Mrs. Miller Ch. 1

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It was still early in the summer. I’d been home from my first year at college for a couple of weeks, and I was really enjoying my summer so far. My plan was to start working at the deli in town, but that didn’t start for a couple of weeks still, so in the interim I was able to just be lazy and hang out with my buddies. Not a bad way to spend time, especially after a year of hard work at college.

It was another hot summer day, and warm air hit my hard as I stepped out of my front door and headed down the block. I’ll be the first to admit that I live in something of a sheltered community. It’s a rich white suburb, and I’ve lived here all my life. But honestly, it ain’t a bad deal if you can get it.

I headed down the road to Frank’s house. He was my best buddy of all, and fortunately lived only about a three minute walk away from, just around the corner. We’d been chilling together constantly for the past two weeks now, but that was about to change as he was about to leave for two months over in Europe. I was on my way over to say goodbye, he was gonna be leaving for the airport in about half an hour.

I gave a ring of the doorbell, and less that five seconds later was greeted by a high five from Frank.

“Hey, John, buddy, what’s up?”

“Not to much Frankie. Gettin’ psyched for your trip?”

“Sure am!”

“Hi Mrs. Miller.” She was standing in the door from the kitchen. You couldn’t help noticing her when you walked into the room; even at about thirty?seven she was an amazing looking woman. About 5’10” with an incredibly thin stomach and a generous c?cup chest. She had her hair cut very short; it wasn’t even shoulder length. As a teenager, it had been a fight not to stare, but that had past as I realized that she was my best friend’s mom. Still, I don’t understand how her husband could’ve left her; he certainly couldn’t have found someone better! But here she was, left to raise Frankie on her own.

“Good morning, John. And please, for the last time, call me Claire or I’m gonna kick you,” she replied with a smile.

“Sorry, Claire,” I said somewhat jokingly.

“Anyway, I’m gonna leave you two boys and go take a shower. Frank, give me a big hug in case you leave before I come down. I’m gonna miss my babe!” She pretended to start crying as a joke, but no one was fooled. Frank gave a her a good long hug. She kissed him on the forehead and said, “Now don’t die in Europe, son,” with a big grin on her face.

“I won’t mom.” Frankie was no longer embarrassed in front of me, even by his mom. She headed up stairs and we sat down to talk for a little while.

It had only been about ten minutes when the doorbell rang. “Alright dude, I’m off to France and Switzerland, have fun here.” I nearly smacked him. He beamed. “Later, man.”

“Have a good trip, dude. And bring me back something nice.” I winked at him, and then he grabbed his huge suitcase and headed out the door.

It never quite closed though, he popped back in. “Almost forgot, can you give my keys to my mom? She wanted to get copies made while I was gone and I forgot. He tossed me a key chain with a few keys on it.

“Sure thing, man. Have a good one.” The door closed behind him. This summer was going to be a lot duller without him around. I almost couldn’t wait for work to start.

“Well, better get her the keys and then head out of here,” I thought to myself, and headed up the stairs. The shower was not running, so I figured Mrs. Miller was out. I gave a hard knock on the door in case she was still in her bathroom. A bit too hard, I guess. The door hadn’t been closed all the way and swung open under the force of my first knock, so that my second knock missed completely.

And then there was Claire Miller, my best friends mom, bare?ass naked, still wet from the shower, lying on the bed with the middle finger of her right hand shoved up inside her pussy.

“Holy shit.” were the only words that came into my mind. It was a struggle not to stare. I lowered my eyes to the floor and said, “Ss?ssorry Mrs. Mil, I mean, Claire. Frank wanted me to give these to you. gaziantep escort ilanları I set them on the dresser and then backed out of the room and closed the door.

I don’t think I’ve ever left any building that fast in my whole life. I was filled with horror at seeing my best friends mom masturbating and, well, horniness at seeing just how gorgeous she really was. It was gonna be a long time before I managed to wash that image from my mind.

The next few hours were torture as I tried not to think about it. If I thought about it, I would want to jack?off thinking about it, and that would be no good. It was my friend’s fucking mom! I was strong enough to resist, I kep telling myself. I watched some TV in my empty house and soon had, well, not forgotten it, but at least put it into the back of my mind.

Just as I was finally the relaxing, the phone rang. It was her. “Look Johnny,” she said before I could even get a word in, “I’m really sorry about that. I didn’t intend for that to, I mean. . .”

“Mrs., I mean, Claire, I didn’t mean to run out, I shouldn’t have barged in, I mean. Well, I don’t know, I’m sorry if I was rude I guess but you know, the situation. . .”

“No need to explain Johnny,” she cut me off. She sounded more relaxed and controlled now. “Look, can you come back over here, I feel weird talking about this on the phone.”

Back over there? That was the last place I wanted to be. But it did seem reasonable. I tried to argue, but five minutes later found myself walking up the path to the Millers’ door.

The door swung open before I knocked; she’d been waiting for me. “Hi, John. Come in.”

We sat down on the couch in the living room and just looked at eachother for a second.

“Look, John. Masturbating is a natural thing, almost everyone does it sometimes and I didn’t mean for you to see it but you did. I hope you won’t be afraid to come over here and hang out anymore, I like you and think you’re quite good to Frank and I don’t want this to ruin it.”

“No, look, Claire. Let’s just forget about this and put it behind us. I mean, I don’t want to think about it and neither do you, so let’s just try not to.” For some reason she looked hurt when I said this. “What’s wrong with that?” I chimed in as sympathectically as possible.

“Nothing. It’s just. . . nothing.”

“No, c’mon, what? I can take it, I’m a big guy now.” I tried to give a nervous laugh but couldn’t quite.

“Well, was it that bad? I mean, am I so unattractive that you’d want to forget it?” She sounded about to cry.

“No of course not, you’re really beautiful it’s just that.”

“You mean that?” Her tone was much different all of the sudden, but I couldn’t quite figure it out.

“Yeah, of course I do.”

“So you’d want to see it again, if you could.”

I was getting fucking confused at this point. Either Mrs. Miller was very strange or she was trying to. . .

“Would you like to see it again?” She interupted my thoughts and left me with my jaw hanging open. A million thoughts were racing through my mind and most of them were ones I felt I shouldn’t be having. I was speechless. “I’ll tell you what, Johnny. Since you interupted me before, I didn’t get a chance to finish and I’m still really horny. I’m gonna need to masturbate really soon. Like right now. So I’m gonna go up stairs, take my clothes off, get on my bed, and get myself off. And I’m gonna leave the door open. You can come up and watch as much as you want, or you can just leave if you want to. How does that sound?” She got up and headed upstairs; I just sat there in the living room with a dumb look on my face, one side of me racing for the door while the other side was alread halfway upstairs.

I sat for about fifteen seconds (it felt like an eternity, though) before it occurred to me that I needed to do SOMETHING. I didn’t know what, but whatever I decided I need to just go an do it, or she’d come back down in an hour and find me still sitting there with a dumb look on my face. So I got up and gaziantep escort kadın headed for the door, which incidentally was right at the foot of the staircase. I stopped there and looked up the stairs, thinking about what waited for me up there. The thought of watching Mrs. Miller’s (I couldn’t help but think of her as Mrs. Miller) large chest heaving as the fingered herself was making my cock swell in my pants.

Let me stop here to defend myself. I knew that going up those stairs was probably not the “right” thing to do. But I was still a young guy with a ton of hormones, and I hadn’t gotten much in the way of sexual attention in my high school years. So as you can guess, I cracked.

I took the steps one at a time, but moved quickly. My mind was made up and I didn’t want to miss any of the “show.” Any doubts I had disappeared when I found Mrs. Miller’s shirt at the top of the staircase. I walked down the hall to the open door, passing her pants on the way. I was not disappointed when I peered into the room.

Mrs. Miller was on the bed, on her back, with her legs spread to give me a view, rubbing her cunt through a pair of light blue silk panties. She was already moaning a little when I stepped into the door way. She looked up at me when I entered, but didn’t say anything, she just continued to pleasure herself with her right hand on her pussy. Her left hand, meanwhile, had moved up to her breasts where it was pinching her nipples. Her eyes were closed now as she rubbed herself, and she squirmed a little from her own touch on her privates which really seemed to be getting her hot.

By this point it was clear that her panties were getting in the way. She opened her eyes and momentarily stopped working on her pussy and chest to grab the sides of her panties and quickly slide them off her legs. She tossed the now quite damp panties at me and began to rub her clit more vigorously. Her left hand returned to her chest, and her eyes closed again. Soon, she began to moan and arch her back as her right hand really worked on her clit.

She continued like this for a while (I have no idea if I was there for 2 minutes or year) when her left hand crept down her body and took over for her right hand. She brought her right hand up to her face and sucked her fingers, simultaneously tasting her own juices on the tips and getting her fingers ready to enter her. She then returned her right hand to her cunt and slowly pushed her middle finger into herself. From my position, I could see it stretch the lips of her pussy and then slowly slide in. She began to pump her finger in and out as her other hand massaged her clit. She was moaning now, and bucking her hips in rhythm with her self?fucking.

Soon, she added a second finger, pumping her middle and pointer finger in and out of her whole. At this point, she was practically going crazy, moaning and squirming. Suddenly, she was speaking. “I’m gonna cum for you, John. Do you want to see that?”

I tried to say, “yes,” but I don’t know if it got out. She gave a long groan, and then juices came pouring out all of her fingers. She panted loudly as she came. The whole time my cock was getting harder and harder as I watched, this was by far the hottest thing that I had ever seen. Her cumming nearly drove me crazy. But she didn’t stop! She kept pumping her fingers in and out, though she slowed down a little.

“John,” she managed as her tempo slowed, “I’m not done. Once isn’t enough. Can you be a good boy and open that drawer next to you.” She pointed and I open a drawer to find her underwear and a couple of vibrators. The knowledge that my best friend’s mom had sex toys turned me on even more. “The blue one, John.” She said, and I pulled it out. It was just your typical blue plastic vibrator.

I twisted the bottom and it started to hum. I walked up to the bed. Somehow I got the balls to say, “do you want me to help you?”

“Would you?” She responded seductively.

I took the tip of the shaking toy and touched it to her pussy, right above the clit. gaziantep escort kızlar I ran it slowly around her clit, and up and down her slit. “Don’t tease me, I’m already hot you bastard. I want to feel it!” I couldn’t turn her down. I took the vibrator and began massaging her clit with the end of it.

“Oh that feels so good, John,” she moaned. Her head tipped back and her eyes closed; she was off in her own world again.

I don’t need to tell you that I was pretty horny at this point. I took a break for a second to pull my shirt off and, then went back to work. As much as my cock was pushing against the inside of my pants, the only thing I could think about while staring at her pussy all of that time was how much I wanted to lick it; to taste her juice. Seeing that I was passed the point of no return as far as giving into my sexual urges went, a lowered the vibrator and pushed it into her hole slowly, stretching the sides.

“That’s right, fuck me with it!” She practically yelled.

I surprised her then by climbing up onto the bed between her legs and licking her clit while I fucked her with it. Her eyes shot open and she looked down at me in exstacy. “That’s right, eat me out. I want it so bad! It’s been so long since anyone licked my clit.” She was already soaked, so I went right for the clit, licking and tonguing it while I pushed the vibrator in and out of her pussy. I alternated between swirling my tongue around her clit and licking up and down on it. The insides of her thighs were squeezing my head, but I didn’t mind one bit! I looked up to see her back arched and her hands on her breasts pinching her nipples as she moaned with pleasure.

Suddenly, she went silent. She couldn’t even make a noise as she came. Juices came out all over the vibrator and my hands and face. Her legs were bucking and she was panting as she came. It began to slow down. As she snapped back into reality she sat up and kissed me, tasting her juices on my mouth. It was then, with Mrs. Miller’s tongue in my mouth that I realized what I had just done.

“Holy shit, Mrs. Miller. This was a bad idea. Look, I need to go.” I jumped up and headed for the door in a panic but she was a step ahead of me. The door slammed in front of me and she pushed me into and turned me around. She was suddenly kissing me again, and it felt so good I couldn’t help but kiss her back.

“Don’t run away, John,” she said seductively, “I’m not done with you.” She pulled my shirt over my head and continued to kiss me. Her hand found my cock and gave it a stroke through my cargo pants.

“You’re bigger than I expected, John. This is gonna be fun.” She fumbled for a second with my button, and then suddenly she was sinking down to her knees. “Relax and enjoy this, John, c’mon.”

I was speechless and she pulled my shorts down and off over my sandals. And then all I could see was the top of her head and her short hair swinging around as she took my cock in her mouth.

It felt amazing. Her tongue moved around the head as her lips moved slowly up and down the shaft of my cock and her hands grabbed my ass. She pulled me out of her mouth for a second, then licked the shaft of my cock from the head to the base and back up again. I nearly feel over as she passed the bottom of my cockhead. And then I was back in her mouth, struggling to stay standing and struggling not to cum yet.

She pulled her head away for a second and stroked me slowly with her right hand, twisting her hand slowly around as she went. Her saliva mixed with my pre?cum made it feel great. “John,” she said. Then she gave my cockhead a lick for emphasis. “I want you to cum for me. Cum in my mouth. Will you?”

“Y?yy?yes,” I stammered.

And then she was working on my cock head with her lips and tongue. I couldn’t hold on. No one could’ve. “I’m gonna cum Mrs. Miller.”

And I did.

She sucked on my cock as I did, stroking it with her hand and gently tonguing the top. I’d never came so much in my life, but she swallowed it all down, and then sucked and licked it clean before pulling me out of her mouth.

She stood up and kissed me. Her mouth was completely empty; she’d swallowed it all. I was still sort of horny on some level, but really completely drained. “That was fun,” she said. “Can you come back over tomorrow?”

“I’ll see what I can do,” I said, and then gave her another lingering kiss before starting the search for my clothes.

It was going to be an interesting summer.

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