Mittens Ch. 2

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Mittens Ch. 2: A Party with Daddy’s friends

That first night with Daddy ran well into the next day, neither of us seemed able or willing to stop. No sooner were we coming down from one sexual high than we would be starting up on another. I explored every inch of his surprisingly trim body, especially his glorious cock, and he explored every inch of mine too, especially my pussy which seemed to be in a constant juiced up state. But eventually we slept, wrapped in each other’s arms, and even in my dream we were still making love – or was it a dream? Perhaps not, because when I awoke it was to find his rock hard cock firmly wedged in my pussy once again. Wow, what a way to wake up! and what a delicious breakfast, cream of cock!

The rest of that Saturday we pottered around the house and went and did a little shopping, then prepared a light meal. It was as we sat down to that meal that Daddy mentioned that he’d received an invitation to a party that night, and would I like to go along. I guess my face must have dropped, as I’d been looking forward to a repeat of the night before, because Daddy laughed and said he thought we ought to go as it might be fun, and anyway, anticipation would only make it better when we got home. I grinned then, seeing the sense in that, and rushed off to my room to work out what clothes I should wear. I decided on something a little daring, just to get daddy going throughout the evening, a short black, backless number that really showed off my long legs and my high breasts. My choice was vindicated when I paraded in front of daddy and saw the bulge immediately develop in his trousers and the hot lust appear in his eyes.

The party was being given by one of daddy’s work colleagues, Rick, and it was he who met us at the door and let us in. I immediately felt his eyes running up and down my body, and flushed, but instead of feeling angry, I felt pleased. That changed to surprise when I heard him say to daddy, “Wow, so this is the new lady in your life, where have you been hiding her, she’s absolutely gorgeous”, and heard daddy reply with a laugh, “Well, you really didn’t expect me to parade her around in front of a wolf like you, did you?”

Then he turned to me and grinned as he squeezed my hand, “You be wary of this one, honey, he’s not called Mr. Smoothy round the office for nothing!”, then they both burst out laughing. I laughed a little too, but more because I was feeling flustered, and as soon as we were inside and away from Rick I asked why he hadn’t mentioned that I was his daughter. Daddy looked at me and grinned, “Well if people knew you were my daughter they might feel a little self conscious about really letting themselves go and enjoying themselves, and I wouldn’t want to spoil the party, – then he grinned – and of course, now they think you’re my special lady it’s not going to look strange if I do this” and he wrapped me in his arms and kissed me deeply, his tongue sliding into my mouth and his hands cupping and fondling my tight ass cheeks.

I was on fire straight away, and didn’t want the kiss to end, but when it did, I looked around a little self consciously, but those people who were looking our way merely nodded and smiled, and in one case actually winked. I was surprised to find myself winking back, especially when I realized it was Rick that was winking, but I had to admit he was rather tall and dashing and very, very handsome. Then I immediately felt guilty, almost disloyal to daddy, so I hugged him real close once more, before we moved over to the drinks table and placed some food on a platter and got ourselves a drink, then we moved around chatting to people for a while. I was amazed how many people daddy knew and how popular he seemed to be, especially amongst the ladies. A few looked at me a bit strangely, perhaps because I looked so young, but I think some of them had a thing going for daddy and were a little jealous, and that was confirmed part way through the evening when I found myself standing chatting to Rick and he pointed out some of the ladies that daddy had dated in the past.

I think he did that to make me feel jealous, but all it did was make me proud that daddy was so attractive and that I would be the one going home with him tonight. The party got louder, the music got louder and I found myself dancing with lots and lots of different men, and thoroughly enjoying myself, although I couldn’t help noticing how often Rick was in my vicinity or actually my partner. In one particularly slow number he actually placed his hands on my ass cheeks and started to caress them, and I found myself responding, despite myself, pressing forward into the obvious bulge he was sporting by this time. Then daddy came and rescued me and danced me away to another part of the room. I thought he was going to tell me off for dancing so close with Rick, but he seemed not to be worried, he just kept whispering in my ear, telling me how beautiful and sexy I was and how much he was looking forward to making love to me when we got home. And his Sivas Escort hands were busy stroking and caressing every part of my body he could reach, and I was thankful that the lighting in the room wasn’t all that bright.

Then the party started to die slowly, with first one couple then another saying their farewells and leaving, until there was only about a dozen people left, all a little high on the amount of drink they’d had, even I was feeling a little floaty although I had only had two small drinks, guess it was just the atmosphere and all the sexy attention I’d been getting. Then there was a loud screech, and a splash, and daddy and I hurried outside, to find one of the remaining ladies struggling to emerge from the pool fully clothed. Apparently she’d decided she needed to cool off and had just jumped in, now, dripping all over the place and with her clothes all wet she was laughing loudly and telling everyone how glorious it was in the pool. Then to my stunned amazement she stripped out of her clothes to stand there naked in front of everyone, and cried, “Ok, who’s coming skinny dipping?”, and jumped back in the pool.

After a moment’s hesitation when she was stripping off her clothes, all the men burst into applause, and when she called out her invitation, there was no shortage of takers as men began to strip off right, left and centre. Realizing what was happening, a number of the other ladies started stripping off too and leaping in the pool, until there was a mass of people jumping and screaming in the water. It was then that I realized that daddy was one of the men who’d stripped off and jumped in, and he was now beckoning me to follow, before being swallowed up by the melee of bodies. I stood there totally uncertain as to what to do, feeling embarrassed, confused, and more than a little turned on by the sight of all those naked bodies, then Rick was standing close behind me, “Here, let me help you” he whispered, and I felt his hands on the zipper of my dress, tugging it down.

“Oh, no” I half squawked, and lifted my hands up to the top of my dress, but too late, long before my hands reached their target the dress had cascaded down to reveal the fact that I hadn’t bothered to wear a bra, and I heard Rick’s sharp gasp as he glimpsed my naked breasts. Almost immediately his hands came round and captured them and he was whispering hotly in my ear, “Oh, I just knew they would be magnificent, you put everyone else at the party to shame”, and his hands were stroking and caressing my breasts and my rapidly hardening nipples. I twisted and turned within his arms, trying to escape, but that only made things worse, as my motion succeeded in making my dress cascade all the way to the floor leaving me in nothing but my very brief panties. It was then that I realized for the first time that Rick was totally naked, his rampant cock pressing into my ass cheeks, squirming against me, as his hands continued to fondle and caress my breasts.

I looked around for daddy, hoping he would be close, that he would come to my rescue, but for a moment I couldn’t see him anywhere in the gloom and the bustle of people in the pool. Then a gap appeared and I saw him and was about to cry out when I realized that he had another woman in his arms and was kissing her passionately, both of them, of course, totally naked. A flash of jealousy raced through me, and perhaps it was that jealousy that caused me to become emboldened, and I stopped struggling in Rick’s arms, leaning back instead, my head on his shoulder, my breasts lifting into his hands, my ass cheeks squirming against his rampant cock, and I heard his groan of lust.

Then his hands dropped to my panties and he started to peel them off, and I did nothing to stop him, and as they slipped to the floor I stepped out of them and turned to face him, lifting my hands to his shoulders and watching his eyes as they roamed eagerly over my naked body. Then my own eyes dropped downwards over his body and I had my first sight of his rock hard cock, and I sucked my breath in with a combination of surprise and delight, Rick’s cock wasn’t all that long, but it was thick and juicy, and I could feel my pussy start to drool at the thought of it inside me.

Rick’s hands came up and cupped my breasts once again, rolling my nipples between his fingers, and I shuddered. Then he stroked one hand down over my stomach and slipped it in between my legs to cup my pussy, and I shuddered again, locking my legs together with his hand trapped between. Then, looking him straight in the eyes I reached down and began to stroke his cock, and he began to shudder almost uncontrollably, “Oh God, Mittens, you are so hot” he whispered hoarsely.

I grinned up at him, “But I thought that’s what you wanted me to be” I whispered back, letting my hand go even further and cup his heavy balls, causing his knees to dip suddenly, almost throwing him off balance.

“Oh god I do” he responded hotly, “But not here, I mean what if….”

I glanced back over Sivas Escort Bayan my shoulders at the laughing, splashing group in the pool, catching a brief glimpse of daddy still locked in a fierce embrace with his naked friend, “Oh, It’s ok, Da…. – I caught myself just in time, covering with a quick kiss to Rick’s lips – don’t think anyone is paying attention to us, but if you’re worried, why don’t we go inside” I said.

“Oh yes, that would be much better” he said, and grabbed my hand and started to lead me towards the back door. I quickly bent down and scooped up my dress and panties and followed him, taking a last lingering glance at the crowd in the pool before the back door cut off my view, failing to see Daddy this time. He didn’t stop in the kitchen, or the lounge room, guiding me instead straight to his bedroom, where he quietly closed the door and put on a small bedside light, “I hope you don’t mind” he said, “But you are so beautiful, I just have to see you, look at you, adore you”

His words were like music to my young ears, and his eyes, god his eyes were eating me up as I turned and lifted and posed, allowing him to see every inch of my naked body, and I felt myself getting more and more turned on as I looked at him too, enjoying his muscular body, and that beautiful hard cock that seemed to be following me everywhere as if it had eyes of its own. “I want you Mittens” he whispered hotly, “I’ve wanted you from the moment you walked in the door”

I looked at him and grinned, suddenly feeling every inch a full blown woman, a woman totally in control, “I bet that’s what you say to all the girls in the office” I said with a laugh, “What was it Patrick called you, Mr Smoothy?”

He blushed a little, then tossed his head back and laughed, “Well, I must admit that I do flirt rather a lot at work, but that’s all it ever amounts to, flirting” he said.

“And at parties?, is it only flirting then too?” I asked with a chuckle.

He stepped forward and lifted his hands to caress my breasts, “Not tonight” he whispered, “I’ve never met anyone as sexy and exciting as you, I’ve never wanted anyone the way I want you”, then he slipped his hands around my waist and pulled me close, his lips descending on mine in a deep passionate kiss, his hard cock, pressing hard against my pussy. For a moment I remained stiff and unyielding, not responding, not returning his kiss, just letting it happen, then my tongue let me down. It curled suddenly around his and started to dance, and it was as if that was the release mechanism for the rest of my body, and I melted into him, my breasts mashing into his hard chest, my pussy crushing into his throbbing cock. His hands stroked and squeezed my ass cheeks, pulling me even closer, and my own hands began to wander down his back, stroking and caressing his body.

I was on fire, I wanted him, he knew it and I knew it, he pulled back slightly and slipped his arm beneath my knees and lifted me up, carrying me to his bed and gently laying me down. Then he began to kiss and stroke me, my forehead, my cheeks, my lips, my neck, my shoulders and down onto my breasts, and I was writhing beneath his lips and his tongue and his soft, gentle hands, and loving it, getting hotter and hotter by the minute. I was surprised when he rolled me over, but it seemed he wanted to leave not one inch of my body untouched or untasted. I shuddered and shook as his tongue traced the line of my spine all the way down and continued down the crack of my ass, my body jerking as his tongue lingered on my ass hole, god, no one had ever touched me there!

Then he was turning me over again and his lips and his tongue were at the entrance to my pussy, spreading my lips wide and dipping deep inside and I was cumming, a huge orgasm racking my body. He didn’t seem to mind, he just kept on licking and sucking, lapping up the juices that were pouring from my pussy, and I was in sexual heaven once again, loving the feel of his tongue in my pussy, arching and lifting and shuddering as he lashed my throbbing clit with his tongue, then sucked it into his mouth hard, causing a scream to erupt from me as a wave of ecstasy ripped through me.

Then he was sliding up my body, his lips seeking out my incredibly sensitive nipples, and his hard cock rubbing slowly against my pussy, and I wanted him inside, wanted him so badly. I reached down between us and gripped his cock lightly and he lifted his body slightly, allowing me to stroke my hand up and down his cock, drawing a moan from deep in his throat. Then I was guiding his cock to my pussy, rubbing the head up and down my pussy lips before sliding it’s head inside. “Oh god, yes” I moaned, thrusting upwards, “Fill me Rick, fill my pussy with your lovely cock”

With a loud wail he slammed forward, burying his cock into me to the hilt, ramming home so hard he almost impaled me on the bed, and I bucked back at him, trying to take him even deeper. “Oh yes, Mittens, you are so tight, so hot and tight, God, I’m going Escort Sivas to fuck you so hard” he cried, and proceeded to do just that, ramming his cock home hard and deep time and time again, faster and faster, and I responded wildly. Lifting to receive every thrust, clutching his tight ass cheeks and dragging him into me, fucking him every bit as much as he was fucking me, and it wasn’t long before I was wailing and moaning through another series of mighty orgasms.

He was lifting my ass up high and plunging his cock in real deep and I was trying to grip and milk him with my tight pussy walls, and his lips and tongue were lashing my tits and nipples until they felt like they were going to burst. My own hands were gripping and tearing at his ass, my nails leaving marks across his ass cheeks as I pulled him in tight, crying out for him to fill me.

And then he was! With a huge roar he lifted and plunged one final time and his cock swelled and swelled and then exploded! Shooting a massive river of hot cum juice deep into my steaming pussy, and we were both jerking and shuddering, his cock spewing and spewing, filling me with his seed, and my body melting in his hot lava. “Aaaaaaargh!” I cried, “Fuck me Rick, fuck me, fill me, oh god YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES”

Then I knew no more as I tumbled into a swirling space of color and light that had no ending.

It was only a momentary fade out, and Rick kept pumping his spewing cock into my pussy until the last drop had emptied from his big balls, then he slumped to one side. I came back to life in time to see his semi erect cock slip from my pussy covered by a mixture of his juices and mine, and I knew I just had to taste him the way he’d already tasted me, so I slipped down the bed and gently took his cock in my hands and raised it to my lips, lovingly licking every last drop of cum and pussy juice from his cock. He lay there watching me, occasionally jerking and moaning as I lapped and lapped and sucked and licked on his thick cock. Loving the taste of it, loving the feel of it, and by the time he was completely clean again, he was also completely hard again, and with a grin I slid up and straddled his body, lowering my pussy slowly onto his welcoming shaft. And he laughed, “Damn, I knew you were sexy the moment I laid eyes on you” he said.

I grinned down at him, twisting and turning as I lowered my pussy fully onto his rampant cock, drawing another deep , shuddering groan from his body, “And did you know I was horny too?” I asked, teasingly.

He shook his head as he reached up and started to stroke my breasts, “Oh no, I only hoped that” he said, then grinned, “But I was determined to find out for sure” he added.

I lifted one eyebrow and looked at him questioningly, “So, you had every intention of seducing me tonight, did you?” I asked teasingly.

He looked me straight in the eyes, “You’re a woman who deserves to be loved, a woman who needs to be loved, a woman that grows more beautiful the more she’s loved, so yes, I wanted you tonight, and if not tonight, the next time we met, you’re exciting and beautiful, and I don’t know a man that could possibly resist you” he said with a fervor that surprised me, but his words once again lit fires deep inside me, and I writhed on his throbbing cock, my eyes half closed, moaning lightly as I felt the fire start to take hold, and my body begin to move in that primal rhythm.

Then my eyes flew wide and I stared down at him, “And have I disappointed you?” I asked huskily, my pussy opening and closing on his hot, hard cock, as I lifted and sank on his shaft.

“Oh god no” he groaned, “You’re everything I thought you were and more”

“Then Fuck me” I said, “Fuck me like you’ve never fucked anyone before”, and I lifted up until only the very tip of his cock was in my pussy, then slammed down hard, and he went berserk! Lifting and thrusting, almost throwing me off with the power of his ramming cock, and I held on for the wildest ride of my life. Bucking and heaving, shuddering and shaking as orgasm after orgasm rose and fell with his cock. Then with a mighty thrust he tossed me right off, and I cried out with disappointment, but then he was behind me and I was on my hands and knees and he was ramming his cock into me from behind, gripping my hips and fucking into me hard, and I was screaming again, “Oh yes, oh yes Rick, give it to me, give me all your cock, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me”

I opened my eyes wide and found myself staring at the mirror at the back of the bed, seeing Rick plunging his cock into my writhing pussy, seeing the strain on his face and the mixture of agony and ecstasy on my own, and the sight drove me right over the top and I came and came and came, realizing almost instantly that Rick was cumming too, shooting his hot juices deep into my pussy, then pulling out and spraying his juices all over my ass and my back, god the sight of his cock spurting all that white cum over me sent me into an even higher dimension of orgasm, and I thought I would shake myself to death. Then he plunged back into my pussy, spewing the last few spurts of his cum deep into my body, before he collapsed sideways and I followed suit. Lying there gasping for breath, deep, heavy, breaths being pulled in to still my trembling body.

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