Microeconomics Ch. 02

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It was the Monday after that fateful Friday afternoon in Professor Grant’s office. I had her class at 2:30 PM and there was no way I could skip. One, it would count as an absence and I already had too many and two, it would be really obvious to Professor Grant why. I decided I would go to her class and I would look great when I did. I dug around in my closet and found a blue halter crop top and a pair of jeans. I put on a pair of espadrille wedge sandals before grabbing my backpack and leaving for class.

I reached my microeconomics class and sat down in my regular seat. Professor Grant hadn’t arrived yet, so people were mulling around. I opened my notebook and took out my pens and pencils, determined to take notes today. While I was rustling around in my backpack, Professor Grant arrived. The clicking of her heels across the linoleum floors alerted me to her presence. My previous goal was now shot to hell as I took in what she was wearing today. She too was embracing the warm day wearing a chambray wrap dress that had a deep v-neck showing off those 36D’s that I loved. I groaned internally and sat back up in my seat. “Alright class, it’s great to see everyone on this lovely Monday afternoon.” She began and sat on the edge of her desk. I immediately zone out and I don’t even care. She looks hot and I’m taking advantage of the opportunity presented in front of me.

Now that I know what’s under that dress, daydreaming becomes even more vivid than before. I imagined my head buried under the skirt of her dress, eating her out for hours until she came repeatedly on my tongue. I licked my lips and smirked as I remembered how good she tasted. Not too salty or sweet but just enough of both. Professor Grant often wanders around while she teaches and today was no different. When she passed me today, her eyes locked with mine before she quickly diverted her eyes from mine. I smiled to myself. She’s definitely thought about me since Friday. I put the end of my pen between my teeth and nibbled on it as she walked around.

Every couple of minutes, Professor Grant’s eyes would catch mine before looking away. This game continued the entire class before it was cut short by the clocking announcing it was 4 o’Clock. Everyone else got up to pack up and I joined them. I didn’t want anyone to suspect anything, so I planned to come back within a couple of minutes. I left the classroom and walked outside. I walked across the quad before circling around and walking back in to the department of economics. I took the elevator to the third floor where the offices were located. I found Professor Grant’s office with ease. I knocked lightly on the door but didn’t get a response. I was about to knock again when I heard moaning. I pressed my ear to the door and I could hear the moaning better. Was she fucking someone else? Is it common for her to fuck her students or was it another staff member? They were definitely Professor Grant’s moans, I recognized them, but I couldn’t hear anyone else’s. I twisted the knob slowly and found it unlocked. I slowly opened the door, so I would not startle her. I slipped into the room and surveyed the scene in front of me.

There she was, laying on her own desk spread eagle towards the door. Her heel clad feet were perched on the edge of the desk with her fingers between her legs. Her dress was still on but the skirt was flipped up onto her belly. It looked as though she was rubbing her clit but I would have to move closer to find out. I closed the door as softly as possible. When she didn’t react, I knew I was in the clear. I slipped my shoes off so I would be undetected and left them by the door with my bag. I padded across the room as Professor Grant continued her onslaught on her clit. I kneeled right in front of her, her pussy was eye-level and her scent was wafting into my nose. I could hear she was close as her moans became cries and her breathing became shallower. When she was close, I stuck my tongue deep into her pussy and looked up to see her reaction. She sat up immediately and when her eyes locked with mine, I felt her explode on my tongue. Her legs latched onto my shoulders and her hands wove into my strawberry blonde locks. “Scarlett!” She cried as she rode the wave of her orgasm. I let her ride my tongue before giving small little licks until she loosened her grip on my hair and her legs fell from my shoulders. I sat back on my heels and looked at Professor Grant.

Her dirty blonde hair was frizzy and her eyes were wild with lust. She was Amanda in my eyes again, the Amanda I knew anyways. I licked my lips and tasted her juices on them. I’m sure my face was glistening with her cum and the look on Amanda’s face confirmed it. “You should really be quieter when you masturbate. Or at least lock the door.” I teased.

“Oh, shut up.” Amanda pulled me up by the back of the neck and pressed her lips against mine. She moaned as she tasted herself on my tongue. My hands found her waist and pulled her closer to me. I smiled bursa escort into the kiss as she began to unbutton my jeans. Her hands fumbled with the zipper before pulling it down. Never breaking from her mouth, I pushed my jeans down my legs. They reached my knees before I stepped back and pushed them down to my feet and stepping out of them. I pulled my crop top over my head, leaving me in just panties as I resumed kissing Amanda. I found the tie that held the dress together and undid it. The dress opened and I pushed it off her shoulders. Our chests pressed together and I moaned at the contact.

Suddenly, the memory from the end of our last romp flashed in my brain, the rushed ending and the coldness. I pulled away abruptly and I panted, trying to regain my breath. “What? What’s wrong?” Amanda asked and I suddenly was aware how naked I was. I covered my breasts with my arms.

“What happened last time?” I asked vaguely.

“We had sex…?” She was looking at me like I was insane and that didn’t make me feel any better.

“I mean afterwards. You kicked me out after I ate your pussy and I felt like a whore.” I said hotly.

“That’s because my boss was here!” She laughed and I felt even worse. It’s beginning to seem like I’ve blown it way out of proportion. I blushed profusely and turned my head away.

“Sorry. I sound like a clingy girlfriend.” I mumbled. “I should just go.”

“Hey, hey, hey,” Amanda wrapped her arms around my waist, preventing me from leaving. “I was not using you to get off, I think you’re hot as hell. If my boss didn’t show up, I would’ve made you cum so hard, you would forget your own goddamn name.”

“Really?” I perked up.

“Of course,” She smiled and her hand slipped between us, finding its way to my panties. Her slim fingers find my clit and press down on it. I responded by bucking my hips into her hand. She slides down lower and her fingers slide into my snatch with one move. As quickly as they were in, they left. She maintains eye contact with me as she lifts her fingers to her mouth and sucks on them. She moans in appreciation as she licks them clean. Amanda hops off the desk and takes my hands in hers. She pulls me along as she walks backwards to the other side of the desk. “Sit.” She commands and I sit on the edge of the desk. Her hands push me so I’m laying flat on top of the desk. Amanda pulled my panties down my legs, exposing my wetness to the cool room. “Hold your legs.” I obey and lift my legs and hold an ankle in each hand. My glistening pussy was on full display to Amanda and she took full advantage.

She gave me a light kiss on my clit and I shuddered. She spread my pussy open with her fingers before she began. Firstly, she licked my slit up and down, making me even more aroused than I was before. I moaned loudly and Amanda stood up. “Shhh baby, there’s people around.”

“That didn’t stop you from moaning before.” I said pointedly and her response was shoving my panties in my mouth. I laughed but it turned into a moan when Amanda started to suck on my clit. My mind cleared as I felt my dreams come true. This was everything I wanted and it was even better than what I hoped. I released my ankles and held my legs open by hiking my knees to my side. I sat up on my elbow to watch her eat me out. She looked up at me and I nearly came at the sight. Her bright blue eyes staring into my hazel ones as she ravished my pussy with her tongue and her teeth. I fell back on the desk and resumed my original position. I stared up at the ceiling as shock after shock was sent through my body.

Suddenly, a finger entered my channel and I tightened my walls around it. That didn’t stop Amanda as she pushed a second finger into me, forcing me to relax. When I did, she began to pump the two fingers in and out of me. She found my g-spot and curled her fingers, stroking it a couple of times and I was gone. The tension I had building up during the week and class came undone as I came on Amanda’s fingers. My back arched and I let out a strangled scream as my orgasm rushed through my body. My eyes squeezed shut and my hands tightened on my ankles. Amanda didn’t stop her ministrations and continued to lap at my pussy. “No, no please don’t Amanda, I’m too sensitive—ah!” I let out another cry as I felt another orgasm rising in my body. My breathing began ragged as I struggled to gulp air. I let go of my ankles and tangled my hands in her hair. I tightened my grip as the nerve endings in my clit were firing at all cylinders when Amanda played with it. When the second orgasm hit me, my back arched off the desk and convulsions took over my body. Once I calmed down, Amanda released my pussy from it’s torture and I lowered my legs. I sat up and looked at her.

“You look so unbelievably sexy right now.” She said in amazement, lust flashing in her eyes. I blushed and muffled a thanks through the panties. Amanda laughed and took them out of my mouth. “What the hell was that?” bursa escort bayan

“I had to punish you for leaving your panties here somehow.” She said with a knowing smirk. A blush rose to my cheeks immediately.

“You found those?” I asked quietly.

“I did. They were right under the chair where Dr. Martin sat. You’re lucky I found them.” She shook her head.

“I’m very sorry. How will I ever repay you?” I said before cupping her neck and pulling her in for a kiss. I was rewarded for my efforts with her kissing back. My knees were on both sides of her hips as she stood between my legs. I moved my mouth from her lips to her jaw and trailed kisses down her neck. My hands roamed and found her ample backside and squeezed. Amanda pulled away almost immediately. “Not today. Today was about you Scarlett.”

“Can I at least make you cum?” I whined.

“You already did, plus I was masturbating while I was fucking you.” She gestured to her center and I saw a couple of drips running down her thighs. She kissed me quickly before stepping away. “We have to do that again.”

I watched her slip the dress back on and retie it. “Where are you going?” I asked curiously as I set my legs down on the ground.

“I don’t have to go anywhere, I have to do a video call with someone. I’m meeting with a professor in England about the Global Getaway program taking place in London.” She said simply as she finger combed her hair. Global Getaway is a study abroad program that Notre Dame conducts and Amanda is one of the sponsors. An idea sparked in my head when she said video call. I stood on shaking legs and smiled. “What?” She said suspiciously as I found my clothes and put them back on. I sat down on the couch in the corner of her office.

“Absolutely nothing.” I said smugly. She didn’t say anything but she eyed me suspiciously as she sat down at her desk. From where she was sitting, she could still see me and I could see her. I stood and looked through the bookshelf next to the couch, feigning interest in a book called Freakonomics. I heard Amanda shuffle through her papers, preparing for her meeting. I opened the book and sat back down on the couch. I began to read it but it was boring. I had to pretend like I found it interesting so Amanda could forget about me.

“Are you really staying here for the meeting?” She said breaking the silence.

“Hmm?” I looked up from my reading. “What did you say?”

“I said, are you really staying for the meeting? It might take a while.” She said.

“I don’t mind! I have my book.” I lifted the book and smiled. She nodded warily and went back to what she was doing before. It was no less than five minutes after I started “reading” when the video call came in. I didn’t lift my head as they began their conversation. I sat up and unzipped my jeans and made a big show and sliding them down my legs. I looked up quickly at Amanda and she cut me a look. I pretended not to look and went back to my book. I flipped over onto my stomach and turned away from her so I was facing the bookshelf. I sat up on my heels and lifted my shirt over my head. I dropped it on the floor and I heard Amanda stumble over her sentence. All she could see was my bare back and my ass clad in small navy blue panties. I dropped my front back to the couch and pushed my butt into the air. I wiggled my ass a little before flipping over again. I opened my legs and kept my eyes trained on the book. I began to rub myself through my panties and I felt the damp spot on my panties growing. I rubbed up and down on my slit and my mouth dropped open into an ‘o’. I was not going to actually touch myself, I wanted Amanda to do that so I teased myself relentlessly. My eyes met Amanda’s and the lust in her eyes made me wetter. I moaned silently at the sight of her. In my lustful haze, I dropped the book on the floor and my eyes shot to Amanda.

“What was that?” A man in a heavy English asked.

“Oh dear, something fell off my bookshelf. I have to take care of this, I’ll call you back shortly.” She said with her eyes trained on me. She ended the call and stood up. “You are a naughty little slut aren’t you?”

“Yeah, but you love it though.” I said out of breath with a smile.

“Damn right I do.” She stood next to the couch and took off her dress. It dropped to the ground as she laid down on top of me and kissed me. I sighed in happiness and wrapped my legs around her waist. I dragged my nails up and down Amanda’s ass before I squeezed it. She moaned and I used the opportunity to put my tongue in her mouth. I gripped her ample backside with both hands and it was like a dream. Amanda pulled away and began to kiss my neck. “You’re not getting off easy for the shit you pulled.”

I laughed. “You should punish me for being so naughty Professor Grant.”

“Oh, don’t you worry Miss Newman, I’m about to.” She whispered in my ear before biting down on my ear shell. I bursa merkez escort let out a moan and Amanda got off of me. She unclasped her bra and dropped it on the floor before standing up next to the couch. She lowered her head and kissed me once more. Amanda walked away from me, swaying her hips just to taunt me. Just before she sat back down in her chair, she discarded her panties. She smiled and gestured me over. I obeyed and walked over to her. “Sit.”

I obeyed again and sat on top of her desk. She spread her legs and I saw her glistening pussy. I reached down to touch it and she grabbed my wrist. “No touching.” I groaned and pulled my hand away. Amanda smirked and began to touch her breasts. She cupped her breasts and moaned when her fingers ran over her nipples. She tweaked them and she bit her lip. “Scarlett you got me so wet when you were touching yourself. I wanted to bend you over my knee and spank you your cute little ass.”

I raised my eyebrows and smiled. “There’s no spanking in my future? I’m disappointed.”

“Don’t get too far ahead of yourself, I’m not done yet.” She smirked and her hands travelled down her body to the treasure trove between her legs. With two of her fingers, she spread her outer lips and my eyes were met with her beautiful pink glistening slit. With her other hand, Amanda began to rub her slit. Suddenly, it all made sense. She was going to masturbate in front of me and I wouldn’t be allowed to touch her. It really was torture. Two fingers slipped inside her and she stopped holding open her slit. That hand began slow circles on her clit. I felt my eyes glaze over and my head went light. It was the hottest thing I’d ever seen in my entire life. We maintained eye contact as she fucked herself. Her mouth fell open as she moaned. “Oh shit Scarlett. I want to fuck you so bad.”

My hands went to my underwear but Amanda stopped me. “Don’t you dare. You can’t touch yourself either.” I whined but I listened. My hands left my panties and resumed gripping the desk. Amanda sped up her fingering and I saw her juices run down her crack and pooling on the leather chair. I licked my lips as I kept my eyes trained on her pussy. My eyes alternated between watching her facial expressions and her fingers. I know I said it before, but it was the hottest thing I have ever seen. Her creamy legs spread open, toes pointed, her beautiful face tense with an orgasm on the horizon, and her fingers pumping in and out of her soaking wet pussy. I moaned and I wasn’t even touching myself. “Amanda please let me touch you.” I whimpered.

She shook her head and fingered herself harder. Her breaths got shallow and she was approaching her orgasm. If she won’t let me touch her then at least my words would get her there.”I wish it was my fingers inside of you. I want to eat you out for hours until you begged me to stop.” She moaned and I knew I was going in the right direction. “Cum on your fingers for me. I want you to cum all over your hands Amanda.”

“Oh my god Scarlett I’m going to cum!” And boy did she. The force of her orgasm pushed her fingers out and a spray of squirt escaped her. It didn’t reach me but it came damn close. It mostly ended up on the chair and a little on the floor. Amanda was still moaning for a minute after she came. I stood up and leaned over and kissed her. She wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me closer. “Holy shit. That was incredible.” She said once we broke apart.

“Will you take care me now? I’m really horny.” I asked with a pout. Amanda laughed and pecked my lips.

“Absolutely!” She smiled.

“Really?” I was skeptical because I was pretty sure she was playing me.

“No.” I whined in protest. “If you want something though, you can clean me up.”

I didn’t say anything and sank to my knees. I settled in front of her and breathed in her scent. I licked the juice on the chair before taking one long lick from her the bottom of her pussy to her clit. My licks were small and menial. I wasn’t trying to bring Amanda to another orgasm, I just wanted to take care of her. She let out quiet moans as I lapped at her pussy. When I satisfied, with my work, I leaned back and looked up at her. Her eyes were closed and she had a lazy smile on her lips. I leaned up and gave her a small kiss. “How was that?”

“Fantastic,” She kept her eyes closed and gave me another peck. “How was your punishment?”

“Really really difficult.” I laughed. “I’m going to go back to my dorm room so I can take care of myself.”

I rose from my knees and walked back over to couch. I slipped my top back on and my jeans as well. Amanda came up behind me and wrapped her arms around my waist. “You’re very sexy.” She said with a kiss to my shoulder.

I chuckled and stepped out of her embrace. “Thank you very much.” I put my shoes back on and lifted my bag into my shoulder. “Alright, see you later then.”

“Wait,” Amanda stopped me. I turned to her expectedly. “Could I have your number? Maybe you could come over or something.”

I straightened up immediately. “Oh! I didn’t think this was going to be more than just a hookup.”

“Do you want it be more than just hooking up?” She asked.

“Yes! I mean—sure if that’s what you want.” I cleared my throat.

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