More than One Hole

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The cock that was buried deep in my ass felt so much better than the fleshy dildo I’d used to prepare myself for this moment. He was reaching into places I’d never felt before. The sensation was disturbing, a little uncomfortable, and as arousing as all fuck! My little cock was as hard as it had ever been, and I kept trying to get him deeper into me.

“Fuck me, Paul!”

“Drill me, man!”

“Give it to me!”

He began to understand how badly I needed him to pile-drive my ass and he took over. My language skills disintegrated and all I could do was grunt and moan and howl. He was banging me in every sense of the word and I loved the pain and all the other sensations because they meant he was close to shooting his hot cum up my ass.

I moved from holding still to becoming an active participant. Every thrust of his was met by a thrust from me; his balls were bouncing against mine and I loved the pain of it. His rhythm was hard, fast and deep and then, in a moment, I felt that little hitch where it changed and I knew I was about to get my reward!

“Oh yeah, Paul! I want it. I want your cum. Fill my ass! Cum in my ass! Bury your cock in my ass and let it loose!” He slammed up in me and as his breathing changed, I felt his cock begin to jerk and soon his hot jets of cum were flooding my ass, stirring up my bowels. He collapsed on top of me as spurt after spurt left him.

“Oh, my friggin’ god!” He exclaimed. “You drained me, motherfucker! I can’t believe how hard you like it!”

“Got any friends hung like you, be sure to spread the word. You found a boy toy who loves to take on big cocks. Give ’em my number. Hell, bring one with you next time!”


When I “crossed the line” and gave in to my urges to suck cock, I was sure that was all I would ever do. I’m the classic case; first, it was “I’ll just try it once to see if I like it.” And after that first time, I told myself that was all I needed – that quick meeting in a men’s room where I sat on a toilet and a guy came into my stall, dropped his fly and stuck out his hard dick. I touched it and the sensations were amazing. I opened my mouth and took it in and was amazed by the feel of it, the taste of it, the sensations of it. It was hard and soft and hot all at once. When he came in my mouth, I swallowed it – after all, if I wanted women to do it, I had to know what it was like, right?

And it was like nothing I’d ever imagined. After he zipped up, he grunted a “thanks, faggot” and slipped out of that stall. I left, still tasting his cum in my mouth, vowing that I’d done it and was done with it. Ha! Now I can laugh at my own naivete, but back then I was shocked and struggled with my thoughts and feelings when I found myself once again in that men’s room, hoping to find another cock to suck. And then, again, when presented with one, it was as if I had been hypnotized by a waving flesh snake – all I wanted was to suck him off and have him cum down my throat. Just one more, one time – except as soon as the first guy was done, another took his place and once again I sucked him off. And the next guy, and the next. I don’t really remember how many guys I sucked off that second time, but by the time there weren’t any more to suck, there wasn’t really any doubt that I was a confirmed cocksucker. And, I was certain that that was all I was.

After all, even thinking about getting my ass fucked would mean I was somehow gay. And I wasn’t gay. Hell, I was married and had kids. That proved I wasn’t gay, right?

I dreaded getting my ass fucked. But at the same time, I began to get the sense that most guys would settle for a blowjob, but they really wanted ass. But if I gave up my ass, then what would that mean about me? I was struggling with all of that, constantly wondering about it, and then came that dream.

I dreamed that I was getting my ass fucked. Reamed. Banged. Big hips were driving big dicks as hard and deep into me as I could get them. It was my first wet dream in thirty years! At that point, I realized that like it or not, I would do whatever I needed to get what I wanted.

At that point, I invested in a nice enema kit (if there really is such a thing, I suppose spending a few more bucks to bursa escort get sturdier tubing and well-connected hoses makes it nicer.) and began to shave my private areas regularly. I’d had that done in the hospital once or twice, so I started with clippers to get the bulk of my pubic hair off, and then used a rotary razor so I didn’t nick something. Now my pubes were as smooth as they were before I hit puberty. Made my five-inch dick seem bigger, so I got a charge out of that. I’ve kept things well-manicured ever since.

The next issue I had to deal with was finding big cocks. It might seem odd to you (it certainly did to me) but despite the fact that there are plenty of us cock-sucking size queens, not every dude with a salami-like schlong is interested. Seems like I remember growing up and all I could think about was getting off, so I can’t quite understand the reluctance. It stopped me at first. But I persisted – I was determined, after all.

The death of’s personals was a real blow (in the painful sense.) I was online with that in every city I visited, and all the time when I was at home. I slowly developed my approach to securing meat.

My first attempt almost got me kicked off. I decided I would post and simply ask for what I wanted. I guess I was a little too graphic:

“Hey dudes! Are you hung? Are you horny? Want your own dedicated cocksucker? Willing to let me practice my deep throat on your massive meat? No strings attached. No reciprocity asked. Sit back, get hard however you do, and let me do the rest. And yes, I love to swallow! I can come to you so you can cum.”

I thought it was pretty out there and inviting. Unfortunately, the “admins” never let it go online. So, I tried again.

“Looking for well-endowed young men (over 21, at least) who are hard to please. (I really liked that double-entendre, right?) Let me come visit and relieve your excitement. I won’t give up until you are satisfied, and I’m learning to go deep.”

Despite my clever turn of words, it never got a single response. So, I started to rethink things and decided to only reply. It was easy to locate potential dickloads – the mm, mmf, and a few other sections made it clear they would be open.

I still remember the first time I replied to a posting. He advertised himself as “black, athletic and hung, looking for dedicated relief. Can host.” I was all over that!

“Hi. I think I may be exactly what you are looking for! I’m a dedicated cocksucker that only needs a dick. You want to watch porn? Go ahead – doesn’t matter what kind. I’m partial to big meat. Do you have a picture? Are you interested?”

The return email had an attachment, and while I know from many years in IT that clicking on them when you don’t know the sender is not recommended, I had no compunctions about this one. What showed up on my screen was fucking gorgeous! Uncut, with a large head peeking through the foreskin, thick and at least as long as both of my hands could hold. And he was still soft! My little dick was hard as a rock!

There was also some text as part of the email.

“Sounds pretty good to me. As you can see, I’m a big boy. Hope you’re into it! My room-mate’s away for the weekend. What do you like?”

“First off, your address! I will be over as quickly as possible. I want to suck that dick! Second, when I get there, you can treat me any way you want (short of violence.). Want to call me names? Go ahead – I dig it! Want to treat me like shit – for that dick, I’m up for it. Like I said, all I want to do is suck that massive cock until you pour your cum down my throat.”

His address came through within moments of hitting send. I was dressed and out the door minutes later. It was a 30-minute drive to his apartment building. Along the way I smoked a joint to relax. His neighborhood was close to the local college – so I was okay with the location. Found a parking space, then went in and up to his door. I rang the bell.

He opened the door and I wound up looking up and almost straining my neck – he was tall! A light chocolate brown, he was wearing basketball shorts – that was all. I looked at his chest; his pecs were pronounced, his arms thick and his görükle escort abs muscled. I looked at those shorts and something in them was moving.

“I’m Duane. I don’t think I got your name.”

“Sorry! It’s Tim. Damn, Duane, you are an amazing looking specimen of male anatomy! (Don’t know where that came from). If you’ll let me in, we can get comfortable and proceed. I know I’m not exactly a pinup picture, so you might turn on some porn and get comfortable.”

I stepped in and brushed against him as I did. I leaned into him, and felt his cock stiffen as I did. He closed the door, and as he turned around, I fell to my knees and began to run my mouth over the outline of his massive dick.

“Damn, Tim, you one hungry cock sucker!”

I ran my hands up the legs of his short and found the soft, bulbous sack containing his balls. They were the size of golf balls and I didn’t feel any hair on them. I played with them as he lowered the waistband of his shorts and his cock sprang out. I inhaled deeply, feeling a rush as I did so. I reached up with my free hand to begin stroking his monster. It continued to swell as I did. I pulled my other hand free and pulled his shorts to the floor. Now I had unfettered access to the cock of my dreams!

“Well, faggot, you gonna suck it or what?”

That’s when I knew I was in the right place. My own cock was hard in my pants, but that wasn’t really all that important. His was the one that mattered, and I held the head to my lips. I began by rubbing it all over my face as he continued to stiffen.

Then I brought the head to my mouth and stuck out my tongue to flick the very tip. It was delicious! I opened wide and slowly brought the hot, thick meat into my mouth. I managed to get the entire head in, and proceeded to use my tongue like a paintbrush. First, the exposed head, then working it up underneath the foreskin. I wiped around the head, tasting the musky flavor of it. I heard him moan and knew I was getting somewhere. Then he pulled my head off his dick.

“We gotta go inside a little more, I need to sit down before I fall down. You suck pretty good for a faggot white boy. But you just getting started, you know?”

“Oh, I know. I have no place to be – so I’m here until you can’t get it up any more. If that’s okay, of course.”

“Well, we’ll see about that.”

We moved further into the apartment. There was a big screen TV on the wall, and facing it was a couch and two easy chairs.

“Where are you most comfortable, Duane? And have you got any pillows for my knees? That way I’m not in a rush to get this over with because I’m in pain. I want to take as much time as possible to make it really great for you.”

“Be right back with pillows. You can get naked if you want while I’m gone.”

My body’s nothing special, and I was a little embarrassed by it compared to his, but if that’s what he wanted, it’s what I would do. I stripped and left my clothes on an out of the way chair.

“Hey, faggot’s got a hardon. Not much of one. A white boy’s dick. Turn around, let me see that ass.”

I complied, and when my back was to him, I bent forward and pulled my cheeks apart. Don’t know why – I wasn’t there to get fucked – but it seemed the thing to do.

“You fuck, faggot?” Came the question.

“Not yet. And I’m not sure I can do it with that monster dick of yours. But I’m planning to suck it all the way down or choke trying.”

“We’ll see. So, turn around, take these pillows and get over here and start your sucking.”

Which is exactly what I did. I was all over that massive black cock, sucking, slurping, slobbering. I sucked in his balls, one at a time. I rimmed his black asshole and kept stroking his thick dick. Then I resumed my oral arguments. Between my mouth and my hands, he was only able to hold out for about five minutes before he grabbed my head and held it on his dick as he pumped load after load of hot cum down my throat. For my part I kept up the stroking as he did, wanting him to have the best cum he could.

Eventually he stopped pumping and let go of my head. I continued to suck, attempting to get ever last bit of his man juice into me. There was no doubt that bursa escort bayan he appreciated it. That first time turned into a pretty regular “relationship,” if you want to call it that. He would let me know when he was alone and horny, and I would get there as quickly as possible. That set the stage for my replies on Craigslist; I even had him video a session and used that to reply to those who had questions. It increased the number of cocks that I had available dramatically.

So, I was the regular cock sucker for a bunch of guys. And it seemed to me that they wanted more than my mouth. It turns out I was right. Duane had me come over one night, and when I walked into his apartment, he wasn’t alone. Two other guys were there; both were black but neither of them was as tall.

“Okay, Tim, tonight it gonna be special. This is Dave, and this is Paul. They’ve both heard about what a great cock sucker you are – because I told them. Even showed them that video! And I figured that if you liked one, then more would be better. So, the four of us are going to have a good time tonight, right?”

“Yes sir,” I said. “I’m yours to command.”

That brought a smile to his face and some sounds of appreciation from them.

“Then get naked, white boy! And tonight, I think we are going to take your ass, so you better get in my bathroom and take care of what you need to.”

Which is exactly what I did. He had an enema kit and I used it. He had Vaseline and I used it. Then, emptied and lubed, I returned to the living room. The three of them had also gotten naked, and I could see that Duane’s ten inches was the biggest cock in the room, Dave looked to be about eight inches but fatter, and Paul’s was a little bigger than mine – about six inches. There were pillows on the floor in front of each of them.

“Take your dick. Your pick of dick. Pick your dick and get on it, faggot!” said Duane.

I dropped to my knees in front of Paul, spread his legs wide and dove onto his cock, completely swallowing it until my nose was in his pubes and I was tonguing his balls!

That earned me a grunt from him and expressions of appreciation from the observers. Paul apparently had gone a long time since getting off, since it was only moments before I felt his cock twitch and jerk and start spewing his jizz down my throat. I kept swallowing as he shot until he stopped. Then I lifted my head and moved to Dave who was next to him on the couch.

Dave lasted longer – but not by much. Getting his cock down my throat took a little more work, but soon he too was pumping his cum down my throat. Those guys you see in porn who hold out for 15 minutes? They are actors! That’s porn. In real life, most guys cum a lot sooner.

I switched to Duane as soon as Dave was done. It was while I was polishing his knob, reacquainting myself with his familiar taste and textures, that I felt pressure at my ass.

I lifted my head long enough to look back at Paul, separating the cheeks of my butt.

“Take it slowly, Paul. But take it!” With that I returned to the cock I knew so well, and shuddered as the head of a dick entered my ass for the first time. I held my body still as he worked his dick into me, a bit at a time. My insides were stretched and I felt his hot, hard rod work itself into me. It was better than a dildo – the heat of his cock made an enormous difference. Finally, he was all up my ass and his balls were banging on mine.

At the same time, Duane was not actively working my head on his dick. He was doing what he knew that I liked – using my face as his fuck toy. My throat was the receptacle for his big dick and he held my head in place while he face fucked me. It finally occurred to me that I was being spit-roasted – that thing I had heard about and fantasized about. And that I was no longer just a cock sucker, but a complete whore for cock. I wanted my ass fucked and cum dumped in me. I wanted cock shoved down my throat and cum shot into my stomach. I was good for one thing and one thing only – to be the receptacle for any man’s cum.

The rest of that night went by in a blur. Paul eventually shot his load deep in my bowels, making it easier for Dave and his bigger tool. He, in turn, shot more hot jizz into me and made Duane’s entry possible. All three fucked me. All three shot off in my mouth. It was the beginning of my life as a cum-dump, and I’ve not regretted a moment since then. That passage at the beginning of this story? It’s what I’ve now become.

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