My Barber

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My Barber’s Wife

This is a fictional story based on real people I know.

I have gotten to the age where I wear a hair piece. There is a barber in Denver who specializes in providing and maintaining men’s hair pieces. He used to have a large shop in the exclusive part of town where he provided this service, but due to his age, he has become semi-retired and is now working out of his home seeing only selected clients. I usually visit Charles the Great, as I call him, once a month to get what little hair I have trimmed up and have my hair piece cleaned and styled. This last time I went for my appointment, he brought up an interesting subject while cutting my hair.

“You know since the COVID shutdown, our business has really suffered. Men are not coming in to get hair pieces nor are they coming in for cleaning and styling,” Charles said. “I am afraid that my customers have been home so long that they have figured out how to take care of their hairpieces themselves.”

“I know it must be hard on you and your wife as you are the only bread winner in the family,” I replied.

“I do get Social Security but it is not adequate. We really need the income from the hair business. We have come up with a plan to offer more services to some of our ‘special’ clients,” Charles said. “By staying home for a year, some men may need some attention outside of their marriage so we thought my wife could accommodate these special clients while I work on their hair piece. It is better than waiting in the living room while I wash and style the hair piece.”

I had a stunned look on my face because Charles is an active Catholic and he had just gotten married in the last two to three years.

“Really,” was all escort gaziantep bayan ilanları I could get out.

“I don’t know if you would be interested, but a couple of my customers earlier this week did take advantage of our offer,” he said. “Honey, come here and tell Jay about some of the services we offer.”

His wife appeared in the hallway door wearing a see-through baby doll pajama top and bikini panties. She was always there when I came for my appointments, but I had never seen her like this. In fact, I had never thought of her as sexy. Even though she is 60+ years old, she had a good figure. She still had black hair although many women her age would be sporting grey hair. Through her pajama top I could see that she had good sized tits that were a bit saggy. Her legs were firm and quite nice. Almost all of Charles’ clients are older men, but I know that she is attractive enough to entice them.

“I love to give a good handjob and I am told that I am a good lay,” she said smiling. “But there are some things I won’t do. Besides we only have about 15 minutes while he does the hair pieces.”

“We don’t charge a lot and we just add it to your credit card as ‘hair piece repairs’,” he said.

“Can you give me an idea of the charges because I might be interested?” I asked.

“Most everything is between $55 to $75,” he replied.

“I have plenty of time today so I think I would like to try it,’ I said.

With that, he removed the barber cape from around my neck. I stood up and his wife came over and took my hand. She lead me down the hallway to their bedroom. Once we were inside, she closed the door and said “What would you like today?”

“As eskort gaziantep bayan you probably know, I have had colon cancer. During surgery they removed a lot of muscles and stuff from my belly as it had spread. When they got through rearranging everything that was left, my dick was about half the length it used to be and it does not want to get hard any more. Also the radiation treatments killed my balls so I am sterile. My wife and I no longer do intercourse because I cannot do it,” I explained.

“Oh, I am so sorry,” she replied. “What can I do for you?”

“Do you like to receive oral sex?” I asked. “My wife says I am good at it. That is about all we do these days.”

“I love it but do not get it very often,” she replied.

“Great. Take off your panties and lay across the bed with your butt near the edge,” I said.

She smiled and removed her panties. She then laid down on the bed with her butt about a foot from the edge. She had just enough room for her feet to be on the bed with her knees bent. She spread her legs apart and I knelt on the floor beside the bed.

“Are you clean? By that I mean no other clients today,” I asked.

“Yes, You are first one today,” she replied.

She had a full muff of dark hair with a lot of long hairs next to the lips. I used both my index fingers to part the hair and open her lips. Her clit was average sized with the foreskin coming almost to the tip. I used my left thumb and index finger to hold the foreskin up so as to expose more of her clit. I put my mouth on her mound and circled the clit with my tongue. It must have startled her because she jerked her hips and said, “Oh!”

I held on and escort gaziantep bayan began massaging her clit with my tongue. I heard her softly moaning. After a bit, I used my right index finger to lightly rim the opening of her vagina while continuing to work on her clit with my tongue. I slowly worked my middle finger into her vagina. She was quite wet and started moving her hips like she was fucking. I moved my finger around but could not find a G spot so I slowly moved my finger in and out. She was really enjoying this as she was moaning and moving her hips with my finger going in and out. Soon I saw her hands grab the bed quilt tightly. She arched her back and her hips came up off the bed and stopped moving. She let out a loud groan and her thighs gripped my head firmly. She held the position for what seemed like several minutes (I am sure it was really less than one minute) and then she fell back on the bed looking totally exhausted.

She raised up on one elbow and smiled. “That was wonderful. You do it so very well.” Then she laid back on the bed totally exhausted.

“Thank you for providing such great ‘extra services’,” I said. With that, I stood up and returned to the barber area.

“You look relaxed and happy,” Charles said as I sat down in the barber chair.

“Yes, I found your “extra service” to my liking. In fact, I look forward to my next appointment.”

He put the newly-styled hair piece on my head and combed it in.

“How does that look?” he asked.

“As always it is perfect,” I said smiling.

Charles smiled and escorted me to his office area when he took my credit card and said, “Today is $55 for the styling and hair cut and $55 for extra services. I gave you a discount since it is your first time using the extra services. I will check with my wife to see what we will charge next time.”

“You might want to give her a trim; she has some long hairs that could get caught in my teeth,” I replied with a smile.

“I will look into that,” he said.

I picked up my credit card and left. I cannot wait for my next appointment.

Thank you for reading this story. Hope you enjoyed it.

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