My First with My Aunt’s Boyfriend

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Big Tits

It was a typical summer day in upstate. I was over my aunt’s house mowing the lawn. No one was home, so it was the perfect opportunity to take a nice long break from the hot summer sun. I finished the lawn in good time and decided to jump in the pool to cool off. After a short swim, I lathered my entire body with tanning oil and sat on the deck while enjoying a cold glass of ice tea. After a good hour of sunbathing, I grabbed my towel and headed down the wooden deck to the house. I stood at the sliding glass doors with my towel around me and took my dripping wet bathing suit off before entering the house, careful not to drip on her new carpet. I walked thru the doors and into the kitchen to pour another glass of tea before going to the restroom to change and head home. After getting a glass of tea I headed into the living room. To my surprise, I was not alone.

“Hey, Baby.” A voice proclaimed in a loud, startling voice.

Startled, I jumped and the towel around my waist dropped to the floor, exposing my naked, 18 year old body.

It was Bruce, my Aunt’s boyfriend of 10 years in the living room, watching golf on the living room couch.

“Oh, hey Bruce. You scared the shit out of me! I didn’t think anyone was going to be home.”

Laughing, he responded, “Well, nobody is. I just got back from the shop. It’s too hot to do anything today.”

Nodding my head in embarrassment over dropping my towel and standing naked before him, I put my cup of tea down and bent over to pick up my towel.

I could feel a hot stare checking me out as I bent down to pick up my towel.

“You are looking good, boy. Have you been working out this summer?”

Wrapping the towel back around my body, I responded. “..Yeah. Here and there. I’ve been running a lot for soccer in the fall.”

“I can tell. Take that towel off again, I want to look at your body.”

It was no surprise to me that Bruce and I had some kind of chemistry. There were many times when I had caught him checking me out at my aunt’s over dinner, or during holiday “get togethers.” Nothing had ever happened though since we never spent time alone with each other. Until now.

I accepted his offer, exposing my young body to him again as he smiled.

“I want you to come over here.” He said as he firmly grabbed my wrist and pulled me close.

I am not going to lie, I had started to develop a few sexual feelings for Bruce over the years. For months I had fantasies about being with a dominant guy and had even gone as far as some gentle anal experimentation to go with my fantasies. I had readily enjoyed the anal experience and was curious to find out more.

“That’s it. Come over here and stand in front of me. You look a little red.”

As I moved closer, Bruce grabbed a bottle of aloe lotion from the coffee table. He rubbed his lotion covered hands up and down my hairy chest and around my sides, massaging down my back. His touch felt so good, so masculine, so strong. The cold lotion felt amazing on my warm skin. His hands then went around my waist and down over the smooth cheeks of my 18 year old ass. I could not help but moan willingly in his firm embrace of my firm buttcheeks as my cock stood at attention. Bruce pulled my body even closer to him now. My penis stood at face level to him on the couch.

“They’re not coming back for an hour or so and I want to play around with you.”

Bruce opened his mouth and took my little 5″ cock into his Escort Sakarya warm mouth holding my ass firmly and spreading and massaging my cheeks with his silky, lotion covered hands.

With my little penis in his mouth, he spread my cheeks wider and gently began to probe my tight, virgin anus with his large finger. There was a great amount of pressure and tightness as he probed. He was very careful and tender as he teased my hole with the tip before sliding his entire finger inside my hot wanting ass. I could not believe that this was happening, but it felt great! With my entire cock in his mouth, I began to grind on his finger and it probed even deeper now inside me. It felt so good taking it deep into my loosened anus.

After a couple minutes, I pulled back and couldn’t help but masterbate in front of him. Like an exhibitionist, I stroked my little cock for him and could see the buldge in his shorts getting larger and larger as I teased.

“I’ve got a nice big present for you.”

“I can see that,” I said, as get dropped to my knees in front of him on the couch.

I knelt down between his hairy thighs and began to loosen his belt. I grabbed the zipper while looking him straight in the eye and unzipped his shorts. Above his boxers I rubbed the giant buldge before me as his dick grew harder at my touch. Within seconds, the long, hard cock popped out of the hole in the boxer shorts to my surprise. By this time, Bruce was fully erect, a thick 8 inches.

I put my head in his lap gently and began to lick the head of his perfect cock. I spit on his cock and start jerking him off tenderly as he was enjoying himself. I wanted to suck on the head of his penis like a lollipop, getting it nice and wet with precum. His precum tasted so good and mildly spicy. I then started to jerk him off slowly. With the shaft up, I started lick his balls as I stroked him. I took his large testicle in my mouth and sucked on it gently. I then began to lick his veiny shaft up and down, covering it with my saliva. Finally, I made my way up to his big mushroom head and took it slowly into my mouth.


And deeper.

….and deeper

Inch by long inch

I took him all the way in and gagged with his huge cock down the inside of my throat.

Within minutes, I was deep-throating him. There were a few times that I even gagged on his big cock. I gagged and gagged until I could barely breathe. My throat tightened on Bruce’s cock further exciting him as he was now face fucking me on the couch.

He grabbed my head and was forcing himself deeper into my mouth.

“That’s it. That’s it baby. Choke on my big cock. All the way down, boy.”

His precum now dripping down my lips, dripped onto my chin, and down my neck onto my chest. My lips glistening with his hot precum.

I was ready to fuck.

After a few minutes of giving my first blow-job, I turned around and slowly bent over before him to show him my goodies. I rubbed my chest, pinched my nipples and ran my hands down my body and thighs. I bent over and touched my ankles exposing my tight, virgin ass to him. He told me that he wanted “to fuck my hole until I cum.” Of course, I was ready to take him.

“….Like this?,” I said as I looked back at him with a naughty smirk and stuck my finger in my ass.

“Oh, Yes!” Bruce proclaimed as he stared jerking off. His cock was so wet with precum now.

Bruce leaned forward on the couch Side escort and started licking my ass. He licked me sensually with nice long strokes before burying his face between my cheeks. He then buried his tongue in deep into my ass, probing my anus as I squirmed. His spit lubed my hole. Again, a little pressure as the tongue entered inside. Bruce gently replaced his tongue with his large two fingers and started to finger fuck my tight ass while he masterbated on the couch. Before long, I was grinding on his large fingers again with greater thrust. I thrust my body and hips back against his probing fingers deep inside me. I thrust back closer to him on the couch, feeling like I was going to EXPLODE as his fingers probed my prostate.

Bruce spit on his hand and lubed his cock with the fluid. I was ready to take my first real cock! I stood between his hairy thighs. Bruce spit on my lower back and the moist saliva drooled down my back and between my cheeks, finding the right spot. I sat down slowly on his lap. I could feel his big tool underneath me. Standing over my love tool, I teased his cock from above with my tight little pink asshole.

“You will need to be gently at first. This is my first time.” I said.

I sat down on his well-lubed penis slowly. I figured the best way to get used to such a large member would be to go down on the head of his penis first and let it slip inside me.

I took it in, just the head, and it popped into the inner rings of my sphincter. Bruce pulled my body down on top of him and his veiny cock went all the way in my lubed ass to the balls. The pressure was so great and I moaned heavily in anticipation. His big hard dick hurt inside me as it went in inch by slow inch until I took all of it in my ass.

The muscles in my anus loosened quickly around his huge member and it felt amazing!

I rode him like a steed. Bruce took control of me as his lover, forcing me to my limits, guiding my body up and down on his dick. The cock went deeper and inside my anus. He was massaging my prostate from the inside. The fine scent of feces and semen lingered in the air as the brown precum dripped from my asshole onto his pelvis. Bruce fucked me harder and deeper as I gingerly slid up and down on his wet shaft.

“Ugh, yeah. How does it feel?”

“Oh God….it feels so GOOD!”

After what seemed like a half hour of hardcore bareback with me in his lap, I got up and faced him. I sank on the couch face to face with Bruce and kissed his lips. Our tongues met as I grabbed his cock from behind my back and placed his cock back inside my wanting ass, plunging it in nice and deep. Once again I was grinding on his hard dick, probing my prostate. Up and down I went again bouncing on his big stick, grinding on him like a woman about to reach orgasm. His throbbing cock filled with cum up to the head of his penis. I was ready to take his cum.

“I want you to cum inside me!” I exclaimed.

“I’m going to cum!”

With great fervor, Bruce grabbed my ass in the palms of his hand and forcing me up and down on his cock. When he came deep inside me, it was like a giant rush of water being thrust into my anus. I could hear the cum squirting and could feel the explosion deep within. Soon the cum was dripping out my ass and down my thighs as I rode him to completion. I jerked off while I was riding him and had shot a hot load of cum on his chest.

Once he was finished, I stood up and izmir escort bayan pull his cock out of my ass. Bruce’s head popped out and I licked my cum off his hairy chest.

I crawled up on all fours next to him on the couch so that I could suck his cock deep in my mouth. Bruce’s cock was now covered in our bodily fluids. I licked the brown semen clean from the head of his cock down to his shaft, enjoying the tart taste in my mouth and swallowing wildly. With my naked ass in the air, I deep-throated him again as he thrust three fingers my ass this time. I was jacking off as I continued to clean his cock with my tongue as he got hard once again. Bruce was moaning in delight. I could tell that he was ready to cum again.

“Get up and lean over the armrest. I want to fuck you from behind.”

I got up and Bruce bent me over the armrest of the couch. My anus was still lubed and ready as I position myself for total submission. Bruce positioned himself behind me on the couch in between my legs, ready to dominate his dirty little slave boy. Bruce entered me slowly from behind and laid a nice hard slap on my right ass cheek.

“That’s it. Spank my hot ass, Bruce, spank it harder!”

And Bruce continued to spank me as his cock slid in again deeper and deeper. He grabbed my hips as I took in all of him in and out, in and out. I could feel his balls slapping against my ass now as he spanked me again harder. He rode me again as he fucked me hard doggie style. By now, I was pre-cumming on the couch. Bruce pulled my head back by the hair and then he EXPLODED inside me again. My anus was filled with his cum and we made a huge mess. The cum was seeping out of my asshole and down my thighs onto the couch. I kept fucking him until he could not cum anymore.

Bruce pulled it out and I laid on my back to position myself underneath him as he stroked his cock. Bruce was an animal. I took the big penis into my mouth like a pussy and he continued to fuck my mouth until he pulled out and came on my face. His man juice was hot and gooey. It covered my mouth, lips and face. And I drank it all down my throat.

“Get up, let’s go to the bedroom.” Bruce said.

I got up and led him to my aunt’s room with his cock in my hand.

“What do you want me to do?” I asked.

“Lie down on the edge of the bed.”

So I did. Bruce stepped in between my parted legs and lifted them up to his shoulders, exposing my dripping cum hole. I could not believe that he was still hard until I saw the bottle of Cialis pills on the bedside table. He grabbed the bottle of KY Jelly that sat next to the Cialis on the table and prepared himself again. The KY felt so good, and, boy, I was going to need it! Bruce lifted my hips off the bed and entered me for the third time. Somehow, he was able to fuck me deeper and harder in this new position. By now there was no pain and I was able to enjoy the best fucking he could give. We tried three or four more positions on the bed. I rode him with me on top, me on my side, reverse cowboy, 69, etc. I came another two times and him three.

He came on his third just before my aunt got home. As she hit the garage door, Bruce pulled out and kissed me passionately. He put on a pair of boxers from the dresser and I wrapped a towel around me again before my aunt at the front door.

She had no idea.

It was an amazing first that I will never forget!

Every now and then Bruce and I get together for a long session. I meet him sometimes at my aunt’s or my parents when they are not home. I will meet him at his auction shop or hotel room on the weekends and we roleplay and play out different fantasies. He is a great lover and I always keep cumming back for more!

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