Mindy’s Massage Ch. 04: Mindy and the Party

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Mindy was getting dressed to attend a party that Brenda had asked her to. It was a party for business types and Brenda had been invited a couple times before as a guest of one of the organizers. It was for executive types, older men in their forties and fifties and young, beautiful girls were wanted to mix with them and serve as eye candy, of course.

Mindy had gotten out of her bath, where she had carefully shaved her long, beautiful legs, along with her cute little mound, and then under her arms, and then washed and rinsed her hair, before soaping all over, rinsing and getting out. She dried off, then applied lotion all over her supple tan skin, to make sure it was soft, and felt good to her. She fixed her hair, lightly applied her minimal make up, checked to make sure her fingers and toes were perfect, the nails done in the french manicure she loved. She then stepped into a tiny, black satin G string, mere strings that had only one tiny patch at the front, barely covering her perfect pussy mound, and narrowing as it went back over the lips between her legs to the little string that disappeared between her soft butt cheeks.

She pulled on a little black dress, with a deep v between her full breasts, the two sides were held by spaghetti straps that went over her shoulders to crisscross on her beautiful, tan, bare back, and then went through little loops at the sides of her breasts and tie at her back. The back of the dress was very low, almost exposing the split between the two cheeks of her firm round butt. The hem of the dress was angled, coming to a low point behind her and coming very high to a point at one hip, sloping downward to barely cover the little mound of hers that was protected by the tiny G string panties. She slipped on her tiny high heeled sandals and buckled them at her ankles, grabbed her purse and went out the door just as Brenda pulled up.

They left for the party, laughing and giggling as they talked. Both girls were incredibly hot in their dress, classy yet totally sexy and totally provocative.

Mindy and Brenda walked into the party at one of the smaller party rooms in the largest hotel in town. The room was filled with thirty to forty men in suits, along with about twenty to twenty five very sexily dressed younger ladies. As it turned out, a lot of the men were from out of town, staying at the hotel, and the girls were rounded up to be the distractions from business for the evening.

The men were, for the most part, wealthy, assured and confident, both in their appearance and manner. The girls were young, healthy, gorgeous and vivacious, dressed sexily and made up perfectly, blondes, brunettes, redheads, African, Latino, Asian, anything a man could dream of. Drinks were flowing, music was playing, the lights were low, and some were already dancing. The two girls began circulating, laughing, chatting, and enjoying all the attention of the men, who were falling all over themselves, trying to impress the young ladies in attendance.

Two hours later, after dancing and several drinks, Mindy and Brenda both were tipsy. They had been the focus of attention of a small group of guys from out of town for about an hour. The men in the group had been flirting with the girls, keeping them giggling and in plenty of booze. One of the men was from Chicago, a businessman and was about fifty, of average height, appeared very fit, and was tan, with slick dark hair, and dark eyes. He was sitting with Mindy at a table, and they were both oblivious to the distractions around them. His name was George and he was trying to persuade Mindy to go to his room with him.

She was attracted to him but reluctant to be alone with him and reluctant to leave Brenda alone with the others. She was about to say no again, after about ten attempts on his part, when Brenda walked over to her, leaned down and whispered in her ear that she was going up with a couple of the others. Mindy nodded, took a long look at George, and then nodded to him as well. They stood together, and eased over to the door, slipped out and caught an elevator to the fifteenth floor. When Mindy stepped out of the elevator, she saw Brenda disappearing into a room with two of the men from the party.

Mindy let herself be guided to a suite at the far end of the hall, where George unlocked the door and let her into a posh sitting room. He locked the door, and then turned to the beautiful girl standing just inside the door. He slipped his arms around her, and Sinop Escort gently turned her, finding her lips with his, and initiating a passionate kiss. Mindy enjoyed the kiss for a few minutes, his lips caressing hers, and his tongue playing in her mouth with her own. She broke the kiss, and walked across the room to look out the window at the cityscape below.

She was feeling the alcohol in her system, and feeling a little bad because of the wedding ring on the man’s finger. She knew he was married, and that he had kids, as she had overheard him talking about them to another man at the party. She shook it off, feeling the sparks of desire begin in her body. ‘Oh well’ she thought, ‘this is a one time thing. I’m not trying to steal him from his family, only give him a thrill and have one for myself.’

George put on some music, and then sat on the couch. “Would you dance for me, Mindy?” He smiled at her as she walked over to him. She began to move to the music, slowly shaking her body to the beat, as she slowly bent her knees to lower herself to just above him, facing away, letting her dress ride up, and she felt his hands, hot and demanding, begin to caress the bare skin of her thighs, and then on up onto her buttocks as her dress reached her waist. She slowly turned and then straddled him, a knee on either side of his legs, sinking onto him on the couch. Settling onto him, Mindy pressed her mouth to his again. She reached down in front of her to feel his hard cock, pressing up under the fabric of his expensive dress pants.

The sensations in her body were on fire, boiling inside her, aching for the sexual release that would satisfy her. Suddenly she wanted him inside her. She fumbled for a moment with his zipper, before finally lowering it, and reaching into his fly. She couldn’t get to his cock, so she tried to unfasten his pants. He had to help her, but a minute later, his pants were around his ankles, her dress was off over her head, and her G string had been ripped from her hips by George’s excited hands. He was fondling her breasts roughly, and sucking and biting the nipples as Mindy reached down to find his long cock. She felt the skin sliding off the head, and realized that he was not circumcised, before fitting the head to her soft little wet lips. She rubbed it up and down the slit, and began to lower her weight. She could immediately feel the delicious sensations of her sweet pussy being pressed open by the hardness thrusting into her.

Suddenly, and roughly, George thrust up from the couch, burying his cock into her all the way, bumping his pubic bone into hers. Mindy moaned in pain, but took it, her excitement dulling the pain with pleasure. Then George was working furiously, pounding his hips up into hers, his hard cock plunging in and out of her. Mindy found herself getting wetter and responding to the rough fucking he was giving her. His penis was hard and demanding as his hands on her tender body, squeezing and mauling her breasts, her hips, her tender thighs as he fucked her.

Quickly, too quickly for Mindy, George suddenly thrust as deep as he could into her, held it and began to quiver and moan as he filled her pussy with his cum. He shuddered through his orgasm, roughly squeezing her butt cheeks so tightly that he would leave bruises on her. After a minute he released her, letting her slide off him into the floor.

She watched him as he laid back, his cock shrinking and his foreskin gradually covering the head again. His eyes were closed, and he seemed to be about to be asleep. She got up and gathered her dress, and found the bathroom. She cleaned up and got dressed, minus her torn panties, and came back out into the room. George was sitting up, and asked her, “Are you going back to the party?” and when Mindy nodded, he said, “I’ll be back down in a while, see you then.”

She let herself out, feeling a little bad about how he had acted cool to her when he was done with her. She wondered where Brenda was, as she rode the elevator back down.

Once back in the party room, Mindy couldn’t immediately find Brenda, so she had a couple more drinks, and began talking to some of the men again. She met a man in his fifties, and they began talking. He was exceptionally kind to her, and without realizing it, she let slip a little of the story of earlier with George. She didn’t name names, but she realized that she was more upset by his rough sex and treatment afterward than she realized. She began Sinop Escort Bayan to relax, and enjoy herself again, with the man’s kind treatment and gentlemanly attention, she warmed up to him. He was intently watching her, and admiring her, and she enjoyed his gentle ways and conversation.

She realized that she was sitting leaning back and when she crossed her legs, she was showing him her bare pussy. She decided that she didn’t mind, as he didn’t let on, and she only caught him with fleeting glances over her lithe body. He got her several drinks, and she knew she was getting past tipsy again.

Finally, Brenda came back by to tell her that she had had a great time with the two men in the room, and wanted to know if Mindy wanted to go, but Mindy told her no, that she was ok. She watched as Brenda joined the two men and some more of the group at another table.

Mindy found out that the man’s name was Frank. He was tall, thin, and lanky and was from there in town. He was there for the business meeting and he was married also, and had grown kids her age and older. She thought about that for a minute while he got her another drink, and talked to another man for just a moment. He came back to the table and sat with her while she had her drink. Then he asked her the question that she had been expecting and also dreading a little. Would she like to go to a room with him, and he promised her much better treatment than she had gotten from the other man. After a few minutes more talk, she finally agreed.

She stood a little shakily, and walked with him out the door of the room and to the elevators. She leaned against him in the elevator, feeling his kind arms around her and his strength as he supported her. She got very much more comfortable as he gently caressed her hair and kissed her forehead in the elevator. She held his hand as he led her from the elevator to a room on the twelfth floor. She let him open the door, and let him lead her into the room. She sank down on the end of the bed, as he set the music, and then took his coat off, hung it in the closet. He looked at her, smiling as he continued to undress. As he took each item of clothing off, he would make sure it was hung or folded.

Mindy slipped her sandals off, as he was getting naked. She reached behind her to untie the tiny strings that held her dress, the only clothing she had on, and let it slip off her upper body into her lap. He looked at her, with a look of reverence in his eyes at the breathtaking beauty of her body. She stood for a second to lift the dress up and off over her shoulders. She lay back on the bed, after she pitched the dress to a chair. Naked and totally aware, she watched as Frank approached her. He was naked, too and his cock was erect, sticking straight out from his body, long and thick, above his balls, which were tightly pulled against his body.

Mindy scooted up onto the bed so they could be comfortable. He sank onto the bed beside her, gently caressing her hair and face. He leaned in to kiss her, and she let her lips meet his, feeling the soft gentle touch, and then his tongue tenderly slipping into her mouth. She responded by moaning softly and touching his chest with her feminine and sensuous fingers. She gently caressed his chest, paying attention to his hard nipples. He seemed to like that, and she continued to kiss him and stroke his upper body with her hands. Frank gently explored her body, kissing her neck before moving on down to use his lips and tongue all over her breasts and especially on her responsive and erect nipples.

Mindy lay back, allowing him full access to her responding body. She was amazed and thrilled by how gentle and teasing he was, and how he took his time. It seemed forever before he was kissing her flat tan belly, just above the mound of her hot tiny pussy. Finally, he began placing small kisses of love all around her tiny lips. She felt herself gushing juices as he almost but not quite touched her where she was aching to be touched. At last, he gently touched his lips to her lower ones, and she felt the quiver all the way through her as she lifted her hips to his mouth.

He gently began working on her, his lips moving against her, his tongue darting into and out of her cunny and caressing the lips as they got ever wetter and paying special attention to her small, erect and ever hardening clit. She responded with moans and quivers of her whole body, moving with him as she felt her Escort Sinop passions rising from her hot pussy to flow all through her. She began to orgasm, clenching and flexing her muscles, squeezing her thighs against the sides of his head. Finally, drenched with juices and smiling he raised up, as she sagged back into the bed, satiated for the moment.

They rested for a moment, then she pushed him back onto the bed and moved to get to his still rock hard cock and swollen balls. She wanted to give him as good as he had given her, so very slowly she kissed over both his swollen and hard nipples, flicking them with her tongue and biting very gently, then slowly down his stomach, and upon reaching his crotch, used just the tip of her cute tongue to drag gently all over it, licking softly the creases where his legs tied onto his hips and all through the hair above his cock, then way down to tickle the lowest parts of his ball sack and even lower. She put the tiny tip of her tongue into the beginnings of his ass crack, barely touching and tickling his asshole. Finally, she slowly flattened her tongue, using the whole surface to lick from his asshole up his taint and all the way up his balls to stroke up the long shaft of his throbbing cock. She reached the head, swirled her tongue around it, and then engulfed the penis into her mouth, taking as much as she could take.

She began to stroke up and down, slowly and gently sucking his dick for him. Mindy worked her head up and down his shaft, using her tongue to tease him, and her lips to caress him. She tickled his balls with her fingers as she sucked. He moaned softly, and his body twitched and moved as she drove him closer to the point of explosion. Just before she went too far, he stopped her. She looked at him inquisitively. He smiled at her and she got his intent.

She crawled up his body to position her hips above his, fitting the swollen, throbbing, purple head of his cock to her soft, slick wet, hot pussy lips. Slowly she lowered her weight, letting the sensations flow through her as his hard penis slid into her sweet little cunny. She lowered herself until she was sitting on his hips, his rod in her to the hilt, his balls pressing against her bottom just below her pussy. She leaned forward and kissed him, as she began to rock her hips against the tiny pushes he was making against her. She let her movements grow as they gradually began stroking up and down, his cock reaching into her body, then back out over and over.

After several minutes, he grabbed her, and rolled her over, shifting his weight on top of her, to begin fucking her as her thighs opened and pulled up, giving him complete access to her open sex. She trusted him to take care of her, as she gave him opportunity to do as he wished with her. He returned the trust by being firm but gentle and slowly working to a faster and faster speed, fucking her like a jack hammer, but never once too hard or hurting her. Mindy was in ecstasy, feeling the perfect, sensational fuck her body was getting from this older man.

Frank began moaning, beginning to jerk as he reached orgasm. Mindy felt it too, and just as she convulsed in orgasm too, he thrust into her, and locked in, dumping the spend from his balls into her sweet, tight cunny. She moaned into his ear, and locked her arms and legs around him until at last, they were done. She kissed him all over his face, telling him how wonderful his loving was, letting him know how much she liked it, and him. They spent some more time together on the bed, naked and touching each other, then having sex again, just as passionate and exciting for Mindy as the first time.

It seemed to her that Frank liked it just as much as he was very appreciative of her beauty and sexuality. As they dressed to go back to the party, she made sure he had her number, as she was sure she would love to see him again, as a friend and as a lover.

Once again down in the party room, Mindy looked for Brenda as she was ready to go. She couldn’t find her and finally asked one of the men she had seen her with earlier. He told her that she had gone back up to a room with some other guys, and a couple of girls. She finally found out the room number, and made her way alone back up in the elevator to the floor. She knocked softly on the room door, and was let in.

There she found Brenda on a bed, with a man. The man was between Brenda’s gorgeous legs, sliding his prick into and out of her hot cunny. Mindy watched for several minutes as did others, as Brenda and the guy put on quite a show for the people in the room. Finally, they were done, and Mindy was able to get Brenda up and out of the room. They went home, sharing exciting tales of their adventures as they drove.

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