Mrs. Claus! Ch. 07

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CH. 7


I woke up the next morning laying on the couch, an afghan draped over me. On the coffee table in front of me was a large mason jar of ice water and two ibuprofen pills. Two ibuprofen? Then it hit me. A sledgehammer smashed into my head and my eyes burned as red hot spikes were driven through them. I squeezed my eyes shut as I was consumed by waves of pain.

Distantly, through a tunnel of agony, I heard the scuffle of feet and a booming voice speak to me. “Sit up and eat a little bit, you’ll feel better soon. I promise.” This was followed by a crack of thunder that made my head pound. My eyes still tightly shut, I sat up. My stomach lurched, my throat burned as a salty taste filled my mouth. I choked back the tide of nausea roiling about in my gut.

My head nearly exploded when a cannonball smashed into the couch next to me.

Gradually and carefully I peeled my eyelids open. The crack of thunder had been my Mom placing a plate of cheese and bread on the coffee table. The cannonball hitting the couch had been her sitting down next to me. Her eyes were puffy, her face a bit blotchy and her dark hair was an unbrushed and unstyled cloud. She sipped at her glass of ice water.

I took the pills, sipped the water, and took small careful bites of bread and cheese. Each chew rocketed a bolt of pain straight to my brain. Each bite welled up a wave of nausea that I had to fight down. But after an eternity, which was probably, a half hour or so, I once again joined the land of the living.

After we were finally feeling better. Mom snuggled up to me, laying her head on my chest. Her wild mass of hair tickled my nose, poked my eye, and almost made me retch when it scraped my tongue. I brushed her hair down with my hand. Mom took this as a gesture of affection and squirmed tighter against me. She was wearing a thin robe over her swimsuit. Normally I would have been rock hard by now but not even a tingle this morning.

“First hard liquor hangover?” she asked, speaking against my chest.

“And last…” I said, wincing as my own voice made my ears ache.

“Maybe…” Mom chuckled. “Hangovers are all about pain and regret.”

I wasn’t sure if she meant regretting overindulgence or perhaps she regretted the two drunken handjobs she had given me in the fast few days. I wasn’t in the mood to ask.

After a few more moments of silence.”You don’t mind giving your old Mom a cuddle do you?”

I put my arm around her back and gave her a small squeeze. “Of course not”

Mom gave a happy sigh. In a few seconds, she was asleep. Her regular breathing lulled me to follow suit.

Fragrant hair filled my nostrils as Mom moved her head. I fought back a sneeze and brushed down Mom’s hair. She was staring right up at me. Her eyes had lost most of their puffiness and her face had its normal complexion.

“I appreciate your patience with me. I know I’ve been a crap Mom for the past few days.”

“You haven’t been. Really. I know you’re going through some stuff”

“I have been a crap mom and your sweet to say the opposite. I should’ve been spending precious time with you instead of wallowing in self-pity. You were right. I should’ve just talked it out with you at the beginning.” She sighed. “Even after all the drinking and brooding I still haven’t decided what I’m going to do.”

This shocked me and pissed me off too. I couldn’t believe my strong-willed Mom was being such a … well, wimp. “What do you mean? Are you actually considering just going back to how things were? With him being, well let’s face it, an absentee husband and father with a chick on the side? Hell no! Divorce his fucking ass!”

“Jimmy, language!” Yep, Mom was getting back to normal. Although she did giggle. “It’s not that easy. I mean there’s you to consider.”


“Yeah, I don’t want you growing up in a broken home.”

I gave her a look like she was crazy. “I’m eighteen, it’s not like you’re gonna have to fight for custody.” Mom jumped like I had just poured cold water over her head. “You need to do what’s best for you. I”ll have to determine for myself how I’m gonna act around Dad. Right now, it’s not looking good.”

A deep sigh shook Mom’s body against me. Her gaze took on the same mixture of pride and sadness that she’s had around me a lot lately.

“You’re right. I should’ve been arranging legal matters instead of crawling into a bottle. She grinned painfully. “Well, several bottles of very expensive liquor. I think a couple of my friends from law school became divorce attorneys”.

Just when you think you know someone… “Wait … what? You went to law school”

Mom smiled at my flabbergasted surprise. “Yep, for a year and a half. I loved it.”

“What happened?” I asked hoping this was not going to be another story that would spin her into depression.

“Something came along that I loved even more.”

“Ah”, I said with insight, “Dad.”

“No baby, you!” Mom hugged me tighter and beamed görükle escort bayan at me. “At first I was torn whether or not to carry my pregnancy to term but after my first ultrasound. Well, it was love at first sight. I decided I’d rather be a good mom than a good lawyer. I never regretted my decision. And I’m so proud of the man you’ve become. Although….”


“Although that’s also been a source of pain for me. In the past few years, the relationship between your Dad and me has been… distant. Well, truthfully almost non-existent. At the same time, my baby boy has grown up. I suspected for a while now that your Dad had a girlfriend or girlfriends, but I was too cowardly to confront him about it. Not so much because of what he would say or do to me but because of the truth.

“When I saw his girlfriend, it confirmed my worst fears and I spiraled into depression. I was being tossed aside because I was old and used up. Previously, whenever I got upset or depressed I’d concentrate on a special part of my heart. I’d think about my sweet baby boy. However, in the last few years, I couldn’t find comfort there either. Because whenever I thought of my baby boy, I’d hear your deep voice and be reminded that you were all grown up. My husband didn’t want me anymore and my son didn’t need me anymore because I was old and used up.”

“Well, Dad’s an idiot.” I thought about my behavior over the past couple of years. About all the times I had acted like spending time with my mother was a burden, when I shrugged off her affection and was inattentive to her pain. “I’m an idiot too. I was oblivious to how bad things between you and Dad were, and worse of all, I couldn’t see how much you were hurting.”

Mom’s only reply to that was to hug me tighter while a few tears coursed down her cheek.

We sat, silently holding each other for a few moments before I fell asleep again. I awoke a couple of hours later sitting alone on the couch with an afghan draped over me. A pair of sweat pants were draped over my lap and my boot cast sat next to me on the sofa. I didn’t see Mom and wondered if she off getting all likkered up again.

I called for her but didn’t get an answer. I turned on the tv and started to play Call of Booty. You know the game where you play a pimp or Madam and engage in urban warfare. I’d been playing for a few minutes when the front door opened and my Mom, looking like her old self, walked in carrying two shopping bags. When she saw me sitting there, she made a surprised Ohh! As she walked past me to go into the kitchen, she sort of hid one bag behind the other. I wondered if she had bought me another Christmas present to add to my other ones. She put away some food and then took one of the bags upstairs.

She returned downstairs in a few moments and sat next to me on the couch. She wore her usual winter weekend outfit of jeans, cashmere sweater, and converse slip-ons. Her hair was brushed and styled, she had on a little make-up and a bit of cologne. Yep. Almost like her old self.

Mom picked up the other controller. “Do you dare play against me?”

“Challenge accepted. What do you want to play? Super Mario?

“Oh, we can play Booty Calls or whatever it’s named.”

“Okaaaay. If that’s what you want.” I have her a wicked smile. “Expect no mercy!”

Mom’s lips curled. “Very well… What are the stakes?”


“Stakes… What are you going to do for me when I kick your butt?”

Evil thoughts flitted across my brain. Could I parlay this into another handjob or even a blowjob? Ahhh no. I wouldn’t do that to my Mom. I didn’t even intend to bring up the handjobs unless she mentioned it. “Tacos. You know from where.”

Mom made a face. “I still don’t know why you like those hard, greasy deep-fried slabs of cardboard. Okay, I guess I need to win. So my prize will be a foot rub. Both feet.”

“Sure.” I could already taste those tacos as I started a new game. Even so, I went easy on her and her Madam character kicked my pimp ass. “Best of three?”

She shrugged and “Sure” We played again and this time I played my best. And she kicked my ass again. Mom laughed at my dumbfounded look. “Don’t be mad but sometimes I play your games when you’re not home.” Mom put down the controller, scooted back on the sofa, kicked off her shoes, lay down, and stuck her feet in my lap. “Do your magic, son”

Last year, having run out of ideas for Mother’s Day presents, I had looked online on how to do foot massages, since my Mom was always complaining about how sore her feet were. I thought it would be a singular event but Mom kept asking.

I kneaded Mom’s left sole and she sighed in contentment. I thought it would be a sneaky way to get information out her. “Mom, what did you get from the store?”

Mom looked at me over her feet with a sly and mysterious smile. “Some steaks, shrimp, chips, and dip. I thought since we weren’t going to any New Year’s Eve parties you and I could do something together. A Mom and Son.. party.”

The altıparmak eskort way she said that last phrase made me pause. Mom frowned, “Hmm, I should’ve checked with you first. Since you’re more mobile I guess you could go to a party if you wanted”

I won’t lie for a second I was tempted but then reality set in. “I’m not really that mobile. Plus, since I was having a party I wasn’t invited to any others. Besides I’m not going to leave you alone on New Year’s Eve.”

“Feel sorry for the old mom, huh?

“I would say yes, but I don’t want you to beat me with your walker.” Mom playfully kicked me with the foot I wasn’t rubbing. “Smartass!”

“Truth is… while I’m certain I’ll drink again, after this morning. It’ll probably be a while. And while it may not be cool and while I haven’t always shown it, I do enjoy hanging out with you. It’s not just because you’re my Mom, you’re also funny, smart, beautiful, sexy and most of all because sometimes you let me win at games.” I gave her a pointed look.

Mom laughed and smiled. “Ok, sore loser, finish up with my other foot and I’ll go easy on you”

When Mom made breakfast the next morning she was in the best mood that I’d seen in a long while. She gave me a radiant smile as I limped into the kitchen. “What do you think, you can put the steaks on about six while I fix the other dishes for our New Year’s eve Mom Son Date.”

Every time Mom referred to our little party as a date my mind would flash on the porn film “A Mother’s Love” and would get a twitch in my cock. It didn’t help matters that she was already dressed in tight yoga pants and a loose t-shirt.


“Uh, yeah that’d be great Mom.”

“I thought after dinner we could watch movies until about ten then watch Dick Clark’s Rocking New Year’s Eve and have some champagne at midnight.” She gave me a small mysterious smile. “Unless there’s something else you’d like to do with your Mom. On our Mother-Son date” Was she teasing me because I still hadn’t retrieved my DVD player with the mother-son porn film still on it?

“That sounds like fun, Mom.”

Mom’s green eyes glimmered with humor as she handed me my plate of food and said, “Well, OK if that’s what you really want to do. On our date.”

The day crawled until about four o’clock when Mom asked me to make sure the grill was ready for the steaks while she went to change… for our date.

I let the steaks warm and cleaned the snow off the grill and heated it. Mom wasn’t down yet so I started peeling the shrimp and arranging them on a platter. Heels clicked on the kitchen floor. I looked up and beheld a vision.

My Mom stood before me dressed like she was going to an actual New Year’s Eve party. Her hair was styled in an upswept chignon held in place by a silver band. She had matching dangling earrings to compliment the silver band. Mom was fully decked out a shimmering green dress that matched her eyes. The dress had a deep v cut that exposed much of her full, round breasts. It hugged her curves and ended just above her knees and each side had three concentric circular cutouts along her rib cage. Sheer black hose accentuated her well-toned sexy legs and contrasted nicely with her silver high heels.

Her bright red lips quirked in a small, questioning smile. A freshly shaped brow lifted slightly above her merry green eyes. In addition to being my mother’s warm, loving eyes they were also sexy, alluring eyes. She made them pop with smoky gray eye shadow and mascara.

As my eyes trailed slowly over the gorgeous, curvaceous form of my mother, I stood stunned and speechless.

“Even if it’s not true, you should always compliment your date on how she looks, Jimmy.” Mom teased, well aware of the effect she was having on me. “

“You’re … you’re pretty!” I choked out, my brain was still frozen, transfixed by the mesmerizing form before me.

“Just… pretty, Jimmy?” Mom gave me a small pout. That pout made her lips so kissable, I had to grip the table to keep myself from rushing over, grabbing her and giving her a distinctly un-son-like kiss.

“Mom… you are so fucking gorgeous I can’t find the words.”

Mom tsked, “Language, Jimmy!” but smirked. “I’m glad son, that you think your Mother looks good for our date. She strode over the to refrigerator. “While you fix the steaks I’ll take care of the salad.”

I seared and cooked the steaks, limping back and forth between the cold deck and the warm kitchen. My Mom caught me ogling her several times but I couldn’t help it, her beauty was drawing my eyes like a magnet will draw iron. However, she didn’t say anything but did give me a knowing smile each time.

We ate a simple meal of steaks, baked potatoes, salad, and black-eyed peas (for luck. After which we took the shrimp and chips into the living room to watch films. Mom had compromised between what I liked Comedy/Action with what she liked Romance/Comedy so we watched Wedding Crashers and then Out of Sight. A week ago watching any steamy romantic nilüfer escort scene with my mother would have made me uncomfortable. With my mom snuggled up against me in a sexy dress, Jennifer Lopez and George Clooney’s steamy encounter made me hard as hell.

However, despite being thoroughly aroused, I did not want to leave. I enjoyed the feeling of my mother’s lush body pressed against me. She was a bit restless during the J-Lo and Clooney scene. After it was finished, she moved up and rested her chin on my shoulder, her fingers slowly ran up and down my knee and upper thigh. “Jimmy, do you know why girls like romance movies?.” She didn’t wait for me to give a stupid answer “Because they can help us get in the mood.”

As her hand continued to stroke my thigh, her face moved close to mine and her eyes met mine.

“You know what else girls like to do on dates, Jimmy? They liked to be kissed. Even Mommies like to be kissed.” She moved her lips closer to mine and looked me directly. “I know you like it when your Momma kisses you like she did the other night.” Mom gave me a slow tender kiss that progressively became more passionate.

Another kiss followed that one. We kissed until we suddenly realized that the film had ended. Mom sat back smiling catching her breath. “Jimmy, while I set up the next DVD. Would you put away the rest of shrimp, chips, and dip.”

When I returned to the living room Mom was sitting on the couch and the TV was off. She gave me a look. “Come on, sit down!” I did and she snuggled close to me. Her knees rested on my left thigh and breasts were molded to my side and her cheek was against mine. When she spoke her lips tickled my cheek. “Close your eyes, I already queued up the movie to start. It’s a surprise.”

A second after I closed my eyes, she told me to open them. On the TV, a scene played out. A housewife played by Kay Parker had a very erotic dream. The dream aroused her so much she needed relief. She walked down the hall to get pills to help her sleep but as she passed by her son’s room. Her wanton needs seized control of her. She lingered in her son’s doorway, conflicted between the burning desire that consumed her and the means to quell her desire. After a brief struggle, her lust overwhelmed her.

The housewife lovingly kissed then sucked her son’s cock. After sucking him for a few moments, she straddled him and made love to her son.

I couldn’t believe that my Mom had put on A Mother’s Love in for us to watch. Mom kissed my neck when the movie started to show me that this wasn’t some trick to punish me. As the scene played out she whispered into my ear. “I was like her. Marriage falling apart. Feeling my age because of it. Feeling my age even more because I had a grown son. Then I found this movie in your DVD player. It was both shocking and.. informative.”

Her fingers stroked my thigh right next to iron-hard cock. “I’ve known for some time that you get aroused around me. I thought it was just your hormones. Youg men can get horny by looking at underwear ads. Then I saw your movie. All the women in that movie looked like me. So you weren’t just aroused just because I had nice tits. You were aroused because it was ME!

“So I watched the whole movie. Drinking and getting hornier and hornier. One thought kept going over and over in my head. Even if my husband doesn’t want me, my son does! I was so drunk and horny I decided I was going to be like the mother in the first scene. I gave you a bed bath and deliberately got you aroused but in the end, I just couldn’t go through with it.”

I looked at Mom open-mouthed. I’d thought that the handjob she gave me was a drunken afterthought. That the bath had been a pretext for her to initiate sex was flooring.

Mom smiled up at me and gave me a half-lidded, smoky gaze. “Although you might be surprised at this, I didn’t regret giving you a handjob. You needed relief and I wasn’t going to let you suffer. However, I did regret my intention to seduce you.

“My guilt about that added to my despair about losing your Dad and about my age so that’s why I avoided you for the next couple of days. I drank, watched that movie several times, and did some research on my laptop. I thought I needed to reconcile your love for me as your mother and your desire for me as a woman.” Mom sighed. “Truth is, what I needed was to reconcile my own feelings. How could I love you like your Mom and also desire you sexually”

“Our talk in the hot tub was cathartic and a revelation to me. My little boy is a man. A wonderful man who despite having a deep desire for me, didn’t take advantage of me when I was drunk. Even though his hard, horny cock was only separated from my throbbing, horny pussy by the thinnest of cloths. Her voice broke a little. “He did the honorable thing and took care of his Momma.”

Mom gave me a long, lingering kiss. She stood up and took my hand. “Come upstairs with Momma. I’m not a cheerleader but I promise I can make losing your virginity something truly special.”

Dumbstruck, I followed her allowing her to lead me upstairs like she did when we crossed the street as a child. My mind whirled. Of course, I wanted to make love to my Mom but should I? Would I be taking advantage of her emotional state? Or was this what she needed? A validation that she still was a sexy, beautiful woman?

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