my best frndz mum

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Bob had been my best friend ever since I could remember. Since we were little kids, I spent almost every school holiday over at his place. Being the only child in our families, we were like brothers to each other. Furthermore, our parents were close family friends so my Mum would just leave me Bob’s place for days at a go without the least of worries.

Now Bob lived in a huge mansion in the middle of a plantation, coz his father was managing the place for a large international corporation, and as one the benefits, his family gets to stay in that mansion as long as he works for them. The place was surrounded by acres and acres of greenery so it was very peaceful and no one ever drives by. However, Bob’s father was very busy and always travelling around, so I saw very little of him. His Mum on the other hand, was a full-time housewife and rarely left the house. Aunt Serene was a lovely, gentle lady with a very kind heart; she saw to everything in the house including the cooking, laundry and the overall household chores. But being the wife of a rich plantation manager also meant that she could afford the best-looking clothes and beauty products available! Aunt Serene always looked her best no matter what she was doing, be it during dinner, dipping in the pool, or even while vacuuming the living room! When I was there during the holidays, she’d make sure both Bob and I had awesome snacks to eat, various activities to do and even gives us hugs and goodnight kisses before bedtime! And every time we played in the pool, she’d make sure to apply sunblock lotion for us and stayed in the pool with us to make sure nothing goes wrong. As a result, I really liked Aunt Serene even from a very tender age. However, one incident made me very strongly attracted to her in a very different sort of way.

One day, after we had enough fun in the pool, Aunt Serene told us that she had prepared an extra special local snack for teabreak, and asked us to go shower before enjoying it. Both of us were excited (and very hungry, to be honest) so we dashed from the poolside all the way to her bedroom bathroom for our shower. We usually took our showers there because it was the only bathroom that could fit the two of us at the same time. Being the little boys that we were, we yanked down our trunks to the floor and had a quick shower, each boy trying to be faster than the other. As usual, Bob finished first, dressed up and again dashed to the kitchen towards the awaiting snacks. I followed closely behind but before I could get to the table, I remembered that I had left my trunks on the bathroom floor! Mum always said that it is rude to leave clothes strewn around, so I let out a long sigh and ran back up the stairs, hoping that Bob would not finish my share!

As I approached the bedroom, I noticed that the door was closed. However, In my eagerness, I forgot to knock and opened the door to enter. The room was empty as we had left it, but there was the sound of running water. “Damn it! I must have forgotten to turn off the shower!!” I thought. So I walked towards the open entrance of the bathroom and as I neared it, I saw a sight that I would never forget. Aunt Serene was standing in the shower, back facing me, without the shower curtains closed, and more significantly, without any clothes on!! I mean, I was used to seeing her in the pool with only a bikini on, but in the nude?!! It was definitely a first for me!! Aunt Serene always took good care of her figure and oh how it had paid off! I just stood there staring, unable to move or speak!! She continued washing herself and humming a tune at the same time. Then she turned a little to her left to get some shower foam. And that was when she saw me!! I was dead meat!! I knew it!!

But to my surprise, Aunt Serene didn’t freak out or scream at me like I had expected! Instead, she calmly and gracefully placed her left arm over her breasts to cover them while turning to face me, although that movement also caused a cleavage to form, enhancing her already full bosom! “Looking for this?” she said with a slight smile, picking up my trunks and holding them out in my direction with her right hand. “Er… yeah…” I said shyly, slowly inching forward to retrieve the piece of swimwear. As soon as I got hold of it, I muttered a quick ‘thank you’ and sped out of there!

From that day onwards, I started to look at Aunt Serene’s attractive body in a new light, as if I have never noticed it at all before! Whenever she walked past me, I would steal a glance at her buttocks. Whenever she bend down while going the housework, I would hope to catch a glimpse of her cleavage. But nothing realy happened, and I continued to spend my holidays at Bob’s place over the years.

But in life, nothing remains forever. In my case, Bob had to move abroad as his father was transfered to another country to take care of a new plantation. I never saw Bob or Aunt Serene for several years, although we kept in touch by telephone or mail. Slowly, those phone calls and mails grew less and less…… I finished my studies, got a job in another city, and had a life of my own.

Then one night, I received an unexpected call – it was Bob!! I was elated and we chatted on the phone for hours!! There was just so much to catch up on! And I was even happier when he told me they were coming back for good!! He went on to say he wanted to introduce his new girlfriend to me and that we could all hang out together, just like old times! He said that he and his girlfriend would be coming back first with Aunt Serene, as his father had to settle some matters and would only joined them later. I took note of when theyd be arriving and Sex hikayeleri immediately applied for leave just so I could be back in my hometown to meet him after so many years!

After a few weeks, the day was finally here!! I had told Bob that I’d drive over to his old place to spend some time with him and also get him back to speed on how much has changed since he left. I was really excited on my way there and my mind was just going wild over the things we’d do during my stay there! It’s be just like old times indeed!

I pulled into the large parking lot and got my stuff out. The place looked pretty much the same as I remembered it – peaceful and serene with lots of flower beds in front, and the pool by the side. As I got to the door, I rang the doorbell and waited with my heart beating like crazy! Gosh was I excited, like a little boy again! After a few moments, the door opened and in the doorway was a familiar, gently face. It was Aunt Serene!! It was as if she didn’t age a day! In fact, she looked slimmer and more shapely than before! But her lovely, warm smile remained the same, and she spread her arms to give me a welcome hug.

“Oh my goodness how you have grown!! You’re a fine young man now! And you’re so tall!”

“And you look even more beautiful than before, Aunt Serene!”

“Oooh, you flatter this old lady……. but I like that nonetheless!!” and we both burst into laughter.

“Come on in and have a seat!” she said and led me into the living room to sit on on the sofa. Aunt Serene was wearing a dark blue dress with a rather low neckline. I couldn’t help but notice that right away!

“So…. where’s Bob at? Is he sleeping again?” I asked, since he was nowhere to be seen.

“Well, about that…… I have some bad news to tell you. You see, just a day before we were to fly back here, Bob’s girlfriend Katie met an accident and had to be hospitalised. Bob wanted to stay by her side while she was admitted so he asked me to come over first. He said he was really sorry and will call to apologize soon. In fact, let me just give him a ring to tell him you’re here.”

Aunt Serene got through to Bob and then passed the receiver to me. Bob said he felt really bad but he had to accompany Katie. He promised that he’d be here in a few days, as soon as Katie was discharged. Anyway, I felt relieved to hear that it wasn’t anything serious and she should recover in about a week.

“I hope you won’t mind staying here while waiting for Bob”

“Of course not! I bet you need all the help you can get unpacking your stuff anyway!”

“Yeap, but that can wait till tomorrow. You must be tired after the long drive here. Why don’t you go up to my bathroom and freshen up? Oooh, and then you can come join me in the pool!!” Aunt Serene chirped.

Her bathroom? I started to feel turned on already!

I took my stuff upstairs and changed to my board shorts and went outside to the pool. Aunt Serene was already in her bikini, applying sunblock lotion on herself. She wore a white bikini top with small yellow flowers on it, and a matching bottom. I must admit she didn’t change a bit! In fact, I think she had an even better figure than before! She had a tanned complexion, firm buttocks and a very full bosom. Her bikini top was obviously straining to contain her heavy assets!

“There you are! Could you be a dear and help me apply some lotion on my back, please?”

I jumped at the opportunity and began touch her smooth skin, being as gentle as I could, enjoying every moment, occasionally peeking over her shoulder to glimpse at her breasts. The view was amazing from where I was seated, I must say!! Aunt Serene then helped apply sunblock on my body, caressing my chest, arms, back and even my thighs. I prayed that she didn’t notice that growing lump at my crotch area! If she indeed saw it, she certainly didn’t show any sign of it!

Then she led me into the pool and we swam and frolicked about, chatted about my life, as well as her life overseas. She kept quite close to me in the pool, occasionally putting her arms around me, and showering me with attention. However, during our conversation, she did mentioned that she found out her husband has been having an affair, and that because of that, they haven’t been on talking terms. They slept on the same bed, sure, but they might as well be on different continents. She was just holding on for the sake of Bob. I listened to her and comforted her in every way I could. After a while, she felt better and we changed to happier topics such as my first crush in school and stuff.

Hours went by and soon, the sky started to turn orange. Aunt Serene got out of the pool and dried herself.

“I’ll go upstairs to have my shower first, then make dinner. You can stay here a while longer, or you can go watch TV in the living room.” she said.

I nodded and watched her walk back into the house, a devious thought forming in my mind. Would history repeat itself? Would I get to see her in the shower again! I wanted so much to see her naked. No, in fact, I HAD to see her naked again!

So after a few minutes of pondering, I nervously made my way upstairs to the master bedroom still in my swimwear and a towel draped around my neck. I could hear the sound of running water as I got closer. The door wasn’t closed! I tiptoed silently into the bedroom, and just like that fateful day those years before, the bathroom door was left open!! And beyond the door was the most amazing sight!! Standing under the shower was Aunt Serene, back facing me, without a single piece of clothing on!! The bikini she was wearing a while ago ended up Sikiş hikayeleri as just a small pile on the bathroom floor.

Water was flowing down her smooth back, her perky buttocks, thighs and calves. Her arms were held up as her hands were running through her short hair. If only she would turn around to show me the rest of her gorgeous body. And after a while, she did just that! Well, not to show me her body, of course, but it seems she was about to reach for the shower cream when she realised I was standing behind her! And just like before, instead of reacting in shock, Aunt Serene just gracefull lifted her left arm across her chest to cover her breasts.

“Oh, you’re up early! I thought you’d spend some more time at the pool” she said calmly. I’ll still need some time in the shower. You can wait in my room if you want….”

“Ah, I’m so sorry to interrupt, I thought you were done so I came in to have my shower. Sorry for not knocking when I came in,” I lied nervously.

“That’s all right, sweetheart. You know…..actually, since you’re up here already….. why don’t you come join me?”, and as she said this, she lowered her slender arm which was not doing such a good job in covering her huge bosom anyway.

I could not believe what I just heard. And I could not believe what my eyes were seeing! Aunt Serene was now standing naked in front of me, with her big, heavy, breasts in full view! She had very nice nipples and light pinkish areolas. And now that they have no support whatsoever, they was a little drooped, but most probably due to their sheer weight than because of Aunt Serene’s age. Oh my god, her breasts were more beautiful and bigger than I had imagined! My jaw must have reached the bedroom floor!

“Er…join you? You mean…..?”

“”Why of course, honey. You can come join me in the shower. I have seen you and Bobby in the shower before, you know…. when you were younger! Are you getting shy in front of Aunt Serene now?”

I took a few steps closer, entering the bathroom now, but still some distance away from her. I did plan on seeing her naked, but I didn’t plan on what to do next!! I certaily didn’t plan for things to go this smoothly! She had totally caught me offguard!

“But…Aunt Serene, I mean….. but you’re…. you’re….”

“Naked?” she cooed.

“Well…. yeah…..” my tougue was tied and my heart was beating like crazy!

“You don’t have to feel shy about that. I certainly don’t mind you seeing me without my clothes on, you know. Afterall, we have been so close for so many years….. unless…. of course….. you feel uncomfortable about me being naked around you”

“Oh, of course not. Not at all….. I just thought…”

“Then get over here already, you silly boy” she held out one arm towards me, beckoning for me to enter the jetting stream of the shower with her. I thought I heard a hint of seduction in her voice, but I wasn’t sure at the moment. I proceeded forward until I was sharing the fountain of the shower with Aunt Serene.

“Now let’s get this off…..” she reached for the tie-strings on my board shorts and her nimble fingers got it loosen in seconds. She let it slipped down my legs, gently moved me to the side so I may step out of it. She then used her right foot to flick it away, joining her bikini in that swimwear heap.

Aunt Serene then proceeded to apply shower cream on my body, starting from my chest and outward to my arms, neck and back. Her gentle touches and the upclose view of her breasts swaying while she did her work turned me on even more, and I could feel an erection coming on. She then started to work her way downwards, but suddenly stopped.

“Oh dear me, sweetie….. are you having an erection?!”

“Oh Aunt Serene….. I… I just…. can’t help it. I’m sorry about this…..” I stuttered. “It’s just…. you’re so sexy…. and ….. you’re all naked…..”

“Oh gosh, are you turned on by me?!”

“Erm……..well, yes Aunt Serene. You… you do have a great body!!”

“This old body of mine? Are you sure?” she looked at me with a wry smile and her hands on her hips.

“It’s true Aunt Serene….. I really think your body is… so hot! And…. your breasts…..they’re just so full and beautiful!” I wasn’t using the best of my vocabulary then as my thinking was obviously impaired under the circumstances!!

“Oh, you’re so cute, sweetie! It’s nice to know that there’s still a guy who finds my body attractive. I’m really flattered. So….. you like my breasts huh?”, she didn’t wait for me to answer. “Then….. would you like to touch them?” Her hands were still placed on her hips, but her smile was getting a little wider.

I let out a nervous smile. “Well…. can i really?”

“Go on, honey. Like I said, you don’t have to be shy with Aunt Serene. Besides, it’s been a long time since I allowed someone to touch me”.

I slowly raised my hands in front of me and lightly touched her breasts. They were so smooth and soft, but firm at the same time! It’s amazing how she managed to maintain her body like it was. She must have used some of those bust serum or whatnot I’ve seen advertised in the papers.

“You like that?”.

I just nodded, eyes still transfixed on her breasts. Gosh they were heavy!

And since Aunt Serene said I didn’t have to be shy, I gathered some courage and started to gently squeeze her breasts. She let out a soft ‘mmmmmph’ of approval. That gave me more confidence it what i was doing.

“Darling….. now you’re starting to turn ME on!”

“I could do more, Aunt Serene, if you’d like……”

“Oh Erotik hikaye really? Show me what you have in mind then.”

I lowered my body till my face was at the same level as her chest, and started sucking on her left breast!! Aunt Serene immediately let out a soft moan and put her hands around my head. I concentrated on her nipple because it would take too much time to cover the whole of her breast! I alternated between gentle sucking and flicks with my tongue. Her nipples were getting erect and I knew I was doing things right!

After a while, when I was temporarily satisfied, I moved on to her right side and repeated the routine. Although this time, I sucked and licked harder and opened my mouth wider to cover as much of her breast as possible. Aunt Serene’s moans grew louder and were mixed with some groans.

“Oh dear me, this feel so good!! Ooohhh! I haven’t felt this good in so many years!! Shall we go to the bedroom, baby? You can continue there.”

I gave a few final hard sucks on both her breasts and stopped to turn off the shower. We barely dried ourselves with her towel and she led me to her king-sized bed. Aunt Serene sat herself at the edge of the bed. She wasn’t her calm, usual self anymore. She was visibly excited, and she wasn’t trying to hide it!

“Now let Aunt Serene see how much you’ve grown.” Aunt Serene wrapped her fingers around my erect penis and started gently stroking it. “Mmmm, you’re really all grown up now!”

“Yes, I am, Aunt Serene. Do you like how my body looks?”

“I like it very much! In fact, I’ve always liked you, sweetie. You’ve always been such a good boy!”

It was my turn to smile now.

“Can you let Aunt Serene have a taste of this?” she said, still stroking my penis.

“Of course, Aunt Serene, you can….. do anything you want to me!” I offered.

Aunt Serene put her lips around my penis and started working it up and down, moving from the head all the way down the shaft to the base and back up again. Again there was that gentleness that made it feel especially good! Her nimble fingers were also at work again, gracefully fondling my balls while she sucked. My penis got even harder then before! I let her work her magic in the dimming evening light, enjoying every moment of it, occasionally looking outside at the tress gently swaying in the evening breeze. It was hard to imagine that there I was, in my best friend’s mum’s bedroom, with her sucking on my penis and playing with my balls! It was out of this world! And there wasn’t a single person for miles around!

After several moments, Aunt Serene stopped, slurping the saliva that was left on my penis.

“I want you to do something for me…… but you must promise not to let anyone know about this, all right?”

I nodded.

“I want you to make love to me, baby…… right here, right now! Will you do that for your Aunt Serene?”

Aunt Serene laid on her back and spread her legs for me, revealing her moist, dark reddish pussy.

Well, having your best friend’s mum give you a blowjob is one thing, but fucking her takes it to a whole new level!! But I wanted her badly nonetheless. I was ready to enter her, and there was no doubt now that she wants me inside her too!!

I didn’t have to answer. My hard and wet penis gently touched her pussy, and I slowly but gently guided it to enter. Aunt Serene uttered a deep moan as I slid my penis inside her, untill I was in all the way!! I then rested both her legs on my shoulders and made myself confortable for the action that was to come. There was an intense look of anticipation on Aunt Serene’s face. I paused for a slight moment, just to heighten that anticipation, then started thrusting.

Each thrust was firm and at just the right speed, and our moans and groans filled her bedroom. Her big breasts were swaying and shaking with each motion. I was really doing it! I was really having sex with Aunt Serene! Making love to her, having forbidened sexual intercourse with her. All those years of peeping at her cleavage, admiring her in her bikini, looking up the stairs to catch a glipmse of her panties – all accumulated to this grand finale!! I has conquered Aunt Serene!

But I wanted more action! So, I exited her halfway, much to her surprise.

“Why are you stopping, honey?” she panted.

“Turn around, Aunt Serene” and I helped her turn around. She got into a doggy positon, expecting that I’d do her that way. But I push her down gently so she was lying on her tummy, and knelt on top of her

“Oh, honey, what’s this you’re doing?”

I didn’t answer. Instead, I made her arch her buttocks upwards towards me. Then, I parted her pussy with my left hand, while guiding my penis in with my right.

“Oh you naughty boy…. you, you…. where did you learnt his?” Aunt Serene managed to utter before I started pounding her again, harder and harder. Her moans grew louder and louder.

“You like this, Aunt Serene?”

“I….. yes! Of…..yes!! Just keep fucking me!”

I went on and on without skipping a beat, until her moans turned to whimpers and back to moans again.

But nothing lasts forever and soon, I was getting to the point of no return. I gave a final few thrusts with all my might and withdrew again from Aunt Serene. But this time, cum came spewing out onto Aunt Serene’s buttocks and lower back. I massaged my penis until all its contents was on her back and lay next to Aunt Serene. She turned around to face me.

“Oh wow….. you were…. good….. very good!” Aunt Serene said between breaths. “I’m really…. glad I had…. you all to myself today…..”. There was a smile of satisfaction on her sweaty face.

“And for the next…. one week… Aunt Serene!”

My holiday had just begun!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32