My Brother the Male Stripper

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Note: this story involves cuckolding and humiliation.

My brother Jeff and I have always been very different. I consider myself pretty successful. I graduated from college and became a high school math teacher. I live in a pretty nice three-bedroom house in the suburbs with my wife, Katie. We want to have kids, but it hasn’t happened yet, because our marriage has had its ups and downs. I’ve actually caught her cheating on me a couple times now, but both times she apologized and convinced me to forgive her.

My brother, on the other hand, dropped out of high school and dealt drugs for a little while before discovering he could make more money as a male stripper. He goes to the gym a bunch, so he definitely has the body for it, but I’ve always found it pretty embarrassing.

We had grown apart since I went off to college, but we still talked to each other from time to time. Then one day, I got a text from him saying he was going to be in the city that my town is a suburb of, and asked if I’d be open to him coming over for a visit to catch up.

I wasn’t going to say no to hanging out with my brother, but I did feel a little weird about it. My wife had never met him before, and I didn’t talk about him very much. When I told her about him coming over, she seemed excited to meet him though.

When he came over, I was surprised to find him in a tight-fitting, kind of ridiculous looking police officer’s uniform with short shorts and a shirt that stretched against his muscular torso. “Sorry, bro,” he said at the door, “this is embarrassing, but I just came from a show in the city and I forgot to bring a change of clothes.”

“Oh…um…okay,” I said, a little taken aback. I felt so embarrassed for him and hoped that Katie didn’t judge him too harshly.

I invited him in. Katie’s jaw dropped open when she saw Jeff, then she smiled and laughed a little.

“I know, I know,” Jeff said with a sheepish grin. “I look ridiculous. I came from a show and forgot a change of clothes.”

“Oh, it’s okay,” Katie said. “I think you look great!”

Jeff laughed and thanked her.

“Well, Katie, this is my brother Jeff,” I said, introducing them to each other. “Jeff, this is my wife, Katie.”

“Wow, no offense, bro, but how did you land a beauty like this?” Jeff said, shaking Katie’s hand as she giggled and blushed. I felt myself blushing a little bit too. Jeff just laughed and said, “Just teasing, bro. Seriously, though, you’re a lucky guy.”

“Yes, I am,” I agreed.

I sat down next to Katie on the couch. Jeff took a seat in an arm chair across from us. We chatted a little, then I offered to open a bottle of wine. Katie and Jeff both agreed, so I went to grab the bottle and glasses.

When I came back, they were both laughing. “What’s so funny?” I asked.

“Oh, Katie was just asking what my work was like,” Jeff said. “I was just telling her some stories.”

“It sounds so interesting,” Katie said. “I bet that you’re super popular.”

“Oh, ya know, I do pretty good,” Jeff said modestly.

“Oh please,” Katie said with a laugh. “I bet the ladies absolutely love slipping you tips.”

Jeff laughed. “When they look like you, I don’t mind slipping them a tip of my own, if you know what I mean.”

They both laughed. “Okay, okay,” I said, getting a little uncomfortable.

“Aw, sorry, my brother always gets awkward about this kind of stuff, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about,” Jeff said.

“Oh, definitely,” Katie agreed. “Lucas isn’t very…sex-positive.”

I blushed. “Come on, honey, I’m sex-positive,” I said. “I just think there’s a time and a place, ya know?”

“Oh, Kartal escort we’re all adults,” Katie said dismissively. “Anyway, Jeff, how long have you been…performing?”

“Oh, a few years now,” Jeff said. “I actually got my start while Lucas was in college.” He looked over at me with a smile. “One of my first shows was at a frat party at Lucas’s school.”

“Oh really? That’s interesting,” Katie said, then asked me, “Did you see him perform, honey?”

“Um…yes,” I said reluctantly.

Jeff laughed. “Oh, he saw me perform all right,” he said. “That was a wild night.”

“What do you mean?” Katie asked.

Jeff looked at me with a confident smirk. “Go ahead, tell her.”

I sighed. “I mean, I don’t really like to talk about it, but since you brought it up,” I said resentfully. “My brother here, um, gave my girlfriend at the time a lap dance, and then, uh, took things a little too far.”

Katie laughed. “Too far? What does that mean?”

I blushed. “Ya know, he…” I began awkwardly. She looked at me expectantly, waiting for me to finish the sentence. “Okay, okay, he fucked my girlfriend in front of everybody at the party.”

Katie and Jeff burst out laughing. “That girl was wild, bro, she really loved putting on a show.”

“That makes me feel better,” Katie said. “At least I’m not the first woman to cheat on him.”

Jeff raised his eyebrows.

“Honey…” I said, wishing she hadn’t told my brother that.

“Oh, sweetie, it’s fine, he’s your own brother,” Katie said. She turned to Jeff. “I mean, I’m not exactly proud of it, but you know how it is, women have needs, right?”

“Definitely,” Jeff said. “Believe me, I’ve met so many girls at the club who are looking for something they’re boyfriends can’t give them.”

“And I’m sure you’re happy to provide it to them,” Katie said with a laugh.

“You know it,” Jeff said suggestively.

“Well…” Katie said thoughtfully, sipping from her wine glass. “Since you’re already in your costume, I’d love to see you put on a show. You know, if you don’t mind.”

“Hell no, I don’t mind,” Jeff said. “Put on some music, I’ll show you my moves.”

“Um, I dunno,” I said softly. “I don’t feel totally comfortable…”

Katie rolled her eyes. “Ignore him,” she said, picking up her phone to play some music.

“Here, come on and sit in my chair, baby,” Jeff said, standing up and offering her his armchair.

Katie giggled and moved over to the chair. She watched in delight as my brother began shaking his hips and dancing. She began clapping and cheering him on.

“Um, guys…” I objected weakly, but they could barely hear me over the music.

Jeff slowly unbuttoned his shirt, peeled his shirt off, and swung it around over his head, to Katie’s whooping. He smiled down at her and winked, then tossed her the shirt. She grabbed it and laughed. I could see her eyes moving up and down his muscular chest and abs, and she bit her lower lip a little the way I knew she did when she got turned on.

“Okay, I think that’s enough fun,” I said.

Jeff glanced over at me. “Are you kidding me?” he said. “I gotta show your wife my lap dance skills.”

“Whoo!” Katie cheered him on.

Jeff slowly danced over to her, then spread his legs so that he was kind of straddling her. He took Katie’s hands and put them on his abs. She happily rubbed up and down his torso as he danced on her. Then he got up on either side of the chair, his crotch thrusting back and forth in front of her face. She just laughed and squealed and clapped. Then, in one quick movement, Jeff tore his shorts off, revealing that he was wearing a jock Kurtköy Escort strap that barely contained his bulge.

“Whoo!” Katie hooted again, then looked over at me. “Honey, get me some dollar bills from your wallet, quick!”

“But…honey…” I said weakly. She shot me a stern glance, and I sheepishly trudged over to where I kept my wallet and pulled out a few dollar bills. As I handed them to Katie, I looked up at Jeff, who gave me a wink. I felt myself turning red and went to sit back down.

“Yes, baby!” Katie said encouragingly as she slipped a couple dollar bills in the waistband of Jeff’s jock strap. Then she looked up at him with a mischievous smile and, sliding a few more dollar bills in, she “accidentally” pulled his jock strap down so that his semi-hard dick flopped out. “Oh, wow,” she said.

“Bad girl,” Jeff said, but he was laughing and shaking his dick around in her face.

“I can see Lucas got the, um, short end of the stick genetically,” Katie said with a laugh, staring at his stiffening cock. It was true, his 8 inches were much more impressive than my 3 inches.

“You like it?” Jeff asked her.

“I love it,” she said, then reached up and took it in one of her hands, bringing the tip to her lips. She glanced over at me. “You don’t mind, do you, honey?”

Before I could answer, she was kissing and beginning to suck on my brother’s cock. “Um…I kind of do mind, sweetie,” I said.

Katie just rolled her eyes and kept sucking. Jeff turned to look back at me and said confidently, “Please, bro. It was obvious from the second I walked in that your wife wanted my cock. When are you gonna learn women aren’t gonna settle for your little shrimp dick? Just let her have a little fun, it’s no big deal.” As he spoke, he was pushing Katie’s head onto his cock until she was deepthroating him and gagging. “Yeah, that’s right,” he said, turning his attention back to her. “Choke on that cock, you naughty little slut.”

When he let her go, she pulled off and looked up at him with a smile. “Let’s continue this in my husband’s bed.”

Jeff happily jumped down from the chair and let Katie lead him to the bedroom. Before he walked in, he looked back at me and said, “You can come in and watch if you feel like it.”

I sat there on the couch and listened to Katie’s moans for a little while, in disbelief that this was happening again. Then I reluctantly got up and walked down the hall. I stood in the bedroom doorway and saw my wife, completely naked, riding my brother reverse-cowgirl. She was moaning as her breasts bounced up and down. When she saw me, she smiled. “Hi, baby!” she said.

“Hi,” I said softly.

Jeff gripped Katie’s waist as she rode him. He grinned at me. “Just like old times, right, bro?” he asked me.

“Whatever,” I said.

Jeff laughed. “When I fucked his girlfriend at the party,” he explained to Katie, “we snuck off to a bedroom so that Lucas didn’t have to watch. But then a crowd formed in the bedroom, and after a while Lucas slinked over with his tail between his legs to watch too.”

Katie laughed. “You like seeing your women get used by your big brother, honey?”

“No,” I said softly, but my hand was rubbing my crotch through my jeans. I was still pissed off, but that didn’t stop me from getting turned on at seeing my jock brother fucking my tight-bodied wife.

“Aww, sweetie, don’t be embarrassed,” Katie said. “Look at how deep your brother’s dick goes inside me.”

I stared as she slowly slid down Jeff’s lengthy cock. “I can’t believe I married such a slut,” I said resentfully. “This is the third guy you’ve cheated on me with.”

Katie Pendik Escort laughed again. “Um, I’m sorry, honey, but it’s been way more guys than that,” she said. “Those are just the ones you caught me with.”

“What?” I said in shock. “This is ridiculous.”

“Oh whatever, it’s fine,” Katie said. “Now that I know you like it, I’m happy to do it right in front of you. I bet the other guys won’t mind.”

“I don’t like it,” I whined.

“Really?” Jeff interjected with a laugh. “Is that why you’re rubbing your little hard-on?”

“Shut up,” I said.

“Dude, just accept that you’re a useless cuck and jerk off already,” Jeff said.

I watched as he flipped Katie over on her back and spread her legs. His muscular ass thrust in and out of her as her legs wrapped around him. “Ohhh, Jeff, yessss, fuck me, you stud!” Katie cried.

Since neither of them were paying any attention to me, I decided it wouldn’t be too humiliating to slide my hand into my pants and start stroking. I told myself it was just like watching porn, even if it was my brother and my wife.

Eventually, they glanced over at me and saw me furiously jerking off. They both laughed. “Don’t worry, honey,” Katie said. “I’ll put on a lot more shows for you. You’ll enjoy that, won’t you?”

“Whatever,” I said.

“You’re being such a bad girl,” Jeff said to my wife. “Get on all fours, you need a spanking.”

“Oooh, yes, sir,” Katie said submissively.

She got on her hands and knees and Jeff began fucking her from behind. He grinned at me and slapped her ass. “Don’t worry, bro, I’m punishing your bad little slut wife for you.”

“Oh fuck,” I said softly, my fist moving up and down rapidly in my pants. “Spank her harder, bro. Turn that ass red.” I knew I was getting too caught up in this and I would probably regret it later, but I could no longer hide how much I was getting off on this.

Katie just smiled at me, knowing she had me right where she wanted me. “Oh god, yessss,” she moaned as Jeff spanked her firmly a few more times. Then he gripped her butt with both hands and started really fucking her. “Ohhh…oh god,” Katie moaned. “That’s it, pound my tight pussy like a real fucking man,” Katie moaned.

“Fuck yeah,” Jeff groaned. “You’re gonna cum on this big dick, aren’t you? Go ahead, show my little brother what you need.”

“Ohhhh yessss!” Katie cried, gripping our bedsheets and staring me in the face as she came.

“Fuuuuck, you wanna see me blow my load in your wife’s pussy, bro?” Jeff asked.

I just bit my lip and kept jerking off.

“Say it,” Jeff ordered me.

“Fuck,” I said. “Yes, I want to see you pump your load into my fucking slut wife. Give this cheating whore what she needs.”

“Awww yeahhhh, bro, here it comes, fuuuuuuuuuck yeahhhhh,” Jeff groaned. I watched as he slammed his cock into my wife and held it there as he pumped his seed inside her.

“Nnnngghh,” I moaned, squirting my load into my underwear.

“Mmmmm,” Katie sighed as Jeff slapped her ass again triumphantly and slid out of her. They lay down in my bed and cuddled there. “How long are you in town for, sexy?”

Jeff laughed. “A few days,” he said. “I got a hotel, but something makes me think I don’t need it anymore.”

“Fuck no,” Katie said. “You’re gonna stay right here with us.” She glanced over at me. “Honey, you can sleep on the couch, okay?”

I sighed, coming down from my orgasm. “I can’t believe this,” I whined. “I’m your own husband.”

“If you keep complaining, I’m not going to let you watch anymore,” Katie said sternly.

I sighed. “Okay, fine,” I said. I left them to cuddle in my bed while I set up a bed on the couch. That night, I was woken up to the sound of the headboard banging against the wall and my wife moaning on my brother’s dick again. My hand slid into my underwear, and I told myself I might as well get used to this.

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