Mrs. Derby Pt. 01

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Louisa sat back in the cold metal chair and took a deep breath of salty sea air. Although the gulls flew irritatingly overhead, the view of the ocean at this point of the day and the thoughts of what was to come after so very long could not be spoilt, not by man bird or beast.

She took a deep breath in and relished this being the first time she had been truly alone in almost two years, alone in the physical sense but also mentally.

The wind whipped around her face sending her long blonde hair blowing all around her face, she gently pushed it away from her eyes and let out a contented sigh.

There was just something about being here that gave her a deep peace, a clear head, that made her feel happy, truly happy.

She took a long sip of coffee and checked her watch, ten minutes to go if Mrs Derby was a punctual woman (which she sincerely hoped she was) There was nothing at all she hated more than tardiness.

‘Louisa?’ A well spoken voice came from directly behind her, to which she slowly swivelled in her seat and looked up. So here she was, in the flesh, the infamous Mrs Darby. And she was a full ten minutes early, brownie points before they’d even begun.

Louisa stood to greet her, taking hold of her gently by her tiny bronzed shoulder and brushed her lips against one cheek, then the other… she smelt like roses and talc, she smelt… sweet, escort bayan ladylike.

Louisa gestured for Mrs Derby to sit and was pleased with the table she’d chosen, it overlooked the seafront and the view now that the sun was setting was simply stunning.

Louisa turned to face her, to get a better look at her. She was older than her, definitely, yet she looked good for it. There was no sign of being weathered, stressed or over worked on her face instead there were graceful and slight lines around her eyes and mouth when she smiled and when she was concentrating on what Louisa was saying.

Louisa watched as Mrs Derby sipped on a glass of mineral water and couldn’t help but let her gaze wonder over her, over her slender neck and slightly protruding collar bone, down to her slight chest and much to Louisas surprise, rock hard nipples standing to attention through her sheer black silk vest.

‘So, we meet at last.’ Mrs Darby laughed, setting her water down and smiling over at Louisa, to her surprise, this woman seemed nervous. Louisa returned the smile and snapped her eyes quickly back above Mrs Derby’s neckline.

‘That’s a beautiful necklace.’ Louisa remarked, attempting to justify why she’d been staring at her new friends breasts although she didnt think shed noticed at all. Mrs Derby fondled her gold necklace that hung enticingly just above bursa vip escort her cleavage, ‘A present from Tom.’ She looked up at Louisa quickly, awkwardly, ‘I just couldn’t bring myself to stop wearing it’ she shrugged and averted Louisa’s gaze.

Louisa inwardly rolled her eyes, she didn’t think Tom had ever bought her jewellery but he’d certainly racked up years worth of hotel room bills on her, underwear and meals out, and once or twice paid her rent when she was short.

‘Why wouldn’t you wear it? It looks amazing on you, especially with such a long slender neck.’ Louisa drained the last of her coffee and followed Mrs Darbys gaze out to sea. It really was something out here, she sure wished she could live the type of life she knew Mrs Darby had, has, even after the divorce. This area was well sought after and bloody expensive as Louisa knew full well from googling house prices over the years.

The silence hung between them for a while until Mrs Derby turned back to face her, her eyes slightly damp. Louisa guessed this was probably quite difficult for her new friend but sympathy escaped her. These type of women had no idea about the real world or what real people had to cope with. The ‘woe be me’ act didn’t really wash with Louisa especially as she knew how much Mrs Derby had got out of the settlement.

One thing bursa elit escort Louisa couldn’t help to feel was an increasing arousal that she hadn’t anticipated. Mrs Derby was indeed quite stunning and the way she looked at Louisa, so needy, so vulnerable, it was awakening something in Louisa she didn’t know even existed. A feeling of wanting something from this woman rose inside her, but what it was she wasn’t entirely sure.

The hours went quite unnoticed, the women laughed, cried, shared intimate stories initially over a coffee but then over a glass of wine, two, three glasses.

That night, for once, for the first time in ages, as Louisa slipped naked between the crisp sheets in her (very much single) hotel room bed she realised she hadn’t thought about Tom all night, sure, she’d talked about him an awful lot with Mrs Derby but she was lying here thinking about someone else altogether and that was his wife. Ex wife. In ‘that’ way. Wasn’t that kind of messed up?

Louisa let her hands run over her own fuller breasts, over her stomach and brush over her nether regions ever so slightly with the gentlest touch. Her phone bleeped, startling her.

‘Breakfast? Ms D x’ it read and Louisa moaned, placing her phone next to her pillow and allowing a perfectly manicured finger to rub her swelling clitoris all the while thinking about those rock hard nipples and wondering what it would be like to take them into her mouth, to feel them against her own breasts, to rub her clitoris over them as she made way to putting herself in Mrs Derbys face. Gosh. Louisa let out a loud moan at the very thought.

‘Fuck Tom’ Louisa thought, ‘I want his wife’.

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