My Fucked Up Life

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Copyright (c) 2021 James Miehoff, All Rights Reserved.

This work may not be published whether for fee or free without this copyright.


The following is a work of fiction and as such all characters mentioned herein are fictional and any resemblance to any persons living, dead or fictional is coincidental. All characters mentioned herein that participate in sexual activities are adults (18 years of age or older).


Jess and I got married at 18. You would be right in saying it was a double shotgun wedding. Cass our daughter was born “prematurely” six and a half months later at almost eight pounds.

Her brother Larry was born eleven months later and a scare three months after that sent me to an urologist to be neutered. His favorite comment was that I had been converted from “a family car to a sports car”. It was hard hiding the swelling and pain from Jess.

That’s about the time our interest in sex started to diverge. I still wanted it at least three times a week. Jess was happy once a week or less.

Six months after I was guaranteed shooting blanks, I was promoted from lead welder to project management and left the field for the office. That is where I met Karla the office manager, a newly minted divorcee.

She wasn’t much to look at when I first got my desk, but six months of workouts trimmed her up nicely. I started to fantasize about her when I was whacking off.

A couple of months later, I stopped off at a nearby bar after work. I’d had good luck finding one night stands here, but not tonight. I was looking at the bottom of my third scotch when Karla walked in. She spotted me and came right over.

“So sailor what brings you to my happy hunting ground?” she asked quietly.

I tipped my scotch, in reply.

She put her hand on my wrist and asked, “Why?”

Apparently my brain-to-mouth filters were on break because I just blurted out the sexual mismatch between Jess and I.

She listened and then reached down and cupped my crotch. My cock responded instantly. “I think I can help with that,” she said standing up. “Come with me.”

We ended up driving to her apartment and went straight to her bedroom. She undid my pants and pulled out my cock. gaziantep escort As it grew in her hand she said, “Wow,” before putting it in her mouth. Yeah, I’m bigger than most guys. One of my one night stands measured me at just over nine inches. It didn’t seem to hurt Karla’s feelings any. Her mouth work and handwork were perfect and I came in her mouth in a couple minutes.

She pulled her sweater over her head and popped her bra, releasing the objects of my fantasies. Her skirt hit the floor next and she stood clad only in a lacy garter belt and white stockings. Lying back on the bed Karla simply spread her legs, looked at me and said, “Your turn.”

I ate her pussy until she screamed twice then pulled me up. I climbed up her body and slid my cock home. Her eyes opened wide and she croaked, “Condom?”

I shook my head and replied, “I’m fixed,” as I began working my cock into and out of her.

She started to open her mouth as if to say something, but then her eyes closed and her back arched as I began pounding her pussy. I came inside her just after her third orgasm.

Karla and I fucked like bunnies for three years. But we never fucked at work. We always waited until after working hours and then we went to the cheap motel around the corner or to her apartment. She was a very imaginative girl and we fucked in every position she could think of. One time she brought an illustrated Karma Sutra book and we checked off all the positions we had tried. There weren’t too many left when we were done, other than ones that required other people. That lasted until she landed a rich real estate developer and it was dry season again. And when I say dry season, that just meant a long string of one night and short term fucks along with dates with Rosie Palm and her five sisters.

Coincidently, it was at the same bar five years later that I met Betty. She walked in scanned the room and walked straight over to me. “Why so glum?” she asked.

Forty minutes later we were driving to her house. She told me the gate code to get into her subdivision. Her house was huge, it was a regular mini-mansion. I didn’t need to be told that they had money.

Just after closing the front door behind us, Betty yelled out, “Hi honey, we’re home.”

A middle aged man walked out a few seconds later and Betty introduced him as her husband Carl. I was freaking out, but Betty treated it as no big deal. In fact, she turned to me and undressed my lower half and pulled out my cock.

“That’s a beauty,” said Carl. “I’ll meet you in the bedroom.”

Pulling me by my cock Betty led me to their bedroom where she took off my shirt and I undressed her. By this time Carl had arrived with a top of the line video camera and began shooting video.

“I hope you don’t mind, Carl has a video fetish,” Betty said just before she began sucking on my cock. I hadn’t fucked Jess or anyone else in almost a week so I exploded all over Betty’s face and tits in record time. After scooping up my cum and sucking it off her fingers, Betty announced, “I’ll be right back, you boys chat,” and headed for the bathroom.

Carl started, “I know, you are wondering why. Short story, I have a tiny dick and I like seeing her happy.”

With the ice broken, we chatted for a few minutes until Betty came back, freshly washed and with new makeup on. She pulled me into a kiss and we fell into the bed. Carl was there to capture everything.

After fucking her to three orgasms and one for me, I had Betty lying on her side with her legs drawn up. That gave Carl and his camera an unimpeded view.

I reached down and used some of our sloppy juices to wet my thumb and I began to circle her brown hole. Betty seemed to like that and soon I was thumb fucking her ass. She reached up under the pillow and passed me a bottle of lubricant.

“I don’t ass fuck on the first date,” she said huskily, “But I’m going to make an exception tonight. Grease me up and pork me with that big dick of yours.”

I glanced over at Carl and he had his pants off and was stroking a real tiny dick while he filmed.

In less time than it would take to explain it, I was balls deep in her ass. After a few minutes of this, Betty asked me to roll her over so she was on top, reverse cowgirl style. I was happy to oblige.

The next thing I knew I felt Carl’s legs outside mine as he mounted Betty and inserted himself into her pussy. With everything else weird that night I shrugged. No big deal.

He only lasted a couple of minutes but Betty got off twice and I finally blew my load up her rectum. She rolled off me and Carl came in for a close-up of the twin streams trickling out of her holes.

That was the first of many nights with Betty and Carl. I’d meet them most Thursday nights at the bar for almost six years. It usually started with Carl videotaping us and then joining in. Sometimes Betty blew him while I fucked her. Sometimes we had a DP session. One of her favorite things was to have us in two of her holes and then she would yell ‘switch’ and we would pick one of the other two holes to fuck her. As a couple, they were a lot of fun. Then one night they stopped coming.

I saw a news story the next night about a rich couple that was killed in a home invasion. It was them, but their names weren’t Betty and Carl.

A month later a lawyer stopped by my office and told me that Carl and Betty had been killed. I said, “I know, I saw the news.”

He nodded his head and said they had willed me a footlocker. He gave me a key and we went to his car. It was big and heavy. I brought my car around and we loaded it into the trunk of my car.

That night I opened it. It was Carl’s camera equipment and a lot of memory cards. I had four years of adultery on video. I locked the trunk and found a spot hidden on top of the shelf in the garage. I pulled out some of the memory cards and cataloged them. A few of them had other people on them. Although he never let on to me, apparently Carl was not averse to having a dick in his ass on occasion.

A few years later I stood side by side with Jess watching Larry drive off. He had graduated high school two days before and he was headed for boot camp. His sister Cass had left the year before to go to a prestigious east coast school. She decided to stay and live and work there, so we were officially empty nesters.

We stood there after he was lost to sight. Finally Jess pulled me to her and looked up into my eyes. “Now that we are alone, you don’t need to find any other women. I am going to be your slut and fuck and suck you any way you want whenever you want.”

“Even anal?” I blurted.

She just pulled my hand to her butt. I felt something hard between her cheeks. In response to the question on my face, Jess said, “Yes. It’s a butt plug,” as she pulled me into the house.

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