My Dirty Penpal Ch. 02

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I rubbed my pussy until I came, screaming your name. Your pictures are so sexy, and I wish I lived in Australia too so that I could finally feel your thick cock slamming into my cunt. Here’s another little fantasy to get you going. Maybe I should visit you soon…



I’m rushing through the airport, bag in hand, weaving through the throngs of people. I bump into a man who says “What’s the hurry, cutie?” but I ignore him and walk quickly away, scanning the faces of the people around me – I’m anxious to meet you, that’s the hurry.

My petite body is wrapped tight in a blue dress, brown hair hanging down my back and flowing in pretty waves. My breasts are prominently on display, the dress dipping dangerously low in front.

I wanted to look sexy for you.

I near the waiting area and see you long before you see me, your tall frame easy to pick out of the crowd. As I make my way towards you, our eyes finally meet, and a sexy smile spreads across your face. I stop, one foot in front of you and look up, I land several inches below your shoulder. “

Hi,” I say, slightly breathless, my stomach in knots.

I’m turned on just looking up at you, you lean down and kiss my cheek.

“Finally,” you say, taking my bag with one hand and my hand with the other. “This way.”

Your warm hand envelops mine and you lead me effortlessly through the airport. I’m not paying attention to where we’re going, and suddenly realize you’re leading me down a hallway and into a single-stall bathroom. I walk inside, you right behind me, and turn around.

You lock the door and pull me close to you, leaning down and kissing me. I wrap my arms around your neck, pulling you further into the kiss and slipping my tongue inside your hot mouth.

I moan loudly, I’ve been waiting for this very moment. You walk me backwards until the small of my back bumps into the bathroom counter. Grabbing my hips, you lift me effortlessly onto the countertop, never breaking the kiss. I wrap my legs around your hips, and pull you close. I can feel how hard you are through your pants and reach down, slowly stroking your dick through your clothes. You moan and break away.

“I’ve been looking forward to this moment, Diana.” I smile and nod. “I have to have you now, I’m not waiting until we get back to my apartment.” gaziantep escort

You cup my breasts in your big hands, I’m not wearing a bra and my nipples are hard as pebbles. You pinch my nipples through the dress and I start moaning again, pushing my breasts out further.

“Eager little thing,” you say against my neck, laughing.

You lean down, pulling the front my dress down as you go, and start sucking on my nipples. One of my hands is in your hair, as the other keeps stroking your cock through the fabric.

“Bite my nipple, baby” I beg.

You groan and do as I asked, looking up at me, you say

“I love how rough you like it…”

You start to run your hands up my smooth, tanned legs and stop before reaching under my dress.

“What kind of panties do sluts wear to meet men in airports and fuck them in bathroom stalls?” you ask.

I groan, “Why don’t you find out, David?”

You reach under my dress and gasp upon feeling my bare skin.

“Sluts don’t wear any panties, sir.” I whisper, “They have to be wet and ready to get fucked any second of the day by their masters.”

You growl and pull me down off the counter top, ripping my dress up over my head the moment my feet hit the ground. You roughly spin me around, one hand taking your pants off and pulling down your boxers.

“Look into the mirror, slut. Watch me as I fill your tight little pussy up with my cock.”

I barely get a moment to respond, when you’ve suddenly thrust up into me. I scream out your name.

“Damn right, Diana. Look at me in the mirror. Watch my big body taking yours over and over again. This is how sluts get fucked. Your pussy is so wet, you needed this cock inside of you, didn’t you?”

“Yesssssssssss,” I groan out.

I’d been fantasizing about your cock the entire flight… and what a long flight it had been. I watch you behind me, fucking me in rapid strokes. My tits are bouncing up and down, and I start pinching and pulling on my nipples.

“Fuck me, David. Fuck your little whore. I played with my pussy on the plane, baby. I kept thinking of how good it would feel to finally have you inside of me. You’re bigger than I thought, stretching me so good. I’m your little cum slut, I can’t wait to swallow gallons of your cum this weekend, baby. Fill me up. Take me, sir. Fuck me hard. Fuck me, fuck me, FUCK ME!!!!!”

You start fucking me unimaginably fast, your balls slapping against me, as you groan and grunt. Sweat starts dripping off of your body, and I beg you to keep fucking me as hard as you can, I’m so close.

“Is that little slut going to cum on my dick?” you ask. “Give me your cum, Diana. Explode on my cock. Let me feel your sweet little pussy milk the cum from my balls. Don’t you want me to fill you up? Whores like to be filled up with cum. Is that what you want Diana? Do you want to be my little whore?”

“Yes!” I scream. “Please, David, fuck me. Let me be your whore. My pussy is so close.”

You reach around and rub hard circles on my clit.

“Cum on me, Diana. NOW.”

I explode, my tight little pussy getting impossibly tighter, milking your cock for that sweet cum. You grunt and I feel you start spurting inside me, releasing so much cum in the deepest part of my pussy. You keep toying with my clit, and I whimper in an endless orgasm, falling limply against you, as you pump the last of your load into me.

You lean down and whisper in my ear, “I hope you don’t think this is all, baby. Get dressed, we’re going to my place and I’m going to fuck you for the rest of the night.”

You pull out of me and I feel your cum start to leak out of my pussy. I try to grab some toilet paper to get cleaned up, and you stop me.

“Leave it,” you say, “I want people to know you just got fucked. I want people to know you’re mine. Let it drip down your thighs.”

I smile and you reach out your hand, we walk out of the bathroom together, not at all caring at the gawking faces of the people who have clearly heard every detail of our bathroom tryst.

We walk hand in hand through the airport, neither one of us able to wipe the shit-eating-grins off of our faces.

We finally reach the parking garage and start walking down the passage way. We walk for 2 to 3 minutes, passing rows and rows of cars.

“Where’s your car?” I ask, as we get further into the garage.

“Just a little bit more,” you say. “There,” and you point towards a car parked behind a huge pillar.

We reach your car and you push me against it. My breasts are against the passenger door, pebbling against the cold glass.

“I’m going to fuck you again, now, Diana.” you groan into my ear. “Your little slut pussy is too good, and I can’t wait any longer for round 2.”

I moan as you pull my hair back and bite my neck, simultaneously pulling my dress up around my hips. You free your cock and drive it into me.

“David!” I groan.

You fuck me for a minute, slowly pumping in and out, as I get more and more desperate to be fucked hard.

“Please, David. I need it hard,” I beg.

You pull out and spin me around.

“Grab onto my neck,” you say.

I reach up and wrap my arms around your neck as you lift me effortlessly up and slam me onto your cock.

“Fuck!” I yell, so deliciously full of your big, fat dick.

I grab on harder and start grinding against you.

“Fuck, yes!” you say, “Grind that slut pussy onto my Aussie cock. Take it, Diana!”

You drive my back against the car, my sobs echoing through the garage. If anybody were to walk by, there wouldn’t be a question as to what we were doing.

“Oh God, David. Take me hard, please. Take me against your car like the whore that I am. Own that pussy baby, making it yours, make it cum for only you.”

We keep fucking, you driving your cock into me with all your strength, both of us grunting and groaning, whispering dirty words to each other, the car rocking as we fuck against it. Suddenly, we both hear footsteps echoing in the garage.

I moan into your ear, biting your earlobe and saying, “David, they’re going to see us. They’re going to see your big, strong body owning my tiny one. They’re going to see how strong and hard you’re fucking me, how you own this pussy. Is that what you want? Show them how I belong to you. Show them how my pussy was made for your cock. Pump me full of cum and let them see it, baby.”

You groan and I know you’re close. I reach down and rub my clit, cumming almost instantly. You pull out of my pussy and drop me onto my feet, holding my dress up as you pump your cock and cum onto my flat stomach, marking my skin with the thick white ropes. You pull my dress down and stuff your cock back into your pants, just as the footsteps turn the corner. You open the door and toss my bag into your car, both of us smiling at the couple that just emerged from behind the pillar. Little did they know, your sticky cum was making my dress cling to my skin. You open my door and I climb in, hoping your apartment isn’t too far away. My pussy might be throbbing, but I want more. I haven’t had my fill of you (pun intended) quite yet.

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