My Family’s Awakening Ch. 05

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As I woke up slowly, I was immediately aware of how painfully hard my cock was. I rubbed my eyes, and then reached down with one hand to stroke up and down my length. I felt so hard, so long. I cradled my balls for a few seconds, feeling how taut, how full, they felt before sliding my hand back up my cock, and then down again, pulling my foreskin tight back to expose the glistening head, a bead of pre cum already springing out.

I rubbed the pre cum away with the ball of my thumb, sending a delicious shiver of pleasure up my cock and through my body. I sighed, thinking about having a wank for about the hundredth time in the last few days, but wanting, needing, more. I felt so frustrated, so in need of some loving.

I needed Annie, my lover. My twin sister.

Since Annie and I had become lovers nearly five months ago, we had been together constantly. A few days after we had fallen into each other arms, Mum had caught us – and then joined us, to be followed by Dad a few days later. A whole new world of love and passion had opened up to us. On top of that, Annie had introduced me to Melissa, the gorgeous younger sister of her boyfriend, Jake.

But what Annie hadn’t known was that Jake and Melissa were also lovers – something we found out when Mum and Dad were away a few weeks back. They had been visiting relatives and friends for a week, and Melissa and Jake had come around for meal. I hadn’t seen Melissa for a few years, and was blown away by how beautiful she had become.

We’d all got a bit tipsy, and somehow Annie and I had got carried away. We had sobered up rapidly when I realised what I was doing to my sister’s ripe young breasts – and that we were being watched. But then it had been our turn to stop and stare as Melissa and Jake had turned to each other and kissed. A long, drawn out kiss that had left them breathless and caressing each others sexy bodies. After that, we had made love, the four of us together.

They had stayed with us for a week after that, until Mum and Dad had come home. Since then, Annie and I had been together, or with Mum and Dad, or Melissa and Jake. Until now that is. The trouble was Christmas.

Normally, I love Christmas. But here I was, first thing on Christmas morning, stroking my rock hard cock, alone. Melissa and Jake had gone away with their parents for Christmas. They had tried to get out of it at the last moment, claiming that they were too old – Jake was twenty, Melissa eighteen, but as the skiing trip had been arranged ages ago, they had gone in the end.

To make matters worse, Martin – my Dad’s father – was staying with us over Christmas, which meant that Mum was keeping her distance, and that Annie and I needed to be very careful. In fact, Martin seemed to be everywhere. It had been four days now since Annie and I had sneaked away for an hour together, and almost a week since I had made love to Mum. I longed to hold them, to feel them, to love them.

I stroked my throbbing cock harder, faster, longing for release, but wanting Annie, wanting Mum, wanting to be with them.

Abruptly, I got out of bed. I padded across to the bathroom adjoining my bedroom, my cock bouncing in front of me. I glanced across at the clock as I crossed the room – it was still early. When I came out of the bathroom, my cock was still semi erect, my balls tight and full. My thick cock curved away from my body around my balls, bouncing softly from thigh to thigh as I walked.

I hesitated as I reached the middle of the room – and then made up my mind. My cock rose up harder as the decision was made.

I opened my bedroom door carefully, not wanting to make a sound. Still naked, I moved along the landing. I inched my way past the door to the guest room that Martin was using, and continued to Annie’s room. The door was closed. I eased the door handle down, opened the door, and stepped inside quickly. Shutting the door behind me, I stood still, my eyes adjusting to the darkness, my breathing surprisingly heavy from my need, from the tension of creeping along to Annie’s room.

Once I was used to the darkness of the room, I crossed to Annie’s bed. I stood at the side of the bed and gazed down at my beautiful, nineteen year old twin. Despite the time of year, she was naked in bed, lying on her side, one arm thrown back above her head so that her body was slightly twisted, her breast thrust up towards me, her nipple ripe and hard.

Even though she was laying like that, her firm breasts had kept their shape, full and high on her chest, her nipples conical at the slightly upturned ends. I stepped closer, and eased the covers down over her hip, exposing her soft, rounded belly and hips, the curve of her ass. I held my breath as she moved, firstly onto her back to stretch, her body spread out for me in all its naked glory, and then back onto her side, her knees drawn up towards her chest.

My cock was rigid again, jutting out almost obscenely from my body, the tip wet with pre cum. I stroked along my length, bursa escort tugging at my cock, watching, wanting, Annie. I climbed onto the bed behind my sister, slipping an arm around her to cup her breast. Her nipple grew harder against the palm of my hand as she instinctively settled back against me. I pressed my cock along the crack between her perfectly rounded ass cheeks.

She sighed and wriggled back against me. I held her tighter, leaning down to sweep the mass of auburn coloured hair away from her face. I kissed her softly on the neck, on her bare shoulder, loving the taste, the feel of her, on my lips. I licked and kissed my way along her collar bone, holding her as she started to wake up, as she pressed herself back against me again.

I eased away from her as she rolled onto her back and stretched again, this time well aware that I was watching her. I looked at her, taking in the view again, gazing at her lithe, tanned body, at her firm breasts, at her ripe nipples, at the smudge of red hair at the base of her flat belly, at the hint of the delights that were barely hidden beneath.

She opened her eyes and looked up at me, her smile lighting up the room.

“I’ve missed you,” she murmured, barely awake.

“And I’ve missed you,” I whispered, leaning over to cup her breast, to kiss her softly on the lips.

She rolled back onto her side, wriggling her ass back against me as she yawned, as she finished waking up. But this time her wriggling was more suggestive, more wanton, more determined. My sister wanted me, needed me, as much as I wanted and needed her.

My cock was once again lying along the crack of her firm ass as we lay close together. I cupped her breasts and rubbed her nipples, as I kissed the soft side of her neck. Annie sighed, and moved against me. I rocked my hips, moving my cock along the gap between her cheeks. I slid my hand over my sister’s smooth, flat belly and through her short pubic hair, feeling her warmth, feeling the wetness springing from her as I ran a finger over her pussy.

We were both moaning softly now. Annie started to turn towards me, but I stopped her. Instead, I eased her legs apart and slid my stiff cock between her warm thighs. I pressed the head of my cock against her pussy with my hand, savouring her heat, her wetness, on me. Annie twisted her head towards me, her lips meeting mine, our tongues sliding together, as I rubbed my cock along her slit.

Slowly, I used my weight to ease Annie onto her front. I knelt over her, caressing her gorgeous ass, her firm cheeks, my cock still between her legs, resting against her wet pussy. Her juices had made my cock wet and slippery, so I slid easily between her thighs, my cock and balls sliding against her pussy, against her ass.

I moved my hips, changing the angle of my body to Annie’s. Reaching under her, I guided my cock towards her wet and wanton pussy. She pushed her bum up towards me, and moaned as the end of my cock entered her, filling the entrance to her pussy, her lips stretching around me, holding me. I pressed down harder as Annie arched her back, pointing her ass up into the air as I fed my cock deep inside her.

We both moaned out loud as my cock filled her, filled my sister, as we became one again. Her tight pussy moulded itself around me as I began to fuck her slowly, my arms out straight each side of her, my hips moving to drive my cock into her with long, slow strokes. I filled her body with my cock each time I moved, her pussy sucking me into her.

As our need became more urgent, our bodies more demanding, I fucked her harder, pushing her into the bed with each thrust. She buried her face in the bedding to muffle her cries as I pounded her wet pussy, my balls slapping wetly against her as I drove into her, as she urged me on.

Annie held my cock tight as she came, her pussy contracting around me as her pleasure tore through her body. I reached down and pushed a finger tip into her tight, puckered hole, making her cry out again as I knew it would. I rubbed her ass, moving my finger slowly in time to my cock.

As her body began to relax slightly, I lay on top of her, reaching under her to hold her breasts, taking my weight on my knees and arms as I pumped my cock into pussy again, kissing her back and shoulders. Her juices poured from her as I pinched her nipples, my cock filling her, my balls aching as they got tighter, as an exquisite pain grew in me.

And then I came, my need, my desire, my cum gushing from me to spurt deep into my sisters hot body. I slumped on top of her, holding her tight as my hips jerked, as my cum sprayed into her. I buried my face in her shoulder to muffle my moans in her hot skin.

We lay like that for what seemed like ages, my cock softening inside her, our passion, our need for each other, spent for now. Eventually, I rolled off her, and pulled her into my arms.

“Happy Christmas,” I whispered as I moved my lips towards altıparmak escort hers for a soft, tender, kiss.

We pulled the bed covers back over us and lay in each others arms, enjoying our touches, our caresses. Sometime later Annie eased out of bed, pulled on a silky robe, and went through to her bathroom, leaving me uncovered in bed. I watched her leave, enjoying the sight of her, of the robe clinging to her soft curves. I rubbed my cock slowly, enjoying the sensations. By the time Annie got back, I was starting to get hard again.

“Mmmmmm,” she murmured appreciatively, “Is that for me?”

She knelt on the bed, her robe loose around her, and leant forward. The silky material moved across my body as she dipped her head and ran her tongue along my cock. I twitched at her touch, and then sighed as she sucked the tip of my cock into her mouth, her teeth rubbing lightly at the sensitive skin between my cock head and shaft.

She nibbled at me gently, her tongue soothing me before she sucked more of me into her warm, wet mouth. I reached for her head, holding her, groaning as my cock grew, as my sister sent waves of pleasure through me.

My cock was soon rigid again. Annie sat back, kneeling astride my legs, and admired her handiwork. My cock was lying up onto my belly, hard and wet from her mouth. I watched as she took me into her small hand, her red painted finger nails somehow erotic as she lifted my cock away from my body and stroked me, peeling my skin back and forth as she moved her hand up and down.

She shuffled forward until her pussy was directly over my cock. She held me upright, and rubbed my cock along her wet slit before lowering herself slightly onto me. We both moaned as my hardness met her wetness. She rubbed me across her clit, her lips, never quite letting me inside her, until – with a deep sigh – she suddenly dropped her body down onto mine, and my cock plunged into her pussy.

My cock disappeared, sucked into her wet pussy as her body dropped, filling her in one fluid movement. I pushed my hips upwards, driving my cock into her as we both groaned with pleasure. Annie dropped down over me, her lips meeting mine to muffle our cries, our tongues exploring hungrily, her nipples hard against my chest. I reached for her ass, squeezing her, caressing her, fingering her, as I pumped into her, as she pushed down to meet my driving thrusts.

My cock felt so long, so hard, inside her. Annie’s pussy felt as if it was part of me, moulded around my cock, holding me as we fucked, our rhythm perfect for both of us. As our lips parted, she moved upwards so that her breasts were above my face. She lowered a ripe nipple into my mouth. I fed on her, sucking, licking, nipping, kissing, her tender, wanton, flesh.

My hips jerked higher now to reach her hot pussy. She arched her back, changing the angle again as her pussy tightened around me. Her hair was around our heads like a curtain, her robe hanging loose around us, creating our world in which to enjoy each other.

As I moved from nipple to nipple, from breast to breast, as we fucked each other, I felt the pleasure growing in her. I felt the changes in her body, in the way she moved, in what she wanted. Her breathing got heavier, her chest rising as her climax neared – and then erupted. Annie tensed, and then cried out as her orgasm exploded inside her.

She sat up quickly, pushing her body down hard onto me, driving my cock deeper into her body as pleasure swept through her. She threw her head back, reaching her arms behind her and leaning back, her young, firm breasts thrust upwards. I fucked her hard, holding her hips as she cried out, as I pumped my cock as hard and as deep as I could into her body.

She moaned and sighed, long, drawn out sounds of pleasure. Her eyes were shut, her mouth open as she gasped, a flush rising up her chest, her nipples rock hard, her breasts bouncing freely as I drove my cock into her repeatedly.

With a cry, I came. Annie’s eyes opened wide as I cried out, as I pushed even deeper inside her, as my cum gushed into her to mix with her juices. She pushed her body down again, both of us holding still as my balls sent jet after jet of cum inside her. And then we held each other tight, kissing and touching, happy to be in each arms. Slowly my cock slipped out of her, my cum and her juices slipping from her as well to make the two of us even wetter.

We might have dozed off then, because suddenly I became aware of the sounds of others moving around in the house. I quickly kissed Annie, and started to get out of bed. Seeing my hesitation, she pushed me gently.

“Go,” she told me.

I peeped out of the door, and then quickly stepped out onto the landing. Shutting the door quietly behind me, I crept back to my room, very aware of my nakedness. I stepped into my room, and let out a sigh of relief. I turned to shut the door, and as I did saw Martin standing in his doorway, görükle escort the strangest of looks on his face. I shut my door quickly and leant back against it, suddenly feeling breathless, all sorts of panicky thoughts rushing through my mind.

As Christmas Day progressed, nothing was said, so I soon forgot about Martin and whether he’d seen me leave Annie’s room. But I couldn’t forget about Annie, and our time together that morning. Even when I phoned Melissa, Annie was at the front of my mind. But over the next few days, we had little opportunity to be together again. I hadn’t told her about Martin, but I knew that she could sense something.

A couple of days after Christmas, I went out for a few hours to get some fresh air. I knew that Annie was out with some friends, and wouldn’t be back until late. Even so, I was still surprised at how quiet the house was when I got back. I hung my coat up in the hallway, and headed for the stairs and my room.

As I got to the top of the stairs, I thought I heard voices, but then it was quiet again. But then I definitely heard something – a soft moan. It was coming from Mum and Dad’s room. I moved quietly across to their door. It wasn’t quite shut, so I pushed it gently, opening it a few inches. What I saw through the gap made my cock hard almost instantly.

Mum and Dad were at the end of their bed – naked. Dad was stood, his hands on his hips, with his thick, hard cock jutting out in front of him. Dad is in his early forties, and still fit and strong. I could see the outline of the muscles in his chest and belly, and across his thighs. His cock, like mine, is a good length, but his is also thick and slightly curved, his balls heavy and covered in short hair.

Mum was on her hands and knees in front of him, slightly sideways on to me. Mum was only twenty when Annie and I were born, and has kept herself fit. The work in the gym has paid off – she is a very sexy lady. Like Annie, her body is lithe and well toned, but she is curvier, more voluptuous than my sister, her hips more rounded, her breasts heavier.

As I watched, I could see Mum’s breasts hanging down, still perfectly shaped despite their size and weight, her nipples dark and erect. She moved towards Dad, her hips rocking as she crawled a foot or two towards him, her wet pussy peeping out from between her slender, tanned thighs, her wetness only partially obscured by her dark hair.

Dad moved, reaching one hand down to his cock, and the other to Mum’s head. He peeled his skin back slowly, revealing the red, bulbous head of his cock, already dripping pre cum. He wrapped Mum’s hair in the fingers of his other hand, and dragged her to him. Mum opened her mouth and took Dad deep into her, gagging slightly as he slid deep into her mouth before pulling back a little.

He rocked his hips, fucking her mouth like this for a few minutes, the house quiet apart from the wet sucking noises they were making – and my own laboured breathing. As I watched, I undid my jeans and pulled my cock out. I was already hard and wet. I stroked along my length, wanking slowly as I watched them.

Mum’s teeth were grating along Dad’s cock now as he fucked her wet mouth, his hands holding her head still as he pumped into her. With a groan he stopped, not wanting to cum to soon. Mum moved forward, pushing Dad’s cock up onto his belly. She licked along his veiny shaft, and onto his balls. She licked and sucked and nipped with her teeth, lovingly, wantonly.

I was naked by now, having decided to join them, to surprise them. But as I stood there, my cock rigid in front of me, my hand on the door handle, it was me who got the surprise.

Mum had let Dad’s cock drop again, and was sucking the head into her mouth, one hand around him, feeling his ass. I saw her glance across the room, past Dad. My heart jumped – I thought that she had somehow caught sight of me in a mirror or something. But then Martin came into view – and my heart leapt again.

He was naked, his chest covered in a mat of grey hair, his cock heavy in front of him. Even though his cock wasn’t fully erect yet, I could see who Dad and I followed after. Martin’s cock was long, and it curved downwards, dragged there by its thickness, its weight. His balls hung low, lost behind his cock and a mass of hair. Even in his early sixties, his body showed all the signs of once having been fit and powerful.

Martin moved to stand beside Dad. Mum reached over, wanking him gently, her eyes looking up into his as she lifted his cock to her mouth and sucked on him, her tongue lashing across the sensitive head. He cried out immediately, his cock growing, hardening, at Mum’s touch. He ran his hand over her hair, rocking his body to move with her, his cock sliding deeper and deeper into her mouth.

Dad watched all this, stroking his own cock, keeping it rock hard as his own Father fucked his wife’s mouth, fucked my Mum. I thought my own cock would explode I was so turned on, especially when Mum started to alternate between the two cocks, sucking one into her mouth while stroking the other, and then swapping, always cradling one pair of heavy balls.

Only a few words were spoken, but I couldn’t quite make out what was being said. But one thing was for certain – this was not the first time this had happened.

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