Mother and Daughter Shared Pt. 02

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


“Hello Mr Carter, I gather you’re fucking my mum?”

I froze because I recognised the voice, but to other shoppers around me in Sainsbury’s, it was not the normal sort of thing you heard in the frozen peas section. I turned, and there, looking absolutely delicious, was Kat, and a friend called Ivana, who was equally as stunning, with a hugely sexy Russian accent.

“Kat you’re going to get yourself arrested. You really are awful.”

Ivana looked meekly on, not sure quite what to say, but Kat introduced me, and I took in the ample breasts, the broad hips, and the long dark hair.

“We’re back home for a long weekend, Tom. So is it right you and mum are an item?”

“Let’s say we are good friends,” I laughed, and winked.

“Hmmmmm, she certainly smiles a lot more. So are you going to take us for coffee, I may need your help with something?”

I reluctantly agreed, but inquisitive about Kat’s question, and thinking about what Debbie would say, after her warning about Kat, but we made our way to the cafe.

When we’d got our coffees and were sitting down I turned to Ivana and asked her about her accent.

“I’m from just outside Moscow, a place called Khimki, I’m here at uni with Kat. We got friendly when we both fancied the same guy. It sounds odd, but we both realised he was a ‘shit’ so we ditched him and became friends, but we got our own back on him.”

Kat interrupted, “Yeah, we were quite cruel, but shall we say he had time to think about his ego, his flat mate found him the next day.”

I looked at both girls with a doubtful expression.

Ivana giggled with apparent relish. “We got him all excited about a threesome involving bondage, and then left him tied up in his room.”

I raised my eyebrows, “You two girls know a lot more than I did at your age!”

“And that brings us to our need for help,” Kat said with a more serious expression on her face.

“I don’t think mum will be keen on what I am planning to do next week. Ivana has been ‘modelling’ for her friend, who is a semi professional photographer. A few glamour shots, but mostly ‘fetish’ shots involving dressing up in latex, or leather with suggestive poses. He sells them online, and Ivana gets a percentage of the sales. Anyway he wants me to do some ‘collaborative’ shots with Ivana.”

It took me a few moments to process all of that. There were so many risks and possibilities.

“How well do you know this guy? Where is all this happening? Who else is there? And what about your face being publicised all over the internet?”

Kat explained. “Anton is a friend of Ivana’s from back home. He’s living in London, and is a friend of Ivana’s family. He uses a swingers’ club, in the daytime when it’s closed, near uni which has a ‘room’ done up like a dungeon. There’s him and a female friend, Olga. Whatever photos are taken it’s always with some sort of mask or hood, let me show you.”

Kat tapped a couple of times on the phone, which seemed permanently attached to her hand, and thrust it in front of my face.

I think the surprise on my face was immediate, as I looked from the phone, to Ivana, and back to the phone.

The image was of Ivana, whose body was unmistakable in a skin tight black latex body suit, and hood. There were eye, and mouth openings in the hood, with her piercing green eyes carefully made up, and plump bright red lips poking through. She stood in high heels, arms folded, holding a whip, with one foot on the back of a naked man face down on a wooden floor.

Before I had time to make any comment, Kat had swiped the screen and another image showed Ivana naked, trussed up in thick rope bindings, and suspended, face down, from a hook in the ceiling.

Swiping again, the third shot showed Ivana, hooded, spreadeagled, and secured by wrist straps, to a wooden frame. I remember thinking what a fabulously voluptuous body she had.

I finally said, “Bloody hell, Kat, are you sure? I’m not sure Debbie will go for that.”

“Well it doesn’t really matter either way, I’m still going to do it, but she needs to know. It might come better from you.”

“Hmmmmmm,” I said dubiously, “We’re going to a party tomorrow evening, it might come easier after she’s had a couple of glasses of wine!”

Kat laughed, and Ivana smiled at me. I was still seeing the image of her naked body, with her shaved pussy exposed to all. She was so delicious.

Our coffees finished, we left the cafe and I finished off my few bits of shopping, but not before Kat had grasped my arm and whispered in my ear, ” Dont forget that we have unfinished business!”

Both she and Ivana went off giggling together, and I was positive that Ivana knew of Kat’s ambition to get me into bed.

Debbie texted me later saying that Kat had arrived home for the weekend, with a friend, and that they’d told her that they’d bumped into me, which pleased me because I didn’t want to have appeared to gaziantep rus escort bayan have met Kat behind Debbie’s back.

On the Saturday I picked Debbie up, and we went by taxi to our party. It was an old work colleague of mine, and the party was a typical ‘drinks and chat’ between old friends, catching up, gossiping, and slowly getting drunk.

In the taxi home Debbie was stroking my thigh, and I was getting hard. We’d both decided that she’d stay at mine overnight, because Kat and Ivana were home, and we didn’t want to be ‘restricted.’ By the time the taxi pulled up outside my house Debbie was squeezing my cock, and very nearly making me cum.

I whispered, “If you don’t stop, I’ll have a bloody accident, and you won’t get anything you want tonight!”

She just laughed and after I’d paid the driver, she hustled me into my house.

Hardly had the front door closed than Debbie was undoing my belt, and unzipping me. This was something knew to me, Debbie was in a hurry. Instantly she was on her knees on the hall floor taking my cock in her mouth.

“Fucking hell Debbie,” I was already hard from the taxi ride, so when Debbie stood up, hitched up her dress, bent over the stairs with her feet wide apart, and said, “Fuck me Tom, fuck me hard,” I had no difficulty in sliding into her very wet pussy. The fact that I’d not known she’d not worn panties, passed me by. I was pounding into her, my thighs smacking against her buttocks, her head almost bouncing into the fifth stair up.

In an animalistic snarl I started to cum. I’d gone beyond the point of knowing if Debbie had cum or not, but as my cock was pumping spunk deep inside her, she shuddered, her legs were shaking, and she groaned into the carpet.

We both stood up, me with trousers round my ankles, and Debbie with dress hitched around her waist.

“God, I needed that,” was Debbie’s voice talking into my chest, as she clung to me.

We both struggled upstairs to bed, and as we cuddled naked, and drifted off to sleep, I was wondering how to broach the subject of Kat’s photo session.

“Have you ever been tied up for sex.” I said it almost in a sleepy voice, as we both lay naked in the sunlight coming through the half open blinds.

“Oooooh you say the sexiest things Tom,’ said Debbie, her hand going straight to my cock. “Silk scarves round my wrists and ankles?”

I sat up and looked down at her.

“Kat wanted me to sound you out.” I took a deep breath. “Ivana models for a fetish photographer, and she wants to try it.”

Slighly surprised by her muted reaction of, “Oh does she?” I went on to explain all about the Russian family friend, the club etc.

“It’s funny how life goes full circle isn’t it?” Was the rection I didn’t anticipate.

“Firstly, I did some photo modelling when I was her age, and, secondly, the club you are talking about, is where I went a few times when I got into swinging. Can I really be a hypocrite? But I think she probably needs a chaperone, at least the first time.”

“I wasn’t expecting that reaction, and I don’t think she was either. She would have done it anyway, so it’s probably good that you will go along with it.”

“Well it depends when it is, I can’t get time off work at the drop of a hat, and I’m loathe to ask you, because I know what she’s like, and you’re weak like all men!”

“Discuss it with her, and also Ivana. I won’t get involved unless you want me too.”

Debbie pulled me back down, and kissed me, and within a few minutes I was inside her, moving slowly, and savouring one of those morning moments when it doesn’t matter how long lovemaking takes.

Debbie left mid morning, and went back home to discuss Kat’s ‘modelling,’ hopefully, without too much friction.

It must have gone quite well, because I had a text later from Kat, just saying, ‘Thank you.’

And so the story unfolded.

It transpired that the date for the photo shoot was two weeks later, on a Tuesday morning. I’d seen Debbie the night before, and she’d told me that she had taken a day off work, and was meeting Kat and Ivana at their uni at 9.30am. When she arrived back home that evening, she came round to tell me all about it. She was in a strangely subdued mood. She had brought her iPad to show me some of the day’s shots.

“I’ll show you these, Tom, but things happened and I’m sorry. I’m owning up because I know you’d find out from Kat.”

My heart came up into my throat. What an earth had gone on?

“Debbie, you’re frightening me. I know neither of us are angels, whatever happened it was important you were there with Kat to see no ‘funny business’ went on.”

She showed me the first few shots which were of Ivana. I looked at her body that was arranged on a bed with her limbs clamped with cuffs, ropes, chains. Legs held apart by spreader bars, and in a few there were nipple clamps. The lighting was superb, the photography very professional.

I heard myself saying, gaziantep swinger escort bayan “Phew! wow! oh my goodness!”

“Ivana was quite relaxed, maybe because she knew Anton and Olga. Kat was very nervous, but Olga spent some time making her up, getting her dressed, and calming her. They wanted her to play the ‘domme’ because of her height. I must say these pics are really quite good.”

Debbie swiped the screen. The first showed Kat about to lash a cane onto the backside of an old man strapped to a bench. It looked as though he had taken many strokes, but Debbie explained it was a result of careful make up. Then followed a whole series of shots of Kat dressed in a skin tight latex suit, but with a huge black strap on cock, some on her own, some with the old man or with Ivana.

“They look very professional,” was all I could say. What I couldn’t say to Debbie was that they were a fantastic turn on, her daughter’s body was unbelievably sexy.

But then Debbie started to fidget.

“Look Tom, I didn’t intend this to happen, but Anton wanted an ‘older woman.’ He was very persuasive, and I thought ‘what the hell.’ Kat had done it, and Olga helped me get ‘prepared.’ Please don’t be angry.”

Debbie swiped again.

“Fucking hell, you look superb, they’re fantastic.”

Swiping through photos of Debbie in ‘domme’ mode, with whips, canes, paddles, and strap ons. And then Debbie paused.

“I have to tell you something else. I did some joint pics with Ivana, some with her simulating sex with me.”

“Go on, show me, they sound sexy.” I said.

And they were. They showed Debbie in a leather crotchless suit, and hood, laying back on a bed, and Ivana, dressed in leather too, kneeling between her legs, almost licking her pussy.

“Wow Debbie, they look incredible, they’re very arousing.”

“But Tom, there’s more, Kat will tell you anyway.”

“C’mon then let’s see them.” I asked.

“No, I don’t mean there’s more photos, I mean she didn’t just simulate licking. She started doing it for real. Anton didn’t take any more shots, but he and Olga, Kat and the old man, watched Ivana bring me off, I came in front of everyone. I don’t know what’s happened to me, I’ve become sex mad since I met you.”

“Don’t be silly,” I laughed, “I’ll accept the blame for corrupting you,” I joked. I hugged her, and reassured her, and finally kissed her.

“Are you sure, I feel silly, guilty, I feel I’ve let you down. And what about letting my daughter watch me having sex?”

I went and poured us both a glass of white wine, and sat down beside her.

“I think we need to clear the air, understand where we both stand, make some ground rules.”

“Tom, I know we need to understand each other more, yes.”

“At the moment we enjoy each other when we’re together, very much so, but you have a life at work, and your daughter too. We both have a chequered history with relationships and we shouldn’t feel guilty about that. We shouldn’t be jealous and we should go with the flow. Have I got that wrong?”

Debbie looked at me. “I don’t know if it’s my age, or something in my head, maybe some insecurity, but you have lit a fire in me sexually, I want you, but there are moments when I seem to give in to urges that aren’t me, or at least haven’t been the usual me.”

“Then we must agree to be more liberal, but open with each other. If we do something, or have done something then we tell each other. We must also tell each other if we don’t like the way something is going.”

Debbie kissed me, “I’m so lucky to have met you Tom, we can only see if it works this way between us.”

We put our glasses down and moved towards the inevitable. Clothes were discarded, lust took over, and when Debbie mounted me and watched my face as her hips pushed back and forth, she said quietly, “When you’re fucking someone else, will you think of me?”

My reply was, “When you’re fucking someone else, will you think of me?”

We both said, “Yes,” as we came together with a quiet groan.

Later that evening I got a text from Kat. ‘Today went well, nothing too unexpected!’

My reply was, ‘Don’t worry, your mum told me EVERYTHING! The pics are superb, very sexy. Well done’

There was a slight delay before a ‘Bet she didn’t show you this one!’ Kat was teasing again because attached was a photo of her naked on all fours on the bed, wrists attached to the bed head, her ankles held apart by a ‘spreader’ bar and two nipple clamps being tugged by Ivana. Kat’s face was hidden, but her pussy was fully exposed.

Unsure how to respond, I just sent a text saying, ‘No she didnt.’

Nothing happened much for the rest of that week. I saw Debbie briefly one evening but only to chat briefly. She was under pressure at work and I thought she was best left alone.

It wasn’t until the following Tuesday afternoon that I received a text from Kat asking if it was ok to phone me. I replied that I gaziantep travesti escort kızlar was on my own and ‘yes it was ok.’

When I answered the phone it was obvious that she was upset.

“Tom, I’ve done something I shouldn’t have,” Kat sounded anxious. “I didn’t want to worry mum, and I can trust you.”

I decided it wasn’t the time to be flippant, and said, “Go on Kat, it won’t go any further.”


“Of course,” I replied, “You’re obviously concerned. If I can help, or give advice, I will.”

“Well, Ivana and I went back for another photo shoot, I haven’t told mum, but I think we went a bit too far.”

“How do you mean?” I asked.

There was a small pause and then I heard Kat sobbing, “Oh Tom, you know I’m a daredevil but I think I’ve really done the wrong thing,” and then there were more tears.

I decided that Kat was really needing something more than a phone call.

“Look Kat, text me your address and post code, I’m on my way, it’s only an hour, we need to talk face to face.”

“Oh god Tom, please, there’s no need.”

“Text me, do it,” I was really quite firm, “I’ll be with you in an hour.”

“Oh, thank you so much.”

As I gathered up a few odds and ends, and made my way to the car, the text came through with the address. I put the post code into the satnav and set off, wondering what Kat had done.

I arrived just over an hour later. Kat’s flat had an intercom entry, and I was quickly inside, upstairs, and greeted by a very subdued Kat. She hugged me, and the tears flowed once more. I held her tight, and eventually she calmed down. Sitting her down on the sofa, I listened, as she began to explain.

“Oh Tom, we went too far. Anton phoned Ivana up and asked if we’d do another shoot. He said he’d been so pleased with last time that he wanted to do some different scenarios. When we got there Olga was dressed up as a domme. They persuaded Ivana to do a little video of her doing oral sex on Olga, just like she did with mum. I watched, and found it very exciting. When they’d finished Anton asked if I’d do a little video. He said I’d be masked, and I’d get paid a £100. Olga said it would be me in bondage, strapped to a frame, and she and Ivana would use a vibrator on me. I’m a bit hard up, and Ivana convinced me it would be fun. So I went ahead.”

I sat there and Kat grabbed my hand.

“I was naked apart from a black mask. At first I was excited, but once I was unable to move, I got a bit scared.”

I made the observation that she could have said ‘stop.’

“I was thinking of the hundred quid and I’ve got a vibrator, what was there not to enjoy, Ivana was there so I thought it was all safe, and it was, it was just more than I expected.”

Looking at Kat, I saw a vulnerability which was very different to the ‘daredevil’ girl I given that lift home to.

“So what exactly happened?” I was anxious to hear what had gone on.

“Olga produced a massive vibrator, but said that Ivana would start like she had with her, and start to lick my pussy. Anton was moving above, below, and beside us videoing. I couldn’t believe Ivana was doing it to me, but I actually started to enjoy it, I really relaxed into it, and she had me cumming quite quickly. Anton and Olga were pleased with the way it went, and how we were together. But then Olga took over, and it started to become quite intense.”

Kat was gripping my arm, and although she had stopped crying, she was still caught up in the moment. I told her to take her time.

“As soon as I’d cum with Ivana, Olga stood between my legs, and started pressing the head of the vibrator against my pussy, and mostly against my clit. She was a bloody expert with it, because I came so quickly that I couldn’t believe it myself. I was really yelling quite loudly, and Olga was varying both the speed and pressure. I thought that after I’d cum, and Anton had got close ups of both my pussy, and my shaking body, that that would be it. But it wasn’t. Olga went on and on. I was yelling ‘no,’ but she didn’t stop. I came again, I was dripping with perspiration, and I was shuddering and shaking, and still she went on. I must have cum five or six times, and I was really getting tired. Eventually she stopped, and Anton stopped filming, and Olga released the restraints. I could hardly stand, Ivana helped me into a shower, and Olga half apologised for not warning me about how it would really be. That’s when I started to realise that Olga and Anton were really into the porn business in a bigger way than I’d thought. I had been a bit naive I guess. Oh god Tom, thank you for coming down, and listening to me, and just being here. I needed to tell someone but not my mum.”

“Look Kat, you have been a bit naive, but I do know how much of a daredevil you are, don’t forget. I’m just here so that you know there’s someone looking out for you. I’m gonna say what you probably know in your heart, and that’s to tell your mum. She knows Olga and Anton’s setup, she’ll understand.”

Kat looked at me, still gripping my arm. Her eyes were doleful, and I suddenly heard Debbie’s words echoing in my mind. “Once she knows I’ve slept with you, she won’t rest until she’s slept with you too.”

We were both silent, Kat reached up with one hand on my shoulder, and we kissed. It felt different, kissing a young girl, and when my arms pulled her closer, her firm body sent a pulse of desire through me.

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