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©Hitchhiker and Fredricka 2009


Adam and Fredricka had been working on line together for nearly two hours, as always they’d turned one another on to a point that was sheer torture.

To be in a heightened state of arousal created great writing from both of them. They had become so good at their online writing sessions each could work on their own story whilst putting great input to the others.

Adam spoke into the microphone “Hey sweetness I’m going have log off pretty soon there’s a storm coming my way with lightening striking the ground and I know what lightening does to computers.” Before Fredricka could respond……. FLASH!!!! BLACKNESS!!!!!

Adam saw a bright flash and then nothing, just blackness. He felt as if he was floating not up nor down just a huge yet comforting warm void then after what seemed a few seconds he sensed a smaller space as if he were in a room and then he was standing on a bare floor

‘Where was the carpet that he left?’ He thought. He knew he wasn’t dead but he wasn’t in his home either. Thunder crashed outside and the lightening lit an unfamiliar room, but to Adam there was a sense of belonging, like he had been here so many times before.

Frustrated, Fredricka came back into the room, “Damn door,” she mutters “And there was not even anyone there. Rotten luck, it was just getting hot. I wonder if I can still get Adam on line, I really need a good orgasm.”

Hidden in the corner, Adam can only stare. She doesn’t see him; her only intent is to get back on line. Adam still dazed looks at the woman who seems very annoyed as she sits back down at her computer.

“No it can’t be? It’s impossible. But from the photo I’d say it is Fredricka.” But it is her, his Fredricka. Unsure of what happened, he feels the lovely tingle in the head of his cock, the start of arousal.

As Fredricka sits at her computer, she doesn’t see the mystified Adam in the corner supporting himself by leaning against the wall.

She pushes the on button of her computer; Fredricka waits for the familiar blue glow to fill her room, the one that will bring Adam back to her.

“Hey sweet one,” he says, “No need to turn it on, I’m here.”

“Yeah right,” she responds believing it to be the inner voice she has imagined so many times.

“I’m here!” he repeats. “I don’t know how, but I am bloody well here in Minnesota.”

Startled, she just simply stares at the screen.

Hoping beyond hope, she slowly turns around, and standing behind her is Adam in a dressing gown open at the front with his manhood at half-mast. Fredricka just sits there, in stunned disbelief. First, she looks at his face, and smiles with recognition, her eyes slowly drift downward. A sly smile spreads over her face as she notices Adams cock, watching as it grows and swells before her.

Meanwhile, her body is responding, coming alive again with need… want… desire… Happy and at the same time but wary that this is just her mind playing another trick on her, she decides to throw caution with the wind. Standing, she almost runs toward her cyber lover, desperate to know if it is real or just a dream.

His erection grows even larger as he grabs her, crushes his mouth to hers and pulls her to the floor. Adam lays her on her back as he kneels between her open thighs, grabbing the waistband of her sweat pants and her panties at the same time; he pulls both articles of clothing off with one quick tug.

She lifts her hips off the floor to assist as her ex is revealed to her lovers gaze, although one foot takes some tugging to come out of the pants leg. She is left lying there, almost naked and completely vulnerable.

He grabs her hips and pulls her by brute force toward to his rampant member. As the shiny purple head nudges her outer lips, she spins sideways, grabs hold of his cock and sucks it into her mouth. She wants to feel his tongue on her first, the need to taste as well as feel is strong.

It is him…she has tasted this cock in her imagination only a few minutes before. Glorying in the taste and the scent, she takes his cock deep in her throat.

“So this is the way you want it?”Adams chuckles as he buries his face in her fiery red hairy snatch. “This has got to go!” he exclaims. But still buries his tongue in her musky slit and savours her femininity.

He sucks so hard on her clit that she almost explodes in orgasm.

Her stomach muscles contract as he pushes his face into her clit. The release is quick, complete, and leaving her gasping, it is exactly the release that she wanted, needed. But still it is not enough. She bucks into his face demanding more, all the while sucking on him. His tongue and lips are just pure perfection teasing and exploring the folds of her flesh Fredrick’s pussy clenches again and another climax course right to her very being as her hips lift off the floor again she feels the invasion of two no three fingers into her body.

Fredricka clamps the muscles of her vagina around this invasion, gaziantep yabancı escort bayan she relaxes and in a moment she feels stretched as Adam inserts his whole fist. The orgasm that blasts through her almost takes away consciousness. He pumps his hand gentle in and out of her dripping cunney.

“I think someone was a little frustrated before arrive. That’s enough for now or we might kill you and I wouldn’t want that.”

Still in control and wanting to keep it that way. Adam lift her from the floor and says almost demanding “Where’s the bathroom?”

Fredricka is unable to speak, but with a nod she indicates the direction that they need to go. When they arrive in the bathroom he sets her down on a bench and then removes her remaining cloths a t-shirt and a sweat top and then begins to fill the tub. Warm vapour floods her senses as the tub is filled. He finds the bottle of shower gel he sent her through the post and smiles to himself.

“Well look what we have here the perfect addition to Madams toilet.” He then pours a little into the hot water and swirls it around this makes soft bubbles appear and fill the tub. “There that should add to the fun.” Adam grins at her playfully, and the fragrance of a warm and inviting foaming bubbles, permeate the steam filled atmosphere.

Standing, Adam begins to probe around the room. Looking to Fredricka for help, she merely holds out her hand and smiles. In her hand is the razor that Adam is looking for. With a warm glow in his eyes, he reaches out and, takes the razor and bends and kisses her softly.

She has known this moment might arrive if they ever met but in reality she never expected to actually have it come true.

“I think it will be easiest if you lie down on the bench. Please stand and I’ll move it into the middle of the floor.”Adam picks up the 4 foot long padded bench that Fredricka had purchased just because it went with the fairytale mural on the bathroom wall.

Fredricka lies again down as instructed, her legs astride the bench her feet on the floor, her thighs are forced apart by the width of the bench.

“I need you to be with your bottom right at one end.” So Fredrick obeys Adams instruction and shuffles her body along the bench until her bottom is right at one end. With her legs so wide apart, and her body laid out naked for his gaze Fredricka feels nothing but lust and a little trepidation.

“Now that is what I call a beautiful sight. I think we are ready to begin making you really naked. First though I need a pair of small scissors.” Realising that the moment of truth has arrived and she is going to be shaved Fredricka says a little nervously “Uh yes… in the… uh cabinet.” and points toward the wash hand basins where a small medicine cabinet stands to one end of the counter top.

Adam opens the door to the cabinet and there on the second shelf is a small pair of nail scissors. He takes the scissors picks up a hand towel from the rack opens it and lays the towel on the floor directly under Fredericka’s open thighs and crotch. Adam then kneels down between her legs gives her thatch a tiny peck and begins to clip away the hair, dropping each little tuft of curly red hair onto the towel below.

“Mmmhh… excuse me young lady but could you control yourself? Your slit is leaking and with all this cut hair I can’t do much to stop it.” Says Adam mockingly. He knows what effect his close proximity to her quim is having.

Fredricka is keeping so quiet she can feel his hot breath and his even hotter gaze burning into her flesh. Her pussy almost has a mind of its own as it twitches and pulses.

Adam picks up the bottle of shower gel, pours a small a small amount onto the palm of his left hand and rubs the gel into lather and then coats Fredericka’s clipped mound ready for shaving.

As the soapy lather is rubbed over her mound and down over her slit Fredricka moans “Aah… Please… hurry, you are… torturing me. I want you touching me, loving me, and most of all… fucking me.”

Without a word Adam begins to apply the razor, the blade slides through the short ginger stubble. Every now and then he rinses the razor in the basin next to him on the floor. Slowly… so slowly, the hair becomes less and bare flushed flesh becomes more.

Pulling Fredericka’s labia to one side he removes the hair down first the left and then the right; using long careful slow strokes up wards away from her pulsing rosebud. When he decides that the job is complete and for only the second or third time in her life Fredricka has a shaved cunney. Adam then takes the towel sprinkled with her red pubic curls stands and shakes its contents into one of the wash hand basins. Returning to the now totally naked and vulnerable woman, he wipes her pussy clean.

Holding an out stretched hand he invites Fredricka to stand and leads her to the bath. He steps into the hot bubbles a guides her to follow.

They sit facing gaziantep genç escort bayan each other, smiling like love struck teenagers.

Humming the theme to Jaw’s da da dadadadda dadaaaaaa… he shoots his hand through the concealing bubbles and grabs her and begins sloshing water across her naked cunt.

“Oooh, it does feel different.” She croons, as she puts her hand down to explore. Amazed with the sensation of her new found baldness, she begins to investigate with earnest. This excites Adam and soon his hands join hers and together they play together touching and probing her sex.

Adam pushes himself up so he kneels in front of Fredricka, she responds to Adam, softly touching… caressing… kissing.

The bubbles have made everything slippery and shiny. As their hands begin to explore more, Adam bends forward and takes Fredericka’s left breast in his hand and then places his lips to the nipple and starts to suck.”Ugh, they look nice but the bubbles sure don’t taste nice.” Adam exclaims. He stands up his erection having a crown of bubbles looks rather funny.

Fredricka stands and pulls the curtain around the bath she then turns on the shower, hot strings of fresh clean water cascade down their bodies. As the water rinses across her breasts Adam again takes a nipple in his mouth “Mmm much better.” And he continues to suckle swirling the nipple with his tongue savouring the firm fleshy texture.

Fredricka guides the water over his head stroking the water down. But she is intently aware of his manhood pushing toward her and reaches down to grasp it in her hand, it feels so wonderfully hard as she pumps her hand back and forth along the shaft she can feel the ridges which make her insides quiver with anticipation.

Rubbing her hands over their bodies she decides they are rinsed enough and turns the shower off. Adam has now directed his attention to her right breast he kisses and licks all over even to the underside.

Fredricka swishes the shower curtain back. As they climb out, Fredricka kisses Adam, she then trails kisses up his jaw and sucks his earlobe in her mouth, gently rolling it between her lips. She lets her teeth sneak out to steal a quick nibble.

As the cool air begins to dry him, it rips a shiver out of Adams body, which starts at his toes and tears its way throughout his entire body, but even it cannot cool the fires Fredricka is beginning to stir in him. Fredricka continues her slow torment as she kisses down his neck and over his shoulders, occasionally licking the rivulets and droplets off his body. She finally kisses down his chest leaving little kisses right over his cold and lust hardened nipples.

She continues her winding path down over his stomach, and follows the trail of droplets to just above his protruding member, as her nails drag down over his buttocks, and around his hips to find his balls.

After looking up, satisfied to see his eyes closed…waiting for the inevitable, she kisses his cock, slowly tasting every inch, tickling it with her tongue. Taking one of his balls in her mouth, she licks it gently, moving it around with her tongue. Adam moans as she takes it out, and blows on it gently. Using her tongue to lick the underside of his penis until it reaches the top she then takes his cock deep into her throat.

As Adam almost reaches climax, he withdraws, leaving Fredricka grabbing for him. “No, not yet,” he said “there are too many other places that we need to put this.”

“Come on you cruel bastard, lets get dry and go to my bed.” She demands; she steps out of the bath and grabs a large white towel from the heated rail. Wrapping the baby soft fabric around her wet body she begins to get dry. Adam follows and takes a towel for himself quickly they are both dry.

Fredrick leans forward and takes him into her arms, kissing her lover with such passion and want. That she is tempted to just lie down on the bench and make him take her without delay. She resists the urge knowing her bed will be far more comfortable.

As Fredricka walks into her bedroom, Adams leans against the door and knowing he is watching her appreciatively as she sashays her bottom. She lies back on the bed; legs spread, and beckons him with her eyes. He pushes off the door and walks towards her, his manhood just beginning to soften slightly from her skilled work in the bathroom.

He kneels on the bed between her legs, and gently kisses her chest. Taking his time, he slowly travels south, kissing her flesh and leaving goose bumps along the trail. He pushes her up higher on the bed; she is to far gone to do anything but comply, allowing her body to be led by his gentle nudges.

As he finds her pleasure spot, soft moans escape her lips as she feels the familiar sensation of an orgasm coming on. She grabs his ears and holding him close to her sex, she forces his head to the places where she can feel the greatest sensations, and soon her release gaziantep gerçek resimli escort bayan comes, making her smile with lust and satisfaction. As he looks up, he can see that this has had the desired effect on her.

Needing to feel more of him, she pulls him up on the bed with her and feasts on his hard cock, his bare purple glands feel so soft and warm on her tongue, Fredricka sucks and blows as her mouth pumps back and forth along its ridged length.

Each with their mouths full of each other, their hands randomly moving, stroking and petting; exploring their bodies, which until tonight, have only been explored with words.

Adam turns around, and kisses her mouth. As their flavours come together, the passion grows, and as the kiss deepens, the need rises with the force of a tsunami.

This first penetration needs to be hard deep and almost brutal they both demand it so. Fredricka turns herself over onto her hands and knees and thrusts her bottom toward her lover demanding just by gesture what she wants him to do.

Adam kneels himself behind her and feels as if his cock is being drawn by the strongest magnet. As his glands briefly touch her outer lips and before sinking into her hot, pink, sex craving flesh. Fredricka feels an electric shock of joy rush through to her very being.

His shaft now embedded with such force he holds her hips allowing their bodies to feel the bliss of first deep contact. She can even feel his scrotum tickle her clit.

With slow deliberate movements, he starts going in and out, long strokes that make her move onto him as he moves forward with each new stroke. After what seems like an age of controlled thrusting passion. Adam withdraws his penis from Fredricka and gently turns her over so that he is now looking down on her sex flushed body she smiles up at him and pulls her knees up to her chest and pulling her thighs wide apart tilting her pussy toward him.

“Take me in the arse I want you there now.” She demands, so taking his juice coated cock Adam bends the shaft to her pulsing arsehole. He pushes gentle foreword allowing the ring of muscle time to take the invasion.

Fredricka moans gently as the head of Adams cock stretches her tight hole, the burn of pleasure is like fireworks exploding inside her. He now bends forward covering her body with his, kissing her hard, all the while pushing himself deeper into her willing body.

It is so beautiful with the sensations of warmth falling through her. She feels the bliss that he is sending her and she holds on tight, moaning onto his tongue. He can feel that she is about to cum, wanting to take her to greater heights, his strokes become hard and powerful as he feels her body grab hold of his cock, almost to the point of not letting go.

But he can’t wait much longer his own lust is starting to consume him, with harder and longer strokes he begins to raise his body away from hers, she is forced to push herself upward toward his pile driving shaft.

Then the movement picks up and the strokes became more deliberate, faster and with more force. As Adam pounds down into her, he grabs a hold of her right tit with his mouth sucking on the nipple hard pulling it into his mouth flicking his tongue fast across the tip.

The reaction that Fredricka feels, is immediate, arching her back to allow Adam at her chest, Adam continues to stroke and to lick her breasts with his mouth. The feelings are enough to allow Fredricka release again.

And this time she grabs hold of his ass as she requires more and more from him. “Harder… faster… give me your all” she says and the flood of a deep inner orgasm flashes through like fire through dry tinder. Her body burns with desire.

Adams knows he will cum to soon if he doesn’t, withdraws and moves down her body and begins to eat her. The effect is so powerful for Fredricka; she grabs a hold of his head, and pushes him into her. Guiding his head to where she found the most pleasure, this time the sensation was a complete overwhelming need. Her legs come together around his head, her hands continued to push his head in more. It is like a wild ride, and all Adam can do is hold on, as Fredricka pushes and grabs, wave after wave of orgasm crash through her.

Adam turns her around, kneels behind her and spreads her legs with his knees. Putting his cock into her pussy, which has been made tighter from the orgasms, he begins to rub his cock on her wet pussy.

In frenzy, Fredricka moans loudly and pushes her ass back, desperate for the feel of his cock inside her, she moves. The teasing is almost too much for her.

“Fuck me, PLEASEEEE!” she almost screams. And when his cock rests at the outside of her pussy lips, she just pushes backwards and her cunt swallows his cock in one quick frantic movement. They both moan loudly as the contact is renewed.

The pace picks up; the sensation of his balls as they hit her clit, combined with the ramming of his cock into her, brings her to yet another orgasm. This time, she does not want it to end and merely pushes back harder and faster. Wanting more, she begs “don’t stop Adam, give me more than I can handle.”

Adam, in fear that he will explode, leans on Fredricka. This causes her to fall into the bed; taking his cock from her pussy he again pushes it into her arse. This second time he needs not take it slow, and starts to thrust deep and long into her tight sheath.

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