My Boss’s Wife and I

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It was mid October 2007. I was working at the shop during the week when I got a visit from my boss. He told me he was going to France at the weekend to watch the rugby world cup final in Paris. He told me that his wife was annoyed with him as it was the first weekend he had had off in a while and he was spending money that he should have been saving going off to France on a piss up.

“She is not really talking to me,” he said.

“I wouldn’t worry mate, it will be worth it, and I wish I was able to go!” I replied

The following day I received a phone call from my boss’s wife who was involved in a lot of the day to day running of the shop. We chatted about shop stuff for a bit before Erika asked me,

“What are you up to this weekend Jon?”

“Oh, I’m not doing much this weekend, I’m not visiting my girlfriend at Uni this weekend so I will probably just stay in” I replied

“I see, well I’m not doing much this weekend either”

“Yeah, I heard Jason was going to Paris to watch the rugby?” I said

“Oh Yeah that’s right, spending more money we don’t have! I’ll be looking after his son, on my own again and then I’ll be tucking myself into a cold bed while he has a good time in France!” she moaned

“You will have to find yourself a young hunk to keep you warm and tuck you in on Saturday night then?” I suggested

“Yeah right” she laughed “are you free on Saturday night then Jon?” she asked

“Very funny Erika, but I said a hunk didn’t I?”

Erika laughed. I always had a kind of crush on her; she was a good looking woman, very short but had a very good shapely, curvy figure and a pretty face. She was Slovakian as well so had a nice eastern European accent to her voice. She spoke perfect English. I had never thought about trying it on with her but was not opposed to having a bit of harmless flirting with her but after all she was my boss’s wife and he was massive so it would be a huge mistake if I overstepped the mark so said nothing more.

“Your pretty hunky Jon, it’s a shame you have a girlfriend”

“And you have a husband Erika, you should know better” I said

My girlfriend was away at uni so it would be fair to say I was quite sexually frustrated a lot of the time, especially now having not seen her for nearly two weeks.

“Oh well” she said “Can’t blame a girl for trying can you?”

“Maybe I’ll call your bluff and just turn up and surprise you Erika”

“Now wouldn’t that be exciting Jon” she replied

“Haha” I laughed “I’m sure you would run a mile, well, just shut the door on me”

“Well we will probably never know will we, unless you try” she giggled “Anyway, I just wanted to check everything was alright in the shop? There isn’t anything else you need is there Jon?”

“No, only a cold shower Erika!” I joked

“You can have one at my house when you come round Saturday if you like Jon”

“Don’t tempt me” I said

“Ok I’ll stop!” she replied “right, I better go Jon”

“Ok, I’ll see you Saturday night maybe?” I laughed at my own joke

“You know where I am” She laughed, “Bye Jon”


Well I couldn’t believe that conversation, she was a lovely woman and I often thought Jason took her a bit for granted but now I was thinking all sorts of dirty things about her. I resisted the temptation to wank off about it later but did had trouble getting to sleep that night thinking about all those forbidden possibilities, but then she was only joking right?

All Saturday morning I had been thinking about the conversation I’d had with Erika the previous day, and I was really horny, I promised myself I would definitely wank off about her that night. In the afternoon I had watched a film on TV and it was quite a steamy film, it had got me thinking about Erika again and I began to imagine the two characters in the film being her and I during one of the sex scenes and I soon became struck on an idea, I would send her a text this afternoon, I knew that Jason was away now and thought I would word it in such a way that it could be considered a joke, or at least I could pass it off as a joke if I needed to. So I text her:

“Hi Erika, hope you are having a good weekend on your lonesome. I wondered what type of wine you liked so I can bring it l8r? Jon x”

Oh my god, what had I done, still she will probably just see the funny side

I didn’t hear anything back from Erika for about an hour and a half before she finally replied. I looked at my phone and saw it said Erika mobile and I smiled, but I was a little nervous”

“Sorry Jon, I was slopping around in a nice warm, wet bath, getting myself all clean! How come you want to bring wine, do you think I’ll do anything after a glass or two? E x x x”

Blimey she was trying to call my bluff wasn’t she? Two can play at that game

“Nice image Erika. Very nice! I’ll bring a couple of bottles then shall I? Hope you have left enough hot water, you might need another bath if I come around! Jon X

That should shut her up.

“Cant wait Jon! But then I think you are all mouth and no trousers! Urfa Escort Let’s hope you are as brave later on. I think you will be too chicken! X x x x”

“Wow” I said out loud. I think she might even be serious, I ain’t a chicken, and maybe I should call her bluff again this evening! I text her back, this couldn’t fail to get her juices flowing!

“Let’s hope I will be all mouth and no trousers later on as well! You too x x”

I didn’t expect to hear back from her but she soon replied

“I need another bath already Jon. I’m starting to enjoy Jason being away! See you later! Hopefully x x x”

God she was messing with my head. I had decided I would probably go round there, just to make her jump and have a laugh of course, surely this was just flirting gone a bit too far, but then I didn’t want to pass up an opportunity like this did I?

* * * * * * * *

I was in the shower, getting myself all clean and tidy now. I had decided that I thought their was a strong possibility that our texting was more than a joke and I thought that even if it started as a joke, I was very keen on putting it into practice which is why I had text her in the first place. She had text back in a similar fashion, in fact you could say that even though I text first it was Erika who had taken the lead in the texting. I was pretty sure that even if she hadn’t meant to flirt so much in the first place she couldn’t have helped getting a little wet and horny thinking about it. Christ I was hard as hell thinking about it, she must surely have been getting turned on too?

Well I thought, it’s worth a try. I’m going to go around tonight and test my theory, I could always try and pass it off as a joke, and I’m sure she wouldn’t tell Jason if I was wrong. So the only possibilities were: one, me being wrong and getting knocked back entirely, with personal embarrassment (I could take that I thought) and two, I could be right and end up in her knickers like I wanted? Would you take the risk? I was going too.

I told my folks I was going around Jason’s as he had invited me around to watch the rugby. I didn’t tell them that he had actually gone to France to watch it.

I decided to drive so if things went wrong I could always disappear for a few hours and come back home later and no one would be any the wiser, except me and Erika, my bosses wife.

I’m 5 foot 10 and a half, have medium length, brown scruffy hair. I am slim, with a fairly athletic figure; I’m not toned to perfection but look pretty good none the less. Erika must be about 5 foot 2, has light brown hair which she wears down. It sits just above her shoulders. She as I said before, has a nice curvy figure; her breasts look a nice size, more than just a good handful there. Well, that’s what it looked like from what I’d seen of her to date.

It was now or never, no backing out now Jon, the last thing I want is for her to be waiting for me, and I’d never get the chance again if I looked like knocking her back.

I checked myself out in the mirror once more, I was wearing a pair of tight grey jeans which my girlfriend told me my bum looked great in, I was wearing a black round necked t shirt with thin white lines going from side to side and I put a plain black Ralph Lauren polo shirt on top of that. My hair looked ok, I’d put a couple of condoms in my wallet and splashed a little CK1 on my face, I was ready, but was Erika?

* * * * * * * * *

I pulled up just around the corner from Erika ad Jason’s house about nine pm. I had had to leave home about 7 to make sure everyone at home thought I had gone to watch the rugby. You see Erika and Jason have a two and a bit year old boy so I wanted t make sure he was gone to bed. In the two hours since I’d left home I had gone to the wine merchant in town and bought a couple of bottles of decent white wine. I’d then sat in my car reading the text messages we had sent each other in order, just in case I had completely read the situation wrongly, I was pretty sure I hadn’t, in fact I was certain I hadn’t. This was it, now or never. So I got out my car and walked around to the house, I didn’t know what to expect, or what to say, I just thought it would come naturally.

I paused outside the door, took a deep breath, pulled my shoulders back and knocked.

I waited for a good minute before I knocked again, within a few moments Erika opened the door and peered out. She smiled when she saw me and I smiled back.

“Hello Jon, sorry I was just checking Cameron was asleep before I opened the door.”

“Hey, you alright?”

“Yeah I’m fine thanks, you?” she seemed nervous

“Yeah I’m good thanks” I was now very unsure

“So, you want to come in?” she gave a half smile


Erika ushered me in and I got to see what she was wearing for the first time. She was wearing a pair of tight jeans which hugged her curves perfectly and a pair of black shoes with a nice two inch heel. She wore a black shirt which was opened a few buttons. It allowed me a good look at her ample cleavage. I had only seen Erika Urfa Escort Bayan wearing a cleavage showing top once or twice in the three years I had known her and it showed off her wonderful body well, she looked hot!

“I see you bought a bottle of wine then?” she smiled broadly. “Yes, sure did. Erika you look fantastic tonight!” I smiled back, trying to put her at ease.

“Thanks, you look pretty good yourself Jon. . . Now, shall we go into the kitchen and open that wine?” She walked off quickly; I could tell she was nervous. I kicked of my shoes by the front door and followed her into the kitchen.

I thought, “this is silly, she text me back, she looks like she has dressed up too, she invited me in, she obviously is curious too so why don’t I just be open with her” so I decided to just be honest.

“I hope, me texting you wasn’t a problem?”

She turned to look at me

“Not at all Jon, it’s nice to have a man show some interest in how I’m feeling for a change!” she gave me a wistful smile “I wish Jason made more of an effort, otherwise I wouldn’t be so flattered by another man” she smiled another nervous smile.

“That’s good, I mean, if you don’t feel comfortable with me coming to see you then just say and I’ll go?” I walked over to her and rubbed her arm.

“No” she smiled, “I mean, no, I’m glad you come round, I was really hoping you would.” She put her hand on my forearm “let’s open this and go have a chat on the sofa shall we?” She turned to the drawer and got a corkscrew out. Erika reached out for me to pass her the bottle and I instead took the corkscrew out of her hands,

“I’ll get it” I said.

Erika smiled

“Thanks, I’ll get some glasses” she walked over to cupboard as I opened the bottle.

Erika returned and I poured two generous glasses.

“Let’s go sit down by the fire Jon” she placed her hand in the small of my back and gently encouraged me to go into the living room

I took a seat on the sofa, near to the fire, it was nice and warm in there. My toes curled up in the soft fur rug, it felt good on my feet. Erika sat on the sofa next to me and kicked her shoes off so she could curl her legs up onto the sofa as well.

“Have you been doing much today?” I said

“Not really, I managed to get my friend to look after Cameron this afternoon so I could pop into town for a bit of shopping” she told me

“Is it a pain in the arse shopping with him in tow?” I sipped my wine

“Well I can’t get in the changing rooms and try on lots of clothes with the little devil running all over the place”

“Did you get anything nice?” I asked

“You tell me Jon? I bought this top today.” She waited for my answer as she drank some wine

“Well I think you fit it perfectly Erika” I gave her a big grin

She looked me straight in the eye and tilted her head on one side as she smiled

“I don’t know what you mean Jon?” she ran her fingers down the inside of the neckline. She watched me watch her before she caught my gaze and brushed her hair back from her face.

“Well you look fantastic, let’s just say that then shall we?”

“Thanks, it makes a nice change to get given a compliment”

“I’m sure lots of blokes would say lots of lovely things about you given half the chance”

“I don’t know? A girl likes a compliment but it’s always better from someone special”

“Does Jason not compliment you then?”

“No, not very often, and it’s normally if he wants something?”

“What like sex?”

“God, I wish it was sex he was after! No it’s normally when he wants to go on a piss up with his friends instead of spending time with me?” She took a long drink of her wine

“Well I’m glad I get to spend some time with you, I’ve always enjoyed talking to you.”

“Are you just hear for the conversation then Jon?” she sipped more wine

“I’m not sure what’s really on offer Erika?” I took another sip trying to fake confidence

“Well for someone who doesn’t know, what’s on offer Jon, you certainly seemed to know what you were suggesting in your text messages earlier”

“I just want to be sure about what you meant in your text messages?”

“Like I said Jon, I think you might be too chicken? After all you have a girlfriend.”

“You have a husband Erika, and a child?” I drank more wine

“Well if my husband looked after me a bit better I wouldn’t have to go around sending dirty texts to a younger guy would I?”

“Yeah but sending dirty texts is one thing, dressing in a hot outfit and sharing a bottle of wine with him one evening when your husband is away is another” I replied

“I guess your right, but what we have to decide is what we both want from you coming around?”

“Well from the sounds of it, you don’t get complimented by your husband enough, and from what you said earlier you don’t get as much sex as you would like from him either?” I said.

Erika nodded in agreement and drank some more wine before answering.

“And your girlfriend is away so you don’t see her much either, Escort Urfa and you enjoy my company, just like I enjoy yours. And, yes, I love the way you compliment me, the way you seem so forward in your texts”

“You too, I like the things you wrote”

“I like the way you look at me Jon”

“I like the way you look Erika”

“That’s good, because I love the way you look Jon, you are a very good looking guy and it really does excite me. The feelings and thoughts I’ve had are very naughty, but I love them”

“I’ve been thinking much the same; I’ve been thinking about you a lot”

“Me too Jon. So basically the bottom line is that you fancy me right?”


“And I fancy you”

“Good” I said

“You don’t get all you want from your own relationship and I don’t get all I want from my marriage”

“So all we would be doing is satisfying our own needs?”

“That’s it I guess”

“The other needn’t have to find out?”

“And we get what we both need Jon” Erika took another drink from her wine.

“That sounds so good. I mean, no one else gets hurt and we both have a good time” I finished my glass of wine

“I’m sure I will give you a good time Jon, and I’m sure can give me a good time too” Erika also finished her glass of wine

“I’ll go and get the bottle Jon” Erika stood and went to the kitchen.

I quickly stood and straightened my now growing cock and looked in the mirror, I still looked ok, but a little red faced, I must have been nervous, still the wine was definitely helping. I turned round as Erika entered the room.

She walked up to me and held out the bottle, you pushed the cork in too much for me to pull out. I took the bottle from her and we stepped over to the sofa to pick up our wine glasses. Erika took my glass from me and I pulled the cork out the wine, it popped and Erika giggled.

“I can’t believe Jason! You have one amazing figure Erika” I said as I poured her a glass.

“Jon, if only he realised what he is missing out on” she handed me my glass after I finished pouring. Our fingertips touched as she passed the glass. It felt good to touch her skin. I placed my wine on the small table by the couch.

“Where shall I put the bottle?” I asked her, whilst waving the now three quarter empty bottle. Erika took the bottle and placed it on another table at the other end of the sofa along with her wine. She turned back to me and we sat on the sofa.

“This is nice Jon” she said

“I know, I’ve enjoyed our chat so far” I replied “I think Jason is an idiot Erika” I added.

“I agree” She replied “but as he is not here we should make the most of it”

I moved closer to her and leant down to kiss her.

Our lips met and I put my arms around her to pull her closer to me. She leant over the sofa as we gently kissed one another. My tongue soon began to lick at her lips and she began to reciprocate. I could taste the wine on her lips as we kissed more passionately. Her hand went to my leg and she rubbed my thigh. She reached my groin and soon began caressing me through my jeans. My hand was behind her head, pulling her into me harder now as the passion began to creep out quickly. My other hand was holding her forearm and her skin felt so soft. I began to push her backwards so I was leaning across onto her now. Now I was pinning her luscious body to the sofa.

“Mmmm” she whispered “that’s nice”

I began to push against her now, my cock growing hard in my pants. Then all of a sudden the phone rang. It was right next to the sofa. I leant back and said

“Leave it”

“I better not, in case it’s Jason checking on me?” she smiled an apologetic smile and reached for the phone. She looked at the caller ID “It’s Jason” she said. She kissed me once more “let me just get rid of him and then I’m all yours Jon” She didn’t wait for my response and answered the phone

“Hello” she smiled a wicked smile at me, “yeah I’m fine thanks, you?” she turned to me and shrugged.

I silently laughed and smiled at her

“I want you” I mouthed silently. Erika smiled at me

“How was the rugby…No I’ve not been watching……………….Oh sorry to hear that”

We’d lost it seemed, I knew we were losing as I’d heard on the radio before I went round Erika’s

“No I’ve just been ironing after I put Cam to bed. ……….Yeah more of your clothes Jason” She rolled her eyes at me.

I moved closer to her and began to rub her arm

“How much have you had to drink” she asked as I slipped my hand under the collar of her shirt.

“Did you get something to eat before the game?”

I managed to get my hand under her bra and began to squeeze her breast

“Ooh that’s good” she said as if to Jason as I pulled her nipple.

“So you’re having a good night even though you lost?”

I removed my hand and now began to open her buttons on her shirt

“Me, oh yes I’m having a lovely night, I’ve done your ironing and bathed Cameron”

She caressed the side of my face as I undone the last button on her blouse.

“What are you going to do now?”

I leant over and kissed her chest just above her black bra

“Me? Oh I don’t know, I hope I’m going to go to bed in a minute” she pulled my head up by the hair until it was level with her face

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32