My Goddess Nikki (The Toy)

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The night was thick with hot, damp Iowan air; it was almost foggy, not visually but tactilely so, the humidity was almost overwhelming. Then my heart raced to see her pull up alongside the street about a block from my home, and I rushed to seek relief; not from the heat but of the tension I felt creeping down my tight stomach almost giving me an erection just seeing her white Buick pull up.

I took hold of the door handle but it did not open, I had been in to much of a hurry to be near her to wait for her to unlock it, and then I felt a rush when I finally sat beside her, and gave her a first quick and anxious kiss. She was the sexiest and most hot looking thing I had, and would, ever set my eyes on. I knew when I first hooked up with her that she would be someone I would pursue and get, even if she was not mine. Yet knowing she was here for my loving and release from lust the tension did not leave my body. I had waited all day for her infrequent text messages and aching for her in the spaces in between.

I was married, but she was not my wife, she was my mistress; but I had gotten past the point of caring about that; and we had already made love twice between our heavy sessions of making out and touching sexual zones through our clothing. However, I felt it again was time that we made love again, and was reasonably sure her eyes were telling me the same thing. It was certainly too hot on this August night to leave our clothing on.

Her name rolled through my head, “Nikki, Nikki, Nikki . . .” and her eyes held me captive, those huge, watery hazel eyes, framed by her long black hair and high cheekbones. Her lips . . . Her lips were as nearly as perfect as her eyes, her top lip was a little slender, although her bottom lip was a thick pout. Nikki’s lips were naturally rosy, and she only slightly glossed them, but they had an incredible taste without gloss, as did her tongue, and our blended saliva. That mixed with the flavor of gum she often chewed that invariably almost slipped into my own mouth, but she Trabzon Escort discarded it when that started to happen.

This, then, was another thing; it was not simply her face, and body, that excited me, but also the cute little things she did during our sessions. Like not let that gum slip into my mouth even though I did not care if it happened, or the way she forgot to take off her seatbelt when we kissed. As well as this constant hanging awkwardness, that made me feel young again, we were like two high school kids smooching in one of our parents drive way, nervously waiting for the porch light to turn on.

The words “turn on” struck me with full force when I once again looked over her body, her large, evenly shaped breasts and thick nipples that became rock hard at the slightest touch. She also had those pear shaped hips that I loved, reminiscent of those racy starlets in a black and white movie. She had a classic build, as her hips were not flabby or too wide, but stunningly curvaceous as one would expect from a goddess . . . My voluptuous goddess, Nikki . . .

Her first words to me (that night) were, “you are radiating heat, I can feel it from here.”

There was a heat that emanated from me, it was not from the hot weather, I had walked through, but it glowed from the very core of my soul.

Then the next thing Nikki said nearly made my heart explode,” Do you want to get that toy for me, Sloan?”

We had jokingly talked about going to the adult store to get her a vibrator, but I was both shocked and excited to here those words. My belly became tense and my cock stiffened sharply, tense and sensitive against my jeans.

“Yes,” that was all I could say.

Nikki always drove when we met, but we rarely did anything other than go to back country roads, to make out, with the intention to make love, but it always seemed uncomfortable, although we had made it work a couple of times. So this was a little different, I tried to quell my anxiety and erection Escort Trabzon to no avail.

The adult store was about a fifteen minute drive from town (not to far to bear my two sources of tension) and it was haphazardly built next to the interstate. There were big flashy signs saying XXX and it was well lit so there would be no hope of not being caught together, as lovers, if someone that knew us happened along. That possibility was slim but it heightened the thrill.

She whipped into the parking lot, and we hopped out of her car, giggling like schoolgirls, until we walked in the door and flashed our ID’s. Then it became oddly businesslike. We calmly discussed the purchase, considering size, price, and designs.

“Smooth or textured?” I asked

“Smooth” she said.

Then we started heading home.

Then the tension broke like a dam. Nikki skidded off the road, landing the car onto a tractor path that led into a cornfield, but we were barely off the road. Then we started kissing furiously. Since the running lights stayed on in her car when idling, she shut it off and we rolled down the windows, the unrelenting sticky heat rolled in, and we began sweating rivulets

Our lips smashed together and our tongues met, they slapped together hard. I licked her lips and the roof of her mouth. Before I realized what I was doing, my hands were up her shirt, and on her breasts, flicking her stiff nipples under her bra. She rubbed my hard cock; I wasted no time undoing my pants so she could squeeze it with the flesh of her hand.

“I want you to use that toy on yourself, Nikki,” I told her.

I usually was not that aggressive, but I had made that a command; Nikki would get excited when I was a little forceful, but I used it sparingly. It seemed appropriate in the moment.

“I don’t know, Sloan,” she said. Nevertheless, she was already unfastening her pants.

I smelled the fresh, but musky smell of her pussy; and I almost felt like I was going to cum, as she Trabzon Escort Bayan yanked my hard-on. Instead, I concentrated on cutting the plastic package off the vibrator with a pocketknife, and fumbled with installing the batteries, so that slowed down my rush towards orgasm.

She tilted her head towards me, and rolled her bedroom eyes up at me, she knew I liked that look.

“Myself?” she asked.

“Do it now.” I demanded softly.

I handed the sex toy to her and she started it. She leaned the seat back and tilted the steering wheel up, I had to lean over the console to stroke her hair, that and the intensely high temperature made things uncomfortable, but this discomfort made the situation more intense and even hotter in the car than the night outside.

Nikki looked at me shyly but then quickly applied the vibrator to her clit, rotating it slowly. The effects sunk in immediately and her eyes glazed over. She moaned softly, and the growled a low tone.

She had taken her pants down but her shirt was still on, I rolled it up and slipped her tits out of her bra, but did not take it off. I rolled my tongue across her nipples tentatively, but then saw headlights.

We stopped suddenly and watched the car roll by on the pavement, it slowed down but did not stop, and we noticed it was not a state trooper, or worse, one of our respective spouses, so I chose a breast and sucked hard.

It did not take long for Nikki to get back to the point she was at, and she started repeating “Oh God, oh God, oh my God,” quietly at first then louder, completely unashamed that she was masturbating while I watched.

The first shivers of orgasm washed over her face and body, I knew her face was flush even in the dark. She came completely and forcefully, dropping the vibrator, which was still buzzing.

I crawled over to her seat, squeezing between the steering wheel and her body, and she squealed (almost a scream) when I penetrated her still quivering and wet love hole.

I was nearly to completion when I stuck it in, but I screwed her cruelly for as long as I could hold out. I exploded inside her, squirting so hard it almost hurt.

I fell on her body, and lay there, for a brief eternity, still inside her as our sweaty bodies stuck together on the hot summer night.

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