Miami Ch. 07

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I began spending every spare minute of my time with Miami, even our nights were spent together in his comfortable bed in the back of his elderly mother’s home. Most of her time was spent visiting other family in Miami Florida, where my dark, sensual master had taken his street name from, and these were my favorite times with him as I’d sleep with my now always hairless back side pressed against, only waking when his foot long, unbelievably thick cock would slide it’s way into my hot, yielding flesh, and fill me with his unending supply of sweet hot cum.

I knew him like the back of my hand now, and when he pulled his cock out of his open pants I knew to suck him, and when he put pillows under his firm naked ass and spread himself open for my eyes only, I knew to lick and probe his hairy, tight, forever virgin anus, and loved when he held my face there so that his intoxicating scent could flood my nostrils. He would often stroke my cock and let my cum fill his palm, and loved it when I lapped it up like a hungry dog!

He knew I had a need for hot ass too, and always seemed to know when to bring his young nephew Avery, or one of his friends over to satisfy my lust for young male pussy. In fact, it sort of became my job to inspect them and keep them clean and smooth back there so they were always presentable to the many men who used their young male flesh. All of them were tight, and succulent, and apparently didn’t take the kinds of cock that I often took for him, and still whimpered when they were being fucked, but still did so willingly for our dark pimp.

I even shared in the profits from his enterprise, and since the plant where I worked was laying off people, I had no need of a real job, as I made more being a whore! I was almost always meeting new men who only I was qualified to service, and always had nice new clothes, and wore expensive gold necklaces, bracelets, and rings. I loved it when Miami would present me with some new trinket, and always thanked him with a deep, loving blowjob, and smother his neck and cheeks with loving passionate kisses, yearning to at least once taste his hot mouth devouring mine.

We made many more trips to Henry’s, who for some reason loved my whorish man pussy almost more that life itself, and on one of these trips another of my hottest fantasies came true. I experienced my first gang fuck! When we got there, the drinks and coke were flowing, and Miami retired to the back with Henry’s bitch leaving me alone with Henry and 8 other black men in various stages of undress, and all ready to be serviced by me! My body burned with anticipation thinking about what was about to happen to me! I felt like the star of some filthy porn movie as we were all soon naked, and I was surrounded by naked black cocks, of all shapes and sizes, and I was going to take them all!

I was on my knees surrounded by beautiful black men sucking each of their cocks, all of them big, though none as big as Henry’s, but all of them smelled and tasted wonderful! Some were hairy, some with well manicured pubes, one with no hair at all. I lost my senses in a frenzy of men commanding me to suck that dick, and take that dick bitch! Semen was spurting from my cock as I pulled back the foreskin of one guys thick 9 inch cock, and licked the pre cum oozing from the piss slit of it’s marvelous pink head!

As his cum began to gush into my hungry open mouth, I felt someone’s tongue pushing its way into my hot, eager booty hole. The juicy uncut cock that had been in my mouth was replaced by the clean shaven one, and soon it too was filling my mouth with semen!

Then I was face to face with a strikingly handsome jet black young guy with a goatee, who covered my mouth with his, kissing me roughly, sharing the sticky load of someone’s cum that was still in my mouth! I realized I knew him from work, and had always thought about doing just something like this with him. His name was Jim, and as we kissed, I felt what I knew had to be Henry’s bursa escort fingers greasing me up with vasolene!

As I looked into Jim’s dark eyes, Henry took me first as was his privilege I guess, listening to the shouts of take that dick, and open up that pussy bitch! I opened my mouth to receive Jim’s long, slim, dark meat, as Henry pounded me deeply, and roughly, soon filling my backside with its first of a dozen or more loads of man juice.

Jim took me when Henry was through, his slim, long cock sliding easily into my wet opening, thrusting in and out of me in hard jabbing strokes! Someone knelt before me on all fours, and pushed his extremely hairy ass into my face, and as Jim fucked me, I licked and sucked one of the hairiest black asses I’d ever seen! It truly smelled like an ass, and I loved it, burying my nose deep in its crack. As I tasted and smelled the nasty ass in my face, I heard Jim grunting, and soon felt his young load of semen pouring hot into my throbbing canal.

Jim pulled from me leaving me dripping with his cum, and I felt myself being lifted from the floor, and I was laid roughly on Henry’s leather sofa on my back. Some ones heavy balls were pressed to my face, as my legs were spread apart, and pushed back, and I felt another big thick piece of meat forcing it’s way into my exposed asshole! It wasn’t super long, but it was extremely thick, and I cried out for the first time of my gang bang as this guy fucked me hard, seemingly trying to hurt me!

All I heard was laughter, and the sound of his flesh slapping mine as he brutally fucked me, practically raping me. Thank god he wasn’t as long as Miami or Henry, or his thickness could have really done some damage. I whimpered for him to please stop, but no one could hear me as my face was covered with someone’s tangy ass, or my mouth was full of cock. Finally, mercifully, he had spent his load in me, then pulled from me almost as roughly as he had entered me.

I took them all, some of them twice. They left me open, and pouring cum from my swollen anus. My face and body were smeared with semen, and my throat was sore from swallowing cum. My own cock was sore from the involuntary orgasms I’d had, and I actually felt drained and numb. I’d had so much ass shoved in my face, I thought I’d smell it forever.

I knew truly what it was to be a whore, and for a small fleeting moment, I hated them all, but perversely, somewhere inside me I felt thrilled and desired, and those are the feelings that won in me that night, and I knew I’d gladly do it all again.

Miami and I left that night with a pocket full of money, and by the time I’d showered and nestled in his bed beside him, I was again ready for anything. As his long thick cock slid into me that night, my feelings of love for him were even deeper!

The next day we decided to go out of town shopping for clothes, and I found that to be another wonderfully decadent experience, as wherever we went, he’d come into the dressing room with me, and I found he took pleasure in undressing me and redressing me in the clothes I let him pick out for me. To be so apparently straight at all other times, here a wonderful gayness came out in him. Surly the sales people had to think we were a couple, and he didn’t seem to mind since none of them knew us.

In one shop, he picked out some sexy silk boxers for me, and wanted me to try them on for him. I told him they were a size too small, but he said they would make me look sexy. I didn’t think the sales man would even let us take them into the fitting room, but when Miami asked him if it would be alright, the guy seemed to have no problem with it, and shortly I was naked in the fitting room stepping into a pair of silk underwear.

Miami pulled them up my legs, and as I’d thought, they were just a tad too small, and sat really low on my waste, and the legs road much higher on my thighs than my own underwear. My cock was hard and throbbing, and about to burst out of the thin, cool fabric. görükle escort I told him they were too small, but to prove me wrong, he called the clerk back to see what he thought.

Miami rubbed my ass with his hand and asked the guy how he thought they looked, and as he eyed me hungrily, he said they looked good to him. Then Miami hooked his thumbs in the waste band, and began to slide them down, revealing the crack of my ass, and asked what kind of deal we could get on them! As Miami worked the shorts down my legs, I heard the clerk say he was sure something could be worked out.

I pressed my hands to the wall, stepped out of the boxers, and spread my ass for the man, who dropped to his knees and began to lick my ass, probing into the opening with his tongue! He stood up and I saw him taking out his throbbing cock in the mirror! It wasn’t very big and I took it with ease, letting him give me a quick, hard fuck right there in the fitting room. I saw Miami’s delicious grin reflected in the mirror as the sales clerk pumped his load into my pussy.

We left the shop with 20 pairs of boxers at absolutely no charge! I felt so wonderfully decadent, and we went around to several more stores, and finally left the mall with over $3000.00 worth of clothes, and only spent about $150.00 in cash! I did have to suck a few cocks, and take a couple up my ass, but it was the most fun I’d ever had shopping!

The next day I was ready for more, and once again Miami had something special lined up for me. This time I was going to meet Danny, whom it turned out I knew, because he worked for the Sheriff’s Dept. He was sort of Miami’s eyes and ears with the law, and kept him informed of any trouble. This was going to be a freebie in a way, but I didn’t mind.

I went to Danny’s house alone, and was about to have another new experience. I rang his doorbell and he met me at the door completely naked, and quickly pulled me in. He was a wonderful specimen of a man! He was very light skinned, and over 6′ of hard muscle. He had shortly cropped hair, and it was apparently the only hair on his body. His cock and balls were completely saved, and though he wasn’t hard yet, I knew this was going to be a challenge even for me!

I figured he would probably top out length wise at about 9 inches. No problem! But I had never seen such a thick cock! Even dangling half hard, it was almost twice as thick as Miami’s at full mast. It was truly beer can thick, and I knew I wouldn’t be able to fit my mouth around it to suck it! I almost bolted from the room, because surly this monster would split me open, and send me to the hospital needing stitches! What was Miami thinking?

I let him lead me to his bedroom, where I introduced myself, and pleaded with him to please not hurt me. He assured me that everything would be all right, and drew me down on the bed with him and took me in a loving embrace, and began kissing me passionately. Despite my fears, my own cock swelled as his hands ran over my body, and began stripping me of my clothes. The sweetness of his mouth on mine was beautiful, and I began exploring his hard muscled flesh, and found that his whole body was smooth as silk. When my hand found his cock, I couldn’t reach completely around it!

I wanted to run, but there was nowhere I could go. This man could break me in half if he wanted to, and probably was going to hurt me like I’d never been hurt before, but he was all the same so gentle. His kisses and caresses were that of a lover, and I almost creamed when he took my cock in his mouth and began to suck it in long gentle strokes! His tongue found my hot pussy and pushed it’s way wetly inside me. I raised my ass up for him and let him eat me, like a condemned man eating his last meal!

He rolled over and lay on his back, exposing his ass to me so I could return the favor, and I dove into his hot flesh like a mad man, and began eating his smooth man pussy! I could tell he was not a virgin, and as I licked his hot hole, hoped bursa escort bayan I’d get to fuck him for a little while before he fucked me, ripping me stem to stern! He tasted and smelled delicious, and he moaned like a little bitch as I ate him harder than I’d ever eaten any man, pushing my tongue deep inside his sizable slit! I wanted to suck his cock, but could only kiss and lick it, marveling that something could be so thick!

I explored his hard, caramel colored body with my hungry lips and hands, loving the feel of his smooth skin, and the taste of his hot mouth. His unnaturally thick cock was like fire against my tongue as I licked it, pouring loads of pre cum from the slit in it’s head, which I slurped down my throat like a cat licking milk from a bowl.

I felt his hand around my own 8″ cock, guiding me to his open and exposed asshole, inviting me into his hot, spit moistened flesh! I pushed into him easily, and the feel of his love chute around me was wonderful. I fucked him slowly, with long, deep strokes, as his big hands clasped my ass cheeks, and his big finger explored my opening.

He met each of my thrusts into him with an upwards thrust of his sweet ass, as if coaxing me deeper inside him. He wasn’t a virgin, but his hot flesh was tight around my cock, molding itself to me, and I knew in a moment I would be filling him with a load of my cum! As I felt my hot flow spurting from me into him, his own was shooting from his thick, throbbing cock, coating his belly and fabulously muscled chest with it’s milky whiteness.

I pulled my cock from his pussy, and bent down and sucked up some of my juice from inside him, then sucked some of his from his chest, and covered his open mouth with mine. We kissed deeply, letting our combined flows mingle together as our tongues danced together with lustful passion!

He took me in his powerful arms and held me close to him, kissing my forehead, cheeks, and hungry mouth. His sweat moistened skin was hot against mine, and his scent was magnificent, and it felt so good to just lie in the arms of such a strong and gentle man. I knew when he was ready to take me, he would be as caring and easy as he could.

I stroked his unimaginably thick cock, and it began to swell again to it’s full hardness. Now I was about to take on my biggest challenge ever, and hoped I would be able to survive it.

He grabbed a tube of lube as I positioned myself to take on the thickest cock I’d ever seen. I opened my legs for him, exposing my pussy to him, and let him grease up my opening with his big fingers. My body was trembling with anticipation as he positioned the head of his monstrous cock at the entrance of my ever eager love tube!

Surprisingly, the searing flash of pain I expected never came, only an extremely pleasurable hot feeling, as he slowly pushed his cock into my yielding flesh! I opened myself up for him completely, wrapping my arms and legs around his large, hard body, crying out not in pain, but with gasps of the most unbelievable pleasure!

He fucked me slowly, and steadily, as I clung to his at least 200lbs of hard mass, and met each thrust like the whore I was. My lips explored his, and my tongue flicked over his hard nipples, as he fucked me with more passion and love than any man had before. The pressure inside me was so intense that I was gushing cum between our hot bodies in record time, releasing a flow that I thought would never stop!

I clung to him and let him fulfill his passion inside me, listening to the sound of my hot hole literally sucking his enormous thickness. Inevitably, he was soon filling my gut with hot, sticky semen, which poured from me in a flow when he pulled from me, leaving me feeling more open and alive than ever before.

He fucked me two more times that day, each time a little harder, and when I left him, he practically begged me to come back often. I was one of the few people, male or female that could take him, and I assured him I would come back anytime he wanted me too!

That night as I lay with Miami, I once again thanked him for opening me up to this exciting new world, and once more confessed my undying love for him! He was my pimp and lover; my very best friend , and I knew I could never bear losing him!


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32