My brother lover

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Big Dicks

I was scared and excited and horny as a boy could be. I had just recently discovered my own cock and was pretty happy about that. My brother and I shared a room. Bunkbeds to be exact. I had heard him playing with himself up on top a few times and that made me feel things that helped me to find out what made my own cock feel good. One night I heard him up there moaning and groaning. The bed was shaking like crazy. I knew what he was doing and so I began to fiddle with my own cock

I got so into what i was doing, I wasn’t listening to him anymore. I didn’t realize that he had stopped or at least eased off on his own cock and was looking over the edge of the bed at me.

I was cumming hard when i noticed him looking over the edge of the bed. He didnt say anything. He went back up and we just went to sleep. During the next day I kept thinking about him watching me and I kept getting hard. That night I lay on bed fiddling my cock and getting harder. I found out later that my brother was listening and peeking over the edge. He was waiting for me to get so horny that I would agree to anything.

Once I was completely horned up, he slithered down from the top bunk. I was startled and not sure what to do but I noticed his hard cock and just thought it would be ok. I kept staring at his cock which was bigger than mine by a little but really big around. He was looking at my cock too. And asked if I wanted to touch his if he touched mine.

I was shaking with excitement and anticipation. slowly I reached over and wrapped my hand around his cock. It was big and hard so i could barely get my fingers around it. He reached over and sort of examined my cock. As he did I slowly began to slide his skin up and down his cock.

He got very excited by this and stopped feeling my cock. I let go of his cock and started to pretend like I was rolling over to go to sleep. He nearly flipped out. “What are you stopping for?” If you arent gonna play with me I’m not playing with you.


He said it was so hard to concentrate when I was pulling his cock. I wouldn’t give in, although I would have played with his cock all night. He grabbed my cock and jerked it like I was jerking his. We were so horny we would have tried anything if we had any idea what to try. So we jerked each other every chance we got.


One night he came down to my bed with a porno mag. Now I had seen naked girls in mags before. This was a sex book. I wish I still had it. It was called “The Danish Pornography Report. It showed everything. We flipped through the pages as we flipped each others cocks.

[ ]

There were men fucking women. women sitting on men’s cocks, women sucking mens cocks and even women licking womens pussies. We were jerking fast and hard at this point. When we turned the next page we both nearly came together. It was bursa üniversiteli escort a guy sucking another guy’s cock. Why the fuck hadn’t we thought of that?


He gathered up the nerve to ask if I wanted to try that as he pointed to the book. I will if you will I said. He ask me to try it first. I’m not sure why but I was on his cock quick. First a pensive lick. Then I tasted the precum leaking from the tip. It was salty sweet and I was hooked. I took his dickhead into my mouth and sucked a little. He nearly went crazy. I sucked harder trying to get more precum out of him. It tasted so good so I took more of him in my mouth. He was moaning like crazy. I was afraid we would get caught. As I countinued to suck his cock I began to more up and down like we did with our hands


Soon he was moving his cock in and out of my mouth. I was loving it. I felt so powerful. I could feel him quickening the pace like when we jerked and were about to cum. Finally he let out a moan and shot his load in my mouth and down my chin I sucked every drop out of him and sucked some more. I couldn’t wait till it was my turn.

So after i finished sucking him off he gave me some bullshit about being tired and proceeded to slink back up top. I jerked myself off but was very disappointed. The next night I was diddling my cock and making no secret of what was going on. I know he was thinking about getting his cock sucked again. I was getting pretty wound up myself but I wasn’t going to suck him until he sucked me. Finally he couldn’t stand it anymore and practically fell down from the top bunk. He started jerking my cock and I jerked his. We got real wound up and he was begging me to suck him again. He was even buttering me up saying how he never came so good. I wanted my cock sucked this time, but I really liked sucking his. I took his cock in my mouth and sucked it just like last night. I licked him a few times and then I work my way from his head iny mouth to taking all that I could. He was going crazy so I must have been pretty good. As soon as he started pumping back at me I took my mouth off of his cock. “What are you doing?” I told him that i wasnt sucking anymore till I got my cock sucked.


I told him that it better be good and he better make me cum or we would never do this again. This was a lie of course. I really liked sucking his cock. Now that I haven’t done it in all of these years i realize how much I want to suck a cock again. Anyway he finally gave in and started licking my cock. I really liked when he licked up the underside. He did this for what seemed like forever. Finally I said that he had better get on with it or else.

Finally he began sucking on the tip of my cock and tongueing the hole in the end. I didnt think it couldnt get any better. Then he sucked my head escort bayan into his mouth. He bobbed up and down on just the head for a minute while he sucked hard on it. I was in heaven! All of the sudden he took my whole cock and I flipped. I nearly came right then. I had gotten the feeling that he had done this before. He sucked long and hard. I found myself wanting his cock to suck on. I pushed him off my cock and move aroind so I could suck him as he sucked me.


We sucked long and hard. For some reason i could last longer if I was sucking him while he sucked me. Maybe it was because I was concentrating on his cock. Any way we went on like this for a while and finally I could feel the cum starting to rise in me and he must have been getting there too because his cock got huge in my mouth. All of the sudden he blew his load into my mouth and I swallowed as much as i could. I came right after him. It was an interesting feeling. Trying to get all of his cum and trying to give him all of mine at thi same time


We did this for several month. One night he brought another mag to our room. This one had all guys. The first bunch of pages were guys suckng guys. My God it was hot. As we flipped further through we started to see guys fucking other guys. That made my cock instantly hard. The odd thing was that while I was turned on by the prospect of fucking, my first thought was of getting fucked. That night we played and sucked like we usually did and went to sleep. I think he was just planting the seed.


We went on like this for a few weeks. Sometimes sucking each other seperately and sometimes 69. One night after savoring his load he began to suck me. Slowly at first then deeper and harder. I was feeling really good when he took some of the cum leaking from the end of his cock on his finger and began to play with my asshole. The feeling was incredible

Gradually he worked further and further into my tight hole gently massaging as he did. As he worked his finger in and out of ass I could feel myself relaxing more and more. He sucked me and pumped his finger in and out of me until I blew the biggest load I ever shot. He swallowed every drop continuing to suck as he did. I finally had to push him off of my cock.

Both completely spend, we went to sleep. After that we always massaged each others hole when we sucked. We both knew that what we were preparing the other for although we never said it. One night as we jerked and played with he just sort of layed me on my back and pushed my legs way up overy head. Before I knew what was happening, he was down licking my asshole. I never felt anything like that before. I grabbed my cock and started jerking myself like a crazy person. He pushed my hand off of my cock and took over jerking my cock.

The next night we were jerking and sucking escort bursa and finger fucking like we had been when i told him I wanted to try a taste of his ass. I rolled him over lifted him to his knees and collected all of the precum i could from both our cocks. And slathered it on his ass. I dove in straight away, first licking then tonguing his tight ass. I was even able to suck some of the precum out of his hole. That really turned me on. I grabbed his cock, my cock and shoved my tongue in and out of his ass fast and hard. I suddenly felt his balls and my ball tighten at the same time. His asshole was gripping and puckering on my tongue. All of the sudden we both came and his asshole quivered madly. We had created an amazing puddle of cum. Without a word,we both rolled and wallowed in the puddle we created and smeared it on each other.

After that we used our cum on each other alot. One night while we jerked and fingered he moved me to my hands and knees and began to use our precum ony asshole. I couldn’t wait for him to eat my ass. I closed my eyes and waited for his soft tongue. What I felt next wasn’t his tongue. I felt the knob of his cock pressing on my hole. Gently he pressed against my tigh ass as if waiting to see if I would protest. I pressed back against his cock to let him know I was willing.


His precum was flowing freely from his cock helping to pave the way. I pressed back more and he pushed to match. His knob popped into my hole and we both growned with pleasure. I pushed back onto his cock and forced him into my ass further. In and out we moved together and apart driving deeper and deeper with each motion. Finally he was deep inside me and we were able to quicken the pace. I was in heaven and it seemed as if he was too. I met his every push until I could feel his balls banging against mine. We pumped and pumped as i jerked my own cock. Faster and faster we slammed until I didnt feel his balls anymore as they tightened up to shoot his load into my eager asshole.


I felt his cum in my ass in hot jets. The sensation was incredible. I used whatever muscles I could control in my ass to milk his cock. Somehow I hadn’t cum yet though i dont know how. Probably concentrating on the incredible pleasure I was experiencing in my ass. As he pull out of my ass and i felt a whole new sensation of pleasure. His cum ran out of my ass and down my leg. I scooped up as much as I could and smeared it on my cock. Knowing what I wanted he scooped up the rest from my ass and leg and pushed it into his asshole. He turned around and offered me his ass up for my use. I pushed the knob against his ass and he didnt hesitate to push back until I was in him. He pulled off and jammed back again deeper and deeper until Iwas fully in his ass. I fucked back to meet him over and over. I could feel my cum loading up I my balls and suddenly I blew my load deep on his ass. When he came in my ass he continued to pump. When I came I pushed all the way in his ass as far as I could. Over and over I could feel the squirts of cum deep in his ass. Together we both collapsed,fully spent


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