Mike and Eve

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Eve’s movement slows down to the point where even his most masterful of thrusts just make the look of frustration on her face increase in amplitude. Mike Gilroy stops mid pump and with his cock halfway out, takes a moment to search for his most manliest of tones to reassert dominance before she gets the idea to complain. Again.

“I’m not using a fucking condom.”

Mike Gilroy never wears condoms. That was his manifesto – man-festo he’d joke with his friends – from the first girl that he finger banged, which of course he talked her into fucking, because Mike Gilroy never takes a no when a yes is just a few condescending comments away to the first time Eve Fischer invited him up to her dorm room where she let him fuck her without a condom, against her better judgment, because he promised to pull out, and she was a little tipsy, and he was cute, and he had made some stupid comment about how her pussy would be so lucky to have his cum inside and she found that rather charming in an asshole kind of way… but in the end Mike Gilroy didn’t pull Sinop Escort out because semen goes inside the pussy as his father had said time and time again, a philosophy that had suck to Mike’s Core Being along with a memory of his mother quietly washing dishes while blood soaked through the back of her dress forming a dark red spot against the cotton fabric – like that eye-thing on Jupiter he would say to himself every time he remembered – blood that disappeared until it found a path along the grooves of her stockings, traveling the length of her leg forming a small puddle of blood around the heels of her very sensible, very mom-like, very domestic shoes.

“Cum goes inside your pussy.”

And with that Mike Gilroy ends the discussion, lifts her legs up to his shoulders, and like a true American Italian Stallion, continues to give her what he calls the-best-fuck-of-her-life – never mind that his genes are one-hundred percent homegrown-mutt and the only two Italian things about him are a beat-up leather wallet that he Sinop Escort Bayan reluctantly pulls out when he needs to pay for someone’s drink, and the spelling of his birth town: Milan, MO.

Eve continues to accept his penis on these terms, because he was already inside and because her frequency visits to the local pharmacy had reached a level of ordinary that the dark skinned man behind the counter had stopped asking if she needed any instructions after he asked when was the last time you had unprotected sex. After all, both The Pharmacist and Eve knew full well that it was always less than 24 hours from when Mike Gilroy’s DNA begins it’s bumbling march towards it’s doom. Just like the time before, and the time before that, and the time before that… because Mike Gilroy’s cum has to go inside the pussy, always.

Now The Pharmacist would just offer her a smile and an understanding nod before handing an over-the-counter solution that made sure she wouldn’t end up as just another single-mother statistic.

The Escort Sinop thought of Mike Gilroy’s DNA being flushed into the ocean in pool of blood made Eve smile. A smile that makes Mike Gilroy increase his tempo and after not so many manly strokes, Mike Gilroy unleashes his genetic inheritance, unceremoniously rolls of Eve’s body, and wonders if she will ask him to go with her to the Arab… and invitation he will once again decline because that is a woman’s responsibility and real men don’t fuck around with women shit as his father would say.

But she doesn’t say anything this time and he is left alone as she waddles – – one hand cupped against her vagina, the other holding her clothes – – to the toilet and the only effort Mike Gilroy needs to make is to sit up while he listens to the stream of piss echoing against french tile until it’s replaced by the distant sound of sirens and his housemates playing Call of Duty in the living room below.

Eve steps out of the bathroom, fully dressed, and heads out without saying a word.

Mike Gilroy closes his eyes, content in knowing that Eve has finally understood that what real men expect from their real women. I might just have to marry this one he thinks to himself as he picks up his phone to check if anyone has responded to his most recent Tinder likes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32