Midnight Assaults

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Hey, this is a story that takes place in a different universe than the other ones. In this universe, I live in an apartment close to my university that I study in, and I have this next door neighbor that suddenly became a constant tease.

It was a normal Friday night, one of those I spend at home watching TV and relaxing from daily stress. I had caught my favorite show on TV and I was so relaxed on my armchair I was just about to close my eye, when the bell rang. I opened the door and to my surprise it was my next door neighbor Electra. She had never visited me again at night so it was a bit strange that she was standing in front of me, holding a set of some casual clothes and underwear (!). She seems a nice person generally but sometimes the volume of her music is a little annoying-like the genres she listens to aren’t loud enough.

“Hey, what’s up Electra , is everything OK?” I asked her a little worried.

“Oh hey Orion, I am really sorry for bothering u at almost 12 AM but I finished my night workout minutes ago only to discover that the water in my apartment is cut. I will call somebody to fix it tomorrow but for now I need to have a shower here if it’s possible, pretty please!?”

“Oh I am sorry to hear that. There’s no problem of course, you can use my shower, make it feels like home.” I ensured her.

“Thank you, you are the best!” She told me and gave me a peck on my cheek, enthusiastically.

There had only been 2 minutes since she got in the shower and I approached the bathroom to ask her if she was fine, but what I confronted was unexpected. She hadn’t closed the door completely so I had a pretty clear view of the bathtub with only a thin semi-transparent curtain between her and my eyes. She was studying psychology but you could say she was an athlete as she has got a nice slim body and a perfectly round ass. I knew that already but this time I had a really clear view of her silhouette behind the curtain. Unwittingly my hands were already caressing inside my crotch area as what I was watching was a great pleasure to my eyes. She was making slow movements using her hands instead of a sponge to clean her and that was really sexy. By that time I had let my cock out of my pants and I was slowly stroking it matching eventually her movement rhythm. Her hands were now massaging her inside thighs finding their way to her pubic area. Her ass then touched the wet curtain and gave me a full image of itself as it was lined perfectly on the synthetic material. The thought of my cock getting inside this firm ass was now inside my mind and it didn’t left my balls uninterested. I felt the hot sperm flooding my tests and I rushed to the kitchen so I could wipe myself after the ejaculation. With the picture of her naked body in my mind I let a small moan and I let my sperm go collecting it with a towel so I could easily get rid of it. After a couple of minutes she got out of the bathroom leaving a trail of flower fragrant.

She once again thanked me and kissed me for goodnight.

“You can use my shower whenever you want.” I told her and she answered with a wink. What a night it was.

The next night I had just returned home from a night-out with my best friends and I was about to call it a day, Sakarya Escort but then the bell rang as the previous night. Electra was standing once again behind the door and looked a bit frustrated.

“Hey Electra, don’t tell me the shower is not working again. I thought u had it fixed this morning.”

“No, the shower is fine, but I have a bigger problem tonight. The time is almost 2 AM and I can’t close my eyes to sleep. I have tried everything but nothing helps.”

“Hahahaha, have you tried masturbation? It works fine with me, I get to sleep in moments after I finish.” I said in a humoristic tone as I was getting some ease with her.

“Masturbation huh? I’ve never thought of it to be honest. I really needed a solution to my insomnia problem. Erm… could you make me some milk as a final try? ” She asked in a pleading way.

“Yeah sure, if it’s going to help you.” So I went to the kitchen and started making her some milk.

The picture I saw when I got back in the living room was surely not what I last remembered.

Electra was arced back on the couch, her arms were inside her panties and obviously rubbing her pussy. She had closed her eyes and seemingly she enjoyed every moment of it. This was a little shock to me as I wasn’t sexually active for the recent 2 months and this girl masturbating in front of me was just my neighbor that I was sharing a “good morning” and nothing too personal. The glass of milk I was holding was now shattered on the floor. I was astonished by the action that was taking place in front of me and it soon became obvious inside my pants. She was now making loud moans and that made me horny as hell. She wasn’t paying any attention to me so I just sat down in an armchair and unzipped my jeans. She was now pinching her nipples inside her top and this was driving me crazy as I was madly stroking my cock. The room was warmed up by the heat our bodies were emitting and our body scents were mixed in the air making the atmosphere intoxicating.

Electra suddenly opened her eyes and her look was so sexy that stunned me immediately.

“Come sit by me, now!” She commanded me and well… who am I to disobey such a sexy creature as her.

“Help me, Orion. Eat with my pussy and make me climax hard, make me exhausted.” She pleaded me and I took her hand away from her lips, I took of her shorts and panties and kneeled in front of her. I started playfully licking her clit which by her reactions I did well. She kept her nipples busy even though she didn’t get her top off-maybe she wasn’t that comfortable with my presence. I was now penetrating her pussy with my tongue and she clipped her legs from pleasure as she was encouraging me to continue. With my tongue always working, I inserted two of my fingers in her now soaking wet pussy to help her cum and with my other hand I was stroking my fully erect cock. Her orgasm wasn’t late and surprisingly matched mine, so I felt her insides lock my fingers in and her fluids fill them, while the intensity was draining away from her body and into the atmosphere with a really loud moan. I finished uncontrollably on her face which thankfully didn’t seem to bother her-she even licked some of my semen showing her approval. We Sakarya Escort Bayan sat on the sofa together trying to catch our breath.

“What the hell was that?!” I asked full of amazement and surprise, but no answer came back to me.

She was fast asleep as I had promised her she would. I don’t know if I was happy about that because I really wanted to continue our sexual intercourse. I let her sleep on the couch and covered her with a blanket and I had a shower before sleep.

The next morning I woke up and went to the living room but there was no sign of her spending the night in my house last night. I was a little confused because I had no idea if I dreamed all of this or it was a real thing. However, I continued my day normally until the night -what a surprise – when I heard the familiar bell ring.

Electra showed up when I opened the door, but she was different – or that was how I found her at this time. She was wearing a seductive look on her face and was biting her lower lip as if she was about to ask something hard to say. She also was wearing a purple transparent night gown that didn’t hide at all her underwear. I could distinguish her black lacy bra and her tiny black thong. I stood there speechless as she got in, swaying her firm ass. Her full buttocks were clearly visible through the thin material and it was obvious she did nothing to cover them. I already was aroused by the sight of her hot body but I still didn’t know what had that night to offer me.

“Don’t tell me you can’t sleep again, I thought I gave you a solution.” I said unsurely because I wasn’t persuaded about what really happened last night.

“Oh, no problem actually, I just felt lonely tonight and since you are a night owl and I enjoy your company I thought I could spend some time with you.” She told me winking at me playfully.

I poured her some wine and we sat in the living room close to each other and the night started.

In the next 2 hours I found out that I really love spending time with her. We were laughing and joking around and after getting a little tipsy we became more daring to each other and the physical contact was frequent.

I let her put some music and we stood up and danced together in the fancy rhythm of her favorite Hip Hop songs. The wine had done his miracle so we were somewhat clumsy but nothing of it really mattered that time as long as we were enjoying ourselves. Since I was comfortable with her I was stripped to only my boxers.( I know we did things last night that you’d suppose they made us obviously comfortable but no one mentioned anything about it so it was like it didn’t happen.) I was getting hard down there but she couldn’t notice visually because she was dancing in front of me with her back against me. However this position made her butt swaying and brushing against my cock that only some millimeters of cloth separated from her curves. I was sure I wanted to fuck her badly but she was so much into the moment she didn’t seem to care about sex.

When her favorite trap song came in and her whole attitude changed. She took of her night gown remaining with only her underwear on and made me sit on the floor in a lying position. Then she got on Escort Sakarya four with her ass close to my face and started twerking with her buttocks going up and down in the quick beat of the song. The black thong she wore was so thin that I could see her pussy lips part and her asshole calling me to get inside. It was one of the most arousing moments I’ve ever experienced and it wasn’t over yet.

She then moved her ass so that she was now dancing right above my hard dick, often rubbing it with her crotch and sometimes imprisoning it inside her ass crack. I couldn’t have any more of this without doing anything. When the song finished I got up and had her kneel in front of me. She got the message and she lowered my boxers revealing my now throbbing cock, already lubricated by pre-cum. She looked at me and she licked around her lips showing me that she was cock-hungry.

“Let me see how deep in your throat can I get, bitch” I said challenging her in order to have what I wanted.

“You will get amazed by my skills, horny man” She provoked me and she opened her mouth receiving my cock head in it. She licked it for some time and then trailed my whole length with her tongue reaching my balls. She went up again and she started giving me a really astounding blowjob while her hands were playing with my testicles. I was caressing her hair and slowly forced her to take me even deeper in her throat. I couldn’t believe she could do it without choking. After some moments I felt my cum emerge and I let her know so she stepped back and took me again in her mouth just to swallow all my cum. I felt the urge to taste my fluids so I attacked her mouth with my tongue and we fell on the floor kissing passionately. The taste of my semen mixed with her saliva and our now all sweaty bodies pressed together made us intense and rough in our movements. She dragged me down to her and I ripped off her bra and panties leaving her as naked as she was born.

I cupped her tits with both my hands and started pinching her nipples. She was now moving her lower body to rub her clit on my leg and I felt her body shivering because of it. I had ejaculated minutes ago but I knew I should be soon ready to fuck her, so I had only to keep her aroused till then. I took her in my hands and repositioned her on fours. I began spanking her ass with force with my one hand and the other slapping her pussy area for maximum arousal.

“OH YES, Orion slap me like a filthy bitch” She begged me loudly, so I continued.

The sound of her firm skin being roughly spanked got me soon erected again. I told her to tie her hair to a ponytail and so she did. Then, without warning her, I rushed my prick into her fuck whole and made her scream. I kept thrusting in her pussy and grabbed her tied hair like a rein pulling her head and upper body closer to me so her waist was arced receiving my whole length. We followed our good rhythm and my cock was sliding inside her wet but really tight pussy. While fucking her, I penetrated her ass with three of my fingers and she soon was unable to endure the pleasuring pain. She reached her orgasm shouting my name in such a stimulating voice and soon after I got out and finished on her tits and belly. I wiped her clean with my tongue and lay next to her, panting and exhausted.

“That was a hell of a night” We both agreed.

“Are you into some cuddling for tomorrow night?” She asked.

“If by cuddling you mean rough sex I am surely into it.” I ensured her.

“I couldn’t mean something else, horny boy.”

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