My First (Time) Taboo Ch. 18

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So the next couple weeks were about the same. I wasn’t admitting to anyone that I was having a fling with Lyndsey, and Denise and Jessica were becoming closer and closer. It was actually almost weird how the three of us were getting along, but stranger yet, Lyndsey seemed to not like it. Either she was jealous of me being with them or perhaps that her sister was, or maybe she was just upset that anything had happened at all between us, though I was continuing to kiss her from time to time and even get in her shirt some. She was guarding her pants though, ha.

So I was actually getting to the point where I was considering having my mom and Jessica get together. Denise kept talking about having an orgy and how exciting that would be, and Jessica talked about how she had liked watching my mom and I have sex together, which Denise of course now knew about, but my mom still didn’t know that Jessica had watched. I figured I had already crossed the line with Denise and I knew I loved my mom, and I wanted to be with her so I figured if Jessica was ok with it why couldn’t we all be together? Who cares if it’s normal? Why do I have to live a normal life?

So that weekend Jessica and Denise and I went home to see my mom again, but this time we would do more than just visit, ha. This time the three of us drove home together. When I got there I greeted my mom with a kiss and held her for a while. She had the funniest smile on her face. I could tell she liked it, but she couldn’t believe I was doing it in front of Denise and especially Jessica.

That night I touched my mom a lot in front of the girls. Tapping her butt and putting my arm around her and I kept kissing her all the time, but never anything more than a peck. When she got me alone once she asked me why I was fondling her in front of Jessica, and I just said I couldn’t resist her body and we kissed so passionately. When it was bed time I slipped into my mom’s room and Denise and my mom were getting dressed for bed. I told my mom goodnight and I started kissing her in front of Denise. My mom was kind of not into it at first, but suddenly her hands were all over me so I pulled her bra off and started sucking her nipples. I had her on her back on the bed before long and I was sucking her and rubbing her clit while Denise watched. My mom said, “What about Jessica?” to which I said, “She can watch too.”

My mom was so turned on she took charge then. By the time Jessica walked in my mom was fucking me from behind with a dildo just like I love it. Denise and Jessica touched each other a little bit, but they mostly just watched us. But when my mom started fisting me, Denise started to masturbate big time and Jessica ended up sucking her breasts while still trying to keep an eye on the two of us.

My mom fucked me so hard with her hand and she rubbed my clit for just a short while and soon I was climaxing. After I did my mom and I kissed for the longest time and then I sucked her breasts again. But soon Jessica and Denise were climbing into bed with us. My mom looked at me nervous, but I told her I wanted her and Jessica to be together.

I watched my mom eat her pussy and then fuck it with the same strap-on she used on me. Jessica was in heaven. She couldn’t keep her eyes or her hands off my mom’s breasts the whole time my mom fucked her, and Denise and I just touched one another while we watched the two of them.

That night Jessica and Denise went off and slept in my bedroom and I slept with my mom. I didn’t plan it that way. In fact I had planned on sleeping with Jessica and talking to her about everything, but it just happened. I admit I loved being with my mom all night, but it was weird wondering what the two of them were doing or talking about. I wasn’t jealous as much as confused. Had we just crossed over to a group now? I mean I wanted the orgy to happen, but were all four of us dating now. I just didn’t know. And I wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted either.

When I woke up the next morning my mom and I made love again and I was so happy. She really was gentle and loving this time and the kissing was so amazing. When the two of us went down stairs my mom wore her little robe, and I just wore a tank top with no panties. Jessica and Denise were already up and talking on the couch. I plopped down between them and they both smiled at me and I kissed them both, Jessica first and then Denise. Then my mom leaned over the back of the couch and kissed us one at a time saving Jessica for last. I liked watching them kiss and Jessica smiled at me afterwards, so cute.

We talked bursa escort a bunch and my mom seemed so incredibly happy and I guess we all were. She made us breakfast and Denise finally asked Jessica and I the big question. She told us she had feelings for both of us and she wondered if this was just sex for us or was it more. I hated to answer first, so I just looked at Jessica. Jessica smiled really big and said she was definitely falling for Denise. Denise asked her if she had feelings for my mom. I jokingly through in, “I know I do.”

Jessica smiled again really big and said she wasn’t sure and that this was all so insane, but that she had loved last night. She admitted that she loved watching me and my mom have sex and that it turned her on so bad. I told her I loved being watched, but then for some crazy reason I got really emotional and even cried and thanked them both for understanding what I was going through. They both hugged and kissed me and I felt so happy and safe. Denise even talked about how she envied me and wished she could have a relationship with her mom like I do and also with Lyndsey. I didn’t say anything about Lyndsey and me, but I did say that I thought Lyndsey might be interested in doing something with her. Denise didn’t seem to believe me though.

Jessica said she just wished her mom could except her. We talked about that for a long time and she actually cried a little too and my mom came in cause breakfast was ready and my mom hugged her. It was really sweet. My mom kissed her on the top of the head and rubbed her back and I could tell my mom cared about her and it was really sweet.

After breakfast we were trying to figure out what to do and I suddenly said, “How about my mom and I put on a show for the two of you.” They were both very excited about that. We just put some music on and danced for them and kept touching each other. I loved being watched and acting sexy. It was so hot. Finally I kissed my mom’s neck and she spanked my butt. She had never done that before and it really surprised me. I whispered for her to go get a dildo and she went off. I started sucking my own breasts and fingering my self and Jessica and Denise both started masturbating too.

When my mom came back she was wearing the strap-on and nothing else. I let her suck my tits for a while, but then I climbed over top of Jessica and my mom entered me from behind. Jessica hardly touched me at all, but instead touched herself. She just stared at my boobs and face as my mom pounded me from behind. After her orgasm Jessica fingered herself and then rubbed her cum on my nipples and then sucked them off and that made me climax.

When we looked over at Denise she was fingering herself so hard and fast, and wasn’t even watching us anymore. My mom and I attacked her breasts and she snapped out of her little trance she was in, but she just kept fingering herself. I have never seen Denise so into herself, and she started moaning so loudly and cussing too. She had two fingers up her pussy and her palm was rubbing against her clit and she just couldn’t seem to go fast enough for herself. When she finally orgasmed she shook so much and for so long.

My mom surprised me and started talking dirty to Denise and asking her if she was thinking about her mom. Denise said she was and was staring at my mom with this insane look that just was almost scary. My mom started fucking Denise and asking her if she wanted her mom to do this to her. Denise kept screaming yes and sucking my mom’s breasts. Denise actually yelled, “I want my mom to fuck me.”

I just looked at Jessica and smiled and Jessica’s eyes were so big. I couldn’t tell if she was shocked or excited. I ended up just making out with Jessica as we watched and listened to my mom and Denise. My mom fucked her so hard and Denise had her feet up above her head and my mom was just slamming the dildo in and out of her so hard. I was actually a little jealous. Not that they were doing something together, but that it wasn’t me getting that hard fucking.

Surprisingly most of the day, we did not have sex. The four of us had the best time just hanging out in the house. Sure we flirted a lot and I kissed my mom in front of them a lot, but no sex really until after supper that night when we were all getting ready for bed again. Denise and I were the first to go change and I started talking to her about Lyndsey and that got her so horny she started touching her own breasts and I just had to have them. The two of us had sex upstairs and it was wonderful. Afterwards when we were talking bursa escort bayan she told me she loved me. I said it back, but wasn’t for sure I meant it, and then I felt bad about being with Lyndsey. So I talked to her about Lyndsey again and asked her if she would ever make a move. She admitted that she flirts with her some, but that she could never make the first move. Then we talked about her wanting to be with her mom and she said she really wanted to bad, but she knew it would ruin everything and that it was just a crazy fantasy.

When we went down stairs my mom and Jessica were just talking. They were sitting very close and I could tell they were very comfortable with one another. My mom teased Denise and I, and we admitted what we had done. I sat on my mom’s lap and then kissed Jessica, and the next thing I knew my mom had her fingers in my pussy. I started kissing my mom and squeezing her breasts. I lifted her shirt and asked Jessica to suck my mom’s nipple. She did and I took my own shirt off and started sucking my own nipples, but then Denise helped me. We were all sitting so close and it was so intimate, not wild at all, and suddenly my mom said, “I love you girls.” I guess we were all thinking the same thing, because you could see it on everyone’s face. It was wonderful. The four of us just kissed one another and touched one another for so long and no one talked for the longest time. When it was getting late, my mom asked if we could all sleep in her bed. It is a King size and we thought we’d have enough room.

We sat up and talked about all sorts of things, and my mom and I admitted to what we had done in Florida over the summer. Denise talked about how she and Lyndsey used to practice kissing together, and Jessica admitted that she used to have a crush on a female teacher and would masturbate at night thinking about her cleavage. It had been our Spanish teacher in high school and she was a younger woman with a beautiful body. Jessica had felt so weird about it and had never really thought of herself as a lesbian at that point. We each talked about our feelings earlier in life and we shared a lot of our fantasies. I will not say theirs as it is too personal, but of course mine is being made love to in a crowded restaurant full of only women as my mom fucks me from behind with a strap-on. I don’t know why that turns me on so much. My mom laughed when I told her and said, “Not likely.” But later she said she would do it in a crowded room of our friends and I thought that sounded pretty hot too, though I doubt she ever would, nor I really.

Then my mom asked Jessica if she had ever thought about having sex with her mom. Jessica said she had not, but she did say something that surprised me. She said she wished my mom could seduce her mom so that she could know how wonderful it was to be with a woman. My mom jokingly said, “Anytime you want me to dear,” but Jessica was not really serious.

My mom wanted to see a picture of Jessica’s mom and when Jess got one and showed her, my mom said she’d love to have sex with her. Then Denise said, wouldn’t that be fun if we had a mother daughter get-away and the six of us all had sex together. So that got the party started. The four of us all started touching one another and talking about what a night like that would be like and soon we were all cumming. I’m not sure if Jessica was just talking for everyone else’s sake, but when she said she’d like to watch her mom eat my pussy it really turned me on and I ended up saying I’d like to watch Jessica suck her mom’s breasts and she said, “I would do that for you.” Holy shit it was so hot and Jessica told me to suck my mom’s breasts and I did for so long, and Jessica kept saying it over and over while I sucked them and my mom kept saying to Jessica, “Suck on Denise like you would your mom,” and she did.

I had my mom fuck me again while the girls watched. First from behind like I love it, but then she did me on my back with my legs up so the she was resting her body on my legs and my feet were up by her face. She pounded me so hard and I kept begging for her to fuck me harder. Denise and Jessica were on either side of me and they kept rubbing my shoulders or my breasts when my mom would back off, or they’d rub my mom’s huge tits which were bouncing all over the place. But then my mom and I started kissing very passionately and Denise and Jessica left us alone for a long while. Hell, for a bit I even forgot they were there.

We all slept together that night. I slept between Jessica and my mom, and Denise actually slept by escort bursa Jessica which some what surprised me, but I didn’t over think it.

The next morning when I woke up Denise was already awake and gone and I slipped out of bed and tried not to wake my mom and Jessica. My mom woke up, but didn’t say anything.

When I went down stairs I found Denise Masturbating in the living room. She didn’t even hear me and I watched her for a while. She was fingering herself again and rubbing her clit with the palm of the same hand. She was completely naked and her other hand was grabbing her breasts and squeezing them and twisting the nipples. I loved watching her touch herself. I love to masturbate myself and I’ve always been so comfortable with my own body, but I had never known Denise to be, and especially when there were three of us around. I figured she had discovered this new trick and had enjoyed it so much she wanted to do it again, but as I watched her she started talking to herself a little. She was hard to hear, but I know I heard her say Lyndsey and mom. When she finally did orgasm she let out a wild moan and then through a pillow over her face. She had such a wild orgasm that I almost thought there was something wrong with her and I swear I thought I saw cum shoot from her pussy before she put her hand back over it.

I waited a few minutes after she settled down before I walked into the room and when I sat next to her on the couch she acted startled at first. I cuddled up next to her though and she held me and it felt so right. We kissed and I asked her why she was up, and she just said she couldn’t sleep. We just talked about the night before for a while and then I asked her if she would want me to seduce Lyndsey for her.

She seemed really sad when she said that she knew Lyndsey would never do anything with me. I told her I would try if she wanted me too and that I thought Lyndsey would. She started asking me all these questions about how I felt about my mom and I was very honest with her. Denise then said she wished she could have a relationship with Lyndsey like I do with my mom, and then I asked her if she would also want to have a relationship with her own mom and she looked away from me and said yes.

We both know it will never happen, and Denise would never ever try, but she feels jealous of what my mom and I share. Then she told me she was in love with Lyndsey and had been for some time. She had never wanted to be, but she always found her so attractive and kissing her when they were younger had led to many nights of masturbation. I told her that I would do everything I could to get the two of them together, and then Denise surprised me by crawling on top of me and licking my pussy till I climaxed.

Denise and I were almost asleep on the couch when we heard Jessica moaning from up stairs and we decided to join them. When I came in my mom was fisting her and I was surprised since I had never done that with Jessica before (though I’ve tried). My mom has small hands for her height, but still she was deep inside Jess and giving it to her good. Jessica was taking it all and holding on to my moms arm with one hand and leaning on the other. She looked like she was sweating and so did my mom and I wondered how long they had been going at it.

I went to Jessica’s side, and she gave me this crazy look and I just kissed her on the forehead and then let her lean against me. After a while, my mom told me to rub Jessica’s clit so I did and Jess started making noises like I’ve never heard her before and her face looked mean almost, it was weird, but she was loving it. She started convulsing and grabbing onto me and cussing a lot and my mom and she were staring into one another’s eyes so intensely that I wished it was me. Finally Jess climaxed and when she did my mom fisted her for a while longer, but then took her soaked hand and had Jessica lick off her own cum. Jessica and I both sucked on my mom’s hand for a while and then my mom pressed her breasts to our faces and we each took a nipple.

We spent the rest of the morning sitting in the dining room or kitchen and just talked. Then the three of us all kissed my mom goodbye and headed back to school. On the way back Denise sat in the back. She winked at me a couple times in the mirror and it made me smile.

It was possibly the best weekend of my life. I have never been happier. I’m not sure what the four of us have, but I’m certain it is both good and bad. The good is that we are all very happy, the bad is that we will never be able to show or tell anyone what we have. Not as long as my mom is involved, but I would not give that up for anything.

Thanks again everyone for reading this and for understanding. I love all the e-mails I get and the notes on here. You are all so sweet.



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