Ms. Marca Ch. 12

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Big Tits

I’m 33 and have been very active since I was ..will too young…when it comes to sex. Too many men have had this body that I lost count years ago and I could never resist the advances of strange men. I have to tell you that I’ve never had a shortage of admirers. My measurements are 40DD-23-38 and I’m a 5’10” brunette with dark eyes. My hair is long and full and drapes the middle of my back, but I usually wear it down. The first extra- sexual encounter I had was when I was 18 and it had been with my boy friend’s father, Frank.

Greg and I had not been dating long and on Saturday’s I went to the house he was renting, to do his laundry and clean it for him, it turns out that the rent house was his father and Greg used it during the summer. He was 21 and in college, I had told him I was 20 and my father was very strict about me dating. This was the reason I could not be over night or stay a weekend with him, but I did get over to see him when I could. Greg’s father had always been sexually attracted to me. I remember as we were leaving a restaurant one night and Frank felt-up my tits as he kissed me on the cheek good night.

One Saturday I was at Greg’s place while he was at summer school doing a makeup class. I was doing some of his laundry, when Frank came by. I wasn’t expecting anyone so I had taken off my jeans and top and threw it in with the rest of the wash. I was bending over the washer with only my bra and panties on when Greg’s dad walked into the washroom. I hadn’t noticed him and was startled when he said, “Oh! Excuse me, Marca! I didn’t know you were in here!” I quickly straightened up and looked over my shoulder with flush of embarrassment on my face. When I managed to speak, I stammered, saying, “I was doing laundry — I didn’t expect — expect anyone home.”

Then Greg’s dad blurted right out, “My! My! You’ve got a beautiful ass!” The compliment made me feel nice but coming from this man older than my father it made me feel guilty. I didn’t say anything, but as I looked down to his crotch, I saw he had a hard-on. He was silent for a few seconds and then said, “Turn around so I can see the front of you, Marca.” I hesitated, but the words seemed more like an order than a request so I slowly turned and leaned back against the washer. Frank drew in a deep breath and smiled. He was staring at my tits and I knew he was removing my bra with his eyes. His gaze went down to my panties and the view of my dark pussy hair, visible through the thin, white nylon. He was breathing more heavily when he said, “Oh! Marca! You are so damn lovely! Seeing you like that has got my bone harder than it’s been in a long, long time!”

I gave him an embarrassed grin and said, “Thank you, Frank. I think I really ought to put something on now, though.” I started to leave the small wash room and Frank blocked my path. I stared, silently at him, waiting for him to move. He said, “Please take off your bra and show me those big, beautiful breasts! Please, Marca!” I told him that I didn’t think it was a good idea and asked him to let me pass. He refused to move until I consented to removing my bra for him.

Than he unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. My God that was the biggest cock I had seen up until that time! Indeed, his magnificent cock was truly a thing of awe-inspiring beauty. From a small thatch of black pubic hair, it reached halfway down his thigh. It was as thick as my forearm, with a head as big as a large plum. I felt a little dizzy just looking at it; it looked so strong and powerful. Without a doubt, I’d never seen a better-appointed specimen of a man in my life! Not yet fully erect, it was easily three times the size of his son’s erection.

Greg and the other guys I had made it with were no more than 5 ½ – 6” but Frank was just unbelievable big. I couldn’t believe the size of this monster! “Oh my God you’re big!” I backed up against the washing machine and just Sakarya Escort looked at his long snake hanging out from his pants. It wasn’t even hard and the damn thing was bigger than any guy I had ever had up to this point was. I reached behind me to unfasten the hooks to my D cup bra. I pulled the straps off my shoulders and let the bra fall away, exposing my boobs. Frank’s hard-on was pushing out and starting to go up. Oh my god it can’t get any bigger..can it?

I was starting to get hot. My pussy was starting to cream up, as I stood there, bare-chested, in front of this man who was 45+. As Frank ogled my tit’s, he said, “Oh shit, girl! Those tits! So big! So firm! So fucking smooth! I’ve never seen nipples like those before” I smiled and said nothing but just kept looking at his big rod. Frank didn’t even look up to my eyes when he said; “Now the panties, Marca, take off those panties!” I was getting so hot and wet that I didn’t care anymore. He moved toward me and took my hand and put it on his hot tool. I looked sexily into his eyes and said, “You want to see my pussy too, Frank? OK. I’ll show it to you.”

I clutched the waistband and pulled my panties down revealing the bushy, black curls on the mound of my cunt. As I continued to pull the waistband down my thighs, the wet crotch of the thin panties clung to my sopping cunt. Frank’s eyes were bugging out of his head. He watched, frozen as I lifted first one leg and then the other, pulling the wet underwear off of my feet. I held them on the end of my index finger and said, “Look what you made me do, Frank. My pussy juices have leaked all over my panties. Here! I tossed the damp garment to Frank and he held it to his nose, still staring at my naked cunt. His breathing was very rapid as he said; “I found a pair of these panties in the bathroom last week when I came by. The smell of your pussy drives me crazy! I jacked off with my face buried in your soiled underwear, imagining that I was fucking you.”

At that moment in my life I knew that I could control any man that wanted to be controlled by just using my body/sex. I was the one that had the power to make this man older than my father, do anything I wanted him to do. I had the power to make him beg me for sex, beg me to see my body. I couldn’t restrain myself any longer. I ran a finger up the slit of my cunt and said, as I held his cock and began to stroke it. “Frank why don’t you take your pants off?” He removed his pants and shorts, revealing all of his stiff hard-on. I reached out and took his hot meat in both my hands. I looked up at the wiser, older, smarter and a dirty old horny guy who was using his other head to think with.

I licked my lips and said, “Ummm! This is a nice cock that you’ve got here!” Frank hissed as I gently stroked his hard Dick. He held my tits in his hands and then squeezed and released them, repeating the motions continuously. I asked, “You like my tits, don’t you?” He grunted. I then asked him, “Do you want to smell my wet cunt, Frank?” He groaned and I pushed myself up to sit on the edge of the washer. I opened my legs and pointed my feet at the ceiling. Frank moved between my thighs and bent over to put his face in my hot pussy. I rested my legs on his shoulders while he licked and sucked my boiling cunt. I humped against his mouth and brought myself to a screaming climax. Sweat was running down my heaving tits. I panted, saying, “Want to fuck your son’s girl friend with your big Dick, Frank?” He moaned, “Oh yes!” I gave him that look hard sexy look ..fuck me look…”Frank I’m just a young girl, can you make me cum?” “Iv had young guys tell me that they wanted to fuck my hot pussy and not last 5 minutes ..Frank can you make it last… I like a long hard fuck…I like to cum 3 or 4 times..before the guy gets off..Frank can you do that?”

I looked up into his eyes with an expression of little-girl adulation. “This will Sakarya Escort Bayan be our little secret!”

I slid off of the washing machine and turned my back to him and bent over and rested on the washer. He placed the tip of his giant sex organ between the moistened lip of my vagina and began to slowly and gingerly push his way in. Fortunately, having already experienced my first orgasm, I was extremely wet by that time and the first six or seven inches slid in relatively easy. Still, the thickness of it was overwhelming. I threw my head back and closed my eyes; sighing loudly. My pussy had never felt so full before; he was stretching me like no one had ever done before. He started to gently rock his hips in an effort to ease his way in further. I looked back and down once again – mesmerized – and watched inch after delicious inch disappears inside me. I closed my eyes again, I had never felt such pleasure and pain. It felt like a thick snake working its way towards my belly.

At one point, Frank seemed to have become stuck, but not easily discouraged, he shoved a little harder and managed to squeeze another couple on inches inside me until I felt the head press against my cervix. “Oh, my God .. I looked back at him and said, “Fuck me Frank fuck me….God damn Frank fuck me! Come on, fuck this young pussy Frank!” He moved faster and harder, like a piston going a mile a minute. I felt him slamming into my slippery cunt and I gasped, “Yes! Oh Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me nice and slow..don’t rush it..make it last..Fuck me now, Frank!” He held my waist and drove his cock deep into me. He tried to fucked me in slow, even strokes and as he drove me to ecstasy, he said, “Oh fuck, Marca! Your cunt is so fucking good! I’m going to cum in you!” When his Dick started pumping his hot semen into me I screamed with another fantastic orgasm. Frank left his cock buried in my cunt until we had both caught our breath. When he pulled out of me, his sperm dripped from my cunt onto the floor. The smell of my cunt juices filled the wash room. I was collapsed across the washer when Frank picked up my panties and wiped them across my oozing cunt. He said, “If you don’t mind, Marca, I’ll keep these so I can smell your lovely cunt when I jack off again.” When he left he told me he would see me next Saturday and let me have some more real man’s cock. “Frank I just hope you can make it last longer the next time…. I’ll just give you one more shot at this if you can’t last longer than 10 minutes…don’t come back for anymore! I didn’t say no completely to him..hell.. I liked a real mans cock.

The next Saturday I was at Greg’s place in my panties and bra and waiting for Frank when in walked a man I had never seen before. He came in the backdoor and said hi to me and as I tried to cover and said, ”I’m Greg’s uncle.” He just looked down at me and I tried to half ass cover myself, and told me that Frank said I should come by and help you with the laundry. I knew than that Frank had sent him by and then he had pulled out his half hard cock and said. “Frank wanted me to show you this! He said you loved real men.” His name was Jack, Franks younger brother and had a cock bigger than Frank. I didn’t think anyone could be bigger than Frank! Jack asked me how Greg was so lucky to find such a beautiful woman as me. I blushed a little and kidded him by saying that Greg might not have been so lucky if I had met his uncle first.

He laughed and then asked me if I was a member of a fitness club or something. I said no and then he said that he thought it was amazing how young and firm my figure was. I blushed again and told him his physique was pretty amazing also. He rubbed his hand over my ass and said, “Greg certainly does have good taste. I straightened up and Jack winked at me and then moved his eyes up and down my body. I unsnapped my bra and told Jack to take his pants off. He fumbled with his fly Escort Sakarya and was naked from the waist down before I could get my bra off. I watched his semi-erect cock lengthen and stiffen as I unsnapped my bra and removed it. I pulled my panties down and off. Jack was smiling and moved close to me to feel my boobs. We kissed passionately for a few seconds and then I broke off and turned around and put my hands on the dresser. I looked at Jack in the mirror and said, “Well, come on! Fuck me with that big hard cock, Jack!”

“ No baby not just yet, your going to suck cock before we fuck and since I’m the only one here who has a cock, it looks like your sucking my cock!” She reached over to him and took his hard cock in her hand and licked the head of his over sized head. She took his penis into her mouth and eagerly sucked him as hard as she could. She could tell he was enjoying this as he held her head in his hands so gently and continued to move his cock in and out of her mouth. He began to stiffen his back and his balls, which I had in my hand, started to contract and he shot his load of cum into the back of my throat. She swallowed it all and, as his cock slipped out of her mouth, she smiled at him and thanked him for letting her do that for him.

“Honey you just got to suck it one more time so it will get hard for your Saturday fuck.” Marca caressed Jack’s cock and stroked it lovingly whilst fondling his balls. She licked the head of his cock for several moments and then slowly moved her mouth over the surface of it until it was in her mouth for about half of its length. Jack began to fuck my mouth and his cock gradually began to go further into my mouth before withdrawing on each stroke. This seemed to be going on for a long time, but was really only a couple of minutes before Jack turns me around and moves up behind me his hand rubbed over my hairy pussy and he began fingering my sensitive clit.

I was really starting to lubricate and then Jack slid a finger into my waiting cunt. I was so hot by then that I wanted Jack’s cock more than anything. I said, “Oh! Yes! Fuck my cunt, Jack! I want your hard Dick screwing my wet pussy!” My boyfriend’s uncle put his Dick in between my pussy lips and then slid it into me. I couldn’t wait for him to fuck me! My besieged pussy was spread wide once again as he penetrated me from behind and I was hoping this would be a marathon of fucking. The force of his thrusts continued unabated until I thought I would faint.


I humped my ass back and forth on his fuck meat while I watched between my legs as the Dick came out and then disappeared back in me. Jack was fondling my tits and grunting each time his cock drove home. I was having one terrific climax after another and knowing that this was my boyfriend’s uncle made it even more intense. I couldn’t control the wave of pleasure coming over me and screamed out. The feel of Jack’s hot cum splashing into my pussy sent me over the top and knowing who it was had opened a whole new door for me. The look of lustful excitement in Jack’s eyes as he came in her made her hotter than she’d ever been. It was everything she’d fantasized about…and more!

“That was so hot!” Marca said excitedly, as she felt his flow slow to a stop. She dropped her head, taking his cock into her mouth once again to suck the last remaining drops of cum from his cock and balls. She swallowed noisily as she moved her lips up and down his shaft. Jack groaned as he watched her suck, and pushed his cock deep into her mouth.

When she felt him begin to soften in her mouth, she pulled off and sat back with a huge grin on her face.

“Absolutely awesome! Just fucken awesome!”

Jack was 38 and had a cock that could fuck. For the rest of that year either my boy friends father or his uncle fucked me once or twice a month. Greg and I finally broke up but that didn’t stop Frank and Jack. For the next few months I would meet one of them at the rent house and fuck. I knew after that time with Frank and Jack I could have any man I wanted just as long as I sucked and fucked him.

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