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You ease yourself back into bed, careful not to disturb me. Curling on your side, you pull the blanket over your bare shoulder, shivering in the early morning chill and try to go back to sleep. The workday would start all too soon.

Half dozing, you feel me roll over, my naked warmth suddenly against your back; one arm sliding up to cover yours on the pillow, taking your hand in mine to rub my finger in soft circles around your palm. My other hand slips beneath your hair, moving it off your neck to expose it to my mouth. My breath curls around your neck and across your ear while my hand moves across yours, from shoulder to elbow and back, caressing your cool skin.

You gradually melt against me. My finger moves up to trace the outline of your ear and rub your temple, then along the edge of your cheek to trace your lower lip gently. My fingers play across your face, stroking your brows, your eyes, your nose, your chin, then back to your lips. You kiss them softly running your tongue along the tips as you feel my tongue tickling the nape of your neck.

I move down to your breast, my hand caressing you, working around and around, moving ever closer to the centre as your nipples begin to harden, demanding gaziantep escort attention. You uncurl yourself, stretching along me, your muscles quivering with growing tension. You feel my cock swelling against your back while I move lower to rub your stomach with slow, circular strokes of my palm. Sighing, you relax fully under my touch, floating away, outside yourself, a soft blanket descending over your mind.

“You’re not supposed to fall asleep again,” I say, my hand slipping between your legs, which open instinctively as my finger touches you to begin a rhythmic stroking in and out, teasing. A second finger joins the first inside you, stretching you wider, playing until you moan and writhe with building desire.

My arm and hand hold you tight as your breathing quickens and spreads up and out against your stomach. The moisture I feel now around my fingers seeps out; you part your legs wider and try to turn, but I hold you down, knowing how to tease you to the edge then pull you back.

Aroused now with desire, you try to thrust forward, only to be held in place. You begin to ache with a need for me to be inside you and you beg me softly to take you. But instead, I withdraw my fingers and gently take your clitoris between them, caressing and softly pinching it; and then pulling it out only to release it back into your body.

Your screams of pleasure stifle as the breath rushes out of your open mouth with the explosion of your climax. Not letting you rest, I drive you into a second climax, and then plunge my fingers into you once again to encourage you up toward a third.

And as you teeter on the edge, panting and crying, I pull away, grasping your hips to raise you to your knees, and then position myself behind you. With on long, hard thrust, at last I bury my cock into you.

Another cry bursts from you as your ass rises up, as if asking for more. You grip me eagerly and I pull out to plunge again, deeper, until you groan and jerk against me; I hold myself still, letting you feel the length and breadth of me and the insistent beat of my hard cock deep inside you.

Your soft voice implores me to satisfy you and you begin to push back into me, but I hold you firmly, reaching one hand underneath to pinch and pull on your hardened nipples. I begin to move with deliberate strokes, expanding you, stretching you as my glistening cock swells in response to the feel of you throbbing around me.

Abruptly my thrusts quicken. Gasping, you plunge backward and I enter you further than you thought possible, spiralling you into a red haze of naked desire. You feel me convulse and you arch yourself back, splaying your thighs to accept every inch of me inside you.

You succumb completely, ceasing to be conscious of anything beyond lust and the feel of me pulling you open with every stroke. Sensations seem to merge into a vortex until nothing matters except the aching need to drive my hard cock deeper inside. Your heart seems to stop and your breath catches, reducing your cries of pleasure to a soft wail as together we explode in an endless climax.

You barely hear me as you convulse beneath me. Deep groans tear from my throat; my engorged cock jerks and spasms, releasing thick, boiling spurts that your body sucks in eagerly. Our bodies writhe together, clinging to one another as the last trembling throb of desire is expended and we melt into the ultimate pleasure we both feel at this moment.

And then later, slowly you begin to slide away. I tighten my grip around you, keeping my softening cock inside you and you relax against me, satiated and full, caressing me with your muscles. I catch my breath softly with every stroke until we both drift into a light sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32