My Best Friend’s Girl

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This story is actually 100% true. All the names have been changed in the interest of privacy.


In 2014 I moved to Los Angeles; I bounced around renting room to room and the occasional sublet on an apartment. Ultimately I could not find financial stability and I was struggling to get by. Not long after I moved to LA my best friends “girlfriend” moved here as well.

I put girlfriend in quotation because my friend Steve had been seeing this girl for two years but it was more of a long distance thing; they lived six hours apart throughout those two years. You see, Steve was at one time in a very serious relationship that lasted about four years; when the relationship went up in flames, he claimed to be done with relationships and wanted to focus on himself.

Long story short: Steve’s failed relationship brought on a mass of insecurities and commitment issues. He continued to date and sleep around while keeping his long distance “relationship” going with the girl who lived six hours away; her name is Sarah. Sarah was under the impression that they were mutually exclusive as a couple but not officially together in a “relationship.” (I.E. She did not possess the title “girlfriend”)

Fast forward to 2016; Steve did not intend on moving to LA but he did continue to date Sarah; he would frequently visit every couple of months and their relationship had progressed whether he wanted to admit it or not but he still refused to put a label on it. The relationship that I was in was coming to an end around this time; I was still struggling financially and I had to find a new place to live.

Steve, who is like a brother to me; after 15 years or so of friendship knew I was going through hard times and offered to let me crash on Sarah’s couch. I was hesitant but only because Sarah and I had never gotten along within the four years that I had known her. She always came off as obnoxious and rude; as if she was trying hard to impress Steve when around his friends by talking down to them.

But I was desperate.

I had no other option but to take him up on the offer; while this offer may seem slightly strange, you’d be surprised what this girl was willing to do for Steve. I can’t lie, Steve was a very charming person; but with his charm came manipulation and Sarah was hooked deeply under his spell. So I packed my things up and moved into Sarah’s apartment.

It was awkward for the both of us at first but we made attempts to co-exist; under the circumstances I was actually very grateful for what she was doing for me even if we hadn’t gotten along in the past. We both also made sure to keep our distance from the other so nothing… “complicated” would happen.

Within the first month Sarah and I had warmed up to each other quite well and it didn’t take long after that until she started to try and dig up the past. A few years back, she had suspicions that Steve was cheating on her after seeing a girl post something about him online that hinted at the fact they were dating. Which was absolutely the case; I remember the girl and the situation vividly. Steve had been dating a girl from our hometown for at least six months behind her back and I remember Sarah actually calling him out about it at the time.

I suppose, Steve had convinced her that nothing was going on because Sarah had convinced herself that nothing happened between the two of them. She couldn’t have been more wrong; so when she said:

“I don’t like that girl. I never trusted her, Steve said nothing happened between them and it’s the only time I ever slightly doubted him.”

I had no choice but to back my friend up and defend his story.

“Yeah, I remember that girl. I only ever saw her around once or twice and Steve and I are always together.”

Her response was very modest, to say the least.

“I mean I know he’s your best friend and you wouldn’t tell me if anything did happen between them but I know nothing happened and I do believe him.”

Sarah and I personally never had any issues with each other in the time that I lived with her other than one petty argument that was fueled by the master manipulator himself, Steve. This was relatively early on and once it was settled it was smooth sailing from there on out.

I’m sure you’re wondering, “Can a guy and a girl live together without anything happening between them?” And the answer is, yes. I ended up living with Sarah for two years and not one thing happened between us the entire time I lived with her. In fact, I had never found her attractive in the past.

Sarah was a few inches shorter than me, standing around 5’4; she was considerably thick weighing in around 160 lbs. She had thick thighs and a fat ass; she also had two incredibly large enhanced fake breasts that were both DD’s. Her hair was dyed a dark red and her body was covered in tattoos. All of the above considered, I never once was attracted to her in the past. Perhaps it was her personality or maybe it was because she was Steve’s girl and I’d heard all the stories about him filling up every hole gaziantep escort on her body many times over.

All that considered… I did start to check her out way more after moving in with her. My friends would even ask if anything was going on between us or if I had ever thought about it. I never admitted it but yeah, I had thought about it. How couldn’t I? Between her Instagram (where she constantly posts near nude modeling / lingerie photos) and her walking around the house in small tank tops and tight spandex shorts, how couldn’t I?

Even when I tried my hardest it was impossible to not check her out; her tits were constantly busting out of whatever top she was wearing and her ass was always hanging out of her shorts. I’d have sex dreams about her every now and again.

The dreams felt so real I could have sworn they were; I’d be asleep on the couch and it would be pitch black in the living room. I’d feel the soft and wet suction of someone’s mouth sliding up and down my hard shaft. I’d wake up and see the silhouette of her voluptuous body; my eyes would slowly adjust to the darkness and I’d finally be able to make out the face. It was Sarah and she was gagging and choking herself on my cock just like all the times I’d heard Steve talk about how great she was at deep throating.

But alas, that never happened.

Steve would only come visit every once in a while. Every month or two… Or three. He wasn’t around alot. I knew Sarah’s sex drive had to be through the roof and every time Steve was in town I could faintly hear the soft moans coming from the bedroom every night as I laid on the couch trying to fall asleep. I tried my best to be respectful and drown out the noise but my mind continued to wander.

Occasionally when Sarah was at work she might ask me to grab something from her room or check on something in her room and I’d do as asked. I could never not notice the plethora of sex toys she had lying around her room; I always made sure to mention it to her as well. Although I had constant access to her room, her lingerie, her vibrators, and butt plugs; I opted not to bother any of them despite my curiosities.

Throughout the two years her perception of her relationship with Steve only grew stronger; she believed that she was his girlfriend and he was her boyfriend. She told her friends and family this; despite Steve never confirming it. She’d say off the wall things like:

“I don’t think Steve and I will ever break up.”

“I know Steve has only been with like 3 or 4 girls besides me. He only has sex in a relationship.”

When I heard that last part I couldn’t help but to ask:

“He only has sex in YOUR relationship or in general?”

She had convinced herself that he hadn’t been with anyone outside of his previous relationships; in simpler words: Steve never slept around. How sad; I actually felt sorry for her. Not only did Steve sleep around but he had been sleeping around behind her back for almost six years and within that six years I knew of at least… AT LEAST 50 girls he had been with. There came a point in time when he stopped telling me about the new girls he’d have sex with. But I can confirm he had sex with over 50 girls the entire time he’d been seeing Sarah.

It was clear to me that Steve had no regard for her feelings and did not plan to ever make her his official “girlfriend” even though they shared income, bank accounts, and bills.

Fast forward to present day; 2018. Sarah’s lease was up at her current apartment and I was completely financially stable so we agreed to go our separate ways. She would move into her own apartment and I could finally afford my own apartment; we had no reason to live together anymore. I moved my things out and I thought that was that but shortly after Sarah asked me to help her move.

Of course I agreed to help her move after all she had just done for me the past two years. I met her bright and early and we began moving her stuff; Sarah had ALOT of things. We must have filled the uHaul up five or six times; it took literally all day. The final thing we brought in was the couch that I had just slept on for two years; I grabbed one side and on the other side stood Sarah, dressed in her usual tight tank top and skin tight booty shorts.

My eyes were completely glued to her huge breasts as I watched her walk backwards; with every step back they bounced up and down and her tank top even ended up getting caught on the arm rest of the couch as we made our way up the stairs. Each stair we climbed the couch pulled her tank top down just a little bit further until her tits were all but completely hanging out of her shirt.

I felt my cock twitch inside my shorts; this was perhaps the last time I was ever going to see that beautiful pair of titties so innocently. We sat the couch down in the middle of the living room and Sarah offered to pay me for my time; I declined.

“After all you’ve done for me? No way I can take your money.” I said.

“Oh, come on. You helped me all day. Really, I don’t need it. Take it.” She responded.

“No, seriously I appreciate it but I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done for me.” I continued.

“Fine. Have it your way then; thanks again for helping me.” Sarah said as she put her money away and moved closer towards.

Her arms opened wide as she brought herself in to hug me and I reciprocated; as I said she’s a few inches shorter than me so she stepped onto her tip toes and pushed the cleavage of her breasts into the bottom of my chin and pulled down on the back of my head. Almost as if she was trying to pull me face first into her tits. I stood strong and straight, slightly pulling back to make sure I didn’t fall into her.

We paused for a brief second during the hug and I could feel her heart beating through her chest; her nipples were rock hard and you could see her nipple piercings through her tank top as she wasn’t wearing a bra. She pulled back a bit to make eye contact with me and started to lean in almost as if she was trying to kiss me!

I hesitated.

“Alright, well. I gotta get going! If you need help with anything else, let me know.” I said backing myself out of the apartment as quickly as I could.

Over the next few days I did my best not to over think the incident or even think about it at all; besides it was probably just my imagination getting the best of me. I heard nothing from Sarah and nothing out of the ordinary from Steve so I chalked it up to wishful thinking; I was in the clear.

Or so I thought.

As the days progressed I began to imagine what it would be like to actually have sex with Sarah; I began fantasizing about her when I’d masturbate. I even started scrolling through her Rolodex of scantily clad lingerie pictures on her Instagram. Years before I moved in with Sarah, there was a day when Steve had signed into his Facebook on my computer; messenger was the main from of communication between the two of them.

Eventually I went to Facebook with the intent of checking my own using my computer and when I opened the browser I realized Steve hadn’t signed out. Now, any other time I would have quickly exited and signed into my own account but before I could a message from Sarah popped up and my mind began to wander; her message read:

“Just for you, Daddy.”

Just above it was the bottom of a picture; I quickly scrolled up and what would you know, it was a nude of Sarah. She was sitting on the edge of her bed wearing a white lace thong with a matching white garter belt and stockings to accompany it; her legs were crossed and she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her enhanced fake DD breasts were out in the open for my viewing pleasure; this is when I first learned her nipples were pierced. She had a finger slipped between her plump lips which were pumped full of collagen and she had on bright red lipstick.

The blood began rushing to my cock and before I knew it I was rock hard; I was completely hooked and I needed more. I continued to scroll through their conversation and I found many exceptional pictures of Sarah; I saw just about everything you could see on her and I also found out she had her clit pierced. Unfortunately the one thing I didn’t see was that delicious asshole of hers; her ass was easily the greatest thing about her and all I wanted was to chow down on it.

I stroked my cock to each picture I found taking my time to really examine and admire her body; of course there was the occasional dick pic from Steve laced within the conversation but I quickly scrolled passed them. I wasn’t overly impressed with the size of his cock; it was extremely unkempt and not well groomed. I was however impressed with the video I found of her swallowing and choking down the entirety of his cock without hesitation; I proudly shot my load.

Those images were properly stored in my memory bank after that night so it made fantasizing over her Instagram pictures fairly simple. Once I got bored with my fantasies and my imagination grew hungrier I began to visualize Sarah when I’d hook up with a random one night stand; I’d cut the lights off, turn the girl around, and imagine it was Sarah’s fat ass bouncing off my thighs with every last thrust.

It had been only about two weeks since Sarah and I had gone our separate ways that I received the call. Sarah called me late, around 3 AM and I figured it must have been an accident and opted not to pick it up; seconds later she texted me:

“Hey, I need your help; please call me back.”

Once I called her back she informed me of her situation; she was locked out of her new apartment and wasn’t sure when the locksmith would be able to open the door so she asked if she could stop by my place for a while so she wouldn’t have to wait outside alone. Certain parts of LA can be very dangerous at night and I was fully aware it wasn’t a good situation for a girl who looked like her to be in, so I gladly invited her over; besides, she had just put me up in her own place for two years. It was the least I could do.

“The door is unlocked, I’m going back to bed. Just let yourself in and make yourself at home.” I texted her soon after we’d hung up the phone.

“Alright, thanks. Do you mind if I take a shower?” She responded back.

Sarah was a bar tender at an upscale strip club in a nice part of town; she always worked late and I was aware of her nightly routine after getting off work. I assured her it was quite alright and hopped back into bed; after about 20 minutes I began to doze off and it wasn’t much longer before I was awakened once more by the slam of my front door.

“That must be Sarah.” I thought to myself as I closed my eyes once more.

I heard her foot steps as she got settled in and made her way to the bathroom; the shower turned on and I heard the shower curtain slide over and that’s the last thing I remember before falling asleep.

The next thing I remember is a slight knock at my bedroom door; when I didn’t respond I heard the knob turn and the door crack open.

“Hey, are you awake?” She whispered through the crack.

I opted not to answer and laid there silently.

The door closed and my eyes followed suit but Sarah didn’t leave the room… She entered it. She stood in front of the door completely silent and still for several seconds before I heard her foot steps approaching the bed; I wasn’t aware she was in the room until she started walking in my direction. Once I realized she was in my room, in complete darkness my heart began to race.

She sat down on the edge of the bed right beside me and I shot up as if I had been startled by her presence and was asleep the entire time.

“Jesus! What are you doing?” I said as I quickly turned the switch on the lamp beside my bed.

Her dark red hair was still damp from the shower and she wasn’t wearing much of anything; from what I could make out she was only wearing a thong. She didn’t have a top on or a bra and her back was facing me; just as quickly as I’d flipped the switch on the lamp she switched it back off.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.” She said.

I wasn’t sure what to say at this point and I suppose she didn’t either because we both ended up just sitting in the awkward silence of the pitch black room for several minutes. You could have literally cut the tension with a knife.

“I…” Sarah began, “I… I know about Steve.” She said.

“You know what about Steve?” I asked.

“I know… That he sees other girls besides me.” She continued.

“What?” I asked, feigning confusion.

“Cut the bullshit. I know you know too.” She snapped back, “I know his Facebook password… I got curious one night. I saw all of his messages… I even signed into his Tinder account. I’ve seen pictures… I’ve seen proof.”

“I… I…” I was stammering; searching for the right words or perhaps an apology.

“And honestly, ever since we moved out… I can’t stop thinking about you.” She said turning towards me in the darkness.

I was at a loss for words; those huge breasts I’d been fantasizing about for weeks were mere inches away from my face. My eyes were adjusted to the darkness and I could make out the sight of the silhouette of her body; I moved a bit further back away from her on the bed and she turned completely towards me and sat Indian style on my bed.

“I found all of this out right before we moved… I tried to come onto you the day you helped my move into my new apartment but you didn’t seem interested…” She continued to confess. “But really, I need this… I need you.”

Sarah was not on her knees sitting over top of me and her face was coming closer and closer to my face; I had no words for her. Instinct took over; my hand reached out and caressed her face before making it’s way to the back of her head. I grabbed a handful of her damp hair and balled it in my fist to keep it from dangling in my face; I slightly tugged it pulling her head back for a little tease and then brought her in for a kiss.

My cock was already rock solid before our lips had connected; her tits must have weighed five pounds a piece and they were resting on my chest. Our lips locked and I felt the thickness of hers pressed against mine as my tongue passed through them and through her teeth until our tongues finally met. I quickly twisted my hips and rolled her over onto her back so that I was now on top of her as we continued to passionately embrace the other. My hands made their way from her thick hips up her body until they were acquainted with her fake breasts; I squeezed her nipples gently until they were hard enough to cut glass.

My hand continued up until it reached her neck; with one hand still firmly grasping one of her tits I wrapped my hand around her throat with a firm grip and turned my attention to her nipple as I began sucking it. I kept a strong grip on her throat as I made my way back up her body; kissing her tits, her collar bone, and finally up her neck until our lips met once more. Her tongue strongly wrestled against mine inside of her mouth until she took control and started sucking on my tongue; once she released it she pushed her tongue as far as she could into my mouth and essentially started licking the inside of my mouth.

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