My First Time

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My boyfriend and I have been dating off and on for four years now. Recently he’s started pestering me about having sex with him but I kept saying no, until now. I’ve decided that tonight is the night that I will give my virginity to Trent.

Trent called earlier to ask what I want to do later.

“Can we just rent some movies and go to your place?”

“Sure, whatever you want. Should I pick up some movies on my way over?”

“Nope. I already picked some out for us. And no, they are not chick flicks, don’t worry.”

“Ha-ha. Okay luv. I’ll see you at 7.”

At 5:30 I get in the shower and begin to wash my self. As I wash my mound I slip my fingers into my already dripping cunt. I quickly bring myself to a small orgasm, saving the best for later. After I get out and towel off, I do my hair and make up, making my self look sluttier than normal. Then I go to choose my clothes for the night. I want something that oozes sexuality, yet shows sophistication.

Finally at 6:45 I settle on matching black lace panties and _ cup bra, a short black mini skirt, and a red button down shirt, left open to show a huge amount of cleavage.

When Trent meets me at the door his mouth drops and his eyes roam my body with a hunger I have never seen before. Little did I know that I had a surprise waiting for me at his place.

We grabbed a pizza and headed to his place. We sat around eating and talking for a while and then we decided to move to the bedroom to watch the movie. I figured that this would work well with my plans so I didn’t question Gaziantep Eve Gelen Escort it. This is where I got my surprise. I put the movie in, but waited to start it until Trent was settled in bed with me. It was a porn flick that I had borrowed from my friend Lisa.

I lay on the bed with my eyes closed, waiting for him to join me. He turned off the lights and moved towards the bed. I lay there not moving, waiting to see what he would do. When he got within reaching distance he grabbed my arms and pulled them over my head, cuffing them together to the headboard! This wasn’t supposed to be happening!

Instinctually I started to struggle, not knowing what he planned to do.

“Be quiet you slut! You’ve been teasing me for years and now I plan to have what is mine.” He placed a gag over my mouth to keep my screams at a minimum and then I realized something: this was just an alternate to what I had already planned for tonight. I stopped struggling.

He slowly started to caress my body, bringing it to life as he stroked me. I felt my cunt juices begin to flow and realized that this was turning me on to the point where my fluids started to flow down my slit and pool on the sheet. When his hands reached my pussy he laughed. ” You’re liking this aren’t you, you little whore?” I moaned against the gag.

He continued his torture on my clit, and then slowly slid a finger inside of me, up to my hymen. The sensations coursing through my body were completely new, leaving my mind blank except for one thought: “More.”

He slid another finger inside of me, causing my hips to buck off the bed in an attempt to take more of him inside me. This was not what I wanted. What I wanted was his cock inside of me, pumping into me until we were both screaming in our ecstasy.

He removed his fingers and I thought “O God, finally!” But I was quickly disappointed. He moved down my body, kissing a trail down me, sucking on my throbbing nipples, making moan my pleasure. He left my breasts, kissing a path down to my navel, dipping his tongue and swirling, thoroughly eating out my belly button.

Finally he moved even lower until his face was buried between my legs. He licked up and down my slit, finally sticking his tongue into my pussy as far as it would go, while rubbing my clit with his nose. I screamed at the pleasure as he worked me into a frenzy, but not letting quit make it to my orgasm.

“Not yet, luv. I want your first orgasm of the night to be when I’m pounding my huge cock into your tight little virgin cunt.”

At this I wrapped my legs around him and pulled him, up but then realized he still had his clothes on. He chuckled, then got up and removed his clothes. When he was done he went to the night table to get a condom but stopped when he saw the case to the movie sitting there.

“You little slut. You wanted this to happen tonight didn’t you?” All I could do was moan in response. He chuckled, turned on the movie, and moved towards my head. He took off the gag and the restraints, letting me ease my aching arms.

“I guess I won’t be needing these huh?”

“No but you do need to get that huge cock over here and stuff my cunt until I can’t hold anymore.”

He needed no further encouraging and was quickly settled over me. I could feel his cock head rubbing at my slit, and then slowly, too slowly, he nudged forward, sending the tip into my waiting pussy.

“O my god! You’re too big! You have to stop! Please!”

“Don’t worry baby, as soon as this first time is over you’ll never hurt like this again, I promise.”

I lay there silently as he tore my body apart with his 10-inch cock. Once he was past my hymen, he thrust in so that his balls rested against my ass. He stayed like that until I couldn’t stand it anymore and started to buck underneath him. The pain was gone.

He started up a slow rhythm, thrusting into me slowly. Again he was too slow. I bucked back at him, forcing to increase his tempo until he was pounding into my so hard that the sound of flesh on flesh was echoing through the room. He reached between us and began fingering my clit, sending me into orgasm after orgasm. On the third orgasm I heard him yell ” I’m CUUUMMMMMMIINNNNNGGG!!!!” He thrust hard into me three more times and then held still. I could feel his seed squirting into me. It felt like he was branding my insides with seed, He emptied his balls into and then slowly withdrew.

We slumped together for a while until we both regained enough energy to talk.

“That was amazing!”

“Yeah it was. When=n can we do it again?”

“Babe, you gotta give me some time to recover!” He said chuckling to him self.



“I forgot to put the condom on!”

“Oh no…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32