My House, My Rules Ch. 02

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Anna smiled sweetly, almost innocently as she worked her fathers index finger more deeply up her ass. She brought her free arm up around Paul’s neck to pull him closer, kissing him deeply. Paul lightly twisted his hand free of hers, cupped one ass cheek in his palm, and moved a second finger inside her rear.

His daughter squealed, actually squealed, as he stretched her out. Her entire body twitched once, twice, in a clear orgasm. She pulled Paul close, kissed him, her tongue sliding inside of his mouth with real force now. The hand that had been guiding his was now caressing her fathers side, sliding along his ribs, stroking down to his ass and then back up. The hand at his neck pulled him closer. The feel of her heavy D cup tits pressed against his chest. Her hot breath whispered in his ear.

“I love you so much Daddy. I’ve wanted to be with you for so long, thank you so much for finally being with me. This is to show you I’m serious, that you’re the most special man in the world to me. Dozens of guys have done almost anything they wanted to me, because I knew I had to be good at making you happy. There was only ever one thing they couldn’t do, because I was saving it for you.”

Anna kissed him again, just on the lips, almost shyly, and smiled. For a second it wasn’t a look of passion, or lust, just pure, simple love. Paul felt his heart almost break. She was so sweet, so innocent. The basic wrongness of all of this struck him like a hammer. His dick, literally dripping after fucking his daughter, began to droop for the first time.

The guilt, quickly as it came, was quickly dismissed as Anna kissed him again and with a look of regret separated from her father. Stretching, it seemed like the girl was consciously showing off. Thrusting her chest forward, fluffing her long brown hair. Guilty feelings? Thoughts about the nature of their relationship? It was all laughable. All he saw was a beautiful woman that he wanted very badly. There had been no one since the divorce. Since a year before the divorce, in fact. That this girl was so beautiful, so willing, rolled over any resistance he might have put up effortlessly.

Still smiling, wide eyed and almost laughing, Anna moved over to her night table and got something out of it. She was nervous, but not about the obvious. This was new territory, and he risked flattering himself by thinking she was almost giddy about the new state of things in the house. Leaning over, his daughter kissed him again and he couldn’t resist cupping one of her tits. Playfully, she slapped the hand away, and showed off what she had picked up. It was a long, white tube of lotion. Anna smiled, and with all the excited energy she had shown as a little girl at Christmas, jumped up on the bed, landing on her knees, facing away from him.

His daughter knelt in front of him, and only an instinct that he should wait kept him from reaching out and grabbing her. It was all he could handle, anyway, just to look at the girls large, firm ass bent in front of him. All the times he had innocently patted it to send her off to play, his mind babbled stupidly.

And then she turned, that look of sexual hunger back in her eyes, and any thoughts of anything but the moment were gone.

“Are you ready for your present? It’s been waiting so long for you, Daddy, tell me you want it.”

“Y…yes, Beylikdüzü Fetiş Escort baby. God, I want you so much, I want to show you how I feel about you, to. Nothings too good for my little girl. You’re everything a dad could want, you deserve to have any treat you want for being such a special girl.”

Paul took the tube from her, flipped the top open with a quick motion of his thumb. Squirting it onto his fingers, his hand jerked at it’s coldness, but it warmed quickly with some rubbing. Once one hand was well coated, he tossed the tube aside and leaded forward, gently easing her up from her elbows.

Kissing neck and shoulder, licking them, breathing heavily on her back, he did everything to show how much he wanted her without having to say the words, words he wasn’t sure he could use right now. She moaned, and began to move under his embrace, hips sliding forward and back. The heat in the room was incredible, and when an old stuffed teddy bear caught his eye on one of the shelves, he knew he had to do something now.

Still silent, his hand moved to her ass, and again moved a finger inside it, and a second. Anna yelled, and tore away from him. It was not to escape, only to go back onto all fours, and thrust back to guide his fingers in deeper. She threw her head back, the sweat that was forming all along her back catching in her hair.

“Now, Daddy. Now. Take my ass!”

Later, Paul would have to admit to himself that he had no fight left by this point. He merely pulled his fingers out of his daughter, clutched her hips, and pointed his cock. Paul didn’t need a hand to guide himself in, because whether it was luck or instinct or a sign that they were made for each other, he lined up exactly where he wanted to be right that second.

Careful to move slow at first, knowing things could be unpleasant if he didn’t. His dicks tip touched his daughters slick opening, finding it still just slightly cold. It didn’t matter, it was easily ignored. Warmly, gently, his palms stroked her thighs, cupped her rear, lightly, playfully spanked it once. Now he moved forward, a little, not enough to fit the head inside her. He could feel her stretching around him, resisting but warm and encouraging. She moaned, again, rolling her hips, stroking him.

It was too much, and he leaned forward quicker then he intended. The head of his penis was inside her now, and she squealed again, as she truly lost her anal virginity to her father, and came again. His hands wandered along her ass, her thighs, her legs. One drifted in front of her, and teasingly slid inside her pussy again. Anna shrieked now, and he almost pulled out. She yelled at him as best she could, despite panting and gasping.

“Daddy, please! Fuck my ass now… can hurt me, I like it when it hurts a little, I just need you in me noooooooow!”

There was no holding back now. Hoping that his little girl was telling him the truth, Paul pulled Anna back by the hips and thrust his hips forward. He yelled now, and Anna’s sounds continued. In less then a second, he was as deep inside her as he possibly could be. There was nothing but pleasure in the was Anna sounded, the was her head was whipping around, the way her body shook.

Like their first time together, they quickly found a rhythm together. Paul slid back, Anna moved Beylikdüzü Gecelik Escort forward, until he was almost entirely out of her, and then collided together with enough force that he could see her firm, lightly tanned flesh shake. His movements were on automatic now, his body moving on it’s own simply to enjoy the sensation of movement. He spanked her again, harder this time, enough to form a red handprint almost instantly.

She moved faster, harder, sliding her hips around again and again. His daughters head drifted down, her hands tearing the sheets from the bed and shoving them into her mouth as her screams grew louder. Paul told himself that in some perverted way, he just wanted to make sure she was okay, but in truth when her roughly dug his fingers into her shoulder and pulled Anna up again it was because he wanted to hear her scream out loud.

Which she did, so loud his ears almost hurt, and he had to admit it only made him ram into her harder, and faster. Finally, spasms ran wild through his muscles, taking all pretense of concern for his daughter, and both hands grabbed her shoulders. She screamed again, more then a little pain in her voice now, and he lifted his baby girl up in the air, then fell backwards with her, never pulling out. It had been perfectly timed, they had almost separated at that moment.

Now on his back, gravity and his muscles pulled her all the way onto his hips again, making her orgasm yet again, and she would have screamed if she could breath. Paul thought he might have been able to hold it for a time longer, but at that moment Anna clenched somewhere inside and he filled her with his sperm again. He’d supported himself on his elbows when they’d fallen, but that took all the strength out of him.

He laid flat on the bed, breathing heavy, and Anna almost melted on top of him. Softening, he left his cock inside her for as long as he could. She was sweaty, heavy, hot on top of him, and he felt not the slightest interest in moving her.

Later, she slid down, sliding into one of his arm and facing him as he lay on his back. She kissed him again, lightly, lovingly, and he returned it. They lay there, happy, peaceful, for how long they didn’t know. Eventually, they slept.

He woke the next morning, and left for work before she woke. The day was wracked with nerves, fear. What if she regretted it? What if she called….someone, anyone? In the light of day, away from her, he couldn’t bear the shame of anyone knowing. It was a rollercoaster waiting for quitting time. One moment he’d think of calling her, checking on how she was doing. The next, he was idly toying with the idea of simply leaving the job, her, the house, just getting in the car and driving away.

Heading home, he was certain of what needed to be done. He would tell her it was over, that they had been carried away by the moment, and that it needed to stop. Maybe never repeating the mistake, never speaking of it, would be sufficient to erase the guilt and fear.

This was an ironclad, certain moral stance he had taken, and it lasted until he entered his house again. Anna stood at the entranceway, smiling brightly with a bottle of wine in her hand, wearing a low cut red silk dress showing off every inch of her perfect figure. Her hair and makeup looked like they had been Beylikdüzü Genç Escort done professionally, nothing like the normal, outright slutty outfits she had taken to wearing lately.

He was taken aback, smiling as she led him to the dinner table where a candlelit meal waited for them. There was nothing to do but sit and enjoy.

After the meal, they talked a little. He tried to find his spine again, to say what he should.

“Anna, I’ve been turning this around all day. What we did last night was wrong. We can’t ever do anything like that again. It’s normal for a girl to find her father attractive at some point in her life. It’s even normal, I like to think, for the dad to be attracted back….”

Fumbling, babbling, he knew it wasn’t very coherent, very intelligent. He knew he wasn’t doing this the right way, and he knew before she said anything that she would overwhelm his opposition.

Anna stood up, walked to her father, leaned down and kissed him.

“What’s natural is for a father and daughter to love each other. There are all kinds of love, Daddy. What’s important is whether it makes you happy, because the toughest thing in the world is to be happy. And this, what we’ve started doing….that’s the happiest I’ve ever been. You’re mine, Daddy, I need you and love you, and I don’t want to waste our time together worrying if a bunch of other people would look at us funny or not.”

Anna kissed him again, and as he tasted her lipstick he knew she’d convinced him again. Shifting the dress around, she knelt in front of him, unzipping his pants and pulling his hard dick out of them.

“I know you have what I need, Daddy, and I know I can be the same for you. Please let me.”

He never had a chance to answer. Her tongue flicked over the head, and then she took him in her mouth. A her head began to move up and down, and he rubbed his hands through her hair.

“No. No, Anna, stop. Stand up.”

Somehow this time he managed to put the force of command in it, because with she looked up, saw his face, and stood up. Sheepishly, the little girl in her came out again, clearly thinking she might be scolded.

Again, there was a lack of thought to what he did. He just moved. Not saying anything, he grabbed her by the shoulders, lifted her up so that she let out something between a yell and a giggle. He tossed her back onto the table, then reached back and knocked some of the plates to the floor. He wanted to laugh, and Anna did.

He kissed her, and ran his hands through her hair. They kissed again. She hiked the dresses skirt up displaying a lack of panties as well as red stockings with a garter belt. Paul kicked off his shoes and fumbled his pants loose, kissing her again and then moving inside his daughter. She was so wet it was easy, as he knew it would be.

Things seemed almost more electric then they had last night, he felt that they were both even more aroused. Fucking his daughter wordlessly on their dinner table, there was a sense of finality to it. They had turned a corner, there was a sense that they would not be going back to the way things had been.

Her legs wrapped around him, her heels pressing against his ass, he moved slowly back and forth, and all she could do to react was lay back on the table, taking one of his hands and guiding it to her clit. He played with it, not really speeding up, just rolling with the slow, building orgasm that took them at the same time. There was no yelling, no obvious, intense passion. There was simply a feeling that they were where they belonged, that they were happy.

Slowly, lazily, Anna rose and hugged him tightly, and Paul told her how much he loved her.

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