Mrs. Anderson and the Boy Next Door Ch. 03

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Harold arrived home exactly when he said he would. Mrs. Anderson had fresh sheets on the bed and the house in pristine condition. There was no way he or anyone else would suspect that she’d taken a lover, and the next-door neighbor boy at that. She accepted his chaste kiss knowing the past two nights she had been fucking Nick all over the house, including on top of the kitchen island and on the steps. The place smelled like a brothel before they reluctantly pulled themselves apart and she told him to go home.

“When will we be together again?” Nick asked as they showered. Wrong idea, because he ended up inside her again and made her cum under the rushing water.

“Soon, I promise,” she told him. “I won’t be able to go long without having you.”

That was the truth. Mrs. Anderson thought about him constantly. The mere thought of his cock or hearing him moan for her would start her clit to throbbing. She had yet to tell Kate of taking his virginity. Kate’s husband was also home and they were going away for the weekend, which didn’t make her very happy. Kate liked her young men, and being with her husband left her little time to get at them. Mrs. Anderson wondered why they even stayed together, but then it made her think about why she stayed with Harold when it was obvious they weren’t compatible anymore. Harold was content with things as they were…she was not.

“Lola? Lola are you listening to me?”

Mrs. Anderson pasted a smile on her face and looked up at Harold. “Of course I am.”

He raised an eyebrow. “That is debatable. At any rate, I wanted to say I am impressed with the kid next door. He did a good job on the lawn. What do you think of him?”

I love fucking him?

“Yes I think he did a good job.”

Harold flicked the paper and took another sip of his coffee. “I think I will ask him to continue if that’s okay with you.”

Continue fucking me? Why yes Harold, that’s very generous of you!

“Whatever you think dear.”

“If you want to head to bed I’ll be up shortly.”

“I’m going to catch some air first.”

Mrs. Anderson went out to the veranda and looked over at Nick’s yard. There were a few lights on in the house and she could see the haze of a TV in the upstairs window. She wondered if he was looking out or could see her. He already sent her a text of his hard cock…she was ready to make herself cum looking at it and hoped Harold would fall asleep quickly.

After a bit she went upstairs and changed into her nightgown. Harold was in the shower and when he came out he was wrapped in a towel. Mrs. Anderson glanced at him and then back to her book.

He flopped down on the bed and playfully ran his fingers up her arm and she knew what that meant. She tried to ignore it but he continued until he reached up and tweaked her nipple.

“Harold, really!”

He chuckled. “Come on now, it’s been over a week and I could really…you know.”

“I’m tired.”

She wasn’t, but after all the sex she had been having showing Harold pleasure felt like a let down, especially since she wouldn’t get much from it.

“Just a quick one eh?” he asked teasingly. “I am sure you need it too.

Trying not to sigh, she moved down in the bed as he laid back and she ran her hand over his belly. He made a sound in the back of this throat and put an arm around her. Harold was average size and not the thick beast Nick was, but she tried to imagine him as she wrapped her hands around his flaccid member and started stroking it. It took time but Harold got hard and soon he was groaning under his breath as she stroked him fast, willing him to an orgasm so she could turn over and look at Nicks cock on her phone. After what seemed forever and her hand cramping, Harold let out a deep shuddering sigh and creamed her fingers. Quickly he took the towel and wiped it away. Harold didn’t like looking at his cum.

“Thank you dear,” he said and kissed her on the forehead. He turned on his side and pushed up her nightgown and began to fondle her. Mrs. Anderson tried not to grit her teeth and when he opened the lips of her pussy he found her quite dry.

“Do you want the KY?” he asked quietly.

“No I’m really tired, just go to sleep. We will try again another time,” she told him.

He didn’t need much convincing. He kissed her again and turned over, shutting out the light and falling quickly asleep. She looked at his sleeping back and thought thank god, now I can touch myself in peace. Once he was snoring Mrs. Anderson opened her legs and moved her hand down her belly and cupped her mound. Touching herself and thinking of Nick made her aroused. Her skin felt softer, languid and as she ran her finger down her slit she felt the warm slick fluid seep out and she rubbed herself with it as she stared at the photo. Underneath was written “I want this in your mouth right now.”

“Mmm, I want it in my mouth too baby,” she thought to herself. She rubbed herself pussy and slid her finger inside and fucked herself slowly. Her eyes were starting Gaziantep Grup Escort to close though…suddenly she felt so tired and before she was able to finish she fell asleep.


Some time later Mrs. Anderson stirred and found her hand still between her legs. She became aware of someone in the room, and it wasn’t Harold who was next to her snoring away. Someone was there and she felt a quick swath of air as they moved closer. Heart racing, she blinked several times and opened her eyes to find Nick standing over her…and his erect cock in her face.

He smiled and held a finger to his lips as she stared up at him in surprise and glanced over at Harold. She turned back and he ran his fingers over her lips and pulled them open and inserted his fat cock inside.

Oh god what was she doing?

She started to suck him. Soft wet sounds came from her mouth and he ran his hand over her hair and pushed it back. A thrill of pleasure gripped her pussy and she felt herself instantly wet. He pushed his cock further in her mouth and gagged her a little. She put her hand against his thigh and he pushed it away, moving closer and yanking up her nightgown and exposing her. He made a sound of satisfaction and rubbed his fingers over her pussy.

She whimpered lowly and ground against his hand. Harold continued snoring and she took Nick deep, loving how his breathing became heavier and faster and how he was pushing his cock in her mouth. He rubbed her faster and she couldn’t make noise even though she wanted to.

“Mmm so good,” he said lowly as he popped his finger inside her pussy. Mrs. Anderson gasped and arched up to meet it. She sucked deeper, his cock slipping between her lips and the sounds of her sucking got louder. He groaned and she reached up to take his balls in her hand, massaging them gently.

“Yess…” he said under his breath, using his hips to thrust his cock into her mouth. She felt starved, her wet mouth slurping and sliding over his hardness as she listened to Harold breathe. She softly moaned as her clit grew taut. After a minute he pulled out of her mouth and bumped her hip. She reached out to take it in her hand but he shook his head and motioned at her to move over. Her eyes widened and she shook her head but he ignored her and pushed his way in, pressing his body tightly up against hers.

“I told you I wanted it in your mouth,” he whispered in her ear.

“This is crazy!”

“Yea but you love it.”

She did love it. She opened her legs and he pushed his cock against her wet pussy. The thought of Harold sleeping next to her and having Nick in the bed was terrifying and oh so exciting. He was rubbing against her slit and kissing her, his tongue hot and wet and his hands cupped her ass.

“I want to fuck you mama,” he said in her ear. “Can I fuck you?”

“No! He is right here!”

“So what?”

She was losing her mind, Mrs. Anderson decided. His cock was brushing over her opening and putting her into a frenzy. He kissed her again and moved his fingers down to her breasts, squeezing and pinching her nipples as he teased her with his cock. She was soaking wet and if Harold woke he would surely smell it. Yet his cock was rubbing her to a fevered pitch and she wasn’t going to be able to hang on much longer.

“Let me give you my cock mama,” he grunted in her ear. “I need it so bad.”


“Let me be your good boy mama.”

“Fuck,” she moaned softly, “give it to me.”

She turned around and opened her legs, her face pushed against Harold’s shoulder and Nick buried it deep in her. Her breath caught and for a moment she thought Harold stirred. He shifted slightly and she gritted her teeth and Nick started to fuck her. She could smell the scent of Harold’s soap on his skin and the bed slowly began to move and squeak. Nick’s hand clamped down on her leg and pushed it further apart and she felt the tip pull all of the way out to slip over her clit and back down again.

“So good…” Nick groaned. “I can’t get enough…”

Each thrust bumped her head into Harold’s shoulder and she wanted to scream at him to fuck her hard and fast and the danger only added to the pleasure. She felt his fingers at her other opening…they already spoke about trying that…and the suddenness made her cry out. Suddenly Harold snorted mid snore.

“Lola? What’s going on?”

She felt Nick pull out and the sudden loss of his cock almost made her cry as her heart lurched in her chest.

“Nothing…nothing dear. I was having a bad dream. Go back to sleep.”

“I heard something-”

“I was dreaming okay?” Just go back to sleep now. I’m getting some water.”

He mumbled and turned over on his belly. Panicked, Mrs. Anderson looked around but didn’t see Nick, and on shaky legs she stood and went over to the bathroom. When she flipped on the light he hurried in the door and clicked it softly shut behind him. Within seconds he was back on her, pulling her onto the vanity and pushing her legs apart. Wet and hungry, she buried her face in his shoulder as he pulled her by the hips and slammed his cock into her.

“Yes, please, please baby give it to me,” she begged, her ass sliding on the slippery surface which only pressed his cock more deeply into her. Nick groaned, his fingers digging into her hips as he fucked her.

“Show me your tits.”

She undid the ties and let her breasts spill out. He groaned and leaned down to take a nipple in her mouth.

“I am close baby,” she whispered breathlessly. The sound of their wet skin smacking together was driving her wild and he pulled her down and turned her around so she could lean over the vanity. She gripped it as he smacked back into her, the furious pounding made her weak and was pushing her over the edge.

“Make mama cum baby,” she crooned and he moaned, pumping deep until she felt the orgasm cresting as he clapped his hand over her mouth to stifle the scream. He continued pumping as the fluid drained down her legs and soon she felt him tense and quickly moved around and crouched down to take his seed in her mouth.

“Oh god,” he said, “I’m cumming-”

“Mmm yes, put it all over my tongue.”

He grunted as he spurted her face, great gobs splashing against her tongue as she took it. She sucked him into her mouth drank him hungrily. When she got every last drop she stood and pulled him to her.

“You are a very bad boy,” she grinned. “Mmm thank you, mama needed that.”

“I wish I could live with you,” Nick said.

“Mm me too baby, but we would be caught by my husband eventually. I wouldn’t be able to stay out of your room.”

“Did you stay out of your sons room?”


He shrugged.

“You need to get out of here, quietly.”

Nick ran his fingers over her breasts. “My cock is always hard for you.”

Dammit how did this boy work her up so fast? She asked herself. Immediately her nipples hardened.

“Later baby,” she whispered. “If he finds you were are both in big trouble. Let me go out first then you sneak fast okay?”

He made a sound of impatience but nodded. She shut off the light and went silently out and back to the bed. As she sat down she saw Nick hurry by and heard the slight noises on the stairs before the door quietly opened then clicked shut.


“Oh Lola, he is incredibly sexy,” Kate sighed into the phone. “I can’t get enough of that story!”

“It was so hot and so terrifying,” Mrs. Anderson said. “I can’t believe he sneaked in like that!”

“Darling I hope he does it again, and gives it to you over and over while Harold snores away. I like how your face was pressed into his shoulder while Nick shoved his cock in you. Mmm, Kate is so horny now.”

“Any prospects there?”

“Maybe…mostly grandmothers who cross-stitch and talk about their bratty grandchildren. There is one though. I saw him swimming the other day and when he came out of the water well… I wanted my mouth all over his body.”

“I’m sure you will make it happen Kate,” Mrs. Anderson said.

“You know me to well darling. Oh, I hate to impose but do you mind going over to the house and watering my plants? The inside plants will need it too. They key is hidden in the usual spot.”

“Yes of course. I can go in just a little while.”

“Thanks Lola. Talk to you soon, ta ta!”

Mrs. Anderson went downstairs and saw Harold on his cell phone. He waved at her and then went back to complaining at someone. She tidied up and after a cup of tea got dressed and grabbed her keys from the bowl near the front door.

“Where are you going?” Harold asked.

“Kate asked me to water her plants. I shouldn’t be gone that long.”

“I thought she had a service?”

“She asked me Harold, that’s all I know. I will be home soon.”

“Okay, I’ll be here.”

Mrs. Anderson went outside and glanced over next door. Both cars were gone…Nick had said something about going somewhere and the thought of him sent her mind straight to sex. He had placed some sort of spell on her and she liked it.

She left the windows down and made the drive to Kate’s house. It was only twenty minutes and she pulled up to the door and unlocked the door, and then went around and did the outside plants. She had to fill the watering can twice and when she was finished she put it away and went inside. The air was cooler and she shut the door softly and headed for the kitchen.

“Hello Mrs. Anderson.”

She screamed and Thomas rushed over to her.

“Sorry, so sorry,” he stammered. “I didn’t mean to scare you so bad!”

“Thomas,” she gasped. “What are you doing? You scared the hell out of me.”

“I saw you pull up and the door unlocked…and I thought I’d say hello.”

“Well you didn’t have to startle me like that,” she said. “How are you?”

He shrugged. “Bored.”

Mrs. Anderson nodded. “I see. I have to water the plants.”

“Can I help?”

“I don’t really need help but…sure.”

He followed her over to the sink and stood next to her. Then he reached out and rubbed her nipple.

“Thomas,” she said. “What are you doing?”

He moved closer and pressed his head against her breasts. I miss my mama.”

“I know Kate misses you too.”

He opened his mouth and nuzzled her cleavage. “I miss you too.”

Dammit, he would have to go there, Mrs. Anderson thought to herself.

“I’ve missed you too, you’re a very good boy.”

He moved his hand inside her shirt. “I am a good boy.”

She sighed as his thick finger rubbed outside of her bra and made her nipple hard. Already he was pressing himself against her.

“Thomas we can’t,” she sighed.

“Why not?” he asked.

Why not indeed? He opened two buttons on her blouse and pushed his face inside. She ran her hand over his head and moaned a little.

“Kate might not like this,” she chided.

“I love it.”

God she loved it too, but did feel a little guilty about Nick. He was becoming obsessed with her, and wouldn’t appreciate her giving into to someone else. Yet already her clit was starting to throb and she opened her legs a bit so Thomas could slip his hand between her legs.

“Did Kate tell you to come over here?” she asked.

Thomas grinned and his undid her front clasp bra and her breasts spilled out. He groaned and cupped them in his hands and Mrs. Anderson put her head back so he could run his lips over her neck.

“Touch them baby,” she said as her nipples ached and tightened. He took one in his mouth and suckled it hard. She gasped.

“Do you like it Mrs. Anderson?” Thomas asked.

“So good baby, Mama Kate has taught you well.”

He took her by the hand and they went into the library where the leather chaise was. He shut the door and she started to undress but he stopped her.

“Take everything off but your skirt, leave that on.”

He undressed entirely and his hard thick cock sprung out in front of him. She thought of Nick again and how it would be better to leave, but already her body was betraying her and she wanted this boy inside her. God, she was turning into Kate!

She didn’t have to tell him, she thought to herself. Besides, she needed to relieve the ache and Thomas came over and straddled her, pushing her skirt up around her hips.

“I have this fantasy,” he said. She felt his cock against her slit and sighed with pleasure. She pulled him too her so he could whisper it in her ear.

“You and Mama Kate are living together and I come to live with you…”

He slowly began to move his cock against her wet.

“I come home one day and I didn’t do something you asked, so you tell me it’s time to be punished. You sit down on this chaise and you’re wearing a long skirt like now, with no panties underneath…”

Mrs. Anderson moaned as the tip of his cock slid effortlessly down her opened lips.

“You take me over your lap with my pants down and start to spank me so hard. Mama Kate hears the sound and comes in here…and she sees your hand on my bare ass and how red you are turning it…”

“Keep going Thomas,” she whispered.

“It makes her so hot. So she sits down in the chair across from me and I see her open her legs and start playing with her pussy. You feel my cock getting hard and tell me I am a bad boy to get hard while taking my punishment, but it turns you on too.”

“Mmm it does baby.”

“So you tell me to stand up and it’s super hard and Mama Kate says, “look how hard our sons cock is and you agree. She says we shouldn’t let it go to waste…”

Mrs. Anderson grinded against his cock, pushing him against her opening. He is so close…

“Then what?” she begs.

“She tells you to lay back and open your skirt, just as it is now and tells me to fuck you…”

“Please put it in me baby,” she whimpered and he slid his cock in and groaned.

“I put it in you and start fucking you and it feels so good. Mama Kate comes over and sits on the edge and I feel her hands cupping my ass and she pushes me into you harder…”

“Oh my god,” Mrs. Anderson moans, “so good…”

Thomas grunted and for a moment he concentrated on burying himself deep in her pussy. Mrs. Anderson reached around and gripped his ass.

“Tell me more.”

“She is grabbing my ass so hard and I am pounding you and she says how wet it makes her. She says, “that’s it son, give it to her just like I taught you…”

Thomas was fucking her faster, their skin smacking together wetly and she knew it wouldn’t take her much to cum.

“You are saying such dirty things in my ear,” Thomas said. “It makes me so hot and then Mama Kate says, “don’t hold back Lola. Tell our son how much you like fucking him. You won’t say it at first but she keeps telling you to until you cry out, “I like fucking our son…”

“Thomas!” Mrs. Anderson choked, her clit on fire and her orgasm edging.

“Then hearing you say that makes me want to cum and suddenly I slam in tight and spurt into you… oh fuck…I am going to cum!”

“Me too baby. Cum for me son…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32