Morning Rain

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There is something special about the sound of rain in the morning. Something about it adds an additional significance to holding my wife close under the covers. Something about it adds a stronger desire to make love to her.

So when I awoke in the morning and heard the rain falling somewhat hard and fast upon the roof, I instinctively turned to my wife to find she was already awake, watching me with half-open eyes, a sweet smile upon her face.

She knew, and clearly she wanted.

This was one of those times when I was particularly thankful that we almost always sleep au naturel, because I just knew that I would eventually be sliding into her loving body. But first, before I could move toward her, she slip atop me underneath the covers, her short hair brushing my cheeks and forehead as she kissed me gently, her flesh warm and enticing as her weight pressed me nicely into the mattress.

Warm bed, falling rain, loving wife… The combination was more than enough to arouse me. She gently rocked against my growing length, whimpering softly into my mouth in that special way which signaled her own growing arousal. I soon felt her liquid love anointing me as the kiss lingered, deepened…

I held my mouth as wide open as possible, and her tongue dove deep into me. This was an act she particularly enjoyed, for this was one way in which she could penetrate me, and with her long tongue, she could probe deep into my mouth — deep enough that when she had first tried this with me, I had nearly panicked, but now accustomed to it, I welcomed it because it was such an intimate experience to allow her so deep into my mouth, into my body…

My hold tightened. I squeezed her firmly, enjoying the feel of her breasts pressing against my chest. Her nipples were hard, little point attempting to burrow into my skin. I could feel her heartbeat, steady yet quickening, and I wondered if it would be possible for my heart to leap from my chest into hers…

Lifting her head away, she gazed upon me. With the darkened sky weeping upon the city, the bedroom was relatively dim for mid-morning on a Saturday. I somewhat wished that there were candles lit throughout the bedroom, or perhaps a fireplace casting its romantic glow, just to add yet another element of perfection to this wonderful morning…

A hand slithered down my wife’s back as she breathed warmly upon my face. Her eyes were closed as she focused on my hands. She had stopped rocking upon my solid sex and lifted herself up on stiffened arms. I took the hint, shifting a hand to her chest to gently squeeze a breast as my other hand continued to glide along her curves until finally, reaching over a firm buttock, a single fingertip brushed her moist womanhood.

Her gasp was nearly inaudible, but as I watched her face, her expression changed subtly. I Tekirdağ Escort smiled to myself, always enjoying these moments of foreplay, especially when I could tease her for a long time. She mewed softly as I slithered a finger into her body, her sultry sound a nice contrast to the long low rumble tumbling down from the sky. I gently rolled a nipple between my fingers, enjoying her deepening breaths and the loving expression in her half-open eyes.

“Lay on your back,” I requested. “Let me just play with you for a while…”

With a small nod, my wife took her usual position on the left side of the bed again. I rolled to my side, propping my head on a hand while my dominant hand gently stroked her underneath the covers, focusing between her breasts, touching as closely as I could to her heart. I wished that I could reach inside her, through skin and muscle and bone, to touch her heart directly…

She took my manhood in a small hand and gently stroked with her fingertips, carefully scratching me with her long fingernails. It felt good, and I twitched several times in response. Her smile was even warmer than the bed, drawing my lips closer until we kissed once more.

The rainfall increased in intensity, and another rumble descended from the sky. The wind must have increased in strength or perhaps changed direction, because the rain began to pelt the window, adding a new sound to the wonderful morning being spent with a wonderful woman.

Taking a meandering path, my hand moved slowly from her chest down the length of her torso. She and I both knew the ultimate destination. “Please,” she whispered as her hand wrapped fully around my dripping sex.

“‘Please’ what?” I teased, trying to hide the smile I felt curling the edges of my lips.

“Please… Inside me, please…”

I kissed her cheek. “Not yet,” I said, my hand finally cupping her sex. She began to move, humping my hand, and I knew that her need was definitely coming to the foreground of her consciousness. She squeezed my erection several times as she moved against my hand, looking at me with desire and knowing that I could watch her like this for a long, long time before finally sliding into her and making love to her.

“Please,” she whispered again. “Before the rain stops, please…”

She had a point, for the rain no longer impacted the bedroom window, and its intensity had lessened considerably. But still I wanted to tease her, and dipped a finger into her sweet sex once again, producing a gasp from her which pulled at my heart. As she continued to move against my palm, I penetrated her repeatedly with that single digit, exploring the warmth and the wetness of her body, knowing that soon more than simply a finger would be enjoying the love I felt flowing from her core.

Several more times, Tekirdağ Escort Bayan my wife softly begged for me to make love to her, and I kept “ignoring” her. But finally, after a kiss to her neck, I lifted myself up and withdrew my hand from her body. Underneath the covers, her legs parted for me, her knees tenting the covers on either side of me as I positioned myself.

Yet I was not yet done teasing her. Instead of entering her, I purposely slid back and forth along her clitoris, sending visible shudders through her body. Her hand upon my hip relayed those tremors back into me, as if completing an electrical circuit.

And still the rain continued to fall upon the city.

“Please stop teasing me…”

That was when I finally pressed into her. My wife stopped breathing, her eyes widening, her lips parted, her hands both upon my hips as if helping to guide me into her. It was always a wondrous moment for me to feel her body yielding to me, to feel her stretch to accommodate me as I slowly filled her. Without question, it is the moment of lovemaking which I have always enjoyed most profoundly, for this inherently invasive act symbolizes her acceptance of me into her life, in the same way that she was once again accepting me into her body.

Distant thunder rolled across the sky again, and I feared that the rain would end before we did. I did not exactly set a slow pace, but my wide did not seem to mind — perhaps because she also wanted this to come to completion before the rain moved away from the city and toward the coast.

There are times when the pace is fast and hard, my thrusts possessive and my wife’s sounds bouncing off the walls. But this time was respectful and gentle, my thrusts varying in angle and depth to bring a variety of sensations to us both. Her hands were all over me, sometimes pulling me deeper into her body, sometimes feeling my heartbeat, sometimes cradling my face as I dipped my head to kiss her. This was a special moment of connection, enhanced by the morning rainfall and the dimly-lit bedroom and the warmth of the bed. This was more about communicating a mutual desire than about a primal need.

She pulled me flush upon her, my weight naturally pressing her into the mattress. Her gasp past my ear was thrilling, and I lunged into her body once again, faster and harder than before, just so I could hear that glorious sound one more time.

Another band of rain was washing over the city, for the intensity outside had increased. That was good, because I was not ready for this experience to come to an end, not yet. I slowed my pace greatly, grinding firmly against my wife before slowly backing out and then filling her anew. Her writhing, her scratching, her sweet sounds of delight were my reward, all wonderful benchmarks of her pleasure, Escort Tekirdağ and all that had ever truly mattered to me since we had first meet in grad school was her pleasure and her happiness, sexually and otherwise.

I tried to lift myself up, but she pulled me back upon her. Certainly it was hard for her to breathe with my chest pressing into hers as I made love to her, but clearly she did not care. Taking her head in my hands, I continued to move both within her and against her, cheek-to-cheek, my own breath reflected hotly into my face, trying to remain quiet so that I could better hear her soft squeals and her lengthy moans.

“Don’t stop!” she breathed past my ear.

I did anyhow, purposefully teasing her yet again, stilling myself deep inside her. Clutching me tightly, she writhed beneath me, part of her certainly enjoying this teasing yet part of her wanting our intimacy to continue.

Before she could beg me to continue, I rolled us both so that I was on my back and my wife was upon me once again. The pace of the rain had increased yet again, and for the first time, my wife threw back the covers and rose to straddle me, allowing me to see her natural beauty for the first time that morning.

I offered her my hands, and she accepted. Stiffening my arms, I enabled her to use my hands as leverage to rise and fall upon me. She would rise slowly and fall quickly, each time with her liquid love sloshing around me and a sirenic sound escaping past her lips. Her sex seemed to be perpetually clenched, pleasuring me to the point that I could no longer remain silent, groaning softly as she moved up and down my hearty length.

Even in the dim light, her wetness upon me seemed to glisten whenever she lifted herself up. I watched with great interest, still amazed that this woman had chosen to share her life and her body and her soul with me.

Releasing my hands, my wife braced herself upon my chest, her hair and her breasts swaying nicely as she continued to make love to me, quickening the pace. I repositioned my hands to help lift her, and that was when I felt the primal need start to overwhelm me. Yet I tried to hold back, to simply focus on this special moment, on this special woman, on how much she meant to me, on how my life was much better simply for knowing her, on how special she made me feel because of her love for me.

She called my name, and then her orgasm surged through her and around me. Her fingernails curled deep into my skin, and I groaned from the erotic pain.

It was the pain which made me lose my internal battle. No longer could I hold back, my groan increasing in volume as I injected this wonderful woman with my love.

When at last she collapsed upon me, still shuddering and whimpering, I reached down to draw the covers over us once again. I held her close, bonding with her, comforting her, cherishing her, our combined love tricking from her body and onto mine. As the rain continued to grace us with its romantic patter, I caressed her back, and listened intently to her breaths as she calmed and ultimately slipped back into a peaceful slumber…

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