Miss Rose – Advanced Studies

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My name is Miss Rose. No one calls me by my first name – not my students or the other professors. Not even the dean on the rare occasion he has to call me into his office. I’m thirty years old, with thick, dark brown hair that I’m quite proud of and prefer to wear up. At work, I’m usually dressed in suits with short skirts that make the older professors glare at me. My glasses aren’t necessary – my vision is just fine – but it helps my fellow teachers take me a little more seriously.

Alex was the youngest student in my class, the only freshman I’ve ever had. In the four years I had been teaching the course, dozens have tried and only three made it past the entrance exam. The class was Psychology 203 and there was a reason the giggling freshmen wanted to take it. The course catalog listing reads ‘Advanced Human Sexuality.’

The first time Alex came into my office, I could tell he was going to do well. At least, he would try hard. Alex graduated from high school a year ago, spent a few months abroad – enough to say he’s seen the world, but not enough to mean it – and then went off to college. Like a good boy. I’m sure his parents are proud of him. He was nineteen years old, with a lean, whipcord build and short black hair. Alex was always smiling, but awkwardly, as though not quite sure he was doing it right.

Alex wasn’t even a psychology major. He was studying criminal justice. But as he pointed out to me with a stammer, almost half of all violent crimes are sexual in nature or motive. I warned him that my course was difficult even for graduate psychology students, to say nothing of a freshman justice major. But Alex’s sincere passion won me over. He passed my entrance exam – barely – and I signed his add form for Psychology 203.

At the end of the third week, I gave out the weekend reading and dismissed the class, but Alex stayed behind. When the other – all considerably older – students had gone, he approached my desk.

“Miss Rose?” he said nervously. “I wanted to ask about something.”

“What is it?” I closed my laptop, wondering if Alex was going to drop my class. No one would have blamed him, but I admit that I would be disappointed.

“I just had a question about your lecture today.”

I was a little relieved and smiled at my student. “What is it?”

Alex blushed hard and bit his lip for a moment before making himself ask. “It’s about the um… well, when you were talking about pleasure derived from performing sexual acts, I was wondering how.” The flush deepened. “Maybe it’s because I don’t have a good background in psychology, but why? For example, oral sex. The mouth isn’t an erogenous zone, but you said that there are women who can actually… achieve orgasm by performing it on a man.”

I looked over my glasses at Alex. “You ask that like someone who hasn’t experienced it.”

Alex’s blush filled his whole face now. He actually choked at my comment. “I… uh… no, I haven’t, Miss Rose. I’m sorry. It really was a stupid question. I’ll see you on Monday.”

He turned to leave, but I sat down on the corner of the desk. “No. It’s not a stupid question, Alex,” I said. “Simply an inexperienced one.”

“That pretty much amounts to the same thing, doesn’t it?” Alex asked. “I’m really sorry, Miss Rose.”

He had stopped well short of the door, but kept his back turned to me. Alex’s shoulders were slumped and his head bowed. The flush had even crept up the back of his neck. I unbuttoned another Sivas Escort two buttons on my shirt.

“Not even close,” I said. “You’re handsome and you’re intelligent, Alex. I’m not sure why you don’t have more experience with this yourself. Your question doesn’t seem to demonstrate any disgust with the act itself.”

“No, nothing like that!” Alex answered quickly. He spun to face me, shaking his head emphatically. His dark eyes were earnest. “It’s not that I don’t want to, I just… never have.”

“Would you like to talk about it?”

“Um, sure. I was seeing a girl in high school but she wanted to wait until marriage before we did anything. I respected that, so I didn’t push. But after we graduated, she was accepted into to a good school on the east coast. She didn’t want to keep up a long-distance relationship, so we broke it off. I haven’t really seen anyone since.”

“What a waste,” I said with a sigh.

I didn’t mean to say it out loud, but it was true. Alex was a handsome boy, absolutely wasted on some silly girl’s old-fashioned ideals of abstinence. He gave me that uncertain, shy-boy smile.

“Thank you, Miss Rose.”

I couldn’t help but return his smile. “But that still isn’t an answer to the question you stayed to ask. Would you like one?”

“Please, Miss Rose.”

Just as I had hoped. Alex’s open, eager young face made it quite clear that he had no idea what I had in mind. He thought I was simply going to explain. I nudged over on the desk and pushed the chair out with one foot. My high heels were shiny and black under the lecture hall’s bright lights.

“Sit down,” I instructed.

Alex sat nervously. “It’s a long lecture, I guess? Do you have another class to get to?”

I sat in front of him on the edge of my desk, legs crossed one over the other. “You at least understand the basics of oral sex, don’t you? I know this class has focused on the psychology of the act, not technique.”

The blush rose again. He suddenly seemed to notice how much of my cleavage was exposed. Alex coughed. “Um… yeah, a little. I read up a bit a few years ago, before I knew Janice wanted to wait.”


I uncrossed my legs and firmly planted one black patent leather pump on each arm of his chair. I was wearing thigh-high stockings with matching garter and thong. Alex’s eyes went so wide that I could see white all around.

“Miss Rose!” he gasped. “What… what are you doing?”

“Teaching. Eat my pussy, Alex.”

His eyes flickered between my face and between my legs. “Are… are you sure? You want me to…?”

“Lick me out. Yes, I do want you to. Very much. Do you?”

Nervously, Alex placed a hand on each thigh and slid them up over my stockings. I felt him shaking. He was uncertain at first, tracing trembling fingers along my legs. Alex ventured closer to the hem of my skirt, then down toward my knees in retreat, then bravely venturing up once more. Finally, his hands slipped up under my skirt. Alex held his breath as his thumb played over my underwear. He traced my contours through soaking wet lace.

“I’m nervous,” Alex admitted.

I reached forward and wound my fingers into his thick black hair, pulling my student a few inches closer. Alex swallowed hard and used his thumb to hook my thong out of his way. The cool classroom air washed over me. As delicately as if he were handling a fresh flower, Alex touched trembling thumbs against my labia, Sivas Escort Bayan spreading me gently open. A hot-cold shiver raced up my spine.

With a last look up at me, Alex leaned forward and placed a small kiss on my clit. His breath was warm. It fluttered against the sensitive pink bud. I gasped and Alex paused.

“No, don’t stop,” I said before he could worry. “That feels wonderful.”

Alex nodded, gulped and pressed his face between my legs. He flicked a surprisingly agile tongue over my pussy and then slowly thrust inside. My back arched and my hips rose a fraction of an inch off the top of the desk. Alex’s tongue was hot as it moved inside me. The boy was talented. It wasn’t long before my nails were biting into the edge of the wooden desktop as the pleasure peaked and I came.

Through the thick, blazing haze of ecstasy, I felt Alex’s mouth quicken his pace. I combed my fingers through his shiny black hair and gently pushed away, stopping him. Alex sat back, panting. Wetness trickled down his chin and left little darkened spots on his t-shirt. He licked his lips. His eyes were wide, the pupils dilated.

“How did that feel?” I asked him. “Good?”

“Yes,” Alex gasped.

His obvious enjoyment made the pleasure swell inside me again. I really do enjoy teaching. I leaned in close, carefully removing my foot from the arm of the desk chair and running the toe of my high heels down Alex’s stomach to the top of his jeans.

“Did it make you hard?” I asked him softly.

Alex didn’t seem to trust himself to speak. His cheeks were very red and he nodded. His jeans were tented impressively and I saw a small wet spot at the peak. I couldn’t help but stroke it gently with my foot.

I smiled at him. “Really? That’s more intense a reaction than many men feel.”

Alex stood, still blushing furiously, but he smiled shyly, too. He turned quickly away. “Thank you for the lesson, Miss Rose.”

“A pleasure, Alex, but let me give you a little more insight,” I said. I slid down off the desk and took the seat Alex had just vacated. My seat. I hooked my finger at him. “Come here.”

“Yes, Miss Rose.”

Not quite as hesitantly as before, Alex approached my desk again. I took my chair and unbuckled his belt then unzipped his jeans. He jumped a little and gasped as I reached in and coaxed his cock free of his boxers. It was long and strikingly thick. I felt another stab of pity for the high school girlfriend who never got to see or taste this treasure. It was smooth and silky in my hands, with a fat flared head that just begged to be sucked.

So I obliged. I stroked my student’s impressive length and closed my lips over the crown. It was just as hot and delicious as it had looked. I tasted the salt of sweat and the masculine musk of Alex’s oozing precum. I was rewarded with a loud, surprised moan. Alex’s skin was soft over a steely hardness beneath. His dick was hot, too, flushed with an exhilarated passion that made my pussy drip. I flicked my tongue over the head and he groaned again. I pushed my fingers up under my short skirt and brought them back glistening with wetness. I held them up to Alex.

“Even without you touching me, I’m still dripping,” I told him. “When you’re responsive, it tells your partner that you like what they’re doing. That’s a very powerful, very erotic feeling.”

Alex bit his lip once more – it was adorable – and then took my wrist in his hand. He brought Escort Sivas my fingers to his mouth and sucked my juices from them with another moan.

“The feel of your cock in my hand, the taste of your precum cues the sexual centers in my brain and stimulates me,” I said. “You can gauge my response in the speed of my breath and pulse, in my dilated pupils and flushed skin. You know that I’m enjoying this.”

To his credit, Alex really was trying to listen. He kept his eyes on me, but for the most part, he stared down at my hand on him. When I spoke, my lips brushed over the head of Alex’s cock, making him shudder. He grabbed onto the corner of my desk, already on the verge of orgasm. I slowed my strokes.

“I’m not done with you,” I told him. “You can’t cum yet.”

“Oh… yes, Miss Rose.” Alex took a deep breath.

I hooked my fingers into one of the front pockets of Alex’s jeans and pulled him closer. I licked at the tip of his dick once more. He was streaming pale precum and I saw the cords standing out in his neck, his jaw clenching as he fought to hold off the peak. I savored the taste of him and the hot, slippery pulsing between my legs. Chances were good that sucking my student off was going to make me cum again too.

I wrapped my red lips around Alex’s thick prick and stroked my tongue along the underside. I bobbed my head up and down on his long cock, letting my saliva slick his hardness until it was dripping. Alex was alternately clenching his jaw and then, remembering what I had told him, letting himself groan in pleasure. He bucked his hips forward to meet every thrust, pushing his dick between my lips and down my throat. The trickle of precum was becoming a creamy torrent over my tongue.

“Oh, Miss Rose,” Alex panted. “I uh… I’m getting close again. I’m sorry…”

I didn’t need his warning. I felt it, felt Alex’s cock swelling in my mouth and the rhythm of his thrusts faltering as need overwhelmed his senses. I quickened my pace, sucking and licking his dick as I slid slicked fingers over the inches that just couldn’t fit between my lips.

With a shuddering moan, Alex came. His cock jerked, flooding my mouth with so much semen that it quickly overflowed and dripped white all over my lips. I swallowed swiftly as I could, but not fast enough to keep up with his youthful abandon. Alex’s cum dribbled from my mouth, down my chin and throat, spattering into my cleavage. The sticky mess pooled between my breasts and oozed down my sensitive skin.

My cunt tightened almost painfully, achingly empty but quivering with pleasure nevertheless. With my mouth full of cock and cum, I came hard, soaking my thong and stockings.

I sat back, licking my lips. Alex staggered and nearly fell to his knees on the floor of the lecture hall.

“Oh my god,” he rasped breathlessly. “I… uh… thank you, Miss Rose.”

I wiped the dripping cum from my chin with the back of my hand and then licked it clean. “A pleasure, Alex.”

He was going to say something else, but the door thumped open. The first few students of the next class were coming in, chattering as they pulled textbooks and laptops from their bags. His face flaming, Alex spun away from the opening door and hastily zipped up his pants. Much more calmly, I buttoned my shirt, still feeling his sticky spunk on my skin.

“We’ll discuss this later, during my office hours,” I said.

“Yes, Miss Rose,” Alex mumbled and bolted from the lecture hall, grinning and blushing with every step.

I removed my glasses and inspected a pearly drop adorning the black rims. I replaced them and headed for the door, nodding to Professor Feldman as he came in. The other teacher stared at me as I passed. I only smiled at him.

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