My Family Ch. 03 – Final

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(WARNING: Scat content, Water sports content, FEMDOM content, Non Con content. and the usual lovable incest.)

Chapter 3

Winners and Losers

“Is this Slave Stevens?” The woman doctor asked. Looking me up and down.

“Yes, my older brother. I rescued him from his wife.” Brandy said with pride.

“According to these blood tests, he’s been dosed.” The Doctor stated grimly.

“How long?”

“Hard to say, a few weeks till a year.” She looked up from her chart. “If you want legal action, and to breed him. You best get started.”

“What will happen to him?”

“First he’ll lose inhibitions. Then he will become nearly insatiable. A total slut. As his penis shrinks, his chest, hips and ass will grow….” The doctor was cut off.

“FIX IT!” Brandy growled.

“I will try but…the dose…”

“FIX my brother or I will find where you live and hang you with your own entrails while you are still alive!” Brandy snarled.

“Yes Ms. Stevens I will do my best!”

6 Months Later

“She’s kicking slave!” My mother cooed as I held her tummy. I could feel the baby. It made me feel proud. Mom had moved into my sister’s house shortly after Brandy assumed my ownership.

Brandy sat on the couch next to Mom and I. Her belly was also full of a daughter. She was in a mood.

“Mom, unlock his cock please? I’m horny and Candy is being weird since she got prego and took my collar!” She was whining.

“No! He only gets to cum for breeding! He can lick your clit like always!” My mother explained.

“Ma! He is owned by me, not you!” Brandy stomped off like a teenager.

“You gave me the key to his cock Brandy” Mother reminded.

Brandy had regressed since they rescued me. However my mother and sister were treating me better than my father had ever been treated. I was a slave still, but they gave me a lot more freedoms. I did all the accounting for mom’s human trafficking business that she stole from Mandy and her, now imprisoned, “free couple”, the husband and wife were caught. Mandy was still free somewhere in the city. As we had moved almost a whole state away in the middle of the country I didn’t fear her anymore.

“Son?” My mother kissed my lips. “It’s bedtime. I want you to rim me to sleep again tonight okay slave?”

“Yes Mother Mistress, as you wish.”

As I made the bed perfect for my mother and Mistress, she held her full belly, and looked at me.

“I was mean to you.” She ran her hands from my collar, down my chest on onto my cock cage. She touched my balls.

“I hated that you both came to me the same day. I hated that my slave hubby doted on you, then got his freedom. I hated that you would be free. Men should never be free, you know that right Randall?” She kissed me romantically, her tongue wrestling with mine. Her hands holding my face. When she finally pulled away, I had to answer.

“I’m pleased to be yours. I hope we marry the loving and right way, instead of the collared way I married you, Brandy and Candy.”

“No.” She walked into the master bathroom. She sat on the toilet and pushed out a fat solid turd. “No, maybe Brandy. But I can’t. I don’t love you that way. You are my son, and my slave. So I have feelings for you, but not like that. It’s not the incest that bothers me. It’s the fact you look like your father.” She said as she wiped her ass. She made me follow her to the bedroom.

“Brandy is the one to romance honey. Now lick my ass clean, get your tongue in there, make sure I didn’t miss anything.” She lay on her side on the bed, so as not to hurt or squish our daughter. I went to work cleaning her pucker inside and out. I loved my mother now. She had saved me from being a mindless sissy slut. I was almost happy. I fell asleep between my mothers cheeks.

I woke to my face be shoved to my mother’s pussy.

“Oh Gawd, I have to piss!” She moaned.

I was used to this now. Piss tasted nice to me. The one effect from the shot that Mandy’s doctor had given me, that had not been reversed, was to make me enjoy urine. However, she only did part of the job. Mom and Brandy had to get me the minor surgery to help my kidneys with the extra poisons I was drinking.

“Lick me while you are down there.” Mom ordered. If I’m honest, mothers cum tasted way better then either of my sisters. My belly full of piss, and after bringing mom to two orgasms I was full. I was allowed to cook breakfast.

“Randall, you should eat something solid.” Candy said as she looked up from her phone. “Piss and pussy juice is not a good diet.”

“Shut the fuck up Candice! Go back to swiping left!” Brandy said, and rolled her eyes. “Yes Mistress.” Candy murmured.

“Brandy is right. I will feed our SLAVES when YOU need to be fed Candy.” Mom smiled at me.

I knelt next to mom and tugged on her sleeve. She let me make eye contact. I never had to say a word. She nodded. Candice was enslaved by Brandy, and mom allowed me to take advantage.

“Randall you are higher than Candy. You are educated, Candy isn’t.” She whispered. I nodded.

“Candice make özbek gaziantep escort me bacon and eggs!” I ordered. Candy looked up confused. She looked at her sister.

“Your the lowest in the house, cunt-lover, obey the Alpha slave. Cook for our brother!” Brandy wiped her mouth with a napkin.

“Mom I am going to meet with our coyote. The guys arrived last night.” Brandy straightened her business suit.

“Make sure you get her down to at least $35k average.” My mom warned Brandy.

“I’ve got this mom. I hope you have buyers, this many guys, not much room in that storage unit.” Brandy cautioned.

“I’m aware, just pay them and secure the chattel.” Mom waved her off.

Brandy got in the BMW 5 series. She turned on the navigation. Then pressed “start”. The car took off on it’s own. She checked all of the dash to make sure everything was green lit. Then she began to make her calls.

“Sheriff Jasmine! Hey just wanted to let you know I need your deputies away from the ‘Stor-it” place on 30th.” Pause. “Yeah.” Pause. “…Well 20k will be a nice down payment on that boat you want.” Pause. “That wasn’t the deal, but how about this instead. Meet me there in 30 minutes, and you can have your pick after the earmarked ones?” Pause. “No either the money or the slave, not both.” Pause. “Fine you can have first pick. Final offer.” Pause. “Deal, see you soon.” Brandy disconnected.

“Call Kendra.” Brandy told the car. The mechanical voice came back. “Calling Kendra.”

“Hey!” Brandy greeted her cheerfully.

“Yo Brandy! Heard you collared your sis? That true?”

“Yeah she’s a ditz. Mom and I decided to make her a less-than.” Brandy turned off the highway onto a off ramp.

“Jeez, Thought you loved her?” Kendra asked with disgust.

“Lay off. She never is off her phone. She is barely human. Same as my brother. Yes. I collared the cunt. I actually called you for a reason!” Brandy barked.

“Whoa darlin’! Okay okay!”

“You listening?” Brandy asked pointedly.

“Yeah what’s up?”

“Your family has that functional farm still yeah?” Brandy flipped her turn signal. She turned down the highway.

“Yeah, Normal farm ya know, cows, chickens, a couple dozen pigs, a dozen cum bulls, 160 acres of wheat and corn…what of it?” Kendra was curious.

“I have a bunch of males I need to sell. You interested?” Brandy picked up speed, the storage unit was not far now.

“I’d have to ask mother. The price of semen has dropped since the law change.” Kendra admitted. “What type of males?”

“Latino, Brazilian, a few islanders.”

“Might be good for labor, and then milk em over night? Let me call my mother. I’ll call you back.”

“Sounds good.” Brandy disconnected. She pulled into the “Stor-it” lot.

As soon as she got out of the car the coyote was walking towards her. Next she heard Jasmines cruiser pull up behind her.

“Good to see you again Brandy!” The coyote hugged her. Jasmine walked up.

“Sheriff Jasmine, this is Lynn, Lynn, this is our Sheriff Jasmine.” Brandy did the introductions.

“Got a good crop this time. Most have decent cocks and are able to work for long hours.” Lynn smiled as she opened the door to the storage unit.

Brandy did a quick count of all of the males in the space.

“53 men?” Brandy asked.

“No 54, the one over there is ducking behind his daddy. Total sissy!” Lynn pointed.

“Sheriff take your pick, I have business to get done, and I hate standing with this baby bump!” Brandy wanted this over. She was horny and smelling these men was making it worse.

“I’ll take the sissy.” She smiled at Brandy and kissed her on the lips. “You better not be turning straight on me!” Sheriff Jasmine said as she attached a rope around the 20 year old small man’s neck. She pulled him to her police cruiser, then put him in the trunk.

“Never lover!” Brandy smiled at her as she got in her car and took off.

“Price?” Brandy asked.

“50k each, including the one that your cop stole.” Lynn smiled.

“15k each, they are third world men. I will never make a profit. I MIGHT be able to sell them for 20k.” Brandy laid it on thick.

“I thought we were friends. 40K each.” Lynn smiled and blinked seductively.

“We are, and after this deal is done you can suck my brothers cum out of my cunt. 25K each.”

“30k? Lynn asked submissively.

“Deal. Pull down my panties slut and eat the cum my brother put in me this morning.” Brandy grinned wide. Lynn was so inept. But her tongue was magical. She dipped her mouth muscle deep into Brandy trying to find every sperm that Randall had left. She had done it under the watching eyes of 50 some-odd slaves.

Brandy lost her composure and came into the coyote’s mouth. The woman was talented. But not an Alpha Woman like herself. Lynn was like Candy. Brandy let her bladder loose on the coyote’s face. The woman opened her mouth and swallowed a couple mouthfuls of her piss. She tapped Lynn on the top of her head.

“I’m glad you know gaziantep özbek escort your place. I’ll need you to recruit more.” Brandy went to her car with a piss soaked woman following.

Brandy opened a case that sat in the back seat and handed stacks of money to the stinky coyote.

“I will tell my mother how well you did. I know Mandy used to be your boss. But you will make more money with us.” Brandy closed and locked the case then closed the back door of the BMW.

“Did her husband not know what she was doing for a living?” Lynn asked.

“Nope.” No further explanation needed. “Toilet girl, you stay loyal, and do your job. I promise to piss down your mouth again, but next time?” Brandy stared into the older woman’s eyes. “The cap is 25k. Don’t fuck me, and I promise you can eat my cunt after every deal! Got that slut?” Brandy sat in her car with the door open.

“Fine Brandy.” Lynn looked pissed.

“No! No! I own you now. Address me properly.”

“You don’t OWN me!” Lynn was walking up to confront Brandy.

“You drank my piss of your own free will did you not?” Brandy questioned.

“Oh fuck.” Lynn slumped.

“Good toilet. See you in a month. Lock up those men!” Brandy closed her car door and started the car.

“Yes Mistress.” Lynn knew she was fucked.

“Alexa, by what terms can a woman be enslaved to another woman via urine?” Lynn asked her phone.

“Any woman that consumes the urine of an Alpha female will be considered a beta female, as long as it is reported to the slave registry, and confirmed upon arrest.” The computer voice said. “Lynn Joyner. You now have a warrant for your arrest and collaring by…Brandy Stevens. Please stay where you are until you are picked up.” The computer voice advised.

“I’m working for Brandy now I guess, Alexa.”

“It seems you will be until death Lynn Joyner.”

The downstairs bathroom was cleaned. It was easier then my father had it. He had to do it with his tongue. I was allowed scrubby pads, cleansers and brushes. I was still on the bathroom floor when Candy walked in.

“How am I lower than you?” She sniped. I ignored the question.

“Are the dishes done cunt?”

“Yes…fuck you, how am I lower than a male?”

“Simple. You are stupid. I am educated.” I grinned at her as I got to my feet.

“I’m not stupid!!!” She seethed.

“Keep yelling at me please.” I said calmly.

“WHY? YOU LIKE IT SLAVE. YOU ARE STUPID! I’M A WOMAN!!!” She was now heaving.

A taller shadow appeared behind Candy.

“Candice Stevens, you really are dumb.” I said as my mother spun my youngest sister around and back handed her.

I saw my mother drag Candy, by her collar, crying and whining across the floor, to the entry of the basement. I could hear the screams from the first floor, but I just did my job. I dusted every surface, fluffed all the couch pillows and vacuumed.

The living room was dustless when my mother greeted me. She was covered in sweat and looked like she had run a marathon. She kissed my mouth deeply with her tongue wrestling mine. Her arms wrapped around me. I felt loved by her.

“Next time she acts out like that to you, you need to discipline her. Do you understand?” She asked me as she held my face in her hands.

“Yes Mother Mistress.”

“I’m going to unlock your cock. Brandy did good today and she wants you. As do I. After lunch you fuck me. Then when Brandy gets home you please her. Tonight after dinner I want you to use that cock to punish Candy. Fuck her ass. Am I clear?” My mom was smiling.

“Yes Mother Mistress.”

“If I can hear her screams in my bedroom, I will leave your cock unlocked. I’ll give the key to Brandy, and let her marry you. The REAL way.” She kissed me lightly on my forehead.

“Now be a good slave and make lunch for the two of us. I fed Candy bladder soup, she’s going to be fine.” Mom patted my head and slapped my butt to go to the kitchen.

The oven baked ham and swiss hoagies were ready and I was finishing the salads when Mom sat at the dining room table. She was wearing business attire. I served her first.

“You may sit at the table. Eat like a free man.” She said with a half mouthful. “Randall, I am at an impasse. I hate free men, but you are ten times what your father ever was. I almost feel bad that your freedom was taken. I’m sure you would have had something to commit to society.” She took a sip of wine and stirred her salad with a fork. I had already devoured my salad and was almost finished with the sandwich.

“However Randall, a man’s place is on the floor. Mandy was a Male Lives Matter activist, yet she almost turned you into a brainwashed sissy slave, a cum catching whore! Surely taking dick wasn’t what you were meant for! The irony!” She laughed. I didn’t find it funny. “Your twin has major issues. She’s not right in the head. When the authorities find her, I want you to treat her as she has treated you.” She said and now stared into my eyes.

“Will they ever find her?” gaziantep özbek escort bayan I asked sincerely.

“Yes dear, they will. Good lunch!” She raised her skirt and bent over the table. “Fuck your mother slave.”

“Yes Mother Mistress!”

My mothers ass was so soft and smooth. I loved holding it in my hands as I pushed into the place I had come from. I was astonished me by how tight she still was, after giving birth four times.

“Harder slave, I wanna feel all of you!”

I pummeled my own mother as hard and as fast as I could with her ass rippling from the impacts. I had to get her off, but I was already close.

“I’m almost there!” She panted. For this I was thankful. I had maybe a minute left before I lost it. She tightened down on me, as her fluids ran down my leg. I filled her up less than 4 seconds later.

“Way better than your father.” She sighed. “Okay I have a meeting. Lick my legs and cunt clean son.” She ordered as she fixed her attire.

“Yes Mother Mistress.”

The taste of our combined juices was intoxicating. I was so thankful that I got to love my mother again.

After Mother left I removed my plug and relieved myself. I was washing it and about to apply lube to put it back in when Brandy burst through the bathroom door.

“Well you three had a interesting morning. Knees slave.” She ordered. I went to my knees with my plug still in my right hand and the tube of lube in my left.


I opened my mouth for the sweet taste of my sisters piss. I drank it greedily. When she was finished she pushed me back away from her.

“You are not a sissy, nor will you ever be one. That plug is useless to you. Put it in Candy.” She grabbed my hand and led me to stand. The plug and tube fell to the floor. “Mom said that I can marry you.” She smiled at me.

I nodded.

“Do you want to be my husband?” Brandy asked. The smile had faded, and now she was deadly serious.

“May I speak freely?” I asked as she looked up to me with her brown eyes.

“You may.” She held my right hand in both of her smaller ones.

“If we marry does that mean you are the Alpha of the family?” I asked.

“Yes, Mother loses her rank and I gain it. Why?”

“Mother Mistress wants us to bring Mandy home.” I informed.

“And you want to know what I will do to her?” Her face grew soft in it’s expression.

“Mother wants her to be wiped and made a whore for slave men, I think.” I watched for any emotion. Brandy was stoic.

“No. Candy is my toy. If you agree to marry me and keep yourself enslaved to me, Mandy will be my gift to you, to use as you please. If you want her wiped, I’ll pay for it. But it would be better if you get your revenge, without mental changes. Randall, I told you I loved you! Before all of this! I fucking meant it!” She said in rapid fire. Her grip on my hands loosened. She finally smiled, holding my face in her hands. She kissed me.

“I love you too Brandy!”

“WARRANT ISSUED!” The phone said. Mandy woke, then looked at it. She dismissed it. 5 warrants now. Big deal. The cops would not come after her. They had their hands full with all the slaves. Mandy lay in the bed of her small apartment. She was working as a manager for a burger joint with a crew of fat, ugly, beta small cocked males.

She finally sat up and got into the shower. She would give birth soon, and she was always tired. She had to pee almost every 20 minutes.

She learned via MYFace that her brother was now indeed enslaved by her sister. She stepped out of the shower to see her employee washing himself using the sink.

“Mistress may I go home?” The employee asked.

“Your shift starts at two. Be on time.” Mandy ordered. The chunky man left.

“You suck at oral!” Mandy yelled before she heard her apartment door close. She looked in the mirror.

“Is this my life now?” She blinked. “Letting sub standard men eat me to keep their jobs?”

The door opened again.

“Kenny, I don’t want your greasy face near me anymore, take a nap then go to work!” Mandy said as she brushed her hair.

“Ms. Stevens?” A womans voice said. Mandy turned to see an armored police officer.

“No it’s Mrs. Stevens. I married my brother” Mandy tried.

“Add a count of lying to an officer. Ms. Steven’s you are coming with us.” The woman said.

“Jenkins read the Miranda!” Some other cop barked.

“Ms. Stevens you are hereby stripped of all human rights. You have been charged with aiding and abetting a slave, medical manslaughter via drug, criminal sales of men, and trafficking. Do you have anything to say to me before you are collared and enslaved to save yourself?”

Mandy felt the cuffs on her wrists. She was now broken completely.


“Take her to processing!” The officer ordered.

Brandy’s head lay on my chest. She had had 4 orgasms with my tongue, and one with my cock. She was near exhausted. But Brandy was strong.

“There are some things I want to change after we marry Randy.” She smiled up at my face. It wasn’t the good smile. It was the one when she wore when she tried to take me away from Mandy. I was scared but I kept a brave face.

“I will never make you a sissy okay?” Brandy smiled up at me, and I parroted it. She rubbed my chest.

“You need to know now that Mandy is captured, Mom and I are going to torture her as soon as she is sentenced to our home.” She rubbed my balls as she grinned.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32