More Cleavage Than He Bargained For

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Big Dick

He looked down at his ever expanding cock. “It’s hard finding a good maid,” Arman said quietly under his breath.

Here he was again stroking his erection while more beautiful women danced in front of him. This was the third night in a row and the 10th strip club he had been to and he still hadn’t found the perfect woman. He watched the succession of strippers in front of him, thinking how he would have to check out the next city over, when there she was.

He did a double take. It was her. She was perfect. He couldn’t believe his eyes. A gorgeous hispanic woman stood before him on the stage. Her large, extremely beautiful breasts swayed and jiggled seductively as she danced slow and sexy to the music playing overhead. She gave off a scent of class and sophistication. It was an aura that so many strippers didn’t have. Her beauty was staggering. Her breasts were definitely augmented. She had a slim waist and stood nude with only a band of jewels around her hips. Her breasts were so big, but they looked natural and her nipples were so ripe. Arman grabbed some napkins knowing this delicious find mixed with her sexiness was going to put him over the top. Three minutes later the napkins soaked up his excitement.

He got up from his booth and edged to the stage. Seeing money in his hand she edged closer to the end of the stage almost putting her enormous breasts in his face, He gulped. How he longed to suck and lick those breasts. He knew his employer would too.

He spoke loudly above the music. “Meet me in the lounge after your show and I’ll give you $500 for just talking to me,” he offered.

“Yeah, sure,” was her reply eyeing the $500 while thinking she had nothing to lose.

They met at the bar. She was around 30 with long curly black hair. Her top barely hid the beauty of her double D, succulent cleavage.

“What’s your name,” he asked.

“They call me Didi,” she replied coyly.

She was sweet. He knew instantly she was perfect but could she convince Didi. His explanation was long and detailed. She would become the head maid. Her wage would be huge, plus bonuses, and all he wanted was 10 % of her wage for protecting her. All the maids under her would do the grunt work and she could fill out papers and make lists of things for them to do, plus supervise and pleasure herself discreetly for the eyes of her boss. Those were her duties.

He looked into her beautiful eyes looking for a reaction to his offer. She grabbed him and kissed him full on the lips.

“Yes, yes, yes,” she responded, so happy to have the opportunity get out of the Strip Club.

Didi was definitely ready for an adventure far away from here. Having a lot of money was something she didn’t have and definitely wanted.

Arman brought her to the estate. Her mouth dropped in awe of the beauty of the grounds and the amazing house before her. She gaziantep escort looked down at her sexy maid’s uniform making sure all the buttons were done up properly and nothing was showing. When Arman saw her, he covered her with a shawl to hide her ample assets.

When they arrived they were introduced to Artie and Marina. Marina, being in charge of household staff, had given Arman the job of finding a new effective head maid. Didi handed Marina the resume that her and Arman had worked on together. Marina was impressed.

“So you worked for the Harrington’s in Cape Cod,” she exclaimed smiling, “How admirable.”

She knew they were perfectionists. Didi’s resume was impressive.

“Do her credentials check out?” Marina asked.

Arman nodded.

“Good, then show her around. I trust your judgement Arman.”

Marina said, eager to get out of the house for her morning jog, oblivious to Didi’s beauty since she hardly ever really looked at the staff. Marina was convinced that Arman was her loyal and trusted assistant and would always do what was best for her. Unbeknownst to her, her dear husband had deeper pockets than her, and Arman didn’t mind having his pockets lined, at all.

With the 10% from Marina’s enormous paycheck and his finder’s fee bonus from Artie, he would definitely be able to buy that yacht his girlfriend had her eye on. With a sigh he looked at Didi’s beautiful hot, sexy, body remembering how beautifully she danced and how hard his cock got thinking of sliding between her luscious tits and fucking them like crazy. Smiling, he wondered if maybe he could make a side deal with her.

The day she met Artie, Didi was leaning over a desk in her sexy maid’s outfit showing off her sexy ass. He stood in the doorway admiring the way her sexy round ass filled in the uniform; her cheeks just poking out of the constraints when she stretched to dust the picture. He thought of how he would love to walk up behind her and shove his thick cock all the way up that sexy ass of hers. Her waist was so tiny. He could tell he wanted her before she even turned around.

Then she turned around. Artie nearly came in his pants seeing the way her beautiful breasts pushed against the fabric, straining to be released. How he longed to see those tits, to feel them, to nuzzle them.

“I’m very pleased to meet you,” he said politely with a big smile.

His government job meant his indiscretions had to be discreet and quiet. Paparazzi followed him everywhere. This was the only place he had hopes of enjoying the company of a beautiful woman; in his home.

Didi immediately liked the man before her. She could see the appreciation in his eyes for her beauty. She knew he was very rich and her salary was extremely generous. She thought of the fine jewelry he might give her and it turned her on. This was one job she didn’t want to mess up.

“Close the door,” she whispered, smiling beautifully.

Artie closed it and locked it behind him knowing his wife was on her morning jog. Didi looked at him seductively licking her lips slowly unbuttoning her cute maid’s outfit. Three buttons in he heard his wife calling him. He cursed, unlocked the door and slipped into the hallway. He was halfway down the stairs before she reached him.

“Yes, my beautiful wife, what can I do for you?” he asked with a sincere look in his eyes.

Luckily, seeing her made his erection go soft, and quickly. She talked to him about her jog and plans for dinner with friends the following evening. Artie kissed Marina on the cheek, got in his car and drove to work.

He went through the day mechanically fulfilling his role while day dreaming of Didi and the possibilities ahead. That night his dreams were filled with vivid and exotic lust filled romps.

The next morning Marina was surprised at what a good mood her husband was in. It had seemed the pressures of the job were taking their toll on him. She suggested he take a day off sometime. Marina called for Arman and received her daily agenda. She glanced over the contents that included her morning jog, a tennis lesson with Stephan, followed by a luncheon for a charity in the afternoon.

“I’ll get ready at the gym so I’ll see you at dinner at the Andersons at 5:00 p.m.,” she said giving Artie a peck on the cheek as she left.

Artie smiled at her deciding this was a good day to take off work.

He made a mental note to remind Arman to give him a copy of Marina’s daily schedule. Artie was sure Arman wouldn’t mind, since he was making two pay checks. Good thing his accountants got a kick back too, Artie thought. Marina didn’t suspect a thing. He thought of the luscious gift Arman brought him and felt the beginnings of a hard on. Didi was perfect.

They met in hallway. She followed him to a deserted wing on the estate. Arman stood near the entrance to the wing, making sure there would be no interruptions.

Artie felt shy, like a school boy, when they finally closed the door and took a good look at each other. He looked her in the eyes pushing her softly against the linen closet with his strong hands. Artie’s hands went straight to Didi’s breasts. With her maid’s outfit still on, he started running his hands up and down her beautiful tits while fondling, pinching and squeezing them, like he couldn’t get enough.

“Is this okay,” he asked gruffly, not really knowing what Arman had arranged.

“More than okay,” Didi purred in a sweet, sultry voice.

The beauty of her big tits was driving him crazy with desire. He watched her take one hand and slowly open the buttons. Her other hand went to stroke his hardness through his jeans. She smiled when noticing how nice and big he was. Once her maid’s top was off he realized he was looking at the most beautiful set of tits he had ever seen. He felt his mouth salivate. Her violet lace bra and extraordinary cleavage was more than he could take.

“Do you like,” she said, removing her bra and gently raising her breasts. She looked at him sweetly and slowly fondling her big rosy nipples until they stood straight out.

Before he knew it, she had undone his jeans. He unbuttoned his shirt watching her ease out of her black skirt slowly revealing her young sexy body and tight little ass. Standing nude before each other he started licking her breasts and sucking on her nipples. She stroked him while he nuzzled his face in her ample cleavage. He groaned as her fingers expertly worked his big cock to a frenzy of need.

Kneeling down she pushed her tits around his cock. He started fucking them with delight. Together they worked his big cock. Soon he was slipping and sliding between her gorgeous tits admiring her cleavage. He pressed her nipples for awhile by pushing them in with his massive hard on. Then sliding between Didi’s luscious tits he started fucking her tits like a wildman. She played with his balls and felt him fuck her tits until he sprayed his seed between her gorgeous mounds.

She got up and smiled at him sexily on her way to the shower. He could see her beautiful young body rinsing his cum from her gorgeous tits. Just looking at her was making him rock hard again.

He came up behind her in the shower kissing her neck, reaching around and playing with her tits. His hard cock was resting between her cheeks. He pressed in and positioned himself at the entrance to her pussy. She moaned softly encouraging him. Artie slid just the tip inside her, stretching her hot little pussy. She bent into a better position using the wall of the shower to steady herself. Holding her sexy ass in his hands he thrust his manhood deep inside his maid. A gasp escaped her lips at the sheer power of his cock as he started pounding into her deeply.

“Ahhh,” he said, feeling so alive.

The warm water trickled over both of them. His cock slick with pussy juices was gliding in and out of her already wet pussy. He couldn’t believe how good he felt. His fingers still enjoying the feel of her beautiful breasts he came hard and intensely, filling her with his passion. He rode his orgasm to completion then turned her around and kissed her hard. She kissed back with enthusiasm.

Still playing with her luscious breasts he thought of how Arman should get a bonus for this find. What a beautiful girl he thought. In the back of his mind he assured himself Arman had dealt with the formalities such as testing and birth control. Arman was the best double duty assistant a guy could have. Artie smiled thinking of the fun ahead. After Didi wiggled into her maid’s outfit again, Artie kissed her cleavage playfully not letting her button up.

She kissed him softly, looking at him seductively, “Later,” she said smiling.

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