My Addiction

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How do you feel? I’m itching. It got under my skin. I have a hunger but no food will satisfy! I am starving. I want to be clean and sober, cleansed from this addiction. I head is always in the clouds. I want to think clearly. I don’t understand how it happened. It felt good. I suppose too good!

It was all so innocent I remember day dreaming about our conversation and possibilities of meeting. This was my problem. This was my addiction. It was an addiction to something I never tasted but it’s bonded to me like the bacteria in our stomach. It is a symbiosis where both species live together for the betterment of each other. The strange thing is this dope is none lethal. This drug is a hit of happiness but the dependency affects the body, mind and soul.

I am overdosed on you; my eyes are coated with a white film. I remain motionless and unblinking, just thinking. I see the last light of life as death reaches for out embrace. I shake alone in my bed, sweating, restless, tired, sick and scared. I shake for another high. I am Pookie in my personal New Jack City, not the Carter full of fiends only me! I need no glass pipe for this trip it is my cell phone that applies the hit. It calls out to me. It dials the numbers and waits for me to push the send button. I argue with it to prove I don’t want it any more. I throw the phone down, and look around. I try to get this thing out of my mind. I try to get a hold of myself but once again it is calling me. I am Golum splitting my personality, looking to reason gaziantep escort with my needs.

I tear my room about to find a picture so I can taste the laminated plastic that covers her face. I want that photo in me. I contemplate eating it. As you can see the beast has me. This monster and I come to a compromise. I am given one chance to vanquish this lustful addiction. I make a pact with my Great Betrayer, a loss promise to satisfy my addiction and keep my sanity.

I get to final taste and quench this emptiness, one chance to release this massive storage of energy. I stand at the edge of the earth, where the sidewalk ends with glee to step into oblivion.

The itch is gone, the sweating stops, my belly grow full and my thirst is content. My glassy eyes are bright again. I feel my body being reborn in her womb. I watch my drug get a buzz and let her guard down. Her time equals to mine. Instead of coming out the womb I strive to go in deeper. I strive to touch my stainless prince to her cervix. I feel like I accomplished the impossible, like primitive man’s first control of fire. Knocking flint to make spark now light is my servant and I no longer fear the dark. I thrust forward to her she pushing the same we transform from potential to kinetic power. Our telepathic current expressed in emotion and locomotion. I smile hold her with all the strength in my body. Bliss saturates her vaginal canal. Her scream in harmonic tome that only undersea animal could comprehend. Rapture is captured

I see the holy trinity made of Allah, Jehovah and Buddha. They allow me to see the creation of our universe in a hundredth of a second. All my muscles are fused in place as you tighten her luscious walls around me. After what feels like a crocodile grip she asks me, “Are you ok?” I grin like I have the answer to immortal life.

The pillows soaked from this erotic dance and friction. I am complete and refuse move, My dick still switching from the excitement. I slowly slide my tool from her slot and roll her over positioning my face in its place. I grab her waist and pull down it towards my tongue. My lips crave her lips. I only want a kiss. She moves gently like a small boat floating in the ocean. Her head rolls back and looks to the ceiling, no to the roof. I believe she can see heaven. Her wetness is enhanced as my tongue tastes her walls, and clitoris. She enjoy it all so do I. my limp man jumps to attention as she moans my name. I keep touching her sweet spot. You feel me rise even with closed eyes. She rides my face with her body facing my chest. She is so intrigued by the sight and size of my pleasure device. She’s even more intrigued by its abilities. She wants to taste it but fear how it will make her look. She wants to taste it but never know how to ask. She wants to suck it because she knows how to do it right. And I will not complain. She leans forward closer to her prize. It is all new to her but wants it. She is focused on it. She opens her mouth to taste the chocolate bar. With one hand you grab it and you other arm to balance. I hear a faint whisper more like she was talking to my dick and not me, “Be good!” I know it was more than an exhale of air as I feel the warmth on me. I grow more. She kisses the head of the king as my ring is his crown. Slowly you lick the tips. Over the head and kiss it until it is snug in her mouth.

I feel the tongue dance around my shaft. I long for more as you continue to swallow me inch by inch. She gets in to a nice rhythm of bobbing, licking and sucking. The sounds excite me as you stroke me with your mouth. I want you to keep it in there forever but she struggles to breath. I expand her mouth as I feel that lovely tingle overtake me. I want to come again. I want to come in her mouth. She is not up to this challenge. You keep moving steady like birds flying south, they never stop until they reach their destination. I thrust my hips but it is all for nothing you control my ever move. I am just candy to your mouth. I am her living lollipop. Her mouth has a master grip and manipulates me to the brink of ecstasy and back down. She loves his control. It excites her to have this power over me. I forget what I am doing under you now as I can only feel my cock racing with anticipation.

I am split from yearning and leaving. I know my hour will come soon. I wish I could live boundlessly just like this giving sacred enjoyment and receiving carnal satisfaction. I rejoice in this moment of 69 as havoc alters to heaven. Fortune smirks on us as our lustful curiosity is appeased in three hours of contact and multiple orgasms. My addiction is tamed for now.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32