My Dear Brother Ch. 04

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The holiday had ended and Michael and I were desperately in love. We grasped at every opportunity to be alone so that we could exchange loving kisses, and I grew to adore the way he proudly pressed his body against me so that I could feel the rapid stiffening in his pants. He claimed that when he kissed me he could go from soft to full erection in 3 seconds! My hand would then slip between us to test his hardness, and if time and privacy permitted I would work my hand under his waist belt to gain a more intimate contact.

Mum and Dad were never far away so regrettably anything bolder was out of the question. We discussed the possibility of Michael coming to my room when they were asleep but eventually agreed that it was far too dangerous as Dad was in the habit of getting up frequently at night to go to the toilet. Michael and I had always shared a bed together so that by itself would not have been a problem, but being caught with the pair of us stark naked with Michael on top of me, and his sperm all over my breasts would have been very difficult to explain!

School started again and we had to content ourselves with passing little notes to each other. We sat together in most classes and I got a thrill from passing him little bits of paper with pictures of erect phalluses and watching his blushes as he hurriedly crumpled them up and put them in his pocket. On the bus ride home we tried to sit at the back and if nobody could see us, our hands, hidden by our schoolbags, would slowly move to each other’s crotches. On one occasion I actually managed to work his penis out of his fly and gently masturbated him while his finger under my skirt rubbed against my clitoris through my panties. I tried to make him come but as always Michael was sensible and took my hand away when he felt himself getting close.

The weekend came round in next to no time and on the Saturday to our delight Mum and Dad announced that they were going out to a dinner party with some family friends. They asked if we would be OK by ourselves and suggested that we might like to go to a movie but Michael and I instantly read each other’s minds and assured them that we would be perfectly OK by ourselves and rather fancied just watching television. They were happy to leave us to look after ourselves; after all, it had been a long time since we had needed babysitters.

The rest of the day then dragged by slower and slower. We were desperate for Mum and Dad to go out but the minute hand of the clock seemed to grind to a halt. Never before had Mum been so slow at getting ready and I fussed around her helping her do her hair. I overdid my attention and at one point she even asked why I was being so uncommonly helpful!

Eventually they left and we listened in silence to the sound of the car pulling away down the drive. Michael looked at me, and I looked at him, and I started to get the giggles. The front of his trousers was visibly rising! I punched him on the arm.

“You can just quit that right now!” I teased. Michael made a grab for me and I squealed and ducked under his arm. There followed a game of catch that we must have done a thousand times before, but this time my brother was under the handicap of sporting a rampant erection! Eventually he caught me and pinned me down on the living room sofa and smothered me with kisses as he pushed a knee between my legs and pressed his erection firmly against my stomach.

“Michael, slow down!”

He pulled away from me. I saw a puzzled look on his face, tinged with disappointment.

“We have all evening”, I explained, “They won’t be back for hours”.

I pushed him into a sitting position and gave his groin a playful little squeeze. “Lets get something to eat”, I suggested. Reluctantly he agreed and we raided the kitchen, filling up on a typically unhealthy teenager’s diet. Afterwards I cleared up the dishes while Michael watched TV and then I sat next to him and kissed him.

“Michael, can we make tonight special?”

“Jen, we can’t do that! I haven’t got any… things, you know…”

“No silly, I don’t mean that. But can we do things the way I want to, to make it special for me?”

“Of course,” he replied, “What do you want to do?”

“I want to see if I can… if… if I can have a – you know – a climax like you do. I have come so close before… can we try?”

My darling brother smiled and kissed me softly on the lips. “Of course, Jen. I want you to as well – it would be wonderful. But I don’t know how… you must tell bursa evi olan escort me what to do.”

The way he looked at me was adorable and I felt my heart melting. “We’ll work it out together”, I whispered in his ear. “It can’t be that difficult. I want to have a shower, will you come with me?”

I was already unbuttoning my blouse as I stood up and Michael did not need any further persuasion. I led the way to the bathroom, dropping bits of clothing on the floor as I undressed on the way, and Michael followed me, carefully picking each item up.

“Silly!” I chided and Michael explained, “We can’t leave these here, they may come home early”.

“Well if they do, they will catch us in the shower together!”

I got under the shower and started washing while Michael undressed. He came in beside me; his penis fiercely erect, almost vertical against his stomach. I started to soap his chest and shoulders and he did the same to me and I trembled as his hands moved quickly to my breasts, lathering them with soap and fondling them tenderly. I looked down and watched his hands on my breasts, the way he cupped the small mounds, the way he touched the swelling nipples, the way he softly held the stiffening peaks between finger and thumb, teasing them to tingling erection.

“Oh, Michael”, I sighed, and put my head on his shoulder as he caressed me. I reached down and held his penis, moved my hand slowly on him, felt the tip pressing against my stomach. I heard him groan. I stood on tiptoe and slipped him between my legs and then clasped him between my thighs as we embraced. I could feel the rigid length of him under me, my soft lips hugging his shaft, and as we held each other tightly he started to move his hips so that he slid slowly to and fro, to and fro, my heart pounded in my chest. Oh yes, it felt almost as if he was inside me! I could feel my own juices seeping, mixing with the water and anointing him as I gripped him tightly between my thighs.

“Oh, Michael, it feels so lovely!”

His hands moved down my back to hold my buttocks and he thrust faster and with more urgency. I slid my hands down to cup his buttocks and held him and pulled him towards me and we moved together like mirror images as the warm water cascaded over us. I felt my hard nipples rubbing against his chest and sighed in ecstasy; this was absolutely glorious!

Michael emitted a particularly passionate groan and stopped moving, pulling me to an abrupt halt against him. I looked up into his eyes.

“Oh, Jen, that feels so good, I have to stop!”

I snuggled my face against his chest and reached behind me; my fingertips found him and I tenderly caressed the swollen head as it nestled between my buttocks.

“Oh, God, Jen, stop!”

“Not nice?” I asked, but I knew very well that the delicate touch of my fingertips on his pulsing tip was driving him mad with lust.

“Its… fantastic… but if you don’t stop, I’ll come!”

I laughed and kissed him and then stepped back. His penis flicked up from between my legs like a spring to slap against his stomach. I turned off the shower and reached for the towels. We towelled each other dry and I took him by the hand and led him to my bedroom. I had already prepared the scene and had lit some candles and pulled the duvet back. I don’t think Michael was capable of taking in the romantic setting, such was the state of his erection, but at least I could appreciate it! We lay side-by-side on my bed and kissed and I shivered in delight as Michael’s fingertips caressed the soft tips of my breasts. I moved onto my back and looked down to watch the area around my nipples wrinkle and pucker as the peaks stiffened deliciously. Michael bent his head and kissed my neck, my shoulder, and then slowly his lips moved over my chest; I moaned and arched my back, lifting my breasts to meet his mouth. He kissed each nipple in turn and then licked, and finally took my right nipple into his mouth to suck.

I could feel the wetness flooding between my legs and I moaned and parted my thighs and Michael read my mind; his hand moved down over my stomach, his fingertips slipped through the soft curling hair and he cupped me gently. I spread my legs wider and lifted my pelvis up towards his hand and whimpered in delight as I felt him pulling his hand firmly up against me. Oh it felt so good! His fingers started to probe, gently parting my lips and exploring the wetness between them. I gasped with delight at the sensation altıparmak escort and my thighs parted wider as I opened up to his touches. Oh yes! A fingertip slipped inside me, circling, dipping into the soft wet mouth. I strained against him, urging him deeper, “Oh Michael, yes!”

My darling brother took his mouth from my breasts and kissed me. “Jen, tell me what you want me to do, show me”.

“Oh, yes, do that, its lovely!”

Our mouths met and we kissed as his finger slipped deeper and deeper inside me. He started to plunge it in and out rather too quickly and I put my hand over his and guided him, showing him how I wanted him to touch me. My fingers moved alongside his with soft touches, exquisite caresses of the folds and lips; together we explored and found what gave me the keenest sensations. When my lips were swollen and liberally coated with dew I knew I was ready and I took his hand and guided him to my clitoris; I held the hood back with my fingers and positioned his fingertip, showed him how to flick so lightly over the swollen little bud, how to dip down to get more juices as they seeped from me, then back to the bud, oh yes, its so lovely, yes Michael, oh yes its lovely… yes, like that, don’t stop!

I felt his penis pressing insistently against my hip and I reached down and took it in my hand, wrapped my fingers around the stiff shaft and then around the bulbous head and Michael moaned as I squeezed him in time with the movements of his finger tip on my clitoris, Oh, how I wanted to feel that firm head pressing against me, parting my lips, pushing into me the way his finger had penetrated me, oh, he was so big in my hand, would I ever be able to take him into me?

Michael’s fingertip found a lovely rhythm and I trembled and sighed as the thrill flooded deeper into me. He kissed me again and I hungrily sucked his tongue into my mouth and abandoned myself to the wonderful feelings that were growing in me. I could feel ripples of pleasure radiating outwards from my clitoris and then I became aware of other newer sensations that seemed to come from deep inside me and the feelings kept surging to higher and higher peaks of intensity. Oh yes, Michael! I moaned into his mouth and clung to him, oh God Michael yes don’t stop please don’t stop, oh its… oh Michael oh I think… yes, ohhhhh!

I was vaguely aware of the strange noises that I was making and that my lower body was jerking around on the bed like a fish caught in a net, but it seemed almost as if it was someone else. The rest of my mind was acutely focused on the incredible ecstasy between my legs as I experienced my first orgasm. It was happening! I was a woman at last, and oh my God, it was so wonderful! Is this what Michael felt when he grimaced and the sperm started shooting out of him? But he was finished so quickly and yet I was still coming! Oh God, yes, and still more, something deep inside me was convulsing, sending exquisite shivers down my legs.

Suddenly I could take no more of his finger moving on me, I grabbed his hand and clamped my legs tightly on our intertwined fingers. As waves of pleasure pulsed into me I became aware of the flood of wetness between my clenched thighs – I was soaked!

Michael embraced me as I whimpered and lifted my knees up, curling into a tight ball in his arms. As my breathing slowly returned to normal, little aftershocks of sensation continued to surprise me. I didn’t want to move or speak in case it spoiled the moment and I buried my face into his neck. Michael stroked my hair and after a long silence I looked up at him. He smiled lovingly at me. “Oh wow, Jen!”

I grinned at him and giggled. “Wow indeed!”

“Oh, Jen, that was incredible. It was unbelievable! What was it like?”

“It was… “

I shook my head, how could I describe what I had experienced? “It was so wonderful, Michael, can we do it again, like, every day!”

He grinned and kissed me on the forehead. With my head on his chest I looked down and saw his penis, it looked as if it was ready to burst! “Goodness!” I exclaimed, “What are we going to do about this?” I took him in my hand, and on an impulse I wriggled down the bed and pushed him over onto his back. I remembered how he had kissed my neck and then his lips had worked down to my breasts, so I kissed his chest and his little nipple and then slowly moved down his body. I trailed a wet path on his skin with the tip of my tongue and as I went lower I felt him tensing gemlik escort and a soft moan escaped him. My mouth found his navel, I dipped my tongue into it and he shivered. My cheek brushed against something firm and warm and I heard Michael’s sharp intake of breath. I pretended not to notice and continued to lick his navel as my cheek made repeated contact with the tip of his penis. I felt him shift under me; was my wicked brother tilting his pelvis upwards, was he straining to get his penis closer to me? I delighted in teasing him for a few more moments and then, when he had succeeded in getting the end of his penis to within an inch of his navel I tilted my head and gave the tip of his penis a soft kiss.

“Oh Jen!”

I looked up at him. “Like?”

“Oh God, yes!”

I turned my head back to face his rampant penis. I took the shaft in my hand, round the base, and lifted it up from his stomach. A thin thread hung down from its tip in a graceful curve, glistening like gold in the candlelight. I bent my head and kissed him, breaking the thread and feeling its wetness against my lips. Michael’s hands gripped my shoulders, “Oh Jen, Jen!”

I laid my cheek on his stomach and kissed the head, brushing my lips over the firm rounded end, feeling the heat radiating from him, smelling his musky male scent. His seeping juices liberally coated my lips and I wriggled further down the bed and took him lovingly into my mouth!

“Oh, God! Oh God!”

Michael groaned and his fingers tightened their grip on my shoulders. “Oh Jen…”

I held him in my mouth, the excitement of what I was doing making my heart pound in my chest. Michael was obviously in transports of delight; his thighs quivered as he raised his hips, straining to slip further into my mouth. What to do next? I was in unknown territory. I closed my lips around him, enveloping him just below the head, and slowly started to do what seemed instinctive – I started to suck rhythmically on him. As I did so I moved my tongue over the head and Michael gasped, “Oh fuck – yes!” My brother swore! He never swore! I thought for an instant that I had caught him with my teeth but he was groaning in ecstasy and moving his hips up and down, up and down, making very deliberate love to my mouth – he certainly wasn’t in pain!

“Jen, Jen… I… I… I’m going to…. Oh Jen!

Michael pulled at my shoulders, a note of panic in his voice, “Jen!”

I arched my back and resisted his attempts to pull me away, and murmured, “Mmmmmnh” as I tightened my lips round him, hoping he would see that I certainly wasn’t going to stop now, I wanted to repay him for the wonderful pleasure he had given me with my orgasm, an orgasm that I knew I would remember for the rest of my life. Michael let go of my shoulders and fell back on the bed.

“Oh Jen, Jen, aaaaaaaaaaaah!

The movements of his hips suddenly stopped, I felt every muscle in his body tense rigidly beneath me, and then my mouth was filling with warm liquid as Michael spurted again and again; I knew this was going to happen but I hadn’t planned how I would react, what do I do? I threw caution to the winds and swallowed. Within seconds my mouth was full again. I swallowed – Michael, how much more? The flood ceased and I lay with my cheek on Michael’s stomach as his penis throbbed and pulsed between my lips and I knew he was having the same aftershocks that I had experienced. When I was quite sure it was over I slipped my mouth slowly from him and swallowed the last traces. I turned to face him. He had a look on his face that was a mixture of horror, embarrassment and ecstasy.

“Does that rate a ‘Wow’?” I asked.

“Oh God, Jen!” He was obviously perplexed that my mouth was quite empty. He held my face in his hands. “Jen, what… wh…?”

I grinned at him and opened my mouth for him to see inside. “All gone!”

Michael pulled me to him and I snuggled against his chest.

“God, Jen, I never thought, I mean… oh wow!”

I clung to my brother; I could feel his love washing over me as he embraced me.

After a pause I answered the question that I knew he was dying to ask. “It doesn’t taste bad. In fact, I think I could get to like it”.

“Jen, you are disgusting!” But I could tell from the way he hugged me that he was secretly delighted at what I had done.

After another long pause Michael asked, “So, what… what does it taste like?”

“Salty, sort of a creamy salty taste. But there’s a funny bitter taste when you swallow – in the back of the throat.”

“Is it horrid?”

“No, silly, I told you, its not horrid at all. I liked doing it. And I could tell you liked it!”

“Oh Jen, it was unbelievable, I never dreamed…”

I reached up and kissed him softly on the lips. “We have both had something special tonight!”

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