My Friend’s Dad Ch. 04

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When I awoke, I was startled to see it was dark outside as I laid alone in his bed. My ass, while a pretty sore, didn’t really hurt as much as I thought it might. To tell the truth, remembering what he had done to it, it just felt empty and hungry. The clock on the night stand said it was after 7:00 PM, and the first thing that came to my mind was that my girlfriend was going to kill me because I hadn’t even contacted her since I got in town. I was supposed to pick her up over three hours ago when she got out of school.

Just then my best friend’s dad stepped into the doorway of his bedroom with his cordless phone held tight to his ear. Wearing a long terry cloth robe opened in the front that exposed his muscularly toned body, he tugged on his rapidly growing cock, while he listened to the other party on the phone. He was whispering to someone as he stared at me and then grinned, noticing I had finally awoken.

“Good, I think you should. Yea, I’ll just leave the door unlocked for you. Okay, see you soon,” I heard him finish his whispered conversation and then saw him disconnect and place the phone on his desk.

As I raised myself up and made an attempt to get off the bed, I immediately noticed that the sheets clung to my stomach like they were pasted to my skin from my puddle of dried cum that I had slept in. While I peeled the crusty hard sheet away from my stomach, he walked to the edge of the bed and pulled his robe open. Exposing his cock, that had grown again to almost its full 12 inches, he stood in front of my face.. As good as it looked, and as much as I wanted it, I knew I really had to get over to my girlfriend’s house and explain my tardiness.

“No baby boy, you can’t go yet. You know you have to take care of my cock before you leave me. You can’t just go and leave me here with a hard on like this,” he said as he laid a hand on my shoulder and put his now fully erect cock just inches from my mouth,” he almost demanded.

“But I really have to go. I’m really late since I fell asleep and have to go see my girlfriend,” I pleaded with him.

“Okay, you can leave against my better judgement this one time, but only after you suck on my cock for just a few minutes. You just can’t leave me hanging like this. Just suck on it for a few minutes, I promise, just a few minutes and you can leave,” he bargained with me.

His huge cock was so beautiful, so proud and erect, just jutting straight out from his body while so close to my mouth. He looked so masculine and powerful standing in front of me, that I just couldn’t resist his will or his manhood. Still on my hands and knees, I opened my mouth and let the tip just slide into my mouth. As I slobbered on his cock, I was going over excuses in my head on how to explain my lateness to my girlfriend once he would finally let me leave.

“That’s my boy, I knew you wouldn’t leave me like this. You love this big cock. You just can’t resist it. Suck on Daddy’s big dick my little faggot. This cock needs some attention, work it deeper for me,” he groaned.

As he pushed more of his hard cock into my mouth, my excitement rose, as did my own cock. He then put one hand under my chin and the other behind my neck, while I knelt on my hands and knees with his cock in my mouth. Holding my neck and head firmly, he slowly began to saw in and out of my mouth. His cock was now fully erect also as he just held my face and fucked hard and deep into my mouth.

While I really loved his cock in my mouth, I was hoping he would hurry up and let me leave. It had already been more than a few minutes as he promised and I was now getting the feeling that he wasn’t going to let me leave until he came again.

“Here’s the new deal faggot boy. You’re going to let me fuck that pussy now or suck on this big cock until I get my nut off . I promise to cum real quick if you give me some of that sweet pussy. We do that and you can be on your way to your little girlfriend real soon,” he now slyly bargained with me.

I was getting kind of desperate, and seeing the clock was now at 7:30 PM, I quickly agreed and turned around to face the door and expose my ass to him, as he still stood by the edge of the bed.

“No, turn around the other way and face the wall. I’ll get on the bed behind you,” he said.

As I crawled around in the bed, so that I now faced the wall, he walked around and climbed up on the mattress behind me. He took his hand and put it on my neck, while he roughly pushed my face deep into the sheets. He grabbed my hips and pulled my ass high up in the air, while at the same time he pulled my knees farther apart. I was buns up kneeling now with my ass in the air as I felt the blunt tip of his cock start to penetrate my ass.

My cock was literally throbbing as he started to grind that fat 12 inch cock right up my ass again. Oh God, his swollen thick cock felt so good in my ass, just where it belonged. As he pushed about 6 inches in on the first stroke, I moaned and adjusted to his thickness. Demetevler Escort He grabbed my hips roughly and started to work more of that cock into my tight ass. I just groaned and shifted my knees wider to give him deeper access.

Stroking slowly and methodically, he inched more and more cock up my ass, as he now began swatting my butt cheeks hard with his open palm. The stings of the spanking he was giving me just made me hotter. Within the next ten minutes, I felt his stomach now pressed tight into my butt cheeks, as he continued the rough spanking. Now, all the way to the root of his cock, he pounded in and out of my tight ass.

“You like that big dick in your pussy don’t you faggot boy? Tell me how much you like that big dick in your sweet little pussy. Talk to you Daddy, make me cum,” he taunted me.

I squeezed my ass hole as tight as I could when he pushed in and out. I flexed the muscles in my sphincter muscles as hard as I could hoping he would come quick and let me leave. As good as that cock felt, and as much as I wanted it, I really had to get out of here before I was in any more trouble with my girlfriend.

I tried to talk sexy to him, knowing he thought of me as a faggot or sissy girl, so I played the part he wanted and needed me to play. I began to talk as nasty as I could hoping it would help get him off and make him cum.

“Fuck my pussy hole Daddy. Give me all of your big stud cock up my hungry little hole. My pussy belongs to you forever. I will give you my sissy pussy anytime you want. This is what I really need in life,” I moaned hoping to spur him to orgasm.

“Yea bitch, keep talking like a faggot, I’m going to cum if you keep talking to me,” he spat out, and then he completely stopped moving and paused for a few seconds, before starting again and then added, “Don’t you dare stop talking to us.”

“I love your dick Daddy. I don’t want women anymore, all I ever need for the rest of my life is to be your faggot sissy boy. Fuck me hard Daddy,” I grunted as he now just slowly sawed in and out of my ass taking his time.

“That a boy, talk it up. Don’t stop. Keep telling us what a faggot you are for my cock. Tell us how you liked my big fist up your pussy earlier. Tell us how you came on my fist deep in your pussy” he coaxed me.

In the most feminine and girlie voice, I softly uttered the words he wanted to hear, “I loved that big thick fist up my pussy Daddy. Nobody but you knows how to treat me the way I need to be treated. I’m just a sissy bitch for you. Use me like a whore Daddy.”

“That’s my bitch, now tell us how much you enjoyed swallowing my thick heavy load down your throat while I fucked your face earlier,” he whispered so manly and sexy to me.

“I loved sucking your big cock all the way to your balls. I loved you fucking my throat and having me swallow your sweet cum Daddy. I’ll be your little faggot bitch anytime you want,” I replied again in my sexiest feminine voice.

Wait a minute, “us”. I couldn’t figure out why he kept saying “us” until I finally craned my neck to the side and looked behind me. When I spun my head around, I saw my girlfriend standing by the edge of the bed watching him plow deep into my ass.

Her face was red and flushed as she silently stood there watching and listening to me babble like a horny faggot. I don’t know how long she had been standing there, but she looked really pissed off. She stared hatefully, directly into my eyes with both disgust and perhaps lust, as he redoubled his firm grip on my hips and pounded that cock deep and fast into my ass now. My face turned beet red as I squirmed to get away from his hold, but his strong hands just held me in place, while my girlfriend watched him work my ass with his enormous hard cock.

I was even more humiliated as she moved much closer to the bed, leaning over between us and watching intently as he abused my hole. While she curiously scrutinized my embarrassing predicament, he just held me in place and kept fucking my ass really deep.

“Look at this faggot of a boyfriend you got here girl. He just loves that cock doesn’t he?” he spoke to my girlfriend.

My girlfriend didn’t even utter one word. Watching his cock slide in and out of my ass she slowly raised her little catholic girl skirt and dipped her hand into her panties. As he still took my ass in front of her, I watched her brazenly finger her pussy inside her panties right in front of my best friend’s father, which she had only met briefly once before in her life.

“How could she do this in front of him?” I thought to myself.

He just smiled as he watched her finger herself, and then he actually started to put on a show for her. He would withdraw his long cock all the way out as she stared in disbelief, until just the tip remained in my ass, and then proudly shove it back in me. Her eyes widened as she stared at the full length and girth of his gigantic Otele gelen escort cock reaming my ass.

Still watching her, with her free hand, I saw her reach out towards my wide open exposed cheeks. While he held just the tip in me, she gripped his fat shaft with her tiny hand and began squeezing and stroking it back and forth. I felt her tiny hand stroke the long exposed part of his shaft, from my ass hole to his stomach. She seemed mesmerized by his either his large hard cock or else by the idea of it in my tiny ass hole. Either way, she just stroked his shaft while the head remained plugged into my ass.

“That a girl, help me with this little faggot. He can take all you give him, believe me, this boy likes his little ass pussy played with,” he encouraged her.

Still holding my hips firmly, he pulled his cock completely out from my gaping ass hole now, and she dropped all hesitation now, while lustfully stroking his cock back and forth. As I stared in disbelief, he released his grip on my hips and placed one of his hands over her hand, guiding her strokes up and down his shaft.

“Don’t move an inch faggot, put your face down in the mattress and stay right there with your sissy boy pussy high in the air for us,” he instructed me as he took one final especially brutal swat on my tender butt cheeks.

He crawled off the bed, now standing next to her and leaving me alone on the mattress. From the corner of my eye, I saw him grab my girlfriend and help place her kneeling behind me. I felt the weight of the mattress behind me settle down as he shifted her into position directly behind me.

“Go on girl, touch his little ass pussy. He loves it played with. Don’t you think you should punish him just a little for being such a dirty little faggot?” he said to her.

He took her hand and started pushing a few of her fingers into my open gaping ass hole. As her fingernails gently poked into my hole, I couldn’t believe this was happening. In my own mind, I wasn’t sure if I wanted her involved in this, but it was too late for that now. Then on the other hand, maybe this was the best thing that could ever happen. I was sure I had a new found love for his beautiful cock, while I still absolutely adored and loved my girlfriend. I mean if she willingly participated with me, then, we were in this together. It wasn’t like I was cheating on her now. She was now willingly involved as much as I was

“Not like that girl, your tiny little finger will never satisfy this hungry faggot. Make a fist, tuck in those fingernails real tight and work it in his faggot pussy real slow. Don’t you worry your pretty little self, he can handle it.. You know he wants it bad, see those hips pushing back to your fingers. You need to punish him a little bit I think,” he coaxed her.

I did want it bad. They had both seen my ass twitch and my hips involuntarily move back to her earlier gentle manipulations of just her fingers and nails. After slowly withdrawing her fingers from my ass hole, just seconds later, I felt her blunt hand now made into a tiny fist, start to put pressure on my ass hole. She wasn’t gentle at all, her fist popped right into my ass all the way to her wrist in just a split second.

As I struggled to relax and accommodate her fist, he just grabbed onto my waist while pressing down on the small of my back and held me in place. She slowly rotated her fist from side to side as I squirmed under her manipulations.

With no coaxing from him, and using her other hand, she grabbed my stiff hard cock and started painfully pulling my shaft underneath back to her. Pointing my cock straight down in a painful position, she rubbed from the head to the balls smearing my slippery pre cum up and down the shaft. I just groaned and let her have her way, as she bent my shaft back farther while stroking it.

“You’re a natural at this. The trick is to keep him horny and he’ll let you do anything you want. That is a sign of a bonafide faggot,” he coached her.

When I saw her white button down blouse land on the mattress by my face, I looked back at them, and saw him leaning over and sucking one of her small firm breast in his mouth. With his mouth locked on her nipple, she just knelt there and enjoyed his sucking, as her eyes glazed over and finally shut. He had slid one hand down the back of her panties and was touching my girlfriends ass or pussy, I couldn’t tell which. When he moved his mouth to the other nipple, I watched him shimmy her panties down and off her now very willing legs with his hands.

He reached towards my head with the panties, and worked them over my face until my eyes and mouth were covered. A big wet spot was right between my nose and mouth and I could smell her scent, which was overwhelming. I just had to watch them, so with a little effort, I maneuvered the panties by wriggling my face in the mattress until one eye could peek out.

Standing behind Balgat Escort her and grabbing the her elbow, he now started guiding her fist in and out my ass faster and deeper. Much deeper than she had been going before, he established a rhythm for her to follow.

“Do it like that girl. Fuck that faggot pussy harder and deeper. Now twist your wrist around and abuse that pussy of his. Let him know you’re the boss. Take control of that little boy’s pussy and you will own him for life. That away, you’re getting it good now. Watch his ass follow your movements, you got him now,” he instructed her.

Removing his guiding hand, she now took over on her own. Pushing deeper and faster, she punched her fist into me, making me growl and moan. Well past her wrist, I could now start to feel the middle of her forearm begin to stretch my ass hole even wider. With her still stroking my hard cock, she worked my ass like he told her. I just knelt there and grunted while she fisted my hungry ass.

Watching their every movement, he removed her plaid skirt and knelt on the floor behind her. Burying his face deep between her ass cheeks, I could actually hear him slurping on her flesh.

“Now that is one sweet tender bottom you got girl. Your little faggot of a boyfriend has no clue on what to do with a sweet pussy and ass like this. But that’s okay, cause I do,” he mumbled around her ass cheeks almost inaudible.

As he worked on her with his mouth, I noticed her fisting got both erratic and clumsy. The smooth graceful piston like motion that she had been using was now interrupted by her own unsatisfied desires. At times, she would completely stop moving her fist while he munched on her sweet spots. Starting and stopping again on my ass, I knew she was getting ready to cum on his face.

“Get off the bed faggot. Make room for a real man and a hot woman. Leave that sissy’s pussy alone for now girl, it’s time to care of Daddy’s cock,” he now instructed us.

As she abruptly jerked her fist from my ass, I groaned and reluctantly crawled away from her. Standing attentively on the floor by the bed, with my cock at full attention, I watched him move her forward on the mattress. Still on her hands and knees, with her feet hanging off the edge of the bed, rising he stood on the floor behind her and admired her hot little ass high in the air. So very ashamed, and just standing there watching them, I started to remove her panties from my head.

He suddenly growled at me, “Put those things back where they were. Who told you to remove those panties from your face sissy?”

Straightening her panties back up on my face, I watched as she knelt shamelessly with her pussy facing his monstrous cock. Suddenly, I was the one that felt shameful, as she rolled her head to the side and looked at me standing pathetically there with her panties on my head like some kind of useless sissy. The worst part was when she just shook her head from side to side smirking and then kind of giggled embarrassingly at me. At that point, I didn’t know if she would ever see me as a man again.

Gripping her hips, he suddenly plunged at least 9 inches deep into her wet pussy. She immediately squealed and took a deep breathe, as he just remained motionless, letting her adjust to his big cock in her pussy. He didn’t move and inch and she remained completely still for about 30 seconds. Then she started to grind back and forth on his fat cock. With several inches left, she started working her pussy down that shaft a fraction at a time.

“That’s my girl, work on a real man’s cock now. Show that faggot of a boyfriend what you need,” he encouraged her, still not moving at all and letting her take what she needed.

It took her a several minutes to get all 12 inches in her pussy and relax on it. Once she did, he knelt up on the edge of the bed behind her and completely took over. He pulled her tight and fucked that pussy just like he did my ass. Hard and fast he pumped her over and over. Back and forth that beautiful body with that fat cock pounded my girlfriend as hard as he could.

Oh God, how I wished it were me instead of her. I wanted that cock, I was actually getting jealous of her, not of him. I wanted that cock more than I wanted her. It was at that exact moment that I realized he may be more important in my life than she was.

She just moaned and groaned as he fucked her. I knew her signs, she was cumming at that exact moment. She twitched and screamed, and as he recognized her orgasm, he fucked her even harder. He never stopped fucking her hard and fast for even a second. She must have cum 5 or 6 times in the next few minutes as he steadied her pussy and just smiled at me.

“That’s how a real man makes a woman cum faggot. You paying attention?” he glared at me.

She rolled her head to my side of the bed again, and while looking me in the eyes, I could see she was lost. Her body belonged to him now. Her mind was somewhere else. He had her right where he wanted her. I knew right then that she was his. I wasn’t good enough to make her cum like this stud of a man, with the big cock and dominant personality, had already made her cum a half dozen times. He was so confident of himself as he slammed into her tight pussy.

“Roll over on your back baby. I want to watch your eyes while I fuck you,” he instructed her.

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