Monday Morning Masturbation

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There had always been something different about him, something special and unique. Maybe it was his way with words that never failed to stir and arouse her as if he were speaking directly to her soul. Perhaps it was the fact that his dark desires matched her own so closely. Maybe it was the fact that he was unattainable, separated by distance and circumstance. Maybe it was simply because he had a presence that transcended the miles and touched her. But her lust for him remained constant, sometimes smoldering beneath the surface, other times raging like a furnace.

It was in one of these states that she found his mail describing a provocative fuck. It was a hot sweaty fuck in a deserted gym. He’d come upon her while she was exercising and before she could object he was tying her to a machine. The one that worked the inside of her thigh muscles. His long fingers ripped at her leotard tearing it to shreds, freeing her sweaty breasts and exposing her wet pussy so he could plunge into her warmth while she lay there helplessly quivering. She moaned in pleasure as his cock buried itself in her, fucking her with an intensity that left her weak and helpless with desire. No words were spoken just the sounds of primal fucking filled the air. Little gasps, grunts, moans and the slapping of their bodies. But then, just as she was ready to climax, her cunt muscles clenching wildly around his meaty shaft, he’d pulled out and shot his seed all over her fevered body denying her the release she craved.

She trembled shamelessly as she read his words.

Bastard! How could he do this to her? Tease her so mercilessly? He knew his words made her hot. She’d make him pay. God, he knew how to work her up. She hated it and she loved it – the way her heart raced, the lustful heat spilling from between her thighs as her body responded shamelessly. But she had no immediate way of assuaging it. She wasn’t alone but tomorrow she would make him pay.

Sleep had not come easily. She had not touched herself at all, savoring the aching throb between her thighs and she had avoided any contact with her partner, deliberately keeping her body on an agonizingly slow boil.

The following morning she staggered into the shower filled with an overwhelming excitement at her plan. She would not only masturbate but she would describe it in explicit detail for him.

Torture him.

Get him as painfully excited as he had gotten her with his words.

As she washed her luxuriant auburn hair, her fingers found their way down her body, to her breasts. Her nipples had always been very responsive; touching them, pulling on them sent sharp sparks down to her groin. He’d love them, she was certain of that. Small dusky pink nubs under his lips, between his teeth. She groaned softly and let her hand wander down over her flat belly to the juncture nestling between her thighs. Her fingers slid through her freshly washed lips as if letting them know more was to follow.

The day ahead looked quiet, with only one appointment scheduled at 2-00pm, but she dressed appropriately. He’d want that, she decided. He would want her all groomed and professional in her taupe colored skirt and silky cream blouse. The skirt while short, was respectably so, and the underwear she chose was simple; cream colored lace bra and thong. Her three and a half inch heeled shoes, an almost identical shade as her skirt completed the outfit and after she’d carefully applied her makeup and put on her gold hooped earrings she squirted a dab of perfume behind her ears and between her collarbones.

Inexplicably her hands trembled as she removed her toys. It was part arousal and part something else. Something bigger. An unexplained excitement that had her heart racing as if she’d run a mile. He was miles away from her absorbed in something else, unaware of her intentions, and yet she was doing this for him, especially for him, and she Arnavutköy escort bayan was terribly excited.

By the time she made it into the office, closed the door and fired up the computer she was already buzzing. An insistent throb had started up between her legs fuelled by the sight of the two vibrators she had chosen that lay on her desk so decadently out of place among the neatly stacked pile of files and papers. She ran her hand over her blouse and felt the hard points of her nipples poking through. This was going to be good, she just knew it.

The phone rang. It was Monday and everyone remembered on Monday mornings that they wanted a new job, or had to get somebody recruited and this was her business; matching people with jobs, clients with candidates. But as the working day began and the calls came in, her mind was distracted by the decadent assignment that awaited her.

The thick flesh colored vibrator, around seven inches long and curved upwards for G spot stimulation lay within her reach. She found herself stroking the well defined network of veins on the fake cock and grasping the thick girth as she spoke. Her fingers just managed to close around it and she shivered with excitement. This one was a favorite. Although advertised as being best for G-Spot stimulation, it had not done much for her in that regard. But it was thick and it did stretch her, making her feel like a slut being fucked open when it got all the way inside her.

Her pussy was wet; the juice had begun to seep in anticipation of gripping the thickness between her pussy lips. She replaced the batteries and teased herself a little longer by prolonging the inevitable. Then she turned to the thinner, smaller vibrator where she popped a fresh battery inside. It was her mini vibe. Firm plastic and about the width of two of her fingers. It came as part of an anal orgy set, with a variety of sleeves that would fit over the vibrator for different sensations. But today she was going to take it neat. Just hard plastic all the way deep inside her ass.

This slim vibe had been the next step in her graduation from fingers to toys for her ass. The first few time she’d used it, she had needed to be very well lubed and her tight little asshole required coaxing to let it in. Nowadays her ass was as hungry for pleasure as her cunt was and this little baby could work its way in relatively easily without lube. She loved the feel of pussy juice being rubbed over her steaming hole and then being split open as the hardness invaded her. She had tried a bigger toy there a few times, perhaps she would tell him about it sometime, if he wanted to know, but for today she would be using the slim one.

The shrill sound of the phone ringing jarred her back to reality. It was a female client who wanted some advice, and as she listened, she hitched up her skirt and let her fingers run over the wet groin of her panties. God it felt exciting, running her long nails over the damp fabric and teasing her soft flesh by slipping a finger inside the leg of the panty. It was already very wet, so wet it surprised her.

The call done, she stood up and stripped off her panties, tossing them onto the desk. She took the small plastic vibe and sucked the tip and then stroked it through the wet labia of her pussy. Suddenly a thought struck her. She reached into her handbag to get the small cosmetic mirror. It was a strange type of contraption; a round mirror about two inches all the way around and mounted on a wooden base with a two inch wooden handle. Easy to grip and gaze closely at her pussy. She wondered briefly if this was what the manufacturers intended when they’d developed the design. The little handle as well – like it was meant to penetrate. Why hadn’t she thought of it before? On impulse she inserted the handle into her pussy. It slid in easily and she looked at the reflection. Escort Avcılar A close up picture of the slick folds of her pussy and her protruding clit, already swollen and red.

She pulled the handle from her pussy and reached for the plastic vibe as she smeared some of the juice back towards her ass. It slid in smoothly and she groaned as it did. There was something about having an object in her ass that always made her feel deeply sexual, totally slutty. Her partner did not venture there. It was a cause of ongoing frustration for her, but she was working on it. At first it had been a total ‘no go’ area, but of late she had got him to stroke her there between the smooth cheeks of her bottom. He had even brushed his fingertip over the hole and once he’d let the tip of his index finger slide inside a little. More than that, he had not done so for now, her anal play was all alone and in private. Still, nothing could change the thrill and the total unadulterated pleasure she got from it.

The thin vibrator was deep inside her rectum and she clenched her muscles involuntarily as she lay back on the chair and raised her one leg onto the desk. This way she could still reach in and feel the end of the anal vibe and play with her pussy. It was aching now, longing to be filled, congested with blood and she raised the mirror again to see what it looked like. She knew he’d love the sight of the white object in her ass splitting her cheeks while her cunt glistened in the morning light. She’d opened the blinds on the windows facing the desk. Of course that side was fairly private, but still, being able to look out on the world and know that there might be a slight chance that a helicopter or some voyeur situated high up might be able to see her brought a smile to her lips.

Another phone call. It was an articulate man, mature and in search of a position as a Financial Accountant. It was exciting. A man on the phone, a strange man and a serious one, talking serious stuff to her as she stroked her clit and gazed at the thick vibrator on the desk alongside the phone.

Usually, she would reply swiftly to enquiries, inviting callers to send their Resume for her database and advising them she would get back to them if there was something suitable. But this morning, she prolonged it, as if playing with herself mentally forcing herself to hold off giving into her body, notching up the excitement. Being a secret slut on the phone with a man who had no clue what she was doing, but getting her more excited because of what she was doing.

“It’s a bad time of the year,” she said professionally while she pushed two fingers inside her pussy and rubbed her clit with her thumb. She stifled a groan and continued, “For openings in that field.”

“Yeah, well it’s a good time for me to get a job as soon as possible,” he said. “You think something might come up soon?”

Jesus, it felt good, her cunt was leaking. She could smell the muskiness of her excitement. She reached over and flipped the switch on the one in her ass, knowing that it would make a buzzing noise, but it was sunk deep inside her rectum and she was sitting almost all the way on her ass so she was betting it wouldn’t be discernable. It did buzz, but softly and the sensations in her tight anal canal as the nerves responded to the stimulation had her wanting to cry out.

“Ok, I’ll call you if something does come in, just email the Resume,” she said urgently before dropping the phone.

Never one to deprive herself of pleasure when she wanted it, she worked quickly, reaching for the thick flesh colored vibrator. She slipped it inside her pussy and moaned aloud as she felt the hardness pressing between her lips. She watched the reflection in the mirror as it slid inside. The curved part pressed up against the walls and roof of her pussy and she flipped the switch to the lowest speed as she Bağcılar escort pushed it in as far as it would go. This one normally took time to accommodate fully, but today there were no problems. It slid inside like a hot knife slicing through butter. All the way deep into her cunt up to about an inch or so from the top, where it flared out. The tightness was overwhelming, a small vibe in her ass and the bigger one up her pussy, but the way she was half sitting, half laying back with her right leg up on the desk added to the pressure. She reached for the mirror again, to look, to give him an accurate description of what he might see, if he were here and not miles away from her.

Her pussy lips were a bright reddish pink color. They glistened with juice as they gripped the toy and in the lurid reflection of the mirror she could see her swollen clit was pressed tightly against the part of the shaft remaining outside of her pussy.

It looked so fucking hot, like something you might see in a hardcore fuck magazine. A wet pussy wrapped around a thick toy, and an excited clit, screaming to be licked or sucked, while the woman sat fully dressed in an office. Still holding the mirror, she began to pull the toy from her cunt, watching as the lips moved wetly along the veined shaft while she dragged the vibe down and then thrust back sharply into herself again. The sensations were powerful, like she was being fucked hard. Like he would fuck her in that dark gym.

She switched the mirror to look at her face, her eyes. She liked that, to see the wild look of need and pleasure glazing over her eyes. She still wished she might see herself fully at orgasm, the look on her face as she lost herself completely, but she never had. Maybe one day…

She thrust hard again and slid the vibrator back out again, and did it again, struggling now to keep focused on the mirror and the sensations. She dropped the mirror to the desk and lay back in the chair with the toy deeply imbedded in her cunt. She reached down and turned the speed up to high on the anal toy and cried out as her ass muscles clenched in excitement, and then she flipped the switch to high on the thick one in her cunt. At once her clit jumped, from excitement and from having the glorious vibration tease it.

She closed her eyes and unbuttoned her blouse quickly pulling her tit from the bra so she could play with her nipple and then gave her body over to the pleasure. She could feel her orgasm building fast, waves of pleasure tripping over her, starting slowly and then building faster and faster. Her ass clenched around its intruder while her cunt muscles clamped and tensed around the thickness. Her breathing was fast and raspy as she felt it happen; the exquisite pleasure that she craved, that she had become a slave to crashed around her

During that time the phone rang again but she was only dimly aware of it. After seven rings it was programmed to go to the message service but she didn’t recall the long ringing, just some faint sound along with the burst of heat and joy that radiated out between her thighs. She may have moaned, she usually does, and cries out at orgasm, but she was not sure if she did. She’d planned to say his name as she came. Perhaps she did but it was not something she could recall. All she was certain of was the incredible clenching and contractions in both her pussy and ass that accompanied her intense orgasm and the exquisite peace that followed, and the way her pussy leaked onto the chair and left a white stain there. Even after she’d pulled the wet toys from her holes, the throbs and ebbing inside persisted and despite wiping the chair clean, a faint white mark remained. It would be a constant reminder of her orgasm for him.

She had planned to let him know by recounting this event for him, but then it occurred to her that sharing it on an erotic story site for the world to enjoy might turn him on even more. Perhaps he would know she’d done this especially for him. Maybe next time he won’t taunt her, but come and find her in her office and fuck her.


Author’s note: Thanks for reading this personal account. Hope you enjoyed it and I look forward to your votes and comments. J

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32