My Hero…

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I walked into the bar ready to cut loose and have a little fun. It had been a long stressful few months and I needed a good night out and a hookup… God I needed a good hard fuck. It had been 9 months since John and I had separated and my divorce was finally over with. I moved to Fort Knox, KY for a job. Being around a ton of available military men was a definite perk that I considered when taking this job.

I went and bought a stunning summer dress just for this outing tonight. I felt amazing in my cream yellow sundress. It was just short enough to still leave a little something to the imagination. The top half was tight but the skirt flared out. I wasn’t overly beautiful but I cleaned up good. I had long auburn curly hair that went to the middle of my back, bright blue eyes, and since it was summer I laid out when I could in the sun. I wore nude round toe pumps with my dress and kept my makeup minimal. I walked over and sat at the bar in the far left corner to people watch at first. I saw a few hotties but they had dates, “damn this is a bust,” I thought.

That’s when I saw him. He was about 5’10”, blonde hair, blue eyes, and still in his ACU’s that were dirty. He must have been crawling in mud earlier. He had an amazing smile. He sat 5 chairs away and ordered a beer. He was with a couple of battle buddies, they all sat shooting the shit. I sat there minding my own but glancing at this man every so often, exchanging little smiles. Soon there was another man, about 6’4” dark hair brown eyes, and tan, sit next to me.

“Hey sexy…I’m Staff Sgt. Conners, but you can call me Daddy,” he had this smug look and smelled of cheap cigars and bourbon. He was cute, don’t get me wrong, but he was already half in the barrel and wasn’t my type. Acted disinterested as much as possible as I finished my drink.

“Hi, I’m Jessica,”

“Well, what’s a pretty girl like you,” as he felt my arm with his rough dry hands, “doing all alone here? Why don’t you just come home with me?” Sgt. Conners leaned in in anticipation of getting a sloppy kiss right then and there but I had other plans. I moved back and to the side as I stood up.

“Thanks for the…offer? But I’m just not that type of lady…” I turned to walk away when I felt his scabrous sweaty palms on my arm.

“HOLD ON BABY,” he bellowed out. It startled me as he then pulled me closer. ” Where ya going? I was talking to you.” I really wasn’t looking forward to this and my blonde haired eye candy noticed.

“Sgt Conners….let her go man. Come on man, don’t do this tonight.”

” Stay out of this Cpl Lewis, this doesn’t concern you.” Conners started to stagger a bit. I moved back but he grabbed me again, this time my hip.

“Let me go!” I yelled, now making a scene. “I am not going home with you!” I pushed him away but he was unyielding. Lewis now stepped between us. Lightly pushing me behind him he seemed so miniscule in comparison. Lewis stood his ground though.

“She is not interested, now just let her be Sgt. Don’t make this mistake… again.” They stood close and just had an old fashion stare down. Conners finally relented and walked away without incident.

Lewis turned to me now, as I stood there scared shitless about everything, now…sex was so far out of my mind I could be a nun.

“Hey, you ok?” his voice soothing and calm. “Miss?” I snapped out of it hearing him finally,

“Oh…uh yea…thanks… I, I’m Jessica. Wow that was, breathtaking! I was so scared for you.” I was blushing like crazy I couldn’t even look at him because my cheeks were burning.

“Nah, that was nothing, hes a dick… he didn’t hurt you did he?” Cpl Lewis had sincere concern for me; which was nice.

“No no, I’m fine really. I am just gonna go home now though. Thanks again Cpl Lewis.”

“Its Bill,” he smiled. “Why don’t you let me walk you home? It would be a pleasure to.”

“Uhmm…really? Its not far from here.” God he was gorgeous all dirty and with a smile on his face, how could I resist.

Bill said goodbye to his friends and we walked out and down the street. It was a beautiful summer night, not too hot and a slight breeze. We were silent for the first few minutes of the walk until he decided to speak up.

“So… you just move to town?”

“Yea, I am the new administrative assistant to Col Rickter. I moved from Wisconsin.” His hand brushed against mine as we walked and it send chills down my spine. I felt like a giddy little schoolgirl with no control over it. I wanted to jump him right then and there but I kept my composure.

We got to my street just in time. The beautiful summer night was turning into a storm. It was about 11 o’clock when we heard the crackling of thunder and then a down pour immediately. We were getting soaked as we ran to my door, laughing the whole way. My dress clung to my silhouette by the time we reached my home. I stood there, keys in hand, just looking at him. The dirt on his face running now as the fresh seks hikayeleri rain washed over his face.

“Well Miss Jessica, your home safe…wet but safe,” he chuckled as he turned to leave already, “goodnight miss.”

“Wait…” I grabbed his hand spun him around. “Don’t I get to say thank you to my hero?” I spoke softly and seductively as I came in for a kiss. My free hand reached up to his now muddy chest. Our lips met and it was like electric surges through my body. His supple lips pressed against mine so perfectly as his right hand entangled my sopping wet hair, and his left arm went around my body and pushed me into my door. It felt amazing having Bill pressed against me with such strength. His kiss was full of passion and tasted sweet. A soft moan escaped my lips through the kiss as my leg trailed up his. He parted and stared deep into my eyes for a moment.

Breathlessly he said, “Goodnight Miss Jessica,” as he turn and walked away.

I stood there dumbfounded but so moist. And not from the rain. I went into my home and made a beeline for my bedroom. I barely had enough time to get my clothes off before I laid on my bed, legs spread, and my nimble fingers diving into my hot box. The energy my body felt at that moment was stellar. I couldn’t help bringing myself to the brink within minutes just thinking about Bill. His smile, that kiss, and feeling his chest through his uniform sent me over the edge. The build up to this orgasm was almost unbearable as my fingers flicked my sensitive clit back and forth, my damp body arching backwards on my bed, and tears in my eyes as I screamed out his name at the top of my lungs. Soft whimpers followed as I came off my high just then and I curled up in the fetal position drifting off to sleep.

I woke up at about 6 am on Sunday. I rolled over and looked at the clock groaning. Why cant I sleep in just one day!? I pondered the thought as I got up and stumbled into my bathroom still groggy. The cold shower I was about to administer to myself was cruel but I had to wake up. I decided to go on a run since I couldn’t sleep. The cold water hit my face, “AHH Shit that’s cold!” I hurried and washed up. I stepped out of the shower now thinking about the events that led up to last nights goodnight kiss with Cpl Lewis. I wish I knew this MOS so I could find him, talk to him…among other things. My brain swirled as I got dressed. I looked outside, the rain had dispersed. I wore black shorts and a pink runners tank top along with my black and pink Nike running shoes. It was already at least 70 at 640am, great, is what I thought, its going to be a hot day. With my Ipod buds in my ears, music blaring, I started slow. Eventually a half mile down the road I picked up speed and took off running like I was being chased down. I went around the main quarters of the housing on base. Sweat glistening off my body I felt like I was starting to clear my head when all of a sudden, SMACK! I fell to the ground in an instant. There was a body on top of me and right when I ripped my earbuds out ready to yell… It was Bill. He was twice as sweaty and just as out of breath as I was.

“Fuck! First ya save me and the next day you try and trample me?” I scoffed and tried to giggle. Giggling out of breath is near impossible.

“Oh…god.. I’m sorry! Are you alright Jessica?” He remembered my name! oh wow. That was a good sign.

“Yea yea…I’m fine Cpl…Bill” I smiled at him even though my ankle was killing me all of a sudden. He got up off of me and stood up. He reached out for my hand and when I stood I couldn’t hide the searing pain shooting from my foot. He noticed quickly and scooped me in his arms.

“Here, my house is around the corner… Let me take a look at your ankle,” his voice subdued me and I just nodded my head. Carrying me into his home and setting me down on his couch he left me there to get water and ice. He came back handing me a bottle and got on one knee while carefully grabbing my ankle. I winced at the shooting pain I had but tried to act tough. Bill felt around a few times,

“well its just a sprain, just keep off of it as much as possible,” as if that was an option. I was up and down all day for meetings, errands, etc. but I would make it work.

“Ok, thanks Bill,” I bit my lip knowing I wanted him just as bad if not more so now than last night. His touch was so inviting as his hand trailed up to my knee. I knew he wanted me as well. He looked at me again, longingly as he came up. I thought he was going to kiss me but then,

“Daddy… what’s for breakfast?” a small voice showed its body from the corner of the room. He was about 4, and looked just like Bill.

“Oh hey buddy, umm hold on ok. I’m just helping my friend Miss Jessica because she fell.” He sounded disappointed that his son had woken up.

I smiled at the little boy as he walked up and analyzed my foot now.

“Oh wow does that hurt?” He was enthralled with me instantly. I just looked at this mini version of Bill and shook my head.

“Nah, I’m strong. I got this little man!” I chuckled and tried to get up. Bill made me sit down though.

“Whoa little Miss thing…” power derived from his voice, “you are staying for breakfast. I cant let you walk home anyways.”

I figured that fighting with him was futile so I sat put. Bill went into the kitchen and whipped up French toast and bacon while his son, Colt, stayed with me and watched television. He was such a peach. Colt noticed my water bottle empty and took it into the kitchen, knowing he was trying to stay quiet but not knowing how to whisper at four years old I could hear him tell Bill,

“Daddy she’s so pretty! OHHH MY GOSSHHH, you should ask her out for ice-cream like I asked Lacey at school! GO DADDY ASK!” he was now yelling at his dad…I was snickering, I’m sure Bill heard me.

“Shhhh buddy, ok ok ill ask her, but not right now,” Bill tried to reason with Colt, with no avail.

“Oh gosh dad! You are such a chicken! Ill ask her for you!” Before Bill could put down our plates Colt darted into the living room where I was. With a huge grin he yelled,

“Daddy thinks you’re so pretty and wants to go for ice-cream with you! Will ya?”

How was I supposed to turn that down? I don’t know where Colt’s mother was but obviously he was at least single. I looked at a very embarrassed Bill. I never knew a military man to go and blush like he did but I was eating it up. I couldn’t wait to get ice-cream with him.

“I would feel honored to get ice-cream with your Daddy; Colt.” I looked at Bill and bit my pink luscious lower lip at him. I could tell he was liking my tease a little too much, he turned to go back into the kitchen I noticed an insatiable bulge in his running shorts. With Colt here I knew nothing was going to happen with the syrup except go on the French toast…damn. Oh well this kid was too cool. We sat there and watched cartoons and had a delicious breakfast. Bill kept looking at me with a gleam in his eye, full of mischief. The more we were around each other the more I knew he wanted me just as bad I wanted him.

After we ate, I told Bill I needed to get going. “Thank you so much for the food and first-aid but I think im good to hobble home now.”

“No no Jessica…seriously ill give u a ride,” he was unrelenting. And yes I wanted a ride…but not in the sense he was now thinking. “just wait ten minutes, my sister Chloe is coming for Colt to go to the zoo with his cousins.”

Those were some of the best words I heard all day. I had a chance to be alone with Bill. I dropped my head, and with joking sarcasm replied, “Ohhh alright, you twisted my arm,” winking at him. His pearly whites shined like the sun as he laughed at me.

Chloe showed up a few minutes later as Bill was helping Colt tie his shoes. To Chloe’s surprise I was there. She smiled as we exchanged pleasantries and started asking Bill whom I was as he ushered her and Colt out the door and down the driveway. I sat there nervous to think what was going to happen next. He had left abruptly the night prior, so I wasn’t sure what to think .

Bill came back in and apologized for both Colt and Chloe, “I understand if we don’t go…get ice-cream I know you were trying to be nice to Colt.” his voice a bit shaky…was he nervous? Oh my he was! And I couldn’t resist him much longer.

“No, I wouldn’t have said I wanted to unless I did, but if you don’t want to then that’s ok,” it really wasn’t but how could I say any different.

“No, I don’t want to get ice-cream with you Jessica,” my heart dropped, “I want to get a whole meal with you, maybe this Saturday coming up?” I couldn’t believe he was a smart ass in a time like this! But I laughed and said yes. Oh he almost had me there. I stood up to have him drive me home at this point. I was still sweaty and in need of a shower and some ‘alone time.’ I tried to walk but had some difficulties. My ankle really did hurt. I would need to wrap it once I showered at home.

“Here, let me help,” Bill’s generosity never ended it seemed, as he lifted me and walked with me in his arms to his truck. What a beast that thing was! It was a 2011 Chevy 3500 black with lime green racing stripes down the hood. He took care of it well, there wasn’t a spot of dirt to be seen. I slid into the passenger seat as I felt his hand leave me. His touch was so wonderful and even with him smelling of perspiration, it didn’t deter me one bit. The drive was silent, but the sexual tension screamed out. We were both uneasy and I think we both understood why. As we pulled into my driveway he told me to wait and he would carry me in. oh god…yes carry me right to my bed. He came around and picked me back up. He walked with me but as we approached my door he tripped slightly. He let go of my legs and I ended up wrapping my legs around his waist with lighting speed as we spilled against my front door. Neither of us said a word being this close together. I just took the leap, yet again, and kissed him. This time I was more aggressive in it. I bit his tender lips and sucked one into my mouth. He pressed into me harder and started to grind ever so slightly. I reach behind me and opened my door by the handle, I left it unlocked for my early morning run not thinking anything would happen on base anyways. Bill carried me into my house still kissing me, his kisses trailing down my neck, the feeling of his teeth raking against my skin gave me goose-bumps. His hands held my ass perfectly they were caressing me as we got to my bed and he laid me down so softly in the middle of it. He was on top of me still kissing me as he pulled my shirt up and over my head. My chest was pulsating in anticipation of his next move. He sat up on his knees and took his shirt off now. Seeing his chiseled torso for the first time made me fill with desire. My hands frisked him as his tongue dared leave my neck to my ample breasts. At a full 36 DDD they overflowed my bra at this point. Light licks were followed by nibbles. All I could do was grab his head and push him down further to my sopping wetness down below. I needed to see what he could do, NOW.

“Oh God Bill! Please please take me! Take me now!” I was so excited I knew the second me touched me I would come. His eyes darted up to mine and he had the most devilish grin as he continued on his way, pulling off my shorts and panties down in one fowl swoop. My shoes got kicked off when we walked thru the house. He looked down at my completely shaven, now swollen with lust, pussy. My juices were already covering my outter lips, as he licked his lips I let my hand go down and give him a small show… working my fingers on my button I moaned softly as my eyes fluttered. I spread my pussy open just to show him my pink flower he was about to receive. He looked at me as I opened my eyes. There was a fire in his eyes as he watched me. I brought my fingers up to my lips to taste myself, but didn’t get too far. Grabbing my wrist with conviction, “What…are you doing?” the dominance caught me off guard and enticed me even more, “Don’t you know its impolite not to off your guest the first serving?” his lips curled up a tad trying to hide a smile.. His mouth felt amazing around my fingers as he sucked them dry.

“MMMMMMMMM Billy, baby….don’t stop! Please DON’T STOP!” is all I could utter out as I attempted to grasp at his jarhead cut hair. It was useless so I just pushed his head into my legs. There was no teasing when he licked me for the first time, I’m not sure if it was excitement, my begging, or if he was straight forward kind of man, but oh my Lord his tongue darted in and out of my tightness licking me up like it was the last time to get action. Billy’s fingers intertwined inside me as his tongue flicked against my clit quickly. That’s all it took to send me over the edge.

“OHH FUCK BABY YESSSS,” I hissed out as my body arched back violently, it caught Billy off guard as he pulled me back down with his muscular arms wrapped around my thighs. My body shook, my fingernails dug into his back and neck as my juices gushed out into his mouth. This had to be the most intense orgasm of my life, so far! Billy didn’t even give me a chance to calm down before he was on top of me thrusting his thick hard cock in me. He still had my right thigh in his arm as he laid on me grind into me. The feelings I felt were indescribable.

“Oh FUCK YOU’RE SO TIGHT!” Billy was pleasantly shocked by my cunt grasping him so snuggly. He felt about eight in a half inches long, and very thick. I already knew he had to have a mushroom head from the ‘pop’ I felt as he picked up his pace now, fucking me more vigorously. He let go of my leg to grab the bed on the sides of my head. My hands were scratching his back pulling him into me more as the room filled with the sounds of our desire for one another. My orgasm rapidly built back up having his girth stretch me open more than I had ever been.

“Fuck me Billy! OH GOD BABY YES! FUCK THAT PUSSY ‘TILL YOU BLOW!” my hands were around his neck at this point pulling him in for a kiss. There was nothing sweet about this. It was pure adulterated lust that drew him here. He snarled at me as our tongues danced together and I bit his lip again. I knew by his speed he was almost there too. I began moaning in his ear begging for his cum.

“MMM Billy cum for me…cum deep in this sweet pussy, go ahead baby do it!” I antagonized him. I needed to feel him fill me up, I wanted to come with him.

“OH GOD JESSICA! IM SO CLOSE! OH FUCKKKK UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH,” he started to cum in me and that’s all it took for me again. My body shook just as, if not more violently than before. Our moans turned into lustful screams of ecstasy. He drained his balls in me completely, still on top of me he just gazed into the bright blue eyes I had breathing deeply. Then coming in for a soft sensual kiss, turning onto his side and me with him. We laid there for a while that day…not saying a word. I knew that this had to be the best decision I have ever made moving onto base.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32