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At dusk, he begins to prepare me for what lies ahead of us tonight. He bathes me first. I kneel in the steamy, lavender-scented bath water, facing him. He smoothes liquid soap over my body, into every hollow and over every curve, relaxing me completely, making my skin glow. He tells me to lie back so he can coat my pussy with soft white shaving cream, then delicately shaves me so I am completely bare. He smiles seeing my clit swell from the contact, but does not touch me there–not yet. I have to wait for release tonight.

He runs his hands up and down my legs. They are already silky and smooth. He tells me to turn over, get on my hands and knees, and he gently shaves the soft back folds of my pussy lips, and up toward and around my asshole. He squeezes lavender bath gel onto his hands and runs them over my butt cheeks, working it into a lather. Then he gently pushes his foam-coated thumb into my asshole. He moves it in and out, making sure that I’m clean, opening me wide.

After my bath, I sit on the edge of our bed. He brushes my hair with a wooden-backed hairbrush, the same one he uses to spank me. He brushes in long, slow strokes, making the silver-blond strands shine. My hair feels soft against my bare shoulders. He tells me to lie on my back and sprays my warm, naked body with vanilla-scented perfume. He mists the damp undersides of my heavy breasts, and the soft skin of my inner thighs.

He pulls me to a standing position and begins to dress me in the clothes he has chosen. First my sheer black open-tip bra, the one that almost completely exposes my breasts, pushing them upward and making my nipples protrude. He leans down and draws my large, already-erect nipples into his mouth and gently bites and sucks them until they are almost incredibly engorged, distended. Then he gently attaches a tiny silver tweezer clamp to each nipple, making me gasp with pleasure. There is a delicate silver chain connecting the two clamps, stretching between my breasts. It doesn’t hurt, just makes me instantly, completely aware of my breasts. I instinctively arch my back. My breasts feel beautiful, my nipples like precious jewels.

He slips my transparent black shirt, the one with the scarlet stitching, over my head. It is far too tight, and my breasts push out provocatively against the thin material. My nipples, stimulated by the clamps, seem to threaten to pierce through the fabric. Every time I move, my breasts shift heavily. The silver chain glitters under the black mesh.

Now my butterfly thong. I am already so wet that before he pulls the gorgeous black and turquoise panties up to my ass, he stops to blot my soaking pussy with a black silk scarf. The material gaziantep escort is cool and exquisitely soft. He slowly drags it between my legs and then up to my mouth, letting me breathe in my own hot smell of jasmine and vanilla and sandalwood. The cool, damp silk caresses my cheek. I lick it with the very tip of my tongue, tasting my own bitter-sweetness. He winds the scarf around my neck, then pulls the panties up over my ass and hips. He takes a long time to position the straps perfectly, the horizontal one across the small of my back, the vertical one straight and tight and deep in the crack of my ass. He gently parts the split crotch of the panties to expose the rose-pink of my pussy lips. They look like the petals of a rain-glazed flower.

The skirt he has chosen is also black. It’s a straight skirt, tight, made of a stretchy, clingy fabric. He has shortened it so that instead of reaching just below my knees, as it used to, it barely grazes the tops of my thighs. The skirt is so tight over my rounded ass that the straps of the thong are visible. The high black heels that he slips onto my feet make my legs feel longer, sexier and stronger. They make me arch my back, pushing my ass outward to mirror and balance my jutting breasts.

He unwinds the silk scarf from my neck and uses it, still rich with the smell of my hot, wet pussy, to blindfold me. He tells me that we are going somewhere that I’ve never been, but that I should not be nervous or afraid, he has arranged everything. He tells me that there is someone waiting there for me, someone he has chosen for what she will do to me–for what she wants to do to me. Someone who will answer all the demands of my imagination. He asks me if I trust him. He kisses me when I nod.

He supports me as we walk outside into the balmy night. His arm is warm and strong around my waist. I might as well be blind, but I’m not afraid of falling.

I hear him unlock the car door and expect him to guide me into the front passenger seat. Instead, he opens up the back door on that side and helps me to climb inside. He instructs me to kneel with my stomach pressed against the back of the seat and my breasts resting on top of the seat back, but with my hips cocked backward so that there is no contact between my pussy and the seat back. He tells me to stretch my arms out and grasp the edges, and not to let go until he gives me permission. I silently obey. I have to part my thighs a little for stability, stretching the skirt even tighter over my butt.

I think he is about to get out of the car and into the front seat–the back door is still open, and the light from the street lamp is shining in–but he surprises me by yanking up my skirt, revealing the bare smooth curves of my ass, and giving me several sharp, hard spanks. The pain is shocking, intense, spreading out from the points of contact. Heat spreads over my ass, and I know that it’s turning pink, then red, starting to glow. I hold my breath and wait. Just as I begin to relax, he smacks me again, hard, over and over, so many times that I lose count. He slaps the undersides of my butt cheeks and the tender flesh of my inner thighs, sometimes hitting the pouting flesh of my pussy as he spanks me. It hurts so much that tears spring to my eyes and I start to ask him to stop, but I make myself keep quiet. “That’s so you won’t forgot who you belong to,” he whispers. He is still for a minute, listening to my ragged breathing and stifled sobs, until he is satisfied that I have submitted completely.

Now I hear him opening something, a case of some kind, fastened with metal clasps. A moment later, he is spreading my butt cheeks apart with one hand, revealing the little pink rosebud of my asshole. He leans down and flicks his tongue over the tiny opening, darting it inside just for a moment. Then, still holding me open with his fingers, he slides something else inside. It feels like our silver bullet, smooth and metallic, but it’s much longer and thicker. It fills me up inside. A cord dangles out of my asshole like a little tail, weighted down slightly by a control box. He presses a button, and the plug in my ass begins to vibrate deep inside me, gently at first but harder and faster as he adjusts the setting. My thighs start to tremble and I have to restrain myself from grinding my pussy against the back of the seat. He knows I want to and grips my hips, holding me back.

“Do not let your pussy get anywhere near the back of that seat or when I get done with you, you won’t be able to sit down for a week. I’m warning you. Be a good girl for me. Just wait until we get there.” It’s all I can do to control myself, but I arch my back and I hold my butt as far away from the seat as I can. I can feel my cream slowly running down my thighs. He slaps my ass again, hard, as a final warning, then kisses me sweetly. He gets out of the back seat and closes the door, then gets in front and starts to drive.

He drives for what seems like a long time. The CD he made for our wedding is playing. The vibrator churns in my asshole, making me shake. My thighs ache with the effort of holding still. My breasts feel swollen, huge, propped on the back of the seat, bouncing with the movement of the car. I open my eyes beneath the blindfold and see only soft, velvety blackness. My eyelashes brush against the silk. I close my eyes and the silk kisses my eyelids.

I feel the car going up a steep drive, then it pauses for a moment. I hear an automatic garage door open, and our car slowly moves forward, then stops. I can hear the door quietly glide closed behind us.

He gets out of the car, closing the door behind him. I can hear him speaking to someone–a woman, but one with a very deep, husky, smoky voice. I can’t tell what they are saying. In a few minutes, the door next to me is opened and a female body, warm and soft, slides in next to me.

I can feel that she’s sitting very close, her legs folded under her, examining me. She’s so close I can feel her breath and the heat from her body. She smells like orchids. I can feel that he is standing just outside the open car door, watching us. I stay perfectly still, as I was told to, my arms stretched out across the back of the seat and my butt curved outward, like a good girl. She says, “Perfect.” And then, “May I?”

He must have nodded to her, because suddenly she is behind me on the seat, straddling my legs, her plush thighs gripping mine. She is completely naked except for a long, filmy robe, open all the way down the front. I can feel her hot pussy, covered with damp, softly curling hair, against my butt cheeks. She is a large woman, much taller and more substantial than I am, but her flesh is very firm. Her tits are huge and hard, much larger than mine, and they push aggressively into my back. She uses both hands to lift up my hair, kisses the back of my neck. When she licks my nape with her rough, kitten-like tongue, a chill runs down my spine. She reaches around and cups my breasts, kneading the pliant flesh hard, pinching the clamps on my nipples so that I cry out. She laughs softly.

She grinds her lush hips hard against my ass. I push back, wanting to let her take control, but determined not to disobey him by letting my pussy make contact with the seat. But he tells me, “It’s okay.”

She pulls my skirt up even farther and twists her fingers into the straps of my thong, pulling it tighter and deeper into my ass. She clicks another button on the ass plug, making the vibrations even stronger, and my hips begin to shake uncontrollably. Then she pushes her groin hard into my ass. At the first contact with the seat back, I start to moan, spiraling into a strong, wordless, seemingly endless orgasm. Wave after wave of pleasure crashes through me.

She pulls my head back to kiss me deeply, her soft tongue probing into my mouth. She gently pulls off the blindfold as we kiss. Her eyes are dark brown, wide, fringed with thick black lashes. Her left eyebrow is pierced with a a tiny silver stud that glints in the dim light.

Together they help me out of the car. He holds my hand as we walk into the house.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32