Midnight Release

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I felt the throbbing and the moisture flowing at the same time I felt the warmth against my thigh. My eyes stayed closed as my hand reached out and caressed the flesh pressed up against me. Reality mixed with dream as my body awakened calling out for sex.

Grateful for the body next to me, my hands began to wander. They came upon rock hard thighs and buttocks just like I fantasize about. The caressing continued until my curiosity won out and I had to explore the rest.

Upwards my hands travelled, landing upon a taut stomach which was rhythmically rising up and down to the beat of slumber. My hands rested there as my breathing slowed to match the beat and I felt myself drift farther from reality and closer to dream.

The throbbing below pulled me back and my hands again began their exploration. Up to a smooth chest where my fingers searched for the knobs which were sure to ignite pleasure in the body I was longing to join with.

My fingertips found what they had been searching for and deftly began to tease until the knobs hardened and the body began to stir. One hand stayed at the chest while the other slowly worked it’s way south in search gaziantep escort of the key to an ecstatic encounter.

As my hand felt increased warmth, flesh moved and fell against it. My fingers gently closed around the meaty shaft and enjoyed the feel of the warmth and weight for a few moments. My hand began to massage and the heavy softness became lighter as it became harder. My fingers found it’s moisture and spread it liberally so the stroking would come easily.

Slowly I stroked and teased as I felt the body stir. I knew it was lost in it’s own mix of dream and reality. I placed my head upon the chest and my tongued reached out for a nipple. Lightly it flicked. Slowly it licked. Gently my mouth sucked. I moved to the other side and enjoyed the taste and feel of the second nipple.

Having a taste of the body, my mouth yearned for more. Lips pressed against flesh, I travelled downward. I reached the sac which the shaft rests upon. I parted my lips and gently sucked it into my mouth one side at a time. My tongue reached out and tasted it all as it searched for the smooth trail leading behind. Having found the spot it longed for, my tongue flicked and pushed until it was granted just a bit of entry.

As my tongue continued its probe, my hand reached up and closed around the moist shaft. With a loose grip, I began to slowly stroke. I felt the shaft grow harder against my touch and stroked a bit harder, a bit faster.

I worked my way back up and a jolt a pleasure shot through me as a fingertip touched the moisture between my own legs. The finger rubbed my own knob of pleasure as a second finger found it’s way inside. Feeling this, my body screamed for more fullness and was rewarded with two more fingers working their way inside.

I pushed the hand away and rolled on top of the body lying next to me. My breasts touched the chest and my ass lay upon the stomach. I kissed the neck, smelling what I thought had to be a mix of testosterone and pheromones. That pushed me over the edge and I just had to feel the shaft inside me.

I raised up and lowered myself onto the flesh I had been patiently waiting for. I slowly pushed myself down, enjoying the feel as I opened up to accept more. Finally, my ass rested against the abdomen with the shaft fully inside me. My back arched as my body found it’s own rhythm rocking against the hardness. I felt the upward pull to release and forced my body to slow down.

I leaned over and let my tongue have the nipples once more. My body found a slower rhythm and the body below matched it. I could feel the throbbing inside me every time my tongue flicked a nipple. I grabbed both shoulders and pulled as I lay down and turned over.

On my back now, my legs stretched up and wrapped around the body pumping inside me. Tightly they held on and the steady rocking beat came faster and faster. My arms reached out and my hands tightly grasped the cheeks and pushed them down hard so I could feel the shaft even deeper inside me.

Faster and stronger our bodies pumped together. There was no holding back for me this time and I felt the pleasure cascade over me. My legs tightened their grip as I rose to the crest of ecstasy and I felt the body tighten beneath me. A blast of warmth shot into me as I felt the body spasm.

Hearts slowing down, our bodies rested together. Breathing returned to normal and began to slow even more. I gently pushed the body off and rolled myself next to it. My head resting on the chest, my fingers lightly playing with the nipple, both bodies returned to dream.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32