My Girlfriend’s Husband

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I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Never in a million years did I think that foreplay would take this form. My friend and lover Anya was lying next to me naked in my bed telling me about her secret fantasy of a threesome with her husband Jake and myself.

“Sweetie, are you ok?” Anya asked.

For at least five minutes I had been speechless with a questioning look on my face. Here we were both naked and incredibly horny, about to make love and she leans over and whispers in my ear she wants to fuck me while her husband fucks her and then watch him fuck me.

“I’m sorry to spring this on you but I didn’t want to make love to you first and then have it seem like I was buttering you up,” she smiled. “C’mon baby, say something!”

Laughing, I said, “I don’t know what to say. How long have you been thinking about this?”

“Ever since Devon found out about us and demanded a threesome as his ‘compensation.'”

Devon was my asshole on again off again ex-boyfriend. Just recently he became permanently off. He found a letter that Anya had written to me when she and her husband were on vacation in Scotland. It was pretty racy…no, down right pornographic is what it was. I had masturbated several times reading it while she was gone and made her perform on me every sexual act she described in it when she returned. Thinking about it now was making me very wet, even in my state of dumbfoundedness.

“And what does Jake have to say about this?” I asked.

Jake knew that Anya was bisexual and was very secure about it. She never desired to be with another person, man or woman since they had been together until we met a year before. She was very upfront with me about her marriage, her love for her husband, and her feelings for me as well as the boundaries between the two relationships. I had never been involved with a married person before so when she insisted that I become close to her husband (in a non-sexual way) it was very hard at first. But soon I realized that he wanted his wife to be happy, and I was what made her happy so he was all for it. As I was lying there contemplating all this, I became aware of a very pleasant sensation on my right nipple. I looked down to see Anya’s hazel eyes looking up at me as her tongue danced around my nipple then softly flicked back and forth against it.

“Mmmm, you can talk me into anything if you keep doing that,” I said as my eyes involuntarily closed.

“I know baby, but I don’t want to talk you into it, I want you to want it,” she said while still licking me.

Before I got carried away, I took her face in my hands and pulled her up to me. Kissing her lips softly I put my hand over Gaziantep Yabancı Escort her breast and caressed it, her nipple hardening against my palm. It was her turn to moan as she said,

“What are you trying to talk me into?”

Laughing, I said, “Nothing sweetie, I just want you to answer my question. What does Jake have to say about all this?”

“Honestly, through a process very similar to this one, he awkwardly asked what I thought about it.”

Anya looked as though she were holding her breath trying to gauge her lover’s reaction to this partially being her husband’s idea. She knew that Brea was adamant about not being a “play-thing” for the married couple. It took her some time to resolve that fact that Anya was married, and then that her husband was fine with it and welcomed her. Brea didn’t think that her friends could tell but she always seemed to be waiting for a proverbial ball to drop. Only recently did she start to feel completely at ease with the situation and begin to enjoy the feelings that the two women had for each other.

“So basically this was his idea?” Brea said as she slightly backed away from Anya.

“Actually it was both our idea but it’s not what you think.”

“What to you think I think?”

“I think that you’re thinking my husband wants to see what he’s missing out on and fuck his wife’s girlfriend.”

Brea couldn’t help but laugh at Anya’s worst-case scenario interpretation at how she was feeling. While it was true that it had taken her a while to accept the fact that she was seeing a married woman whose husband encouraged the relationship, she had come to trust them both and felt that she knew their intentions a little better than that.

“Well, I didn’t think that Jake was that kind of guy and I doubt you would agree to it even if he were sweetie,” Brea said as she settled back into Anya’s arms.

With a very concentrated look on her face, Brea finally responded.


“Ok, what?”

“Ok we should try it at least just once.”

“Are you sure baby?”

Anya was sitting straight up at this point, the bed sheets pooled around her waist leaving her 38c sized breasts bare. Brea knew how much she hated it when she looked at her lustfully when they were having a serious conversation so with much restraint she looked her lover directly in the eye, well aware of the display going on down below. Taking Anya’s hands into hers, Brea said,

“Yes I’m sure sweetie. I love you and honestly I have to admit that I’ve had more than one less than honorable thought about your husband. I want this and not just because it would make you happy.”

The two gorgeous women leaned into each other slowly and kissed long and deep. Their tongues caressing around each other and their hands starting to roam over the other’s body. Brea couldn’t stay away from Anya’s breasts any longer as she started to lick down her neck, stopping to suck and bite her skin loving the feel of Anya’s moan against her lips. When she reached her destination she teased her nipples with the tip of her tongue, flicking it back and forth faster and faster.

“Mmmmmm, suck them baby please suck them,” moaned Anya.

For her part one of her hands were filled with Brea’s 42d breasts while the nails of her other hand were moving up and down her back, pressing into her skin just the way she liked. Brea responded to this pleasurable pain by sinking her teeth into the nipple inside her mouth. Brea was lying in between Anya’s legs as she leaned back against the headboard of the bed. Kissing slowly downwards, Brea was driven by the increasing pressure from Anya’s nails raking across her skin. The more Anya scratched, the harder Brea bit, the harder Brea bit, the more Anya moaned, the more Anya moaned the further south Brea licked. This went on until Brea was on her stomach in front of Anya’s heaving body staring intently at the sexiest pair of blue silk panties that anyone could every set their eyes on. Brea moved her hand slowly up Anya’s thigh followed by her lips, making her squirm under her touch.

“You are so unbelievably sexy,” whispered Brea.

After every word she kissed her way inside Anya’s thighs, sliding her hands under her ass pulling her closer. Anya spread her legs wider and ran her hands through Brea’s hair, coxing her even closer to her steaming crotch area.

“Please baby, I need you so much,” whimpered Anya as she felt Brea’s breath against the leg of her panties. “I want to be naked with you sweetie, take them off for me.”

Brea smiled as she took the edge of Anya’s panties between her teeth and tugged them down. In one smooth motion they were off and Brea sensuously licked around Anya’s pussy.

“I can smell how much you want this (lick). I need you so badly I can taste it,” Brea said as she smiled up at Anya.

“Ha ha ha sexy, but if you don’t do something soon I feel like I’m going to explode.”

“Don’t worry, this will be taken care of,” said Brea as moved her finger up and down Anya’s cunt lips. “It’s so beautiful, so soft.”

Now using two fingers to massage her pussy Brea lightly blew directly inside her.

“Mmmmmmm yes babe, please.”

Brea slid her two fingers deep inside Anya and felt her tighten around them. Looking at her face, hearing her breathing Brea ached to be touched herself. Her cunt was throbbing so much it almost hurt.

“I want you so much, I love how you feel inside,” Brea said as she thrust in and out of her lover over and over again. Watching Anya buck and arch into her hand, feeling her muscles tighten as she came closer and closer to her release.

“I’m so close now baby, I want to feel your mouth on me. Ohhhhhhhhhhh!”

No sooner had Anya moaned out then Brea was sucking each of her cunt lips in turn. Flicking her tongue up and down her slit as she nibble on Anya’s flesh, Brea could feel her own wetness coating her thighs. “I’m going to cum without being touched,” she thought. The feelings were so intense for Brea that every time Anya moaned out in pleasure little sparks would go off in her pussy as well.

Moving her tongue slowly inside of her, Brea could feel Anya’s clit brushing the top of her lip. Brea felt light-headed as she tasted her wetness, felt it covering her mouth and wanting even more. She lifted Anya’s legs over her shoulders and again drove her tongue deep into her cunt, moving it around inside her and trying to hold on as Anya rocked back and forth against her. Her hands found Anya’s breasts again, squeezing her hard nipples and eliciting louder cries from her. Brea pulled her mouth away from Anya’s dripping cunt and locked eyes with her.

“Cum for me sweetie. I want to feel you cum in my mouth so I can lick you dry. You’ll have to beg me to stop and even then I’ll eat you until you push me away.”

With that Anya’s eyes glazed over and she gave in to the pleasures that Brea’s hands and tongue were causing. Feeling her lips around her clit Anya squeezed her thighs tightly around Brea and sunk her nails into her shoulders as she came harder than she could ever remember. It felt so wonderful that Anya thought that surely life would be down hill from this point on. Brea sucked and licked harder and deeper as she drank from Anya’s fountain. Anya’s legs were so tightly wrapped around her head that she didn’t hear the whimpers begging her to stop. Anya literally had to pull her away, up her body and over her mouth kissing her so passionately it took her breath away. Breathlessly, Anya tried to communicate how amazing Brea made her feel.

“Baby you are so…mmmmmm I’m still cumming, I can feel it so strongly. That was…”

“Shhhhhh, I know sweetie. I loved tasting every inch of you, inside and out. Sleep in my arms for now and you can definitely return the favor later. Rest now baby.”

Brea lightly kissed Anya’s face, her cheeks, forehead, ears, and eyes. She loved the little mewings Anya made when she first feel asleep. As if she were still trying to speak but too tired to do so. Brea stared at her sleeping beauty for hours it seemed until she fell asleep as well.

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