot sex in the bathroom had left us both satisfied. I put on black Levi slim fit jeans with a relaxed-fit white polo shirt.

“I like those jeans on you. They accentuate the curve of your ass nicely.”

I chuckled at the remark then kissed hs lips.

Minutes before 1 o’clock Mike and I came into the hotel lobby and stopped to read the plaque giving directions. A short walk down the carpeted wide central corridor brought us to the Raines Room where several classmates had already gathered.

I bursa escort bayan looked around seeing simple inexpensive centerpieces, each being the school mascot atop a stack of textbooks bearing the name of a course. While I was checking out the centerpieces Michael was socializing.

About a half hour into the function an auburn-haired woman wearing a Tiel Multi tie-detail surplice dress approached Michael.

“It’s so good to see you.”

“Likewise,” said my husband.

I came beside him on his left.

“This is my husband Stephen. This is Allison.”

“It’s nice to meet you.”

My feminine side emerged. “I love that dress.”

A straight dude’s eyes would’ve gone right to her cleavage. Part of me imagines having that cleavage, although I’m Not trans.

“I bought this from Venus.”

“So Alley you never married,” said Mike.

“I was married for five years. He was a narcissist, and abusive. I just couldn’t take it any more.”


”Not physically, just the way he talked to me, isulting, loud,” she replied.

“He wasn’t a classmate was he?”

“No, I met Henry at my cousin Laura’s wedding when I was 19. We were married after 3 years.”

“Divorced at age 27 right?”

“Your husband seems nice.”

“He’s great.”

They chatted for a few minutes.

The sun was sitting on the horizon as we arrived at the condo complex.

“That was an interesting day.”

“I’m glad you had a good time.”

“I’ll bring you to my twenieth.”

Not a big fan of television, I put the noise canceling bluetooth headphones nilüfer escort over my ears and connected them to my i-pad. I walked out to the balcony to relax and listen to “Clashing Hearts”, a gay romance novel.

I had been sitting by the metallic lattice table for just a few minutes when Michael came out and sat across from me. He rapped on the table top getting my attention.

I pulled the phones off my ears but left them around my neck.

“Good story?”

“It’s about a big city dude trying to buy a failing ranch. His family-owned business has big plans so they want to get it cheap.”

“Does the city slicker fall in love with the owner?”

“You read it before.”

“It’s a romance novel. If you’ve read one you’ve read them all.”

“Point taken.”

Michael had been aware of my love of romance novels almost since we first met. I had invited him inside after a date and he saw a gay romance novel on my coffee table.

Such novels often put me in the mood to make love. I pushed my chair toward him and placed my hand on his thigh. He put his hand lightly over my hand.

Barely a minute later we went back inside. My lover put his arms around my shoulders and closed his lips on my lip. I was barely aware of his hands gliding down to my belt buckle to open my pants.

Within a few seconds I am on all fours on the kingsize mattress. My lover’s thighs are slapping my thighs thrusting his penis into my hole. I let out a soft grunt then another soft grunt as the hole tingles.

As he backs away I lay flat face down.

For several minutes he lay down against me putting his arms over my back. He planted a light kiss on my head then another on my neck.

“This might be a good night for a walk on the beach.”

“So romantic,” I quipped.

There was a chil in the air at 9 o’clock. The night was quiet save for the rustle of breakers. We stood with arms around one another at the hips and gazed southward at the horizon.

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