Momma Bird Ch. 02

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Big Tits

Julia woke up to find that she was tangled around a beautiful golden brown Latino man who looked even better than she’d remembered him being the night before. One of her legs was draped over his highlighting the contrast between their skins. He was still asleep, dragging long deep breaths into his chiseled chest.

On the far side of him was Julia’s coworker and assistant Lacey. The woman, more a girl still twenty something, could almost have passed for family. They had similar cheeks and blue eyes, though Julia’s were crisp like ice where Lacey’s were deep like the ocean. Thanks to the miracles of modern cosmetology Julia’s naturally auburn hair was instead a dirty blonde several shades removed from Lacey’s platinum blonde. Lacey was enough younger to be Julia’s daughter. She even still had the waifish figure of high school girl, everything still high and firm if a little a little petite. It sometimes made Julia a bit self conscious about her mature curvy body.

A memory of the previous night’s repeated romps forced a smile over her face. If Alejandro had any preference between young and perky or older and experienced he’d hidden it completely. He’d spread his attention generously between the two of them until all three of them were too exhausted to do much more than lay together and slip off to sleep.

“You awake?” Julia whispered.

“No.” Lacey’s eyes were still closed. It didn’t stop her from smiling and then frowning immediately afterward. “My hair looks atrocious doesn’t it?”

“It looks like you spent an amazing night in bed.” Julia replied.

“That bad?” Lacey refused to open her eyes. She didn’t have to look at Julia to know what a night of sex would do to her hair.


Lacey closed her eyes even tighter in the hopes that she could hold off having to look at herself for a while longer. It was Saturday morning and she didn’t have anywhere to be until late afternoon. If it meant she could avoid looking at her ‘freshly fucked’ hair for a few more hours she’d happily stay snuggled against Alejandro, if she got to keep inhaling his masculine aroma all the better. Lacey turned her head just enough to press her lips against his chest and indulging her taste buds with a quick taste Latin Lover.

She would have stayed for a full meal if her phone hadn’t interrupted her. She let ‘Crazy in Love’ by Beyonce play almost through the first verse before she reluctantly rolled over and picked up the phone staring at the image of her smiling husband. Damn. Lacey padded across the room to the bathroom before answering the call. “Hey Hun how’s things?”

“Morning beautiful. You must have had a lot of fun with Julia last night, you usually call me when you get back.”

Lacey bit down on her lip leaning her head out the doorway to sneak a peak at Julia and Alejandro. Both of them were still lying still in the bed. “Yeah, we had a couple of drinks.”

“That’s it? Sounds a little tame for my sexy wife.” Her husband teasingly purred. “What are you wearing Lacey?”

Lacey looked at her reflection in the mirror and frowned. She really did look like a hot mess. Her hair tangled and mashed on one side of her hair. Her eye shadow had smudged to the point of making her look a bit like a raccoon. She didn’t feel very sexy as she looked at her reflection. “Just a pair of blue panties. I was about to hop in the shower when you called.”

“Sexy. It’s too bad you’ll be all alone in the shower. . .I mean I wish I was there to help you get all those hard to reach places.” He fumbled in his cute way. He’d never hidden the fact that he’d love to get to see her in some girl on girl action. Lacey thought about telling him all about last night’s tryst but stopped before the first words could leave her mouth.

She couldn’t tell her husband that she’d been with another man and she couldn’t tell him what happened between her and Julia without mentioning it. She also had a nagging feeling that he liked the fantasy of his wife being a bi-slut but the reality wouldn’t settle near as well.

“You still there babe?”

“I’m still here. I wish you were here to baby.” Lacey looked up as Julia appeared in the doorway.

“Who’s on the phone?” Julia blurted intentionally loud enough to be heard over the phone.

The phone slipped out of Lacey’s topkapı escort hands bouncing off her thigh before being juggled all the way to a near impact with the tiled floor. Lacey couldn’t quite hear what her husband said but she knew anyway. “Just Julia, I told you about her didn’t I? She doesn’t know how to knock!” She lowered her voice to an angry hiss. “Go away!”

“Hi Mr. Duvall!” Julia called shutting the door behind her. “It’s too bad you’re not here, me and your wife about to strip down and have a pillow fight before breakfast.” Julia giggled.

It took a few seconds of wrestling but the older woman let Lacey push her out of the bathroom. “I’m sorry hun, she just doesn’t have any manners.”

“You know as long as you turn on the camera phone first I won’t cry if you do have a lingerie pillow fight.”

“I’ll talk to you later, and I promise if we have a lingerie catfight I’ll make sure someone is around to take pictures. I’ll make sure he’s tall and handsome, with olive skin and long dark hair. He’ll have a sexy accent too.” She sneered into the phone hoping to get a rise out of him.

She was a shocked at his answer. “Hey just make sure you get him off before he leaves. I’d hate to be responsible for the kind blue balls a guy would get after having to film a hard body like you in her lingerie. A guy could get hurt like that!” Julia giggle nervously and hung up the phone before he could say anything else.

“You done?” Julia asked this time knocking but only because Lacey had locked the door. She got her answer when the door unlocked. “So how’s the hubby? Did he like knowing I was in the bathroom with you?”

“I didn’t tell him that!” Lacey tried to sound angry but she couldn’t keep it up, not when Alejandro surprised Julia by wrapping his arms around her.

“Good morning ladies. If you’re not in a rush to be rid of me perhaps we could have breakfast?” Lacey suppressed a shudder. Alejandro actually looked sexier right out of the bed. It wasn’t just because he was still in the nude either, that of course didn’t hurt. What took his nine point nine five and pushed it over the top was extra bit of stubble and the unkempt mop of hair that made him look like a dangerous bandit. It didn’t take much for Lacey visualize him with a Stetson hat throwing her over the back of his horse and ravaging her until she couldn’t stand.

“Breakfast?” Lacey let her eyes slide down to Alejandro’s sausage. “Do they have room service?” Julia looked up at Alejandro who took the opportunity to steal a kiss. “That’s not an answer.”

“Yes they have room service here, why don’t you two take a shower while I order something to eat?” Alejandro released Julia lightly slapping her on the ass and then disappeared back into the room.

“I can’t believe we did that.” Julia whispered excitedly padding past the younger blonde to turn on the shower.

“Neither can I.” Her husband’s enthusiasm about a hypothetical man taking photos of her in her unmentionables was relieved some of the pressure Lacey felt weighing her down but all of it. The reality of what she’d done was still settling on her. Without the drinks and Julia pushing and Alejandro seducing and her hormones already firing on all cylinders from her husband’s teasing she was able to think about what she was doing.

She was cheating on her husband.

The idea of cheating on her husband had never even occurred to her until she was standing in the bathroom with Julia nude. Right outside that door was an incredibly sexy well endowed man about to order room service. Her husband hadn’t even entered her mind last night after she got off the phone with him. Not a single thought of him while she let Alejandro have his way with her. “I really can’t believe just did that. How did I let you talk me into this Julia?”

“Whoa. Don’t go blaming me, in fact don’t blame anybody. A good time was had by all and what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” Julia took Lacey by the hand and pulled her towards the shower.

Lacey didn’t exactly resist the older woman’s instructions. She was old enough to be her mother and if she said it was time to take a shower it was time to take a shower. “We’re not in Vegas, we’re in New York!”

“Right, well stuff that happens there stays there as well Lacey.” escort bayan kağıthane She closed the door behind them.

The moment the hot water touched Lacey’s skin her doubts began thawing. “Your husband didn’t sound man. Most men aren’t upset about these kinds of things.” Julia assured Lacey. At the same time she was soaping up a wash rag. “In fact if I had to guess he was probably turned on by the idea of you and another woman wasn’t he?” Lacey nodded. She was really only half listening to Julia anyway.

The last time anybody had been in the shower with Lacey she’d been a child. It felt strange having Julia in the shower with her. The first touch of the washcloth brushing Lacey’s shoulders made her coo. Lacey’s cooing only increased in volume when Julia moved down along her spine stopping just shy of her butt. Julia changed course there sailing up Lacey’s side brushing over an erogenous zone Lacey had never noticed before along the back of her ribs. There was another on the back of her knee that nearly toppled her.

“No.” Lacey breathed the nearly inaudible words.

“What?” Julia whispered pressing her breasts against Lacey’s back reaching around to soap her front. Lacey reached out bracing herself against the walls. “You okay?” Julia said a little louder this time relishing the way Lacey shuddered when the rough fabric brushed against her nipples.

Lacey nodded and blushed.

Julia took her time washing and rinsing Lacey and then handed her the cloth. “Okay do me real quick, and lets not keep Alejandro waiting.” Julia rolled his name off her tongue as sensually as she could manage half imitating his flavor.

A few minutes later the two women emerged from the bathroom each wrapped in a towel. Alejandro had put his black boxers back and sat on the bed casually flipping through the channels. “Welcome back ladies. I was very lonely without you.” He slid off the bed and kissed each of them on the cheek as he passed. “They said the food will arrive in about fifteen minutes, if you two can spare me for a moment I too should shower.” Julia reached out and squeezed his ass when they passed.

“Oh my God, he is so sexy!” Julia squealed dropping her towel to the floor and digging through her suitcase. “I wonder what I should wear, can’t answer the door naked now can we?”

“No we can’t Mother.”

Lacey could only see Julia’s ripe peach shaped rump and her shoulders and yet her expression was clear from the way her ass clenched and shoulders bunched. “Yeah, I never tried that one before, thanks for playing along.” Julia stepped into a pair of white trimmed red lace panties and shimmied them up her legs. “You think these are cute enough?” She shook her hips just a bit.

“Yes Mom, those really bring out your butt.” Lacey giggled and gave the older woman a playful swat.

“Oh you’re gonna get it little missy!” Julia was surprisingly fast for an old lady, Lacey only had enough time to squeal a protest before the Julia had hauled her into her lap. “Now say you’re sorry!” Lacey shut her lips tight grunting her refusal and shaking her head. Lacey brought her hand down hard. “Say your sorry missy.” Lacey refused and Julia brought her hand down again and again on her butt and thighs.

Lacey bit down on her lower lip and screwed her eyes shut refusing to submit to the spanking. Julia kept telling her to submit and each time Lacey shook her head in refusal. She didn’t grunt after the first few swat though, she didn’t trust her voice at all. Julia getting a little frustrated wound back farther than usual and brought it down hard enough that her hiss was audible over the loud crack of hand to ass and Lacey’s silence was broken but with a moan not a cry. “You. . .like that?” Julia’s voice hollow with shock. She spanked Lacey again and the young woman moaned again louder this time and pushed her backside up invitingly.

“No I don’t like it.” Lacey buried her face in the mattress but it didn’t hide her lusty tone. “I won’t apologize to you MOM!” Julia slapped her rump several more times in rapid succession. Lacey clawed at the bed, kicked her feet, pushed her increasingly red rump up for more abuse and moaned. She did not however apologize.

“You’re a stubborn little bitch you know that right?” Julia playfully growled. sarıyer escort “We’ll make you sorry.”

“No you won’t MOM, I’ll never apologize for doing what I want!” Lacey arched her back.

Julia kept Lacey pinned with one arm, not that the she was really struggling to escape, and leaned toward her suitcase rummaging through it for a second before finding what she was looking for. A long handled hair brush with a wide ovular head. She made a point of brandishing it like a weapon for a moment. “You sure you don’t want to reconsider?”

Lacey’s mouth curled into a tight stubborn pout. She still had a few faint memories of her father and his belt, and the delicious warmth it would leave not just on her buttocks but also in her stomach. She shook her head. Her father had never gently caressed her bare flesh starting at her thighs and moving up over her ass. He’d never gotten her buttocks warmed with his hand then cooled it with cool wood. If he’d been excited by the way she flinched in anticipation of the next blow he hadn’t let her know with his own gasps like Julia did. “This is your last chance little miss, say your sorry now and all this stops.”

Lacey stubbornly shook her head. Julia brought the brush down on her with a thunderous crack. Lacey bit down on the sheets and Julia responded with several more swats alternating back and forth between the two cheeks.

It was difficult for Lacey to keep from moaning or writhing, she had no control whatsoever over her arousal. The more she was aware of it the more aroused she became so feeling her thighs become slick just made her even wetter. Feeling between her thighs changed to feeling it on Julia’s thighs and then from there sliding over Lacey’s belly. “Oh my you’ve been a very naughty little girl. Is this what you do with boys when I’m away?” Julia’s purr sent a chill through Lacey.

Julia rested the brush on Lacey’s back and slid a pair of fingers between Lacey’s thighs. “Such a naughty little slut!” Lacey’s legs spread slowly spread open inviting Julia further in. “I bet you do this for all the boys, let them come and spank you and then shove whatever they want in your little twathole don’t you?” Lacey’s gasp was as much because she couldn’t believe foul language Julia was using to describe her as it was Julia’s fingers pushing into her. Julia started with just two fingers, then added a third fingers steadily pumping them in to Lacey’s sopping wet cunt. “Is that what you do when Mommy’s away?”

Lacey nodded quickly. “Yes Mom I do!” Lacey felt herself going cross eyed from Julia’s expert fingers working inside her. “I call them up and let them spank my naughty butt!” Lacey felt the orgasm building in her belly growing stronger and closer. She was only a heart beat away from it when Julia stopped. “Don’t stop!” She clenched her thighs tight around Julia’s wrist keeping her in place. “Please.”

“I don’t know, what exactly do you let those boys do?” Julia’s fingers twisted just enough to send a jolt through Lacey that curled her toes.

“I do whatever they want!” Lacey exclaimed. She tried to twist enough to plead with Julia but the older woman was easily held Lacey in place. Julia’s fingers kept turning just enough to keep Lacey simmering. It was just a matter of minutes before Lacey gave in, “-I suck their filthy cocks Mom and I let them fuck my twathole!” Julia’s thumb caught Lacey’s clit and sent the younger woman into an orgasm. Lacey’s entire body shuddered when she came. Every muscle contracted at one time and Julia kept going, her fingers and thumb working in tandem until Lacey’s orgasm ended. The young woman uncoiled like a snake and slid boneless to the floor at Julia’s feet. “Thank you Mommy.” She purred.

“You’re not done baby girl.” Lacey looked up at Julia and saw Julia’s wriggling her glistening fingers. Lacey knew what was expected of her and balanced herself on legs she couldn’t quite feel and strained her mouth towards Julia’s digits. She took them one after the other sucking her flavor off them. “Good job.”

“You two a quite insatiable. I usually wait until after breakfast before I start.” The two women looked up at Alejandro who had a towel wrapped around his waist. It didn’t look like he’d bothered drying off though. His chest was still glossy with little water droplets tracing the creases of his muscles down over him. Wet hair was glued to his head a few stray hairs partially concealing his right eye.

“I’m sorry Alejandro, my daughter is just so rude sometimes.” Julia smiled.

A knock at the door interrupted the three of them.

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