Mr. Richards and the Babysitter

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One night, after my friend Mike had to call off our normal Thursday night poker game due to the unexpected sickness of his daughter, I arrived home earlier than usual to see my babysitter, Kristine Schmidt, on her knees in my living room fellating a boy a few years older that her.

From the darkened driveway, I could see the well-endowed 18-year-old brunette take his engorged member between her lips, kissing along the shaft while she teased his balls with her fingertips. His cock, obviously moist from her efforts before my arrival, twitched under her touch. For a moment I contemplated making a loud noise to announce my presence, but watching Kristine on her knees servicing her friend’s cock made me feel things I hadn’t felt since before my wife became sick more than three years ago. Her passing had put a serious damper on my sex drive, so much so that I hadn’t noticed what an exceedingly beautiful young woman I had hired to look after my 10-year-old son.

Now, seeing Kristine take a cock between her lips and tease the head with her tongue, I felt for the first time like fucking someone again. And not just anyone. I wanted to fuck Kristine. Even though she was 18, she was still in high school, which made me feel like a dirty old man of 35. I had taken good care of my body in the last several years, in fact, workouts were one of the only ways I had been able to take my mind off of my wife’s slow decline. Looking back on it, I can see that I used it as a kind of narcotic, a way not to deal with the grief of seeing someone that I love dying. This meant that I was in very good shape for my age, and actually looked several years younger. I hoped to use that to my advantage to get Kristine in the sack.

Kristine’s friend seemed in ecstasy as his member began twitching. I could see Kristine cup his balls as they constricted, then released, no doubt delivering a spurt of semen into Kristine’s eager mouth. She looked up at him before licking him clean. Then, suddenly, she turned around and looked out the window and directly into my eyes. She wiped a stray string of semen from her lips and licked her finger clean before she helped her friend tuck his member back into his pants. Even though I knew that the glare from the lamp in the living room prevented her from seeing me, I couldn’t help but think that she had noticed me watching, and that her sensual movements were meant to tease me.

I decided that the best way to make my presence known was to call her on my cell. I could see her pick up the phone almost immediately after it rang.

“Hi Mr. Richards,” she answered, her voice sounding as if nothing had happened. I explained that there had been a change in plans and I would be home in five minutes. Then I wheeled my bicycle around the side of the house, stood, and waited while her boyfriend or whoever he was ran out to his car and drove away. After a couple of minutes, I rang the doorbell. When Kristine opened it, it was hard for me not to glance down at her ample breasts straining against the fabric of her button-down shirt.

“Hi Kristine,” I said, “How was Luke tonight? He give you Sakarya Escort any trouble?”

“Oh no Mr. Richards,” she said, smiling, “he went right to bed.”

“Don’t worry,” I said, “I’ll pay you for the full six hours even though it was only one,”

“Thanks Mr. Richards!”

I walked into the house and put away my bike helmet.

“Hey Kristine,” I called from the kitchen, “how old are you now anyway?”

“I just turned 18,” she said as she entered the room and stood next to me.

“Still too young,” I said, uncorking the bottle of red wine that I kept on the kitchen counter.

“Not for some things.”

“To drink, I mean.” I could feel myself getting aroused against my will.

“What do you mean? Are you going to offer me a drink? Who’s going to find out?”

“Would your parents be upset?”

“They’ll never know.”


I poured her a glass of wine and we clinked glasses.

“To your coming of age,” I said.

“Cheers,” she said, her eyes fixed on mine.

We went into the living room and sat down on the couch next to each other, each facing forward. There was a sense of awkwardness or anticipation in the air, at least that’s what I felt. I still couldn’t be sure that I wasn’t projecting the fantasies of a horny 35 year-old man onto a teenage girl. I decided to test the waters.

“Kristine,” I said, “I want to ask you something. When I pulled up on my bike, I saw a young man pull his car out of the driveway. Do you know him?”

Kristine smiled.

“That was Dave,” she said, “he’s a friend from school.”

“Your boyfriend?”

“No, not really, but I think he’d like to be.”

“What makes you say that?”

“He’s always finding excuses to talk to me. You’re not mad that he came by to see me are you?”

“To be honest, I don’t like to think of you being distracted by boys while you should be babysitting,” I said in a stern voice.

“I’m so sorry Mr. Richards,” she said in a tone that seemed almost playful, “I didn’t think you’d be home so soon.”

“That’s not the point,” I countered, a little annoyed now,

“it’s my house and you’re supposed to be watching Luke.”

“We just watched TV together. That’s all.”

“Kristine,” I said, “I like to think that I can trust my babysitter. I’ve treated you like an adult,” I motioned to the wine, “and I expect that you’ll behave like one, and tell me exactly what you were doing with that boy.”

She blushed. For the first time I thought I might have broken through her self-assured exterior.

“We… We…”


“We were fooling around a little bit.”

“Fooling around?”

“You know, doing stuff.” Her smug look was gone now, and she seemed genuinely embarrassed. Had I misjudged her?

“What kind of stuff?”

“We made out,” she said, a smile returning to her face. Then she looked me square in the eye and said:

“And I gave him a blowjob.”

I was almost too stunned to reply. Was it a come-on? What kind of 18 year-old girl has the nerve to admit to an authority figure that he Sakarya Escort Bayan has just given oral sex to an acquaintance? Or was everyone in her generation so casual about things like that?

“I see…” I stammered. Seeing that she had turned the tables on me, she asked:

“Does that make you uncomfortable?”

“Honestly, yes. I mean, what if Luke had seen?”

“What if you had seen?” she asked.

I didn’t answer for a second. I took a drink from my glass.

“Would you have liked to watch?” she looked provocatively into my eyes.

“What do you think?”

“I think you would have.”

“I think maybe it’s time for you to finish that drink,” I said, “I think it was a mistake giving it to you in the first place.”

She raised the glass to her lips and said

“I’ve obviously broken the rules of the house. Don’t you think you should enforce them?”

My eyes ran over the gorgeous teenager in front of me. Her straight brown hair fell just around her shoulders. Her lips were full and red, without a trace of lipstick. Her complexion was clear. Her breasts — (well, I covered those already). She was wearing a tight pair of low-rise jeans, and I could only imagine what she had on underneath.

“Enforce them how?”

“Punish me.”

I couldn’t believe my ears.

“Com’n Mr. Richards,” she said, her eyes moving towards the bulge in my pants, “I can tell you want to.”

I calmly set my glass down on the coffee table and looked her in the eye.

“I assume you know what you’re getting yourself into,” I said.

“A spanking, I presume.”

“You must have done this before.” I said.

“No, but I’ve thought about you doing it, Mr. Richards.”

“Get over my lap.”

Kristine slowly stretched her slender body over my lap, showing me one of the most perfect female asses I have ever seen. I gave her a hard slap.

“Ooo!” she squealed.

I began to slowly and sensually spank her 18-year-old ass, pausing occasionally to rub the cheeks through the fabric of her jeans.

“You can take them off me if you want,” she said.

Before I could reply she reached down and unbuttoned them, pulling them down just enough to reveal a pink thong. Now my blows fell on her bare ass, and I increased their frequency and intensity.

“Mmm…that’s it,” she moaned, “I’ve been a bad girl.”

I continued to smack her until both cheeks were red.

She gasped between smacks.

“Oh … yes .. Mr… Richards … please … spank … me … I’m … a … bad … girl.”

My cock was straining against my jeans in such a way that she must have been able to feel it. I reached a finger between her legs and felt her warm, wet pussy. She obviously loved being spanked.

“You like being spanked don’t you?” I asked, slowly inserting a thumb into her pussy while spanking her with my other hand.

“Oh… yes…” she cried as my other finger rubbed her clitoris.

“Come for me you naughty girl.”

“Oh .. yes … Mr. … Richards.”

After a few minutes she reached a screaming Escort Sakarya climax. It was only then that I remembered my son asleep upstairs.

“God!” she said, standing up with her jeans around her knees, face flushed bright red, “no man has ever gotten me off like that before.”

I excused myself for a moment and went upstairs to check on Luke. If he had heard anything, he didn’t let on. He was sleeping comfortably in his bed. I kissed him on the head and went back downstairs. Kristine was standing in the living room unbuttoning her shirt.

“Your turn, Mr. Richards,” she said, slowly revealing her large breasts held in place by a pink bra that matched her thong, “why don’t you come over here and give me a kiss.”

I kissed her passionately on the lips. She kissed like a woman much older than 18, and showed amazing confidence in other ways as well. She stroked my cock through my jeans and whispered in my ear:

“I can tell you have a big thick cock, Mr. Richards.”

I could only moan in reply. Where did she learn to talk like that?

“I love sucking on a big juicy cock.”

“I bet you do.” My hands were all over her body. I unfastened her bra and began to fondle her amazing tits.

“No one else knows what a slut I am, Mr. Richards.”

“I don’t believe that, Kristine,” I said as I kissed down her neck.

“No one. Not my parents, not my boyfriend, not my friends at school.”

“I thought you didn’t have a boyfriend.”

“Actually, I do. But not the guy that was over here tonight.”

She got on her knees in front of me and unzipped my jeans. She pulled down my boxer briefs with both hands and released my cock, which, as she predicted, was big and thick.

“Mmm…so big,” she said as she took it between her lips. She looked up at me and took it into her throat until she gagged a little bit.

“Do you like watching girls deepthroat your cock, Mr. Richards?” she asked looking up at me mischievously.

“You know it,” I said.

“Kristine?” I said, massaging the back of her head as I watched my cock disappear between her luscious lips, “I’m a little out of practice and I’m going to come really soon.”

“That’s ok Mr. Richards,” she said after she had taken my cock back out of her mouth, “I want you to come all over me.”

She began to stroke my cock right over her face. I was amazed that a woman of her age could be so slutty.

“Come all over my slutty face,” she begged me, as if she had read my mind.

She licked my balls for a split second before coming back up and running the tip of her tongue down the underside of my cock. With impeccable timing, she opened her mouth just as the first spurt of my cum hit her forehead, falling in a long rope across her face. I shuddered in pleasure as I coated her face with squirt after squirt of my hot sperm, which she expertly avoided getting close to her eyes. After the onslaught was over, she opened her eyes and looked up at me while cleaning off my cock with her tongue. She looked absolutely amazing kneeling there in front of me with cum all over her face.

“I have to clean myself off now,” she said smiling as she used a finger to scoop up all of the cum I had deposited on her face and put into her mouth. Then she stood up and gave me a kiss.

“That was fun Mr. Richards,” she said, “but don’t you want to fuck me too?”

To be continued.

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