My Brother and His Boyfriend Ch. 03

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• PART 1: LARS •

“Mmm, good morning, babe,” I turned around and gave my boyfriend a kiss.

Aaron had finally found the guts to ask his dad if he could spend the night at my place and he had agreed. My parents, of course, had nothing against it. So there we both lay in my twin-sized bed, naked, with our arms around each other.

“Morning,” he said with a smile, squinting his eyes.

“Shit, it’s late, we gotta be in school in less than an hour,” I said checking the time.

I got out of bed, walked to the door and heard Aaron say, “You’re just gonna go out like that?”

“Of course, I live here.”

I walked to the bathroom and washed up. Feeling groggy, I headed to the kitchen, still naked, hoping there’d be some coffee there.

“Finally, I was coming to wake you up,” my dad said in Norwegian. We had moved to the States for my mom’s new hot-shot job; and for now he was a stay-at-home dad responsible for the house and chauffeuring us around. In his Levi’s and New Balance shoes, he really pulled off “all-American dad” pretty well. “Hurry up, I can drive you to school.”

“Good morning,” I heard Aaron say as he walked in the kitchen barefoot. I noticed he’d dared to be a bit more risqué than usual, wearing only the short shorts I got him the other day and a flimsy tank top.

“Morning,” I said again and gave him a big kiss. He tried to pull back after a second, but I held him back and carried on for at least five more seconds, thrusting my tongue in and out of his mouth. My cock did a little twitch.

“You guys have a quick bite to eat and we can go, I’ll go get everything else ready,” Dad said and walked out.

“Oh I want a bite of something, but it’s not breakfast,” I said smiling. “Come here,” I said and pulled Aaron by the hand, taking him to the living room. I fell back on the couch and pulled him on top of me.

“We have to go,” he reminded me.

“We will, in a couple of minutes,” I said and kissed him. “You know how I get in the morning.”

We started kissing passionately and after a couple of minutes we were both fully hard. I could feel both of our dicks wedged next to each other against our bellies. We kissed as Aaron played with my nipples and I slid my right hand down his shorts and gave his ass a squeeze.

“C’mon, time to go,” we heard my dad say, standing in the living room. I felt Aaron’s whole body jump, but I didn’t move a muscle, not even my hand down his shorts.

“A few more minutes, Dad, please,” I begged.

“FIVE minutes, and not a second more,” he said and walked out of the room.

“Dude, what the Bursa escort bayan fuck?” Aaron asked.

“I think five minutes is more than enough for us.”

“But your dad…”

“What, you think he was never 18?”

I grabbed his head and pulled him back into a kiss; we had no time to waste. He lay on top of me and we both kissed with our eyes closed, as we reached for our dicks and started jerking ourselves off. I started kissing him more aggressively, as I jerked my dick and squeezed Aaron’s ass to pull him closer. After a minute, we both looked at each other’s eyes and knew we were ready.

“Don’t be too loud,” he said.

We both came at the same time, trying to maintain eye contact and not moan too loudly. Aaron’s cum dripped down on my belly, as did mine.

“Okay, time’s up,” Dad walked in and said, as Aaron slumped down on me, our bellies stuck together by a puddle of cum. “Get dressed and we’re going.”

“Right away,” I said as he left, and I grabbed some tissues. “No time for a shower, I guess.” I scooped up some of our mixed cum, and put my finger in Aaron’s mouth.

• PART 2: ELI •

It was turning out to be one of the most stressful weeks at the office in a long time. I was so busy that I felt like I had no time for anything else. Luckily, my sons seemed capable of taking care of themselves. Noah seemed obsessed with college applications, and Aaron was spending every free minute with his boyfriend, so I’m sure they were happy not to have Dad breathing down their necks. As for Kimberly, we’d only been seeing each other casually, but I still felt guilty for not having made any time to see her for a couple of weeks now.

The e-mails were coming in faster than I could ever hope to reply to them, so I closed my browser in frustration. I looked at the pile of mail stacked on my desk, some of it backed up for weeks. I took a letter opener and started going through it, mostly invitations for events I had no intention of attending, most of which had already taken place. I opened a letter with the elegant logo of my upscale gym and almost discarded it, when I noticed it was a certificate for a free massage.

I couldn’t remember the last time I’d gotten a massage, it must’ve been years. This was turning out to be a hell of a day and it wasn’t even noon yet, and if there was ever a time I needed a professional massage, it was now. I grabbed my phone and called up the spa. They said I was lucky, I would usually need to book much further in advance, but one therapist had a cancelation, so if I wanted to see Thiago at 7, he’d be able to see me. Escort Antalya “Perfect,” I replied.


I was so busy for the next few hours that I’d forgotten all about the appointment, until I got a reminder on my phone at 6:45. I took my glasses off, rubbed my eyes, and left the office. I only had to walk for one block to get to the gym, and I took the elevator to the top floor where the spa was. I was told to wait in the waiting room, equipped with magazines, cucumber water and soft music, and Thiago would be right with me.

I’d only gotten a few massages when I was younger, and they were all by female therapists. Well, the word “therapist” is a bit generous, as some of them were at some pretty seedy parlors, offering the release I needed when I felt particularly horny. This was completely different, though. I was approached by a handsome Brazilian who looked to be around 30, with perfect teeth, a dark complexion, and a smooth soft voice.

He took me to the massage room, which was very small, but elegant. He asked if there was any part I’d like him to focus on; I said the back of my neck and my legs (I’d been doing a lot of cardio lately to shake some weight off, without stretching properly afterwards, for which I was now paying the price).

Thiago left the room and I undressed, lay down on my stomach, and covered my butt with the soft white towel provided. As I lay there naked, listening to the relaxing music playing, I exhaled deeply and already felt myself starting to relax.

He came back a couple of minutes later, adjusted the towel around my butt, and started by rubbing some warm oil on my shoulders. He asked if the pressure was right.

“Feel free to go as hard as you can,” I moaned.

Their strategy of offering you a free massage so you come back for more totally worked on me. Ten minutes in, I had already decided I would make this a bi-weekly occurrence. I could tell Thiago had had years of training, he was hitting all the right spots on my neck and back. I was starting to audibly moan with pleasure.

“Aww,” I yelled particularly loudly, as he hit a knot on my back. “Sorry,” I apologized a few seconds later.

“Don’t worry,” he said, still in his relaxing smooth voice. “You can be as loud as you want, these walls are soundproof.”

He moved down my back and I started to sweat. The oil had the nice scent of honey, which filled up the room.

As he kept moving down, Thiago let his fingertips go inside my towel the tiniest bit, meeting my buttocks and working on my lower back. After a few minutes, I heard him move and felt Manavgat escort him pick up one of my feet.

I hadn’t realized my feet had been in constant discomfort until now. As he started rubbing them, I finally felt the pleasure of being fully relaxed, and my moans were constant by now.

Thiago moved up to my calves, and then my thighs, which were also in desperate need of a good rubdown. As his fingers gripped my big hairy thighs, I felt all my knots disappear. He would reach everywhere, and to feel him touch the inside of my thighs sent shivers to other parts of my body as well. Then, he took the towel, unwrapped it, and uncovered one side of my buttock, letting himself work up from my thighs all the way to my lower back. His fingers would touch my ass, which I’d never let another man do up to that point. I felt a slight stir in my dick, and I hoped not to get an erection while on the massage table.

Thiago did my other buttock as well, and then asked me to turn over. He made sure the towel was set and in its place, and went to massaging the front of my legs again. As he started at the bottom and worked his way up, his touch kept sending more jolts to my dick. His fingers reached up, less than an inch away from my balls. Before I knew it, I realized I was fully hard.

I opened my eyes for the first time since the massage had started and looked down. Sure enough, I had a visible tent in my towel, very obviously erect.

“I’m sorry,” I muttered quietly.

“No problem,” Thiago said while still rubbing my legs. “Happens all the time.”

Before I closed my eyes again, I saw Thiago make eye contact for a split second. I decided he’s perfect for this job, not only because of what he can do with his fingers, but also because of his soft-spokenness and warm look in his hazel eyes.

Thiago washed his hands and finished off with a scalp massage, which really was the cherry on top of a perfect hour. He left me to change back into my clothes, and I saw a small piece of dark chocolate and a thank-you note on the counter. I walked out, surprised and disappointed to find the outside world the same as it had been an hour ago. I left a $100 tip for Thiago at the reception, and walked out.


Once in the street, I reached for my phone to make a call.

“Hello, Kim?”

“Why hello there, stranger!” I heard her always-cheerful voice exclaim.

“Listen, I’m sorry I suck at this getting-back-in-touch thing, you can’t even imagine how busy we’ve been at work. I know it’s really spontaneous, but I was wondering, if you’re not doing anything, if you wanna meet for a drink tonight?”

A few seconds of silence. “A drink or a fuck?” she asked, seeing right through me.

“Well, I was hoping both,” I said with a smile.

“Let me get dressed, I can meet you downtown in about 40 minutes. Text me the name of the place.”

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