Mom’s Panties

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I had recently divorced my wife of 26 years when I found her in bed fucking her best friend. Most men might find the idea of their wives involved in a sexual affair with another woman hot and maybe I would have had she been open and honest with me about her bisexuality, but that was not the case.

Then after finding out that she was also sucking cocks at the club, she and her friends hung out at, the list of betrayals kept growing and I had enough. Fortunately, our twins, Anthony, and Andraya, who were both adults now, understood the reasoning behind it. Needless to say, my wife is currently not very popular with the two of them.

So here I was, 50 years old, living alone in a two-bedroom flat near the city center, and not getting much enjoyment from it, as my heart was still aching and not much for having fun. Thankfully, my mom invited herself to come stay with me for a while. I was not keen on the idea at first, but since she lost my stepfather to cancer a year ago, I figured she could use the company of another as much as I could.

Mom was now sixty-eight and had taken surprisingly good care of herself. She had a little extra fluff around her midsection, and her hair was now completely gray, but she only had a few wrinkles here and there, so, she was still extremely attractive for her age, not that it mattered to me because she was my mom and of course I loved her regardless.

After mom had been at my place for a few weeks, my emotions seemed to lift and I felt as if things were going to get better after all, thanks mostly to her encouragement and support. I started to feel good enough that her and I began to explore the city center, taking in all the sites and enjoying the plentiful shops and restaurants with many specialized cuisines.

One morning, after mom had gotten up early to have breakfast with a few of her girlfriends, I went into the bathroom to get the clothes hamper to do some laundry.

As I was loading clothes into the washing machine, I came across a pair of panties, no doubt belonging to mom, as the only other woman to visit me was my daughter, Kari, and she had not stayed long enough to leave her panties in the hamper.

Now I do not remember ever having sexual feelings for my mom, but for some odd reason, I was enthralled by these panties. They were white satin, with a bit of lace near the crotch, and they felt so soft in my hands. I stood there looking at them, running my fingers across the silky material.

I noticed, when I turned them over, a slight yellowish spot on the crotch panel. A sudden urge to smell them came over me, as I lifted her panties to my face. I began breathing in and immediately got the smell of pussy inside my nasal passages, filling my head with the slight pungent sweet odor of mom’s sex, thrilling every bit of my senses.

Mom smelled heavenly as I continued holding the panties to my nose and in no time at all, my cock was throbbing, wanting out of my shorts. I breathed more of her in while reaching down and pushing my gym shorts down, freeing my hard prick into the air where I wrapped my free hand around it.

I started to stroke my thickness, smelling mom’s panties, and imagining burying my face into her pussy, then getting on top of her and sliding my cock deep inside. Where these thoughts came from, I do not know, but they were going to make me lose my load damn quick as I felt the surge moving up from deep inside.

The first spasm hit and a rope of cum shot out of me, landing halfway across the laundry room floor, followed by several more with each pulse of my climax. I cannot remember the last time I came that hard and felt a little lightheaded when it finally subsided, so much so that I had to reach over to the washing machine just to steady myself.

I lowered mom’s panties from my face and tossed them into machine with the rest of the clothes. I quickly pulled my shorts back up and hurriedly cleaned the cum up off the floor as I thought I heard mom returning to my apartment. It ended up being the neighbors making the noise, so there was no need to hurry after all.

Then I became curious as to what other kinds of panties mom had, so I went into the spare bedroom and had a look inside the dresser drawers, opening a couple until I found the treasures that I was seeking. She liked colors, as the pair that I had jerked off while smelling, were the only white ones she had. All the others were bright colors with some pastels and a couple of black lacy ones that would show her naughty bits.

It was safe to say that mom really liked splurging on her underwear judging by the name brand on each one, Victoria’s Secret. Just running my hands through the delicate fabrics got me excited again, as my began to harden once more. I could not believe the thoughts and feelings going through my mind as I fantasized about her in them. If only I could see her wearing those gorgeous troves of panties she had.

This time, the noise I heard was not the neighbors. Mom had come back. I heard her fighting with the key in the door lock kızıl gaziantep escort as I dashed out of her room, quickly closing her dresser drawer behind me, and heading into my room to wait for my hard on to subside. Ah, Hell with it, I thought, and pulled my cock back out for another stroke session, laying back on my bed, to pump another load of sauce out of my balls.

After I came, guilt began to seep into my mind about what I had just done, so I decided that it was just an impulsive passing fancy kind of thing. I cleaned up my mess and then headed into shower.

When I came out of my room and into the kitchen, there was mom standing by the counter with her back towards me, putting away a few items that she must have picked up at the store. In the blink of an eye, those lurid thoughts that I was having earlier, popped back into my head as I watched her.

She had on pair of baby blue colored shorts that hugged her soft round ass so nicely, tight enough to where I could just barely make out her panty lines underneath them. I instantly wondered what color they were, whether they were cotton or satin. I am thinking satin since that seem to be the most prominent material in her panty collection.

Mom had a matching top on with vibrant colored flowers, but my eyes kept watching her ass as she moved back and forth a little. I shook my head to clear my thoughts because I was in danger of getting another hard on as my prick begin to stir again.

I cleared my throat and mom turned around. She smiled so sweetly and said, “Oh, good morning, honey. Are you just now getting out of bed?”

“Nah, I’ve been up since I heard you leave earlier. I threw a load of clothes in the washer and then just took a shower. How was breakfast with the girls?”

“It was fun and the place we went was really good, you and I will have to go there together some time, I think you will really like it. Oh, did you happen to put my underwear in with the other clothes?”

That last part took me by surprise as I felt my face flush with embarrassment over what I had done with her panties. I quickly tried to brush it off and said, “Er, uh, yeah, I think I saw them in the hamper, and I threw them in with the rest of the clothes.”

She sighed and said, “Oh, okay, no worries. I just like to wash my underwear separately, that’s all. It’s my fault for forgetting about them and honey, I can do the laundry for us both. You have enough on your plate, so don’t worry about the laundry, okay?”

Mom smiled so sweetly to me, and I could not help but feel that overwhelming sense of love for her as I always had. She is the kind of mom that some would say is the perfect mom in every sense of the word. She then turned back to what she was doing, giving me another wonderful view of her beautiful ass.

That overwhelming love for her, just had another layer added to it. Well, a layer of lustful desire as I walked over to her, put my arms around her waist from behind, hugged against her and said, “I love you, mom. You are the greatest mom ever and I am ever so grateful that you came to stay with me.”

I felt her soft but still a little firm tummy against my forearms as I hugged her and breathed in her as always amazingly sweet scent in. Her ass was now pressed against my pelvis, and I felt the bottom of her bra encased breasts, just barely rubbing on the top of my arms. My prick began to stir again as the lust layer in my mind increased, and I was in danger of her feeling that as I was pressed so closely against her.

I released my hug and she turned around to look at me. Tears were welling up in her eyes and she smiled, saying, “Oh my gosh, Colin, you are as always, such the sweet loving boy. Well, not a boy anymore, not for a long time, but always my boy. Thank you for always showing me how much you love me.”

Mom pulled me into a tight hug from the front this time, crushing her breasts into my lower chest as she did. The hug only lasted for a moment before she pulled back, smiled at me, then gave me a kiss on the cheek and went back to finish putting stuff away.

I could feel my heart racing as the excitement in my mind and body went to another level. I never saw mom in this sexual way before and I was struggling a little in my head to understand it. Maybe I was just lonely and needed to find a girlfriend, or maybe I just wanted mom’s love, I don’t know.

As I turned to head into the living room, mom said, “Oh, before I forget, Shelley invited us to go over to her place later for dinner and swimming in their pool in you are interested?”

I thought for a second, and said, “Sure, mom. Sounds fun. I have to get some work done though, beforehand, so what time are you thinking?”

“Around 4ish, if that’s okay?”

“Sounds like a plan,” I said, then jokingly added, “Are you going to break out that string bikini to wear?”

“HA ha, very funny smart ass. This old lady is way past string bikinis, besides, who said anything about wearing bathing gaziantep kızıl escort bayan suits,” she jokingly said back.

Oh, dear God, the images that flashed into my mind were not PG rated by any means, but not wanting her to think anything, I retorted with a laugh and said, “Well, there goes the neighborhood.”

We both laughed at my remark, and I went into the living room, picked up my laptop from the coffee table, sat down in my favorite easy chair and set up to do some work. Those thoughts popped back in again as I looked back up over to mom, still in the kitchen with her back to me. I smiled at the thought of a naked pool party.

Later that afternoon, we were getting ready to head over to Shelley’s house. Mom was in her room, while I was waiting for her in the living room. Her door opened and she came out, wearing a beautiful floral two-piece bathing suit. It was your A typical mature women swimsuit, with the bottoms that came up a little past her hipline and a separate top that kept her buxom breasts well in check. My God, she looked incredible!

I gave her the once over and did a little cat call whistle, and said, “Wow, that looks really nice, mom! You look fantastic!”

Mom blushed a little and said, “Ah, thanks sweetheart, you are so kind, but do you think it shows too much? I wasn’t sure when I bought it today, if it were really me, but Shelley insisted it would look great on me.”

I nodded and said, “Shelley was right, mom, you look awesome.”

I looked her over again, checking out her legs all the way up until they disappeared into the V of her suit bottoms. I could make out her pubic mound protruding ever so slightly under the suit that molded against it and her pussy lips under it. I felt the stir in my loins again.

“Thank you, Colin. I’ll wear it then, now that I have the overwhelming majority in support of it,” she giggled.

“Cool beans, you ready to go now?”

“Yeah, let me put on my jumper over my suit really quick and I will be right out,” she said with a smile.

Good lord, I thought, how was I going to make it through the evening without getting an erection in front of her? Would my baggy swim shorts be enough to cover it if I did get hard?

We arrived at Shelley’s place where we were greeted by her at the door. She was about ten years younger than mom and had been divorced for several years with her and her ex splitting amicably, after her daughter, Suri, went to college. Both Shelley and her husband had made their fortunes on individual enterprises, so they parted on good terms and remained close, being better friends than they ever were as husband and wife.

Now as far as looks, Shelley was former model and still very attractive, standing nearly 5’9″, beautiful shoulder length auburn hair, crystal green eyes, a gorgeous smile, with a splattering of freckles across her face, a long slender body with perfect tits just enough to fill your hands, and a very sexy tight ass that she loved to shake as she walked.

She was THE definition of cougar in every sense of the word, as I remember on more than one occasion, she made a play for me while I was married. I turned her downed each time, but now looking back, I should have just fucked her when I had the chance given what I now know about my ex-wife.

“Hey guys, thanks for coming. Let’s head out to the patio, dinner is nearly ready,” she said with a smile.

We nodded and passed by Shelley, as she pointed the way. On my way past her, she reached out and pinched my ass. I turned to her with wide eyes, shocked that she was so brazen with my mom right there. Shelley, winked at me with a grin, and ran her tongue across her lip. I could not help but chuckle at her as I turned back while continuing behind mom out to the patio.

We got out to the patio and sitting there sipping some drinks was Shelley’s daughter Suri, and Paul, Shelley’s ex-husband. Like I mentioned, the two of them were like best friends now since their divorce, and come to find out, Paul was gay, living in the closet for many years.

We said our hellos to Suri and Paul, then sat down while Shelley finished dinner. Paul quickly got up and offered to get us some drinks which we readily accepted. After Paul returned with the drinks, Shelley came out with him, carrying some food. Paul returned inside to help her and in short order, we were all sitting there chatting and enjoying Shelley’s amazing food.

After dinner we drank a few glasses of wine, we all went in for a swim. We laughed and splashed around, playing with a beach ball, trying to keep it from hitting the water. I could not help but steal several glimpses of mom looking sexy as all in her swimsuit, which made me lose the ball several times.

After a bit, they all got out of the pool and sat down at the patio table for some more drinks, while I stayed in the pool swimming around for a bit, hoping to clear my head and get rid of the half hard on I had from looking at mom. It gave me gaziantep kızıl escort a chance to appreciate the splendor of Shelley’s place.

She had a beautiful oasis there in her back yard as I lazily swam around. The pool itself was about one and a half times larger than your average home sized pool, with a waterfall on one end that flowed down over some rocks and into the pool water, with a few palm trees dotted around the perimeter and plenty of greenery.

I swam to the other end near the waterfall and heard someone else jump back in the water. It was Shelley, as I saw her head come up and began swimming towards me. As she got closer, a naughty grin started to form on her face and soon she was treading water next to me.

“So, now that you are divorced, Colin, what’s it going to take for me to get that cock of yours inside me,” she asked without losing that shit eating grin.

I admired her boldness, as Shelley never minced words. I smiled, then said, “Well, not much, because to be honest, I’m pretty fucking horny these days and haven’t been laid in quite a while.”

Shelley’s smile grew wider, and she raised her eyebrows and replied, “Oh my, you poor man. Well, now you just let Aunt Shelley take care of that.”

I nodded and with that, Shelley moved right up against me, and pressed her double D tits into my chest. Her hand went down between us and found its way into my shorts and wrapped her fingers around my quickly rising cock. I gasped just before she moved in and put her lips to mine, slipping her tongue inside my mouth.

Holy fuck she was hot, and just like that, my erection was at its full nine inches and throbbing into her hand as she stroked me. It was a good thing that where were at in the pool, hid us from mom, Paul, and Suri as they chatted away and drank more wine.

Shelley pulled back from our kiss and said with her devilish smile, “Mmm I knew you had a big dick, but I wasn’t expecting this big. You are going to feel so fucking good inside me.”

I moved my hand down to the front of her bikini bottom, slid it inside feeling her landing strip of hair an going right down to her soft pussy lips. I slipped a finger inside her, feeling her heat as I pushed it in past my knuckle. Shelley closed her eyes and moaned, then kissed me hard again, our tongues doing the tango while I moved my finger in and out of her.

Shelley’s moans grew louder in my mouth as my finger was curling up inside her, rubbing her most sensitive spot inside. She pushed my shorts down, freeing my cock into the pool water then wrapped her legs around me. Shelley was hot for me and was wasting no time in getting what she wanted.

“Fuck me Colin, I need you in my pussy, now,” she said in a loud hoarse whisper.

I pulled my finger out of her hot cunt, pushed her bikini to the side, and nudged the fat head of my cock against her sensitive flesh. As soon as I felt her opening, I pushed inside her. Shelley, cried out into my mouth just as I closed around hers, then drove my cock all the way inside her.

Her hot pussy felt amazing wrapped around me, and I could feel her muscles inside clenching my shaft as I held it in her.

Shelley broke from our kiss and mewed, “Holy fucking shit, you feel amazing, baby, now please, fuck me hard!”

I kissed her again and began driving my prick in and out of her fine fuck hole. Shelley dug her fingernails into my shoulders as I rammed into her, just as she wanted, causing her to grunt hard each time my fat cock slammed into the back wall of her fantastic cunt.

I wish I could say that I lasted a long time, but given our situation and proximity to the others, I just fucked Shelley for one thing, to get my rocks off. I suddenly felt my cum boiling up from within as I pounded her cunt mercilessly, and when the first spasm hit, I thrusted in her as far as I could go and began spewing my load into her womb.

Shelley went spastic as my last thrust set her off. She convulsed on me, fighting hard not to scream while her intense orgasm riddled through her body. She shook like a leaf, and I could feel her quim milking my cock for every drop of my seed.

We held tight to each other for several minutes, until the last waves subsided. I kissed her softly then released her legs from around me, causing her to slip off my softening prick.

Shelley smiled and managed to say, “Mmmhhmm, that felt fucking amazing, Colin. Thanks baby, I really needed that.”

We kissed again then I just grinned back and replied, “Shelley, and you are an awesome fuck.”

She giggled and said, “Oh, I love it when you talk dirty to me.”

Shelley fixed her bikini bottom, covering her pussy, then swam away from me in a back stroke, never taking her eyes off me and grinning like the cat that just ate the canary. I stayed there for a bit longer, after pulling my shorts back up, waiting for my cock to completely soften.

I really did enjoy fucking her because it had been a long time since I felt the love of a woman, but it felt even better given the newfound lust I had for my own mother. I imagined if sinking my cock into her would be just as good if not better than Shelley.

I lifted myself up out of the pool and walked over to where mom was sitting with Paul, Shelley, and Suri, chatting away. I sat down across from mom with a towel draped over my shoulders and accepted a glass of wine that Shelley had just poured and slid over to me.

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