Mother Futa Ch. 04

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The first rays of the sun shone upon Martha Ridley’s eyelids, causing her to awaken. The first thing she saw was the back of the head belonging to her young 19 year old lover, Adam, who was still fast asleep. Hearing his soft snores was enough to make her give a genuine, but tired, smile. As she sat up in the bed, she stretched out her arms and let out several yawns. She looked all around, admiring the tranquil swimming pool, and, beyond that, her quiet backyard.

Yesterday, she and Adam had enjoyed countless rounds of amazing sex. They spent an entire Saturday in every part of the house fucking, staining every bed, countertop, and most floors with their cum. While Adam took a quick, post-lunch nap, she had set up an inflatable mattress outside, furnishing it with pillows and a heavy comforter. After dinner, she led him outdoors, where they got into bed and made sweet love until they both fell asleep. It felt so good to be naked under the stars, for once in her entire life.

She carefully exited the bed, trying her best not to wake Adam. Walking around her porch, she stretched her limbs, enjoying the feeling of the cool morning air kissing her bare skin. Each nipple upon her heavy 36G breasts was stiff and puckered. Her cock jutted proudly into open air, stiff and engorged with blood.

It had been a long time since she felt good about her naked body. Martha Ridley had been born a hermaphrodite; her body was that of a beautiful 40 year old woman, save for the 12 inch penis and large testicles that jutted out from between her legs, right over her vagina. Until a few months ago, her privates had been mostly unused, longing for the sweet release that sex could provide.

Just thinking about the sex she’d been having in the last few months made her morning wood even harder. She looked back at her still-sleeping lover, who happened to be her daughter’s boyfriend. He was keeping her company while her daughter, Katie, was out in Des Moines with some friends for the weekend. It seemed a shame that this would be their last day of freedom; Adam would have to go back to his job at the local plant nursery, while Martha would be spending her days in the boring tedium of the local post office. She’d have to make sure to make this day count until the next weekend.

Right now, she was torn between getting herself some breakfast, or enjoying another vigorous fuck-session with her boy-toy. Her grumbling stomach and pulsating dick were at war with each other. Fortunately, she heard him stirring in the bed. Her heart leapt with joy as she saw Adam’s eyes open.

“Good morning,” Adam murmured.

“Good morning, my love,” Martha said.

Adam smiled as she sauntered back towards the bed. He sat up and gazed longingly at Martha’s body, her swaying, fulsome hips, her round, shapely breasts, and her bouncing cock. She, too, was filled with hunger, crawling onto the bed like a predator until she was on top of Adam. She pressed her lips to his, allowing his tongue to invade her mouth. Her lips curled into a smile; she felt Adam’s hand reaching up to fondle her large, hanging breasts.

“Why don’t we take a dip in the pool?” Martha suggested. The two of them reeked of body odor, sweat, and semen; a dip in the pool would serve until the two could get a shower.

“Sure,” Adam said.

With a giddy laugh, Martha grabbed his hands and pulled him out of the bed. The two jumped into the pool, carousing like two kids as they splashed water at each other. Martha then pinned Adam against the side of the pool with her body. Adam loved the feeling of her large breasts pressed against his chest, her hard nipples poking him. Underneath the water, their hard dicks dueled each other, rubbing against one another with anxious delight.

Martha tilted her head back and let out a guttural moan as Adam sucked on her neck, trying his best to leave a hickey there. She could feel his hands grasping her buttocks and pulling her closer to his body, sandwiching his own between her and the concrete wall of the pool. For a second, she was sure that he would be crushed.

“Ohhhh, Martha! Let me have your pussy!”

“It’s okay, my love. Here, make me cum!”

Martha reached down towards her crotch and lifted shifted her penis and balls aside so that he could pierce her with ease. She felt a shudder of pleasure as she felt him slide inside of her; though he had been inside of her several times, she was unprepared for the girth of his manhood as he entered her. The sex seemed to be even more pleasurable in the pool. The sensation made it feel like she was making love on a cloud.

Adam whirled the both of them around, so that he had Martha up against the wall, pumping into her body as she Escort Bayan cried out with lust. Adam nuzzled her damp hair, taking in its natural scent, which was mixed with the smell of chlorinated water. The water roiled and foamed as the two thrashed around in the pool, until their bodies boiled with the heat of desire and the rising sun.

At last, Adam shot his sperm into Martha’s beleaguered snatch. She gave a few ragged breaths before she too ejaculated a lengthy stream of cum, causing a huge cloud of semen that floated between their loins. The two of them did not break their embrace, remaining cradled in each other’s arms and the water.

“Oh, God!” Martha gasped. “I feel like…I feel like I could cum enough to make this pool overflow.”

“I know what you mean,” Adam said, still inside of her. “Oh, Martha…I love you so much.”

Right then, Adam knew that he had said something wrong; he felt Martha’s body become tense in his embrace. He looked her in the eye, seeing a stern look etched upon her face. The fear of what she was about to say next was enough to make him flaccid; under the water his penis fell out of her.

“Adam,” she said. “I care for you very much, especially because you take such good care of Katie, but…I-I’m not in love with you. Our relationship isn’t built on love, it’s lust. I just need you to satisfy me.”

“Martha, I…”

She gently pushed him away and exited the swimming pool. Adam was too stunned to move; he could only stand in the pool and watch as Martha grabbed a towel from a cabinet on the porch and dried herself off.

“I’m going to go upstairs and shower,” she said. “I want you to use Katie’s shower and meet me in my room in an hour.” She was using that cold tone of voice that was reminiscent of when he first met her. Back then, Adam thought that Martha hated him, only to find out that her supposed indifference was actually a mask for the rampant lust that she provoked inside of her. He remained in the pool for some time, thankful that the surrounding homes were free of any people that could witness his nudity.

A few minutes later, he exited the pool and dried himself off. Just as Martha said, he went upstairs to shower in Katie’s bathroom. When he was done, he retrieved his clothes from the living room, where he had left them yesterday after Martha greeted him at the front door. When he was done, he made himself a small breakfast with cereal and milk, and then spent the rest of his hour watching television. A nice cop movie on TV full of violence would help keep his mind off of the uncertainty of his relationship with Martha.

When the movie was over, he looked at the clock on the television screen and saw that it was almost 9 AM; surely, an hour had passed already. He turned off of the television and headed upstairs, ready to find out what Martha wanted from him. After reaching her bedroom, Adam knocked on the door.

“Come in.”

With great trepidation, Adam opened the door and entered the bedroom. He could see Martha standing over by the window, wearing her bathrobe. Adam noticed that she had undone her braid, letting her long, golden hair fall freely all the way down to her waist. If anything, she looked even more beautiful to him, as the sunlight peeked through the blinds, causing her hair to glow.

“Listen, about what I said in the pool…”

Martha raised a hand, signaling him to be silent. “It’s okay, Adam. Obviously, we’ve really bonded these past few months, and, it was easy for you to develop these feelings for me.”

“Right,” he agreed.

“As I told you before, I care about you a lot…but, I don’t love you, not in the way you think. You love Katie, and that’s what I want.”

“I understand,” Adam said, feeling utterly dejected. “I agree, we have to end it.”

To his confusion, Martha smiled and shook her head. “You are so adorable, do you know that? Adam, I don’t want to end our relationship, I want to define it.”

“Define it?”

“That’s right,” Martha said as she walked towards him. “Adam, for lack of a better term, we’re…fuck buddies.” She undid the belt of her robe and let it fall to the ground. “To drive this point home, I want you to do whatever you want to me. I want you to use me as your whore, your cum dumpster…and even your toilet.”

“Martha,” he murmured, as his penis started to engorge within his shorts.

“Damn it, Adam,” she growled as she jerked his pants down. “What the hell are you waiting for? TAKE ME NOW!!”

Adam’s ears burned with fury, and his dick felt like it was about to explode. He roughly grabbed the older woman and threw her onto the bed.

“So, you want to be fuck buddies, huh?” Adam Bayan Escort growled as he started to take off the rest of his clothes. “Fine with me!”

Martha got on her hands and knees, looking over her shoulder as Adam disrobed. Her body ached with anticipation. The only sounds in the room were heavy breathing and clothes falling to the floor.

He leapt into the bed, got on top of her prone body, reached underneath her and grabbed her enormous breasts, oh, how he loved those breasts. He hoped that as Katie’s pregnancy progressed, her tits would get this big. He rubbed his nose into the long mane of his lover’s hair as he rubbed his naked body against her bare back.

Martha moaned as she felt Adam lavishing her back and neck with kisses. Her dick beat impatiently against her inner thigh, itching for some attention. She felt him ceasing his squeezes on her breasts, instead receiving rubs from his hand roving all over her chest, abdomen, and genitals. Suddenly, she felt him removing his body from hers. The next thing she felt were his rough hand gripping her shaft and milking it roughly.

“Oooooh!” Martha moaned. “Ohhhhhh, Adam! Yeah, stroke my cock!”

“I’m the one in charge here,” he growled. He used one of her hands to deliver a sharp slap to her backside, making her cry out.

Martha felt him return the hand to his crotch, where it began to massage her balls. Her toes and fingers curled as they dug into bed. She writhed with pleasure as she tried to stave off the urge to cum.

“You better not cum, you horse-cocked futanari!” Adam warned.

Martha’s only reply was a long whimper, which prompted Adam to cease masturbating her. He flipped her onto her back, and hopped out of bed.

“Don’t you dare fucking move,” he warned her as he went into the bathroom.

Martha simply lay there, still too overwhelmed to respond. Her eyes still clamped shut as she caught her breath; she soon heard the sound of footsteps approaching the bed. She then felt Adam climb into the bed and crawl towards her. The next thing she sensed was something wet, slimy and cold falling onto her shaft. She cracked an eye open to see Adam pouring lube all over her dick.

Upon seeing her notice, he capped the bottle and threw it aside. Adam then sat in front of Martha, leaned backwards, and put his feet around her hard cock. Slowly, he began to rub the lube all over her penis with the bottom of his feet.

“Mmmm, Adam, that feels so good…”

“Yeah? Well, take THIS!”

Martha’s body shuddered as she felt Adam vigorously move his feet up and down her penis. Load moans began to fly out of her mouth as her body was racked with orgasmic sensations. She couldn’t recall the last time she had received a footjob.

Adam began to pant as he continued to move his feet. The long sausage between his feet seemed to grow larger and hotter by the second, twitching as it fought to contain the geyser of jizz that was waiting to be free. Sadly, his legs were getting tired; he needed to move things along…

“Stop messing around, Martha. Cum! Cum right now!”


Martha’s body seemed to obey Adam immediately. With a pained cry, she released her seed all over herself and Adam as well. Adam let out a sigh of contentment as his lover’s semen pelted his head and face. After several inhuman spurts, the pillar between Martha’s legs flopped down in satisfied softness.

Adam used the bed covers to wipe the lotion off of his feet as he gazed at Martha, who was still catching her breath. When his feet were sufficiently dry he got out of bed and walked around the bed so that he was standing beside Martha’s head. He looked down at her tired face, still aroused and covered in her cum.

“I…can’t believe I…came so quickly.” Martha breathed.

“Well, hurry up and catch your breath,” Adam said, pulling her so that her head hung over the edge of the bed.

“What do you…glurmph!”

Her sentence was interrupted as Adam forced his man-meat into her mouth. Her nostrils fought to give her air as Adam began to fuck her face. She sucked furiously on his young dick, licking him intently within the heavenly vacuum she was creating in her mouth.

Adam fondled the wobbling chest globes from his bed partner as he received fellatio from her. Luckily, her point-of-view did not include his face, which was etched with a rictus and fluttering eyes. The sounds of Martha gagging on his penis were eroding his staying power. He stepped back, trying to himself from her maw, but she reached up, grasped his buttocks, and pulled him towards her. She responded to his attempted retreat with a muffled, “Nuh-uh!”

Angry at her disobedience, Escort Adam delivered twisting pinches to her nipples, which caused her to cry out in pain, and afforded him a successful escape from her mouth. With a snarl, he grabbed her by the hair and looked her in the eye. Martha looked back at him with a drool-stained mouth and red, teary eyes.

“Don’t ever do that again,” Adam spat down at her.


“Grrrr…you brainless, disobedient cunt!”

Still holding her by the hair, Adam forced his mouth down onto hers to engage her in a forceful kiss. Martha’s flailing arms wrapped themselves around Adam’s head, as she allowed him to now ravage her mouth with his tongue. While she still held him captive, she could feel him climbing back into bed and on top of her. Adam forced her hands away from his neck, got between her legs, and roughly shoved himself into her again.

Martha wailed as Adam mercilessly fucked her, his hands digging into her thighs. Adam could feel her pussy clamping its slimy walls around his sore phallus. His heart pounded with delight as he took in the sight of Martha. Her long mane of hair was tousled in amorous disarray, her eyes were shut tight, and her mouth agape as her howls reverberated throughout the bedroom. Her fingers gripped the bed linens and her breasts jiggled so wildly that he feared that they would pelt her in the face.

For some reason, her pleasure enraged him. He pulled out of her, buried his face into her crotch, and took one of her fuzzy testicles into his mouth while roughly gripping her rigid cock. Martha screeched as she felt Adam’s tongue slobbering over her nuts.

“Ohohoho! Adam, YES! Suck my balls! Oh, yes…you don’t know how good that…AAAAAAAAAHH!”

Martha’s back arched as she convulsed after experiencing a sweet pain that assailed her body. Adam was gently squeezing on her balls with his teeth, the way a dog might playfully chew on its owner’s arm. The feeling was more than she could bear. She stamped her foot madly on the mattress, as Adam looked her dead in the eye before chewing the other one, sending shivers through her body. She was unprepared for this; her college lovers, Lilah and Jeff, had NEVER done this before.

“Adam, I’m going to cum,” she whimpered.

He stopped sucking her nuts, but kept stroking her rod while he looked up at her. “Again? Jeez, woman, can’t you keep your jizz in your pecker for one minute? Maybe I should step on your balls while you cum?”

“Noooooooo,” Martha said, as she started fondling her breasts.

“Ooooh, you horny bitch.”

Into Adam’s mind crawled a delicious idea. Getting to his feet, he crouched down, slung his forearms underneath Martha’s thighs, and drew her up so that she was lying on her upper back with her lower body in the air. Martha looked up at him with an amazed expression.

“Oh, Adam!” Martha gasped, her face alight with glee.

His only response was to spread her ass cheeks and push his dick into her anus. He grabbed both her calves before he pumped his dick into her. Martha shuddered with delight, continuing to fondle her massive teats.

Adam had never expected to perform anal with Martha; at times, he had considered asking Katie, but he didn’t want to push his luck. Still, he felt guilty, since his first time having anal sex was, and would always be, with Martha. Was it supposed to be so tight? It felt as though his cock would snap off, if he relented. All he could do was focus on keeping it going…it wouldn’t be long.

“How does…mmmph…it feel? Ooooh, my dick!”

Adam tried to dredge up some sadism, but fucking Martha in the ass was taking every ounce of strength that he had right now. Looking down at Martha, he saw that she had a dreamy expression on her face. Once he locked eyes with her, she hefted one of her breasts to her own face and began sucking on one of her nipples. If that wasn’t enough, she put the other nipple in her mouth as well. He wouldn’t last long after seeing that, and they both knew it.

Digging his nails into Martha’s legs, Adam spurted his cum into her asshole. Feeling the hot semen bubbling inside caused Martha to explode as well; since her pelvis was tilted up in the air, her dick spurted into her own face. Adam was overjoyed to have been able to witness such a perverse sight. The panting young man slowly pulled out of his lover’s anus and weakly rose to his full height on the mattress, standing astride her body. He grabbed his wilting cock with his right hand, and aimed it at her face.

Martha gasped and giggled as she felt Adam’s warm urine pelt her cum-stained body. He started bathing her chest, then down to her belly, and then aimed at her face. Martha even opened her mouth to drink some of it in.

After Adam was done, he beamed down at his piss-soaked lover. “How was that?”

Martha gulped down a mouth full of pee. “Now that’s how I like to be fucked. You were wonderful.”

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